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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 649: A Shocking Discovery in the AllianceTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioUnfortunately for Han Sen, it was a common occurrence that what he was most afraid of was exactly what he'd end up suffering. Han Sen began climbing the mountain, and his greatest fear was realized; Wang Yuhang was also there, killing monsters.When Wang Yuhang saw Han Sen, he was delightfully surprised. He finished off the creature he was engaged in combat with and enthusiastically ran towards Han Sen. He asked aloud, "Brother Han, have you come looking for me?""Yeah, sure." Han Sen didn't really know how to respond, thinking of how unlucky – and how unlikely – he was to meet Wang Yuhang here, of all places."Brother Han, have you heard of what's afoot in the Alliance? It's major, from what I hear." Wang Yuhang's voice had dropped low, as if he was whispering a secret."What big thing, Little Uncle?" Han Sen was never really concerned when it came to events in the Alliance, but he asked anyway."Only a few of the high-class Alliance members know about this, right now. It's currently on the down-low, but I fear it's only a matter of time before it gets announced." Wang Yuhang paused for a bit, inched closer to Han Sen's ear, and said, "Someone has managed to slay that creature in the First Shelter.""What creature?" Han Sen's body shook."That creature that is above the class of a sacred-blood creature. It turns out, they're actually called 'super creatures' and it has shaken the high-class members of the Alliance to the very bone!" Wang Yuhang spoke aloud, with envy.After Han Sen heard what he had to say, he felt some relief. Since there were more and more elites in the First Shelter, it was only a matter of time before they could kill super creatures. The existence of super creatures becoming well-known by humans would be a relief for Han Sen."Who killed the super creature and how?" Han Sen asked Wang Yuhang."It was a woman called Ji Qing from the Ji family. In a way, you are her brother-in-law, but she is not a daughter of Ji Ruozhen. She is only a cousin to your family, but she is far more talented than Ji Ruozhen's daughter. She has already been titled the first genius of the Alliance and a star of hope for the future." Wang Yuhang trailed off for a second with a smile. Then, he shook his head and continued by saying, "But they didn't manage to kill a super creature merely because Ji Ruozhen was so strong, but members of the Wang, Lin, and Xue families helped out, as well. They also hired many elites; three hundred, as a matter of fact! They were elites who have not yet evolved but have maxed out their genes. They aided in injuring the super creature for her, and many people are reported to have died.""It is a shame such a feat is even more difficult to achieve in the Second Shelter. The Second Shelter excludes surpassers, so once we hit that level, we have to immediately leave this place. Otherwise, our bodies will be dealt irreversible damage. It's a shame none of these events take place in the Second Shelter, I know I'd join in, if such a thing were to happen!" Wang Yuhang sighed and said.Han Sen looked confused and asked, "All those people gave their best to kill that super creature and many people gave their lives. Were there any goodies? Why does that Ji Qing hog all the glory?""She was the one who found an injured super creature and she was the one who dealt the final blow. The others were just hired help – sellswords and the like – who were paid beforehand. They got what they were promised." After saying this, Wang Yuhang lowered his voice to tell Han Sen, "Plus, Ji Ruozhen basically confirmed he is going to be the leader of the Alliance. No one will offend the Ji family over the killing of a super creature. And if they can kill one once, they're sure to be able to do it again. With our association to the Ji family, where we help her and she helps us, fighting over such a kill would be pointless."Han Sen nodded. He knew it was difficult to kickstart anything in this world. After killing the first, it was incredibly likely more and more would start to die. It was only a matter of time before someone maxed out all their super geno points. As time went on, the snowball effect was inevitable."Did Ji Qing get a super beast soul?" Han Sen asked."Yes, an armor variant. If she hadn't, she wouldn't be called the star of hope for the future of the Alliance. With that sort of armor, the First Shelter will become Ji Qing's stomping ground." Wang Yuhang then looked into Han Sen's eyes and continued by saying, "Oh, yeah. Anyway, let's get back to business. Why have you come searching for me?""I'm going into the mountains to hunt a berserk sacred-blood creature. If you aren't busy, you can tag along." This was the only thing Han Sen could say, really."Brilliant! Slaying berserk sacred-blood creatures is my favorite pastime!" Wang Yuhang was giddy like a child and looked genuinely ecstatic to be able to come.They both followed the ridge of the mountain. Han Sen ascended the place carefully, in fear of any threats that may have been lurking beneath the snow he treaded upon. He did so because he hadn't forgotten about the super creature turtles he had once spotted, when they emerged from a small cave for a feast of red mushrooms. If they were still around, and he somehow alerted them, Han Sen didn't think he'd be able to take on nine super creatures all at once.Before long, Han Sen safely arrived at the last place he had seen the Red-Scale Dragon. Surprisingly, it had been a journey free from any trouble.The Red-Scale Dragon had not vacated the area, and he spotted it resting in the valley.The Red-Scale Dragon looked slightly different than the first time he saw it. Its red scales were already crystallized. When watching it from afar, it looked like a giant statue encrusted with rubies. It was beautiful."That is one big chap." Wang Yuhang saw the Red-Scale Dragon too and took a deep breath.Han Sen laughed. He looked at Wang Yuhang and told him, "Little Uncle, I'm afraid I am going to have to request your assistance once more. If you would be so kind, I would like you to attract the fiend while I kill it. As payment, I'll let you keep half of its flesh.""Accepted!" Wang Yuhang nodded, summoned a beast soul, and ran screaming towards the red dragon.He didn't run too far, however. He stopped a good distance from it, scrambled for some rocks beneath the snow, and lobbed them at the creature. The Red-Scale Dragon saw its harasser and quickly took off after him, seething with rage.Wang Yuhang led the Red-Scale Dragon up and down the slopes of the mountain. Han Sen summoned his peacock crossbow and loaded up his seven remaining bolts.The Red-Scale Dragon was most certainly in berserk mode and a result, its scales were currently much tougher than the scales of an average sacred-blood creature. If he used the raven bolts to pierce the scales, Han Sen feared they wouldn't do much damage to the creature. It was of a monstrous size, after all.So, Han Sen prepared to repeat the tactic that had allowed him to bring down the T-rex. He took aim at the red dragon's eye. Since the red dragon was not a super creature, unlike his previous foe, Han Sen believed firing his crossbow at its eye was sure to have peg a bolt directly through its brain.Finding a sound location on the mountain's peak to take his shot, Han Sen waited for Wang Yuhang to draw the red dragon a little closer before he attacked.As the red dragon was led in a circle around the peak, Wang Yuhang reappeared yelling."Run!" Wang Yuhang was screaming, flailing his arms like a madman towards Han Sen as he ran. Something was most certainly wrong.Han Sen's heart began to race as he pondered what might have gone awry. He thought to himself, "What's happening? Surely nothing terrible has happened once again, has it?"

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 160: My Mother Says Girlfriends Are for Cheeky GuysTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioJi Yanran bowed her head and bit her lip. She had mixed feelings and had never dreamed that she would feel this way."Sister, shouldn’t you honor the contract now?" Han Sen pouted."You cannot expect me to do this in public." Ji Yanran looked like she was drunk with her crimson cheeks.Han Sen’s heart suddenly raced. He widened his eyes and said, "Do you want get a room?""Shut up!" Ji Yanran threw her cup at Han Sen and turned away.Han Sen caught the cup and quickly followed her. He walked side by side with her and touched her arm with his."What?" Ji Yannan snappily glared at him."A couple should walk like this." Han Sen put Ji Yanran's hand on his arm and said with a smile.Ji Yanran’s cheeks were flushed, but she did not pull her hand back. She rolled her eyes and said, "Cheeky!""My mother said girlfriends are for cheeky guys," said Han Sen without shame.Ji Yanran was trying to say something when she saw a few students approached them. She quickly lowered her hood like a frightened little rabbit. Holding Han Sen's arm tightly, she used it to cover her face.Although Ji Yanran hid herself well, the students still came over to greet Han Sen."Han Sen! Are you Han Sen?""You are my idol.""Your game was so great! Your skills are amazing!""..."These freshmen talked excitedly to Han Sen, who had become a celebrity at Blackhawk."This is your girlfriend?" Soon they noticed the Han Sen had a girl next to him, but did not recognize Ji Yanran since she was hiding her face.Ji Yanran now wanted to find a hole on the ground and escape. She could not leave and did not want to stay."Yes, my girlfriend. She is shy and does not like to speak," Han Sen said with a smile."Quiet girls are great..." commented the students, and Han Sen was very happy to chat with them.At this time, Ji Yanran was tightly holding his arm, and he could feel the softness surrounding his arm, which he enjoyed very much. Han Sen hoped he could prolong the conversation as much as possible.But the students were very polite and did not want to disturb them. Han Sen had to let them go."You did that on purpose!" Ji Yanran pinched Han Sen on the waist after the students had gone far."What's wrong with that?" asked Han Sen.Ji Yanran was speechless. Han Sen took her hand and continued to walk.It was the middle of the night. They did not run into anyone else before they reached Ji Yanran’s dormitory building."Sister, you will not go back like this, right? The contract has not been fulfilled yet," Han Sen bitterly said.Ji Yanran rolled her eyes at him and reached out a hand. "Give me the contract."Han Sen obediently gave her his contract. She took the contract back, blushed and said, "Close your eyes."Han Sen followed her command.Ji Yanran took a deep breath and fought back her desire to escape. With her heart racing, she stood on her toes, pressed her pink and tender lips on his lightly, and quickly turned away.It was too late. Before her lips could leave his, his hand held her waist and his other hand slipped into her silky hair and hugged her beautiful neck.Ji Yanran was suddenly in Han Sen’s arms and her lips were pressed against his.Ji Yanran's body was stiff at first, and then slowly softened. Her hands helplessly clutching Han Sen’s shirt, she stepped back uncontrollably as her legs became weak.Han Sen just had the best experience and would not let her off the hook. He kept up with her and pressed her body against a column of the building.The two just had the first taste of love and was lost in ecstasy. Suddenly, they heard a crisp female voice, "Friends, at least you should find somewhere less public before you continue."Ji Yanran heard this voice and was suddenly terrified. It was the voice of Qu Lili, her good friend and roommate.Her first reaction was to push Han Sen away, but she could not do that since she would expose herself.Ji Yanran quickly buried her head in Han Sen’s chest, her face on fire. She also blamed Han Sen secretly for putting her in this awkward position."Sister, why don’t you go to bed now that it’s late? Do you want to join us?" Han Sen knew Ji Yanran was shy, and covered the back of her head with one hand, blocking Qu Lili’s sight."Shameless!" Qu Lili stomped on the floor and ran back to her dorm room.After Qu Lili went up, Ji Yanran brought the heel of her shoe hard on Han Sen’s foot and ran into the building, leaving Han Sen clutching his feet.Ji Yanran did not dare to go back to her room right away. She hid in a restroom for a long while before she returned to her room.Qu Lili saw Ji Yanran was back and said, "Sweetie, did you see that nasty couple downstairs?""What nasty couple?" Ji Yanran pretended to be making her bed, her face crimson."The couple that were making out in front of our building. OMG, are they horny! And the guy is so shameless, he even said… forget it. I can’t even repeat that. And the girl must be such a slut!" Qu Lili said madly.Ji Yanran was so shy that she wished she could become invisible, but she had to acted like nothing had happened.

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新腾讯五分彩开奖号码⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 987: Dry Angel CorpsesTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio“Do you think Split-Space King will show up for the self fight in Shen Xiao?”“Of course he will.”“Aye; he has nothing to be afraid of. His split-space powers can vaporize this dark-dwelling loser.”“It’s going to be one heck of a show, then. Come on, we mustn’t be late. Let’s hurry!”“This will be a rare spectacle; we must definitely get there soon.”…Countless spirits went to Shen Xiao to witness this fight. And as cold as ever, Split-Space King accepted the terms of the fight and said, “Pah! What a fool. ‘Tis a waste of life, challenging me to a self fight.”“Split-Space, this fight is pointless,” a woman said.“If I can’t beat him, or if I cower away, how in the sanctuaries do you think I can live up to my name?” Split-Space King said.“But you don’t know anything about him. You don’t know the extent of his powers. It’s risky, and if you lose all your space geno points…” The woman sounded very worried.“I am indestructible, have you not learnt that yet? I will crush anything that comes my way with the greatest of ease,” Split-Space King reaffirmed.The woman wished to say something more, but he stopped her and said, “You are just a royal spirit. You do not understand. I can kill him one hundred times in the blink of an eye.”The woman was only a royal spirit, but she had given birth to Split-Space King. It was very sad that he disdained her. He was a wretched son.Han Sen set up the fight, but he did not go to Shen Xiao. He killed two more king spirits and left the spirit base.When Split-Space King arrived, the spirits were overjoyed and their hype reached maximum. But much to their surprise, the shadow spirit that had called for this fight did not appear. The audience waited two whole days, and still he did not appear.“That king spirit must have bluffed, and really is afraid to fight!”“Of course; we should have seen this coming. Split-Space King has split-space powers, after all. That must be his weakness.”“I can’t believe he lied like this. What a shameful person; he is so embarrassing.”“Maybe he’s just busy?”“What a coward.”…Han Sen was in the underground shelter’s east side, examining a corpse Xu You brought back.It was a horned-bug that was spiky like a burdock. It was only a primitive creature, but it was special. There was a fist-sized hole in its head, and its brain was gone.“You say there are many such corpses up north? All in the same state as this?” Han Sen asked.“Yes, there are. And there are the bodies of other creatures, too.” Xu You gave him the details of their discovery.Han Sen observed the body and fell silent, having seen something like this before. He could feel a dark residue of Yaksha in the wound.Yaksha must have fled north, following their encounter.“Little Han, can we bring the bodies back?” Old Huang asked.There were many bodies in such condition, and aside from their missing brains, they were perfectly fine. Some of them were mutant, too; they’d be a good way for the people in his shelter to level up.“Let me go there and scope the place out first. If it is safe, then you can bring them back.” Han Sen was worried Yaksha was still in the area, so he fancied checking it out alone.Han Sen saw many dead bodies as he ventured north through Thorn Forest. He masked his presence and went forward with care.After fifty miles of travel, he was still seeing many dead bodies. It didn’t seem as if Yaksha had returned.Han Sen brought a few of the bodies back with him when he returned. He then commanded the others to go and collect the rest, deeming the region safe for the time being. He wanted to avoid letting the meat go bad.Han Sen was a little worried. He didn’t know what Yaksha’s ultimate goal was, what he was doing, where he was going, or anything else. If Han Sen bumped into him before he could move the shelter, things would go terribly awry for not just him, but for the people that were now in his care.Han Sen went to see Bao’er, and left the shelter again with her in tow. He followed the bodies, wanting to locate Yaksha, if he could.As he moved deeper through the forest, the number of bodies lessened. Still, there were enough to track him.Yaksha was obviously uninterested in hiding himself, so this meant it’d be easy for Han Sen to track him down.But Han Sen made sure to exercise great caution on his trek, and his carefulness increased the deeper he ventured.He masked his and Bao’er’s presences as well as he could.Thorn Forest was a wild and unpredictable place. Han Sen had seen many crazy things in his time there, so he knew he could never be too careful.Suddenly, Han Sen’s eyes opened wide. Along the thorny vines that wove between the trees, many corpses had been strung up.Upon closer examination, the corpses were all dried like husks. It was a sinister scene.And the most shocking thing for Han Sen was their human-like appearance. They weren’t random creatures; they were humans with wings. These dried-up angelic beings had wings of varying colors: black, white, and grey. The feathers had mostly fallen from their wings, revealing the skeleton beneath what was once undoubtedly a most beautiful plumage.The bodies of these angels hung from the vines, and in their chests, protruding from where their hearts should have been, were red spikes.Thirteen angels had been pinned there, in total. When they had died, he could not tell. They no longer looked pretty and holy; the sight of them gave Han Sen chills.He noticed the bodies of these angels had no eyes, either. Their sockets were dark and empty.Han Sen used his dongxuan aura to scan the area, and that was when he felt Yaksha’s presence. He had been here, and he had examined the bodies of these angels, as well.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1543: Leveling Up Under PressureTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe tunnel had the same width as an air raid shelter. It was wide enough for a car to pass through, but that was about it. Every one mile, a beam of sunlight would bathe a portion of the tunnel from above. It made the place seem longer than it actually was, and it felt extremely weird.After each checkpoint of light, the pressure permeating the atmosphere of the tunnel increased. The gemstone class creatures that were the heirs of super creatures could only make it through fourteen of those checkpoints. They were unable to go any further than that.Looking down the tunnel from a distance, the pools of light looked like the illumination of street lamps, all the way down. There were nineteen of them in total.Up until now, no one had been able to figure out what lay at the end of the Godlight Tunnel.Even the creatures that leveled up to super while inside the tunnel were unable to reach the end of it.( NovelFull )  Little Lion King followed along and said with a smile, “We met each other on the field of battle. Let’s encounter one-another again sometime. I am Little Jade Lion King of Lion Mountain. What is your name?”“Han Sen. I’m human,” Han Sen answered. He still wasn’t fond of Little Jade Lion King, but it wasn’t as if he hated the lion’s guts. He wasn’t entirely against having a conversation with him.As Han Sen and Little Lion King spoke, Yu Miao stared at them coldly. She despised Han Sen.And as they were having their discussion, someone else entered Godlight Tunnel. Han Sen thought it was just some creature or spirit, but it was in fact Six Paths.Yu Miao’s heart jumped when she saw Six Paths. Six Paths Emperor wouldn’t hand over a geno core, and if Han Sen had any form of conflict with the spirit, she believed Six Paths would kill him with ease.Yu Miao, who was going to continue following, stopped where she was for a spell. She waited for Six Paths to catch up and see if a conflict between the two would break out.“Sister, Six Paths Emperor is here. I’m not sure Han Sen knows who he is. If he doesn’t, given Six Paths’ personality, a fight is sure to break out.” Yu Xuan told Yu Miao giddily, in hushed excitement. He was thinking along the same lines.Six Paths soon approached Han Sen, and crushing the expectations set by Yu Miao and Yu Xuan, Six Paths spoke to the human like an old friend. He asked, “Why are you here?”“I’m in God’s Ruin. How could I not spare the time to visit the Godlight Tunnel?” Han Sen smiled.Six Paths nodded and said, “Good timing, then. Now we can compete and see which of us can walk the farthest in this Godlight Tunnel.”Yu Miao and Yu Xuan wore strange expressions. They hadn’t expected Han Sen to be personally acquainted with Six Paths Emperor. And again, knowing Six Paths personality to be what it was, it was perplexing to see him address Han Sen as if he was addressing an equal. They were flat-out shocked.Little Jade Lion King, seeing Han Sen talk to Six Paths Emperor like his buddy, had an even greater admiration for the human. He thought to himself, “It’s no wonder he is so strong. To kill Goddess as he pleases, he must indeed be quite the character. Before Six Paths Emperor self-destructed, he was more famous than my father. If Han Sen can talk to him like a friend, then Han Sen really must be strong.”Six Paths wasn’t an avid talker, though, and after a few brief verbal exchanges, he went ahead and focused on getting deeper into the Godlight Tunnel.Han Sen, Queen, Tang Zhenliu, and Little Lion King followed.Bao’er was in Han Sen’s arms, and Starsea Beast was following behind Han Sen. Little Silver was on the big creature’s head, staring at the light up ahead.The light sources above were like small suns, and they managed to light up the tunnel rather well. The first curtain of light fell on Han Sen, draping him with what felt like water. The light was tangible.But the feeling was not heavy, and it did not feel burdening.Everyone walked through the first curtain of light with ease. But after passing through the light, the gravity felt much heavier. Still, it did not slow them down or affect their passage too much.They continued walking until they reached the fifth curtain of light. There, Tang Zhenliu could not take the pressure of what came next. His entire body was wet with sweat, and it felt as if he was carrying the whole weight of a mountain. It took a lot of effort just to make one step.Of course, he only had a bronze geno core. His fitness and geno core level were still very weak, so it was fairly impressive he had managed to make it that far.“Can you still go on?” Han Sen asked Tang Zhenliu.“It’s okay. I can keep going. I must make it to the sixth, at least.” Tang Zhenliu gritted his teeth.Han Sen didn’t say anything. He just walked by Tang Zhenliu’s side. The pressure there was of no bother to Han Sen.Tang Zhenliu could see everyone else walking forward freely, and he even saw Little Silver lying on Starsea Beast’s head in a relaxed posture as if there wasn’t a single ounce of additional atmospheric pressure. He sighed and thought to himself, “Han Sen’s companions are so scary. How long will it take me to catch up to his level?”Tang Zhenliu did not want to give up, and onwards he continued. He eventually ended up far behind the others, as his pace was extremely slow. His muscles tightened, as if they were going to tear through his clothes at any given moment.Han Sen didn’t make it obvious that he was deliberately watching the man struggle as he was, but he did keep an eye on how he was doing. If it was becoming too much, and Tang Zhenliu could no longer stay upright against the gravity, Han Sen would take him out of the tunnel before he collapsed and died there.Surprisingly, as hard it was for him, he managed to hold on strong. And when he almost reached the sixth light, his very bones began to creak. His entire skeleton sounded as if it was going to break.Boom!When Tang Zhenliu stepped into the wash of the sixth light, his entire body glowed with the color silver. It looked as if his geno core had managed to reach silver class.Yu Miao and Little Lion King looked at him. Although it was not a rare thing to level up in the Godlight Tunnel, simply being able to meant he was talented.Tang Zhenliu was tired, so he sat down and stopped moving forward. His geno core leveled up, but his body didn’t. His body could not take any more pressure, either. He couldn’t walk an inch further.“I can’t walk. You guys go ahead and I’ll wait here.” Tang Zhenliu spoke in between deep gasps.Han Sen nodded as he went on alongside Queen.When they reached the ninth curtain of light, it was Queen’s turn to have difficulty. And when she reached the tenth curtain of light, Queen’s body began to slow and her geno core leveled up.“Godlight Tunnel gives the opportunity to level up a geno core, but the other creatures and spirits don’t show any changes. Tang Zhenliu and Queen both leveled up. Is this just coincidental, or is there a reason for this?” Han Sen wondered.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 998: Blind Man’s StuffTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen opened the package, which had been delivered to him in a recyclable box, and saw a lone envelope inside.Needless to say, he was taken aback. Sending someone a primitive letter in that day and age was very unusual.He picked up the envelope, which was plain and without text on the front, and turned it over. There was nothing written on the back, either.Han Sen opened it up and pulled out the slip of paper that was inside. On it, two simple sentences were written.“Something will arrive in three days. Take it to the shelter and do not allow anyone else to see it – Blind Man.” Han Sen read it out and frowned.Han Sen did not recall a person named Blind Man, but the writing was somewhat familiar. It was someone he had met once before, but his memory of the person’s significance was hazy.When Han Sen was in the Second God’s Sanctuary, a man called Blind Man had given him a book called The Innocent.He only saw him once, and after their encounter, he disappeared and was never seen again. Why he would send a letter and ask him to expect a package in three days, Han Sen could not tell.“What a strange person.” Whatever was going on, it didn’t feel like a mere prank. Regardless of what was to occur, Han Sen decided to wait three days and see if anything did indeed come.When that day rolled around, a package showed up at Han Sen’s door. Strangely, it was delivered to him by an actual person. This person was well-cloaked, though, and it was difficult to even discern their gender.The person placed the item in the mailbox and left.Because this item had not been scanned, Han Sen brought it to the sanctuary and got Moment Queen to open it for him. If there was something dangerous inside, it was best if she handled it.When the box was opened, nothing bad happened. And on the inside was a miniature purple cauldron.It was around twenty centimeters tall and ten centimeters wide. There was a lid on it, so if there was something within, it was obscured from view.Curiously, though, emblazoned on the cauldron was the symbol of the Nine-Life Cat.“Is Blind Man a member of Blood Legion? What meaning could there be, to him sending me this cauldron?” Han Sen frowned and gave the cauldron a good shake, to determine whether or not there was something inside it.No sound was emitted, which told him it was empty—this actually disappointed him.Removing the lid, though, proved his little test wrong. And what was inside gave him quite the shock.Sitting inside the cauldron was a red jewel shaped like a ping-pong ball. It was rather weird, in that it had made no sound when he shook the cauldron.“How is that possible?” Han Sen was really confident in his abilities of perception, and being able to sense the presence of something, even if it was out of sight. If there was something inside, he should have been able to detect it.Han Sen closed the lid and gave the cauldron another shake with the jewel still inside. Like before, no sound was heard. It was as if the cauldron was empty.When Han Sen removed the lid, the jewel was still there. He now also noticed a pleasant, herbal fragrance being emitted.“What is this?” Han Sen took the jewel out. It felt warm to his touch, and it was lighter than any stone he had felt before.Han Sen wondered if the jewel was actually a jewel, or was instead some sort of pill. If it was, it didn’t look edible. Swallowing it would be like swallowing a rock, or so he thought. He didn’t fancy digesting something like that.Not partial to the consumption of such an item, he placed the jewel back in the cauldron and found a place in the shelter to hide it.He didn’t really want to help Blind Man, but he was worried about the possibility of the package being associated with some murder or criminal act.Han Sen returned to the Alliance and searched for information regarding such a cauldron.He found many different cauldrons on Skynet, but there was nothing remotely similar to the one he had just been given. There was no news out there, either, about the theft of a cauldron.After entering the dimensions of the cauldron, he should have been able to find something out about it. But alas, he could not.Han Sen could not find anything out about the jewel, either. Frustrated, he simply decided to log-off Skynet and leave.Following this package, though, Han Sen did not receive anything else from the elusive Blind Man. With no more reason for it to demand his attention, Han Sen decided to let the matter go for the time being.“Little Han, we have received a report of an injured sacred-blood creature. Would you like us to check it out?”As Han Sen went off to the east of the shelter, Old Huang sought him out.“What is it?” His fourth gene lock had almost been opened, so he was fancying the idea of a quick kill of a sacred-blood creature.“It is a black snake of sorts. It appeared to be dying, but that didn’t stop it from swallowing a mutant class frog. Still, that’s what told us it was most likely a sacred-blood creature,” Old Huang elaborated.“Let’s take a look, then.” Han Sen followed Old Huang out of the shelter, and they ventured west. After ten miles of travel, they encountered a black snake resting on a rock. Its body was as thick as a barrel, and it had to be at least fifty meters long. Concerningly, its scales had been shredded by what appeared to be massive claws.“It is a sacred-blood creature, you’re right.” Han Sen scanned it, and took notice of the lifeforce. And as they suspected, it was indeed legitimately damaged.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 90: Hand of GodTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioOn the next day, Han Sen brought porns to the soldier who had asked him for them. The soldier was so happy that he wanted to become sworn brothers with Han Sen and said Han Sen would be responsible for his happiness from now on.Han Sen was covered in sweat. Fortunately, Yang Manli came fast enough so that Han Sen got rid of the soldier successfully.Yang Manli spent half an hour to explain some archery knowledge and gave Han Sen a few tasks to finish on his own.Han Sen had learned basic archery knowledge at school and what Yang taught him was more practical, which benefited him a lot. Yang was indeed an expert.There were a lot of tasks for him to complete, which included the gravity trainer. Han Sen wanted to use the gravity trainer himself. This time he used the protection mechanism to adjust the parameters, not to reduce the gravity, but to increase the gravity a notch so that it suited his real fitness level better.The gym did not seem to be the place where ordinary soldiers trained. Han Sen had never seen other soldiers here than the ones he talked to.During lunch break, Han Sen was chatting with the soldiers he knew. The soldier who asked Han Sen for porns regarded Han Sen and asked, "Sen, in addition to bow and arrows, what other weapons do you use?""Dagger." Han Sen showed him the Z-steel dagger.Han Sen only knew the nicknames of these soldiers. This guy’s name was "Gambler." Han Sen learned from others that he was greedy and lewd.Gambler took over Han Sen’s dagger and played with it. The dagger seemed like a living thing in his hand, making dazzling moves like a snake."Watch this." Gambler held the dagger an inch away from Han Sen’s eyes. With a simple wave of his hand, the dagger disappeared in front of Han Sen and Gambler’s hand was empty."S*#t! Your nickname should be Magician!" Han Sen looked everywhere and didn’t see the dagger.Gambler laughed and shook his hands in front of Han Sen. He curled his fingers and the dagger returned to his hands magically."How did you do that?" Han Sen widened his eyes."Pretty cool, huh?" Gambler asked proudly."Yep." Han Sen quickly nodded."Dazzling, no?" Gambler played with the dagger."For sure." Han Sen nodded again."Want to learn?" Gambler looked at Han Sen with a faint smile."I do. Do you want to teach me?" Han Sen asked."If you can bring me all my girls’ new movies, I will teach you." Gambler said with a smile."No problem." Han Sen agreed, knowing the girls Gambler referred to were certain porn stars.Although it cost some money to buy new movies, Han Sen really wanted to learn these tricks."Come, we will find a place so that I can show you." Gambler took Han Sen aside and told him the key to it.Han Sen then found out that it was not really magic but finger tricks. Although it was taking advantage of the blind spots, the most important part was one’s control of the muscles on the arm.Yes, it was the entire arm instead of just the hand.Gambler told him that this trick was called "heaven in sleeves," also known as "Sleeveblade." It was passed down in his family as the foundation of their family business. The dirk Gambler used was specially made. Thin and sharp, it had a crescent-like double-edged blade but no hilt.Gambler was playing with one dirk in each hand, and it looked like there were two butterflies dancing around his hands, which was amazing to watch."How long will it take for me to become a master like you?" Han Sen looked at Gambler enviously.Gambler smiled, "I started at the age of three, and became better at seven. I’m now intermediate and still far from being a master."He gave the dagger back to Han Sen and said, "Do not underestimate this trick. Although it is just lays the foundation, but it is fundamental and will benefit you for the rest of your life.""Gambler, what does your family do?" Han Sen could not help but ask."Aha, you will never be in our business and I do not intend to let you. I’m just showing you a trick. You could practice it if you think it is fun. Never mind other issues." Gambler walked away and turned back to ask Han Sen, "Have you ever played games on the Skynet?""Rarely." Han Sen had spent all his time trying to survive, and had no time for games."Go play ‘Hand of God.’ It will help you learn this trick. If you can level up in that game, you will be getting somewhere with this trick." Gambler pointed to the holographic training machine.Han Sen was very interested in Sleeveblade, so he went to check out Hand of God on the holographic training machine. Soon he understood why Gambler asked him to play this game.This was a holographic game. Its idea was like Whack-a-Mole, but instead of using fingers alone, the spots to touch could appear everywhere around one’s arms. One must use all muscles rationally to hit all the spots to pass a level. It was highly demanding for one’s dexterity and accuracy.In addition to the beginner level, the game was divided into three levels: evolver, surpass and demigod.The intention of the classification was obviously to correspond with the three phases of God’s Sanctuary, and to guide players to choose the right level.Han Sen first chose the beginner level. Actually, when Gambler said "level up," he meant to clear the beginner level. As for which level Gambler himself was in, Han Sen had no way of knowing.Soon, Han Sen was hooked. He was not that smooth in the beginning, but was soon addicted to the satisfaction gained from hitting rapidly as he got familiar with the game."Faster, faster, faster..." Once started, the game would push one to pursue the exhilaration in speeding up.But Han Sen did not have much time to play this game. After a few rounds in the martial arts contest, Han Sen reached the final match as expected.Not sure it was good luck or bad luck, Han Sen didn’t encounter either Fist Guy or Son of Heaven. Son of Heaven had eliminated Fist Guy, and Qin Xuan had eliminated Son of Heaven. The final match was between Qin Xuan and Han Sen.In fact, Han Sen wanted to fight Son of Heaven more, so that he would have the opportunity to kill Son of Heaven on the stage. Usually the young master was surrounded by many strong men and there was almost no chance for Han Sen to approach him.

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Han Zhuo⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 592: MiracleTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioZhu Ting and his people were shocked and a little uncertain when they saw the vast host of powerful creatures now confronting them. Their presence consumed his entire vision, and their numbers far exceeded the two hundred Han Sen had with him. They weren't even all that talented; so, it was hard to imagine what slaughter might transpire if they started to attack.Even if the creatures queued up and allowed them to fight one on one, it would only be a matter of time before each battler became too exhausted to fight and was killed.Even Uncle Qing, the old man who had seen much, bore a bleak face. Seeing that the creatures did not budge, he did not dare enter and provoke them.Han Sen, however, ran into the creatures alone. The others were unsure of whether or not to follow him.The next second, Yang Manli, Uncle Qing, and Zhu Ting were left staring in disbelief. As Han Sen ran towards the monsters, they parted like an ocean, as if they were afraid of him. They seemed frightened, and they each scrambled out of the way.Whenever Han Sen took a step forward, another creature took a step back. Even a titan snake that was one hundred feet long fell back and dared not hit him.Seeing Han Sen march in like a god was a strange thing to watch. Yang Manli and the rest had their jaws on the floor, and they almost couldn't believe what they were seeing."Boss, are you going to heaven?" Zhu Ting followed.Uncle Qing and the rest followed, as well, despite their frightened and bewildered looks. As they followed Han Sen, the creatures that were near would run off as soon as they got close. He was truly like some deity, striking fear into the bones of every monster in the shelter."How can he do that?" Yang Manli had a puzzled expression when she looked at Han Sen, and she couldn't imagine what sort of powers he was employing.Uncle Qing looked faithful, and maybe a little bit fanatical when he looked at Han Sen. "He really is the heir of Master Han, isn't he? He does possess magical powers - he does!"For the others, they either thought they were witnessing was an absolute miracle or they were dreaming.Han Sen brought Yang Manli and the rest to the Spirit Hall. He was familiar with this place and did not want to waste any more time. So he rushed in as soon as he arrived.Not situated too far from the wall of the royal shelter, Queen was able to see everything. She too was quite surprised. "How did he do that?" Although some medicine could repel certain creatures, such items would not work when facing creatures under the direct command of a spirit. Especially such large numbers of them.This heightened Queen's interest in Han Sen, so she made sure to take extra care in her observations. From a distance, of course.Finally, Qi Xiuwen managed to enter the shelter with his people. What he saw gave him the jinkies and scared him quite a bit. There were creatures everywhere, and in far greater numbers than what they faced on the battlefield outside. There were even many sacred-blood creatures waiting for them.But he could not see where Han Sen or his people had gone, and neither could he see any sign of a struggle or battle. It was as if Han Sen and his people had pulled a Houdini, vanishing without a trace."That is strange. Where are they?" Qi Xiuwen was confused, but he couldn't spend too much time dwelling on it. A large group of creatures approached, and everyone thrust themselves into a terrifying battle with the monsters that had come for them.At this time, Han Sen and his people were right outside the Spirit Hall, and they had gotten there with no trouble. Yang Manli wanted to shake herself, as if trying to wake up from some weird dream. After she saw the gold and silver lady spirits, she couldn't help but say, "The twin spirits resides in this shelter?""You guys take a break, sit and watch. I'll take care of this." Han Sen had trained his Dual skill for the longest time with the aim of taking down the twin spirits. He didn't want anyone else to join in, for he wanted to beat it by himself.Besides, the people from the other shelters had yet to arrive. If they beat the twin spirits too soon, many creatures would run off, as well. The reward everyone could achieve would be reduced, so he wanted to wait for Qi Xiuwen and the rest to arrive before finishing off the spirit.Uncle Qing and his people were already treating his words like gospel, and now, they watched Han Sen go towards the twin spirits like he truly was their religious deity going into battle.They were each stricken with a strange feeling, however; one that they couldn't quite place their finger on. Massive numbers of creatures in the royal shelter just stood and watched Han Sen begin combat with the twin spirits. They weren't doing anything, and it was so bewildering that if they told this story to others who were not here to see this happen, people would chalk them up as liars or plain crazy.Han Sen's kidneys were brimming with energy and his heart was jumping like rhythmic thunder. His body felt as if it had boundless power. As he held onto his purple and silver swords, he ran towards the twin spirits without hesitation.The twin spirits hated Han Sen. Tightly clutching their gold and silver swords, they went to fight against their pestering nemesis once more. Each strike was brought down like gold and silver lightning."These are some really good skills. It is no wonder why they are royal spirits. Is the boss going to be okay battling them both?" As Zhu Ting finished his words, he saw Han Sen use his two swords to batter the twin spirits with such force, it sent them rocketing through the air.Invincible.Everyone had this word on their mind. Han Sen's powerful sword and skills had resulted in the twin spirits being stripped of its ability to fight back. No matter how quickly or powerfully the twin spirits attacked, Han Sen was always one step ahead.Both of Han Sen's hands held a sword, and each one was performing a different sword skill to do battle with the twin spirits. And as he fought and fought, the twin spirits were being beaten back further and further."The boss is too cool!""The boss is the man!""One man taking on two girls? Damn, he is the best!"The young men in the back were waving their flags in support. It was surreal. This was supposed to be a battleground of bloody war, but it was more like they were sitting back to watch a show in an arena.The faces of the twin spirits looked terrible. Before, they could go against Han Sen without any trouble. But now, they could not keep up with him and were repeatedly being knocked backwards - they did not have the power to fight back. Then Han Sen ran into the center of the Spirit Hall.On the other side of the royal shelter, there resided dozens of elite-killing creatures. A path formed between them as the bodies of countless creatures slumped and staggered away to form mounds of the deceased. Along the bloody path others now walked. They were trying to find the spirit shelter.The leader of these people was cloaked in green lightning, and he held a longsword that flashed, sparked, and crackled with electricity. The creatures that were hit by this sword were sent flying backwards, burned into charcoal by the airborne fire that charged his weapon.This group of people marched forward, uninhibited by the creatures that attempted to stop them.This was Thunderdevil and his men. But no matter how fast they cleaved a way forward, they were not as fast as Han Sen, who did not even have to fight any creatures.Besides, Thunderdevil and his people did not know where the Spirit Hall was. They spent a long while looking for it, but they were still unable to find it. Then, he bumped into Qi Xiuwen."What are you guys still doing here?" Qi Xiuwen saw Thunderdevil and his people with much surprise."This royal shelter is way too big. It's easy to get lost! We are unable to find where the Spirit Hall is. We have already scoured the other end of the shelter, so it has to be this way." Thunderdevil pointed in the direction he was going."Let's get going then. The people from the other two shelters are on their way, too. We can't let them get there first!" Qi Xiuwen said. Then, merging with the forces of Thunderdevil, they marched towards the spirit shelter.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 438: Cruel RealityTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen summoned the golden growler, put the body of the ice-armored beast on its back and then rode on it himself. He waved to Yang Manli and asked, "Is there any place nearby that we could hide from the storm? Let’s take a break and eat some meat."Yang Manli hesitated, but jumped on the golden growler’s back, guiding Han Sen to a cave nearby.Han Sen dissected the ice-armored beast’s body with the cursed wolf dagger, took out the tools to make fire and started to barbecue some meat with a beast soul arrow as the skewer. He used a pot for making soup as well."Did he really just evolve?" Yang Manli was still thinking of the punch Han Sen used to kill the berserk ice-armored beast. As a sacred evolver, she could not achieve that at all.Even she punched the beast 100 times, there was no way she could kill a berserk ice-armored beast, let alone one punch. For in an ordinary ice-armored beast, maybe she could kill it. However, she could never break the armor of a berserk beast.In comparison, Han Sen’s punch directly broke the armor together with this goal of the ice-armored beast, which did not look like the strength that belonged to an evolver who had just evolved."Have you heard of the name Han Jingzhi?" Han Sen looked at Yang Manli and asked casually.Hearing the name, Yang Manli’s expression suddenly changed. Although she quickly came back to normal, Han Sen still noticed it."Which Han Jingzhi?" Yang Manli frowned and asked."Instructor Han Jingzhi of Blueblood Special Force, the qigong master," Han Sen replied."You know about Han Jingzhi?" Yang Manli expression changed again. She was surprised that Han Sen knew the name Han Jingzhi."So, she knows about Han Jingzhi as well." Han Sen thought and said quietly, "My great-grandfather is also named Han Jingzhi.""What? Instructor Han is your great-grandfather? That is impossible!" Yang Manli exclaimed."What’s with the reaction? I only said my great-grandfather’s name is Han Jingzhi, but I did not say he is that instructor of Blueblood Special Force." Han Sen smiled at Yang Manli.Yang Manli suddenly became silent, watching Han Sen while biting her lips. If Han Sen was really the descendent of Han Jingzhi, it was not strange that he had that kind of power. However, in Yang Manli’s eyes, it was simply impossible, given that Han Jingzhi did not have any children to begin with. It was just that the fact that Han Sen knew Han Jingzhi’s name and his amazing power made Yang Manli confused.Initially, Yang Manli thought Han Sen was just an ordinary guy with some talent and luck, but she did not think that anymore."Which family are you from?" After a long silence, Yang Manli could not resist asking."Which do you think?" Han Sen looked at Yang Manli, smiling.Yang Manli suddenly shut her mouth. Silence fell again.Han Sen handed a meat skewer to Yang Manli, but Yang Manli did not reach out her hand. She bit her lip and said, "I did not make any contribution, so this is not mine."Han Sen smiled, put the arrow in her hand and said, "You used to be my subordinate, and I expect you to keep following me. I can’t guarantee anything else but food."Yang Manli looked at the skewer, wanting to give it back to Han Sen in a dignified way, but her hand did not move.She was looking down on Han Sen in the first place. After Qin Xuan left, she gave the position of the head of the special squad to Han Sen instead of Yang, which made Yang Manli even more upset about Han Sen.Although later on, Yang Manli realized Han Sen’s abilities, as an arrogant lady, she was not willing to bow her head to him.If it was before, Yang Manli would have thrown the meat back to Han Sen’s face on hearing his words, because there was no way that Yang Manli would willingly take orders from Han Sen.However, after a long time spent in Second God’s sanctuary, Yang Manli had suffered a lot and came to understand how hard it was to hunt anything in this place.If she kept going like this, Yang Manli could see no hope, and maybe one day, she would give up on herself.Although Yang Manli did not want to be ordered around by Han Sen, Han Sen’s performance made her understand very well how large the gap was between the two of them, which also made her see hope.Yang Manli stared at the meat in her hand for a long while and suddenly took a bite. While she was gobbling on the meat, her eyes became wet.Han Sen smiled at Yang Manli without speaking. When she finished, he handed her another piece of meat.Yang Manli did not even look, took the meat and started to eat. After eating four pieces meat and drinking a bowl of soup, she then stopped, gritted her teeth, and asked Han Sen, "Tell me, what do you want?""Don’t act as if I am going to rape you. I just want you to become my subordinate and do some things for me." Han Sen looked at Yang Manli, not knowing what to say.The look on the woman’s face was like some heroine who was going to sacrifice herself for her country."What can I do?" Yang Manli paused. Such an arrogant person like her had lost all her confidence under the harsh reality."There are many things you can do. For example, you could manage the spirit shelter after I conquer it, collect some protection fee, sell some meat, and recruit a couple of people." Han Sen pointed at the spirit shelter on the big mountain.Yang Manli could not help saying coldly, "You are ahead of yourself. Don’t expect to conquer the spirit shelter just because you could kill a berserk beast. There are at least a dozen mutant creatures and an aristocrat spirit inside the shelter. Do you have any idea what kind of beings they are? Any mutant creature has a fitness level of at least fifty, and the stronger ones among them would be seventy or eighty. A dozen mutant creatures, coupled with a highly intelligent aristocrat spirit with an equally strong physique-- even if you have already maxed out on ordinary geno points and primitive geno points, there is no way that you will conquer that spirit shelter.""Is that right?" Han Sen did not argue with her but said lightly. However, anyone would be able to tell his contempt from his expression, which was what troubled Yang Manli the most. A bit worked up, she said, "I admit that you are strong, much stronger than I am. However, the comparison of the power is right there. You could not conquer that spirit shelter alone. The best thing to do is to use your ability to kill as many primitive creatures as possible to sell them to others. This way, you could make money and strengthen everyone’s ability at the same time. When all of us have maxed out on ordinary geno points and primitive geno points, we can work together to conquer that spirit shelter, which is the only way to go."

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1001: Waterfall on God MountainTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen chased the ape king, but again, he was unable to keep up. He could have sworn the simian fiend was cheating, and before long, it had completely disappeared from sight.But with the king gone, the other monkeys still tried to attack Han Sen. After sealing their seventh sense, he went into hiding.When their sight returned to them, they poked around and looked for Han Sen, but they couldn’t find him. Not too concerned with establishing a manhunt, they just went away.“I’m going to find you now.” Believing they were headed home, Han Sen decided to follow the monkeys.After ten miles of travel, he saw a grand mountain many of the monkeys were scaling.Han Sen admired the grandeur of the mountain and was in awe at the spectacle. Its peak was nestled above the clouds, and there was a massive waterfall. It was incredibly beautiful.“If I had to wager a guess, I’d say the monkey king makes its home here,” Han Sen said to himself, and then thought, “Now I know where you live. If you ever show your face, and if you ever disturb my people again, I will be back. I’ll kill your kids and all your grandkids. We’ll see who’s laughing then.”Han Sen approached the mountain, and as his sense of scale improved, he got a sense of how truly enormous the mountain really was. He could not even see the peak.The silver waterfall came from someplace above the clouds, and it looked like a silver dragon descending from the heavens.“Strange; I wonder where the water comes from?” Han Sen looked around, and noticed it really was just a single mountain surrounded by the woodlands of Thorn Forest. It was not a mountain range.A lonely mountain, with a spectacular waterfall such as that, was strange in Han Sen’s eyes.“Does the water come from the sky?” Han Sen thought, but then quickly disregarded the idea as ludicrous.Han Sen turned his attention back to the monkeys that scaled the mountain. Curiously, they were all headed for that waterfall, and when they reached it, they went beyond it.Han Sen’s interest was captured by the sight, and he wanted to see exactly what they were doing and how they were disappearing into the waterfall.After another moment of contemplation, Han Sen decided to check out the waterfall himself. So, he started to scale the mountain, heading there alongside the blue monkeys that still couldn’t notice him.The monkeys were unable to beat him in a fight, and even if Han Sen had to take on the ape king, he was confident he could beat it. Therefore, he did not need to fear going after them.Han Sen wished to see what they were doing behind the waterfall.Upon reaching it, Han Sen found that there was a cave behind the waterfall. He scanned the entrance and could not see a thing. All traces of the monkeys had vanished.Bao’er herself looked curious, and she asked, “Daddy, where are the monkeys?”“I’m sure we’ll see them soon enough.” Han Sen walked inside the cave with caution, slightly worried that he was walking into a trap.But nothing happened. He walked through the caves for three kilometers, and still, he could not find the monkeys.The cave was getting dark, too. Han Sen could no longer see Bao’er’s face, either.He had his Dongxuan Aura active, and try as he might to find a creature, there was nothing. There was only the black.Han Sen kept a hand on the cave wall as he went, and he thought to himself, “What are the monkeys doing down here? Is there a treasure of some value, maybe?”With the thought of treasure running through his mind, Han Sen’s excitement for this affair was renewed.Wherever he was headed, there was only one way. The cave’s tunnels were linear, and there were no forks or branching pathways. As such, he did not have to worry about getting lost.He walked another ten miles in that place, and he started to wonder whether or not he was going to reach the end. Regardless of where he was, the mountain was far too big for its own good, he thought.He suddenly saw a light ahead of him, which brought him a joy that had long since been vanquished. Holding Bao’er tight, he ran towards the light.It was an exit, and speeding up, Han Sen ran out. Before him lay a valley.There were countless monkeys playing in that valley, and across the verdant greens of that expanse, were gorgeous trees.“Are they geno plants, I wonder?” Han Sen looked at the trees, and after a brief scan, Han Sen could detect the lifeforce of each. They were indeed all geno plants.Many of the trees were ripe, and there was much fruit growing across their boughs. The monkeys were gorging themselves on the succulent fruits, even now as he looked on.“Awesome! So many plants with really high lifeforces; I most certainly hit the jackpot today.” Han Sen wanted to rush forward and claim them for himself, and even Bao’er was squirming with hands outstretched, obviously wanting to eat the fruit.“Don’t be hasty. We’re still not sure if we can even eat them yet.” Han Sen held Bao’er tight, watching the reactions of the monkeys as they ate the fruit.The geno plants did look strange, admittedly. As such, he was a little hesitant to begin eating the fruit their branches offered.The geno plants possessed fruit, but that was it. There were no flowers or anything of the sort, which was why Han Sen thought it strange.Han Sen, with his eyes alone, could see at least a hundred of the geno plants. But none of these plants grew weapons, beast souls, or creatures. Not even spirits.There was only fruit. The monkeys weren’t selective of which fruit they wanted, either. They just picked up the fruit nearest to them and kept on eating.Bao’er could not wait any longer, and she escaped Han Sen’s grasp. She crawled to the nearest tree and climbed it. She picked up one of the fruits and ate it.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 961: Botanical GardenTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen was having trouble with the baby, following all this. And its presence in the shelter drew much attention.The shelter's residents were shocked at the sight of the baby, as humans typically weren't allowed or able to enter the sanctuaries until they were sixteen years of age.Due to its appearance and behavior, no one took it for a spirit or a creature. There was nothing ominous or unusual about it, so no one thought of it as being anything other than a human baby. There it was, alive and well in the Third God's Sanctuary.Whenever Han Sen was in her company, others would interrogate him with questions. He couldn't answer any of them, of course.Still, he was glad that he was able to command Old Huang and his people to take residence in the east side of the shelter. This meant they couldn't come to Han Sen's side and pester him whenever they wished."So, what should I call you?" Han Sen put the baby in front of him.The baby sat there on the ground, looking up at Han Sen. Seeing him standing still in thought, she tugged at his pant leg, wanting to be held and cradled. Then, she went to sleep.Han Sen wasn't the most proficient when it came to naming things, and this was no different. He'd never had so much trouble coming up with a name before.And what's more, this was apparently a human girl he'd be naming. He couldn't devise any-old random name.If it was a male, he could be less careful.He wanted to come up with a good one, because he planned to treat her well. He wanted to raise her as an actual child and instill her with good morals. Any child under his care would grow up with her head screwed on right. If she got older, he didn't want her running off with any cheap man who sought to woo her.But, every tear she cried was able to grow a six-Gear Tree. And those things were more valuable than a tree made of money.Since he'd always be getting something in return, Han Sen was confident in his decision to raise her well. He was going to treat her far better than any creature he ever owned.After another half-day's thought, he was unable to devise the right name for her."I'll just call you Bao'er," Han Sen told her, putting the baby on the bed. Then he stood up, deciding to go to the Alliance so he could buy her some clothes.After going through the teleporter, though, he heard the baby cry out, "Daddy! Daddy!""What? How did you get here?" Han Sen was shocked. He'd never before seen something non-human that could make use of teleporters."Daddy, hug!" Bao'er said, as she sat on the teleportation plate.Han Sen picked her up, with a head chock full of questions following her arrival from the sanctuary. And it wasn't just that; she had also arrived at Han Sen's destination.He picked her up in his arms and decided to give it another test. He walked through the teleporter and was taken back to the sanctuary with her in his arms. Then, he returned to the Alliance, and lo and behold, it worked.Bao'er was like a human, freely able to enter and exit the sanctuary.Fortunately, Han Sen teleported to his home in the Alliance. It would only freak out the masses, were they to see or learn about a baby that had teleported in from the sanctuary.And furthermore, if the Child Protection Agency saw Han Sen do that, he'd be taken straight to jail.So, Han Sen kept her in his room and gave her good from Little Yan. After scoffing it down messily, her face was covered in cream.Then, Han Sen bought many clothes for her off of Skynet. Once that was done, he returned to the sanctuary.Although Bao'er looked like a human, her behavior was a little different.She didn't poop or pee everywhere like human babies did, and she didn't cry easily.Aside from the two tears she had cried on their first encounter, Han Sen hadn't seen her release single tear.Of course, that was also partially due to Han Sen's good behavior with her.And for now, the two six-Gear Trees were enough. He couldn't take care of anymore, for the time being.The two trees were not entirely like the ones grown by Moment Queen, and these ones were likely to require dozens of thousands of years to fully mature the fruit they'd bear.Getting waterdrops to sustain the trees was already enough of a trial. So, with the hope of learning a new trick or two, Han Sen decided to consult Moment Queen and ask her how her tree developed so quickly.The answer she gave surprised Han Sen, though. She told Han Sen the tree had already spent much time growing in the Third God's Sanctuary. It stopped growing after she was kicked back into the Second God's Sanctuary, but when the opportunity appeared, it started again."I need more waterdrops." Han Sen now needed to care for his Blood Pine and the two Gear Trees. For now, though, he had to prepare.For the duration of time he would be gone, Han Sen tasked Zero with looking after his trees and the baby. In his absence, he gave her a number of waterdrops to apply each day.Fortunately, Bao'er did not make a fuss and was more than willing to remain in the shelter. Had she insisted on coming, Han Sen had no idea how he would have hunted.After exiting the underground shelter, Han Sen decided to pay a visit to the abandoned human shelter which was now possessed by Thunder-Devil King. The hold was overrun by creatures and monsters.Amongst them all, Han Sen saw a royal spirit and two sacred-blood creatures.He was surprised to see Thunder-Devil King stuff so much defense in a such a small compound.But, keen to learn more of what Thunder-Devil King had brought to the area, Han Sen decided to venture past this shelter and see what might now reside in Thorn Shelter.He wasn't dumb enough to think of assaulting the shelter by his lonesome; the forces that were present ensured he wouldn't be able to take it easily, even if he had many accompanying him.Han Sen's purpose wasn't to conquer the shelter, though. His aim right now was to pillage Thorn Shelter's botanical garden. It resided outside of the shelter, and even though there were guards in place, Han Sen knew he had what it took to infiltrate the garden.Sneaking towards it, Han Sen could already make out the presence of many peach trees. The entire garden was packed with good stuff."Thorn, you said you could sneak in there. How?" Han Sen asked, after summoning Thorn Baron and gesturing towards the garden.

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 616: PerfumeTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe lobster was directly behind Han Sen, with its pincers gnashing for his blood.Han Sen knew he could no longer dodge, as he couldn't afford to sacrifice the lead he had gained. If he couldn't hold onto it, he'd be dead before he reached the surface.He clutched his chest as his blood boiled in the tension. Han Sen was only wearing his Fairy Queen armor, and he knew he couldn't risk being hit.Han Sen summoned his bird, two meters tall and with four wings, in front of him.Katcha!The sacred-blood class Four-Winged Thunderbird was crushed into pieces by the lobster's pincers. Han Sen used this time to reach the surface, summon his wings, and fly off into the sky.Flying forty meters high, he suddenly heard a great splashing sound. The giant lobster leapt out of the sea and was now soaring through the air in a final bid to grab Han Sen.The speed of the berserk sacred-blood wings was not faster than the airborne lobster, and it was sure to catch Han Sen as he flew.So, Han Sen's legs erupted with an incredible power. He borrowed the strength of the air and dashed two meters to the side. The pincer only just missed him.Boom!The lobster fell back down, triggering a tsunami of a wave like a meteor crashing into the sea.Without hesitating, Han Sen continued to fly higher and higher. The lobster swam around for a while, eyeing him, but after realizing it could no longer capture its intruder, it grabbed the peacock's body and returned to the deep sea.Queen flapped her wings with the silver fox in her arms. The silver fox didn't seem to be doing so well, and looked incredibly week. When Han Sen returned to them, it leapt onto his shoulder and stayed there, unmoving.Han Sen opened his mouth and coughed up blood. His organs had been damaged badly, and he feared it would take a long time to recover after this."Go." Han Sen gritted his teeth as he held his chest, which pounded with an unbearable pain. He left the area with Queen and when they were clear, she summoned the whale so that Han Sen could lie down and rest.Han Sen was lying on the big whale's back. The silver fox dug its head into Han Sen's arms. He didn't know what it was doing at first, but it wasn't long before the silver fox pulled out his lotus roots. Immediately, the silver fox started chewing one up."Silver fox, you are heartless. I have been grievously wounded, and yet you rob me blind." Han Sen was disheartened but he couldn't muster the strength to yell at the silver fox.The next second, Han Sen was frozen. After the silver fox chewed the lotus root, he did not swallow it for himself. Rather, he fed it to Han Sen.Han Sen was surprised to see him not eat it for himself. He was feeding Han Sen, and it touched him deeply.But he did feel uncomfortable eating food that had been chewed up by his pet. He almost thought of rejecting it, but the lotus root had been ground into juice and it dribbled into Han Sen's mouth.Han Sen knew he had risked his life to retrieve the lotus roots, so he thought it'd be a waste to spit it out. Without thinking about it too much, he accepted it all.After consuming it, he felt a refreshing and rejuvenating aura emanate from deep inside his body. The burning pain in his chest felt better and his pounding heart relaxed.Han Sen quickly ran his Dongxuan Sutra. He absorbed this new, refreshing power. His Jadeskin was limited by his fitness level, which meant he could only unlock the first tier. Unlocking the second would be impossible during his time in the Second God's Sanctuary. That was why, recently, he had been more focused on improving his Dongxuan Sutra, as opposed to his Jadeskin.Dongxuan Sutra had an amazing effect whilst you breathed, wherein the metabolism of cells ran quicker. Now, the damaged parts of his body were being renewed, and newborn cells replaced the old, harmed ones. It was enabling him to recover from his wounds much faster.The refreshing air must have had a really effective power. Otherwise, his Dongxuan Sutra would not have healed him so well.Every bit of his new, refreshed feeling was absorbed by the Dongxuan Sutra and his body now looked white and silky. He smelled like a newborn baby; he smelled good.The silver fox lay down next to Han Sen, sniffing his master's new, fresher scent. He seemed to enjoy it.Queen noticed the two lotus roots and immediately acknowledged where they came from. But seeing the silver fox feed Han Sen made her observe him with a greater curiosity.Earlier, Han Sen was heavily injured. His face looked ill and his skin was pale. But now, not long after, his face was looking better. The color of his complexion returned and his skin seemed to radiate. It was silky smooth, too."Your face is white, but it looks a little red. It's quite special." Seeing Han Sen, Queen couldn't help but say something cheesy. When she looked at Han Sen, she thought this new image suited him.Han Sen's face was rather firmly shaped and its structure was sharp. It often made him look mad, even when he wasn't. But with this new smooth skin, it portrayed him in a different light. He gave off a different feel.Queen felt a little jealous since she wasn't a person who cared much about her appearance."This must be the effect of a hyper geno art. Or is it an effect of the lotus root?" Queen thought to herself.All of a sudden, a pleasant fragrance tickled Queen's nose. It made her feel as if she had eaten life fruit. The pores across her body all opened."What's going on?" Queen looked at Han Sen with a puzzled expression. After she smelled the pleasant scent, the Heavenly Go in her body activated. It then seemed to be absorbing the fragrance.Queen felt incredible. She had never guessed there was a smell that could trigger Heavenly Go.If she hadn't been experiencing it at that moment, even if others told her, she would not have believed it to be true.The scariest thing with that smell, however, was how it seemed to be improving her Heavenly Go. It had been a long time since she made progress with the ability, yet now she was, entirely passively.Although she did not know what was going on, she did not let this opportunity pass her by. She quickly sat down by Han Sen's side and started absorbing as much of the smell as she could, to take her Heavenly Go even further.The purple light in her body continued to glow, absorbing the fragrance that was all around. Eventually, even her purple light seemed to smell good.The way Queen presented herself often made her seem cold, but now she became prettier to look at. She resembled a fairy, minus all the glitter. She looked stunning, like someone no one could ever dare dream of hurting.The lotus roots must have been extremely beneficial to women, and they possessed a rather cold trait. Although men benefitted from them, women would benefit more.The two lotus roots were most certainly not something ordinary. Their medical properties were incredibly strong. Han Sen absorbed them through his Dongxuan Sutra, and it helped his training a considerable amount.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 508: Crystal Treasure BoxTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen was afraid that the crab might snatch his part after it finished its own, so he summoned the angel, feeding the remaining silver eel to her.The Archangel was the main force to help him hunt super creatures, so it was essential to Han Sen that she transform again. Sacred-blood meat was not a waste on her.In addition, this silver eel was as thick as a bucket and more than 30 feet long. Han Sen's part was about 18 feet long. It was too much for him to eat up, while the Archangel was eating with ease. Her mouth moving nonstop, she was not affected by the toxins at all. The silver eel disappeared quickly.Han Sen then had the time to look at the beast soul of the silver eel. Han Sen felt he was a bit too lucky recently. As long as he hunted a sacred-blood creature, he would gain a beast soul, which even scared Han Sen himself a little bit. He was afraid that he might have used up his luck and would become unlucky.Type of beast soul of sacred-blood silver eel: water mount."Water mount!" Han Sen became overjoyed. He was just wondering how he could come back to this place again. After all, humans could not stay in the water for a long time and this place was so deep in the water. Han Sen was not sure whether he was able to dive so deep himself. With the silver eel mount, it would be easy for him to come down.The only shortcoming of the beast soul was that it could not be used on the land. However, that did not trouble Han Sen at all. He had the golden growler on the land and did not need anything else.As the Archangel was enjoying the needs of the silver eel, Han Sen checked the crystal sailboat out and climbed to the deck.The sailboat was so big and carved out of crystal. However, nothing could be seen inside the boat, which made him feel quite weird.The golden crab had disappeared in a cabin, so Han Sen wanted to see whether there was other stuff in the cabin. However, before he came to the entrance, the golden crab suddenly rushed out, waving the pincer fiercely at Han Sen."Buddy, don't be so nervous. I am only looking around and do not mean you harm," Han Sen stepped back and said with a smile, seeing that the golden crab was just guarding the entrance and did not chase him.However, the golden crab did not know what he was talking about, threatening him against approaching with its pincer.The more reluctant the golden crab was, the more Han Sen wanted to see what was in the cabin. However, he looked at the entire crystal sailboat and found that entrance was the only one. Since it was guarded by the golden crab, there was no way that Han Sen could enter."How come you are not poisoned?" Han Sen became upset, as he was not able to see what was inside the boat, he tried to stick his head up and look.Han Sen was no match of the golden crab, so he had to retreat temporarily to think of another way. Currently, Han Sen was very curious about the thing inside the crystal boat and was not in a rush to leave.In addition, he wondered if those people from Blackgod Shelter were still guarding outside, so it was unnecessary for him to go out of the water.When I go out, I will definitely try to wipe out Blackgod Shelter. Han Sen decided that as long as Blackgod Shelter was still there, his grudge would never disappear. In addition, Goddess shelter was surrounded by ocean in three directions. In order to develop, it must expand to the icefield, which meant he must have his own place here.Now that Blackgod did him a service by becoming his enemy, Han Sen would not be polite with him. He was calculating how he could kill the group of people and take their place for himself.Han Sen had heard from Li Xinglun that Blackgod was the strongest among the three forces on the icefield with the most resources. Li Xinglun and the other force could only be its match when they united, maintaining the balance between the three.Previously, when Starwheel Shelter was under the attack of spirits and the other shelter was distracted, Blackgod Shelter did not try to help. They probably wanted to unite the entire icefield after Starwheel Shelter was wiped out.It was not easy to conquer Blackgod Shelter, obviously. Bloodgod himself was stronger than Han Sen, so he was very likely someone that had almost maxed out on sacred geno points. His fitness index should be more than 120.In addition, Han Sen was deterred by the knife skills of Blackgod. Up until this moment, Han Sen still failed to understand how the strike disappeared, and if he did not understand it, he would suffer again when faced with Blackgod."If I could not beat him, I would rob him. Blackgod Shelter has such a large territory that I don't believe they could guard all the places if I attacked one by one." Han Sen made up his mind to take care of the Blackgod territory when he got out.When he returned to the lower level of the boat, he saw that the Archangel had almost finished the body of the silver eel, with only a head left. Han Sen had a thought and stopped the Archangel from her feast, taking her back into his sea of soul.Han Sen looked around and hanged the head of the silver eel on a rope in front of the ship and hid on the right flank of the ship himself.After waiting for several hours, he indeed saw the golden crab sneaking out. However, because there was only a single rope, the crab could not climb up with its claws. It had to jump up to reach the head of the eel with its pincer. Seeing that the golden crab having left the crystal Han Sen secretly climbed onto the deck and sneaked into the cabin.When the golden crab was under the silver eel, it jumped twice but did not catch the head of the silver eel. Han Sen felt content secretly. He had calculated the height of the jump of the crap, and he deliberately made it hard for it to reach. However, the crab would not give up either. This way, he had enough time.Standing in front of the entrance, Han Sen looked inside the cabin. It was a hall inside. Everything was carved out of crystal, looking very delicate and beautiful.In the middle of the hall, the crystal table was placed. Han Sen originally thought it was a table, but when he entered, he found it was no table, but a crystal treasure box, with the crystal lock on the outside.However, the lock was not locked, so it was not really effective."Is there some kind of treasure of the pirate or curse of the phantom boat?" Han Sen suddenly felt hesitant, not sure whether he should open this giant whistle box. It was so weird that there might be something dangerous inside.Greed and curiosity eventually beat his logic. Han Sen heard the noise of the head of the silver eel falling and knew that the golden crab would return very soon. He gritted his teeth, summoned Snow Charmer, stood next to the cabin door, and asked Snow Charmer to open the crystal box.The spirit was absolutely loyal to her master. After hearing the command, she took off the lock and lifted the lid of the box.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1492: Gold-Patterned CrabTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe five spirits that were closing in on Han Sen were in a hurry. Under the buffs of the Butterfly geno core, Han Sen’s speed and power made him just as strong as them. His movement was strange, and when the five of them surrounded him, they felt that their powers were suppressed and unusable.Many times they thought they were going to hit Han Sen, but their strikes would end up being deflected by an attack coming from one of their own. Try as they might, they couldn’t hit him.Pang!There was an explosion. The Elysium Cauldron blew up, and the king spirit holding it was sent flying away, spewing blood.The big crab leaped after the spirit through the subsiding fires. It snapped one of its pincers closed on the spirit, immediately cutting him in half.“It’s out!” Han Sen was so happy.The faces of the five Elysium spirits changed. Before they could react any further, the crab was rushing over to them with a gold word emblazoned across its back.Han Sen was shocked. The word written on the dark purple shell was from an ancient language, and it gleamed as if it had been stitched onto the shell with gold. Han Sen had studied ancient texts before, so he quickly remembered that the word meant “overbearing.”“Where did that word come from? Is that the crab’s geno core?” As Han Sen pondered its nature, the crab moved forward to attack one of the king spirits.That king spirit had been holding a sword geno core, and with Elysium power, he repeatedly whacked the incoming pincer.Katcha!With his last hit, the king spirit broke his geno core across the pincer. Blood flew from his mouth right before he fell into the grasp of the crab’s pincers. He too was snapped in half.The crab inscribed with the word overbearing really was overbearing. The king spirit’s geno core, and his armor, had been cut in half easily. It was scary.Han Sen didn’t dare watch, as it was too frightening for him to see. If the crab could so easily sunder super geno cores, it had to be a berserk super creature.Han Sen grabbed Bao’er and ran, but the other king spirits were running too. Shortly after, the crab’s kill-tally had mounted to four, and only two spirits were still trying to scramble away.But the big crab did not go after those remaining king spirits; it had instead chosen to go after Han Sen.“Sh*t! Why are you going for me and not them?” Han Sen felt depressed.Han Sen thought he could pick up a few easy kills, but that idea was now out the window. All he wanted to do at this point was run.The crab was faster than the king spirits were, and with its claws dragging across the rocks, it caught up to Han Sen with ease. Han Sen realized he had lost the king spirits, but this threat was an even greater trouble.“Daddy, you can do it!” Bao’er continued to support Han Sen.Han Sen wanted to cry as he ran, and he said, “You are my good daughter.”The human and the crab ran the length of the Underworld, and no matter how he tried, Han Sen couldn’t shake off his tail. He tried using the labyrinthic passages and complex routes to escape the crab.Eventually, Han Sen proceeded through a tunnel that was too small for the crab. But that didn’t keep him safe for long, for when the crab came through, it brought down the walls to get to him. The few-meter walls were torn down as if they were paper.Han Sen kept running, but he eventually found himself at a dead-end. There was a wall up ahead that was sealing the cave. Han Sen gritted his teeth and used Taia to slash. He wanted to be like the crab and bring the wall down so he could proceed.With the God geno core’s buff, Han Sen’s sword glowed red. His strike managed to create a cleft in the stone that was a few meters deep. But Han Sen was disheartened. His strike hadn’t gotten to the other side of the wall, and how thick that wall might have been, he did not know.Han Sen stood in front of the wall as the crab behind him bulldozed through stone. The two-meter cave had doubled. As the walls behind him were turned into rubble, the crab was only twenty meters away from him.Han Sen clenched his jaw and swung his sword at the same spot he had previously. He managed to go a few meters deeper this time, but he was still striking stone.“Sh*t! Is this entirely solid? Is there nothing behind this?” Han Sen was getting frustrated. The big crab was already behind him, and its pincers were swinging wildly around. Their length covered the extent of the tunnel, robbing Han Sen of the ability to dodge.“It looks like I’ll have to just take a chance.” There was no turning back right now, and so Han Sen summoned a beast soul.The beast soul was like a scaleless snake. Its body was very strange. It was the super beast soul Han Sen had received from Alien Beast.Super Alien Beast beast soul: Shapeshift TypeAfter the Alien Beast combined with Han Sen, Han Sen became a white, scaleless snake. He slithered like an eel.The Butterfly geno core was pocketed for the time being, and Han Sen used his Alien Beast form to writhe around the cave until he became paper-thin. Then, he moved against the wall and slithered straight past the pincers.Alien Beast had low defense and not much power, but its body could take on a bunch of different shapes. That made it quite useful.Han Sen, with Bao’er, evaded the pincer. The Alien Beast beast soul had thinned, squeezing through the minor gap.But the crab was difficult to deal with. The sharp pincers were still taking aim at Han Sen. He had to change direction, and he missed the chance to escape.The crab moved its pincers and claws and continued to attack Han Sen. He used Alien Beast to become thin and short to dodge it. But this couldn’t go on for long, and if he got hit once, he’d undoubtedly die. He had to find a way out of this predicament and escape.Han Sen looked at the big crab and decided he’d go under it. The mass of its body had blocked the exit, but there was a minor gap directly below the crab’s belly.Unfortunately, the belly was the crab’s strongest point, and its claws could easily reach there. But still, he went for the gap. The claws responded quickly, blocking his escape from that direction, and he lurched back.Han Sen bit down on his teeth and jumped up. He became a thin, paper-like figure that stuck itself to the crab’s belly like a sticker.The crab was incredibly smart, though. It brought its own belly down on the ground, trying to crush Han Sen and Bao’er against the floor of the cave.The thin, snake-like body crawled across the crab, and when the crab’s belly whacked the ground, Han Sen had already brought Bao’er to its back. He was on top of where the gold overbearing word had appeared.

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