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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 352: A Sword for Your LifeTranslator:Nyoi-Bo StudioEditor:Nyoi-Bo Studio"Han Sen!" Su Xiaoqiao suddenly became pale. If Mr. Yu were to attack Han Sen, there was no way Han Sen could beat an evolver.Han Sen sat still on the three-eyed beast. He had already sold the tornado wolf, and Meowth was not the best ride, which was why Han Sen had been riding three-eyed beast on this trip.Mr. Yu's was holding a beast soul sword, which looked like a sacred-blood beast soul.Han Sen squinted his eyes at Mr. Yu's sword, which was exactly what he needed at this point.Mr. Yu rushed to Han Sen, cutting his silver sword at Han Sen's neck like a lightning bolt.Those with Mr. Yu did not move. It seemed they were enjoying the show. Mr. Yu was an evolver, so there was no one who could threaten him in First God's Sanctuary.Shortly, everyone opened their eyes wide. As the sword was about to cut Han Sen snack, Han Sen suddenly reached out a hand and clipped the sword with two fingers.Everyone thought Han Sen was crazy. No one should be able to clip an incoming sword with two fingers, especially when it was an evolver who was holding the sword.Mr. Yu's uses more force their usual, trying to kill Han Sen directly.The moment the sort touched Han Sen's fingers, it seemed that Han Sen's entire body became weightless. He attached himself to the sword and moved along with the sword wherever it went as if he was a fallen leaf.Feeling shocked, Mr. Yu's took the sword back and threw a punch at Han Sen who had approached him with the sword.Han Sen hit Mr. Yu's fist, jumped up and landed behind Mr. Yu, his skeleton's dagger on Mr. Yu's neck."It seems that an evolver like you is no big deal," said Han Sen lightly.Although Mr. Yu's had the best geno point count, he was terrible at martial arts. He was probably from a rich family, but he was scum himself, which was different from Yuan and Qing.Mr. Yu's was dazed, and others were dumbstruck. No one could foresee that an evolver was easily beaten by Han Sen."Do you want to live or die?" Han Sen moved the dagger forward slightly with a smile. The sharp blade immediately cut the skin of Mr. Yu's neck, a drop of blood gliding down the dagger."What should I do for you if I want to live?" Mr. Yu became pale, and none in his group dared to move."I am a fair person and could offer you an opportunity to correct yourself. However, if I let you go just like this, I'm afraid you will not learn your lesson. So, a sword for your life--the one you're holding right now," said Han Sen."No way! My dad is the CEO of Dongchang. If you lay a hand on me, my dad will kill your entire family," yelled Mr. Yu fiercely.Han Sen almost burst out laughing."All right. When you go to hell, remember to appear in your dad's dream and tell him that it was Han Sen who killed you." Han Sen pushed the skeleton dagger deeper into Mr. Yu's skin."No… You can have it…" Mr. Yu exclaimed, almost scared to death."This is your last chance. When I count to three, if the sword is not in my hand, you can keep it with you in hell." Han Sen started to count, "One… Two…"Mr. Yu's did not even dare to bargain and quickly transferred the beast soul sword to Han Sen."Do not claim to be an evolver next time, so that you will not lose face for all evolvers." Han Sen took back the sword and the skeleton's daggers and returned to the back of his mutant three eyed beast.Once Mr. Yu gained his freedom again, he quickly summoned a beast soul knife and led his followers to attack Han Sen."Go back," said Han Sen casually. He had foreseen this outcome and quickly rushed to the group of people.Mr. Yu did not want to recognize the fact that he was weaker than Han Sen. I should not have lost. Thought Mr. Yu.In addition, Mr. Yu's had a lot of good men on his team, so he believed he must be able to kill Han Sen this time and avenge himself.However, when Han Sen was in the middle of them, Mr. Yu started to regret, because he found that the group were not a help, but a burden. Han Sen walked casually among them, and for some reason, they could more easily hurt their teammates than Han Sen. Every time Han Sen brandished the skeleton's daggers, an injury would be made.Momentarily, six persons were hurt in the group.Su Xiaoqiao was dumbfound. The way Han Sen was doing it made him wonder who the evolver was.Mr. Yu was terrified. He could not describe the feeling he had. Obviously, Han Sen was the one who was besieged. However, it felt like Han Sen was actually behind the siege. Mr. Yu did not even have any chance to attack Han Sen. Every time he tried to make a move, he would be blocked by one of his own people.Someone who had not really practiced martial arts could not tell how incredible kiting skills were. In the eyes of Han Sen, people like this could not give him any pressure no matter how many they were."Get lost," Mr. Yu exclaimed when he found there was no chance to attack Han Sen.Han Sen did not chase after the rest of the group. When they had left, a blue lightning bolt left Han Sen's hand.A mutant ghost butterfly boomerang flew toward Mr. Yu who was throwing himself at Han Sen.Mr. Yu tried to cut the boomerang in half, but when his weapon was about to touch the boomerang, it quickly made a weird turn and disappeared in front of his eyes. Bypassing Mr. Yu's knife, the boomerang hit his chest hard.Bang!Blue flames exploded on Mr. Yu's chest, making him fall from his mount and roll around on the ground.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1054: Shura PunchTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio“Lian Chan is streaming! Hmm, but that place doesn’t look remotely shura. There are human artifacts everywhere.”“That’s because it is a human place. I wonder what My Goddess is doing there?”“Say something, My Goddess! What is this place you have gone to?”“It looks like a fighting arena. Are humans going to fight us again?”“Whoa, is that Yu Tuoshan? Who is his opponent, I wonder?”“Really? Yu Tuoshan is there?”“Who is stupid enough to challenge him?”“Look! A human has gone up as his opponent. He looks a bit young, though, doesn’t he?”“Why are they putting some kid up against Yu Tuoshan? I hope they don’t get mad when this child gets beaten to death.”“Hahaha!”Everyone believed Han Sen was too young to stand a chance. After all the years spent fighting humans, they had learned a lot.Due to the advent of sanctuaries, humans became stronger the older they got. Someone who was that young was typically quite weak.Lian Chan did not want the chief to find out she was streaming, so she stayed silent with the camera positioned just right.Han Sen, who was now on stage, looked at Yu Tuoshan. Just as the intel stated, he had a muscular body that was complimented by purple eyes that glared wildly.The purple horns protruding from his forehead were another confirmation that he was royal.Shura dictated royalty differently than humans did. The shura monarchy was not based on lineage, and the heirs of a king would not always ascend the throne following their passing. It was possible for any shura to become king, but they had to prove themselves as the most powerful of their kind, bar none.The shura were so strong because of their culture, which revolved around fighting.Han Sen and Yu Tuoshan eyed each other from opposite ends of the arena.The shura disdained humans, and it was no different for Yu Tuoshan. Unlike many of the others, however, he would not underestimate an opponent.Yu Tuoshan observed Han Sen carefully, placing much faith in what his eyes and gut instincts were telling him. It was very much the same way for Han Sen.After giving him a good look, Yu Tuoshan could detect an aura of some power in his rival. His caution was appropriate.Han Sen’s eyes were calm and full of confidence. It was a common look for him, but the shura believed there were generally only two reasons why an opponent would appear this way.First, Han Sen could be a reckless character, uncaring for who he fought against.Or secondly, Han Sen was confident in his own power after a careful examination of Yu Tuoshan himself.Yu Tuoshan did not think the president of the Alliance would allow his daughter to marry someone so reckless, so Han Sen had to possess some amount of power.Still, he wasn’t afraid. Yu Tuoshan was firm in the belief he’d win, and that hadn’t changed. But his excitement had increased, learning his opponent wasn’t going to be a total wimp.“I am Han Sen. Please go easy on me,” Han Sen said.If Han Sen won, they’d have to go exploring the crystallizer ruins together. Having an enemy for a companion on such a venture would be pointless.The shura were still lacking an understanding for the subtleties and undertones of human emotions, though. They simply believed Han Sen was afraid. The fact he was just being polite never crossed their minds.“Humans are so lame! Is that kid scared already?”“Has he peed himself yet?”“Haha, can you blame him? Our prince is far too powerful.”“Humans can be tricksy, you know. Perhaps the boy is trying to lull the prince into a false sense of security, by presenting himself as a weak child?”…Whatever their opinion of Han Sen was, it was in some capacity bad.“Humans have been known to fake things before,” Lian Chan said.The beliefs and traditions of the shura and humanity could not be more different, so right now, it really was difficult for the shura to believe Han Sen was just being polite.“I know what you’re doing, but I’m not going to hold back,” Yu Tuoshan said, staring at Han Sen with his bloodthirsty eyes.In response, Han Sen spread his arms and said, “Please do.”Yu Tuoshan’s muscles were like steel pistons, immediately launching Han Sen’s way.The fist made the air ripple with shockwaves. It traveled at a blistering pace, in a bid to finish Han Sen in a single opening move.“Shura Punch.” Many of the shura were shocked to see this skill used.It was a punch every shura knew of, as it was a basic starter skill.That being said, it made for a great canvas. Countless shura had modified it, using it as a template for new skills of their own.It was nothing entirely special, but it was solid. It couldn’t be knocked, really.Its simplicity was reflected in its appearance, but that’s not to say it looked fragile or weak in any way.Han Sen hit back with Sonic-Thunder Punch.Yu Tuoshan’s flesh and bone trembled with the simmering power that carried his strike, and effortlessly, it destroyed Han Sen’s attempt.Boom!When their fists collided, Han Sen was knocked back a few meters, with skids marks tracing his knockback.“This shura really is strong. Maybe I am a little out of my league here,” Han Sen calmly thought to himself.

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新腾讯五分彩开奖号码⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 292: A Different Cloud BeastTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"This is incredible hunger." Riding on Meowth, Han Sen was about to starve. He had eaten more than 10 pounds of mutant meat. If he continued to eat, his stomach would probably explode.However, in addition to the feeling of hunger, Han Sen also felt energetic. The two contrastive feelings filled his body, which made Han Sen understand why the previous volunteers would give up. It was definitely a cruel torture.As Han Sen practiced more, both feelings got stronger. Han Sen had hunted a lot of mutant creatures on his way and ate their meat, but it did not help.While feeling the incredible hunger, Han Sen also felt his strength was improving rapidly and even his heart was beating stronger.On the map from Huangfu Pingqing, all the paths had been tested by different teams in Ares Martial Hall, so none of the paths was dangerous.Even the riskier parts of the paths were marked clearly, and solutions or tips were always provided.After Han Sen was on the road himself, he came to understand how precious the map was. Its value, like Huangfu Pingqing said, was well beyond five mutant beast souls. With this map, one could easily start to trade among these shelters, so the map was a highly valuable trade secret.Han Sen did not know what was the reason for Huangfu Pingqing to give him this map. By taking this map, he did owe her one.After half a year, Han Sen traveled past five shelters. He did not even want to think back on this period of time. It was not because of all the risks and dangers on the way, but mainly because the terrible feelings he had when practicing Heresy Mantra.Han Sen was devastated in the first two months when he just started practicing. In the end, he still made it and finished the first phase. Both his heart and veins were strengthened significantly.The main reason for his success was that whenever he felt the hunger was getting unbearable, he would practice Jadeskin. Then the coolness would flow in his body and ease his hunger.The hunger suddenly disappeared after he finished the first phase. However, in three months, Han Sen’s weight dropped from 170 pounds to 110 pounds. Even his bones were sticking out.Because none of the previous volunteers had gone this far, Han Sen was not sure if his experience was unique.After finishing the first phase, Han Sen started to practice the second phase of Heresy Mantra: seeing through the mirage. Then, Han Sen felt his body was like a withered plant receiving water. After eating lots of mutant meat, he started to gain his weight back.The hunger was gone, so were the contrastive senses. In his practice, he felt more and more fulfilled. It seemed that his entire body was becoming stronger. And his current cardiac functions were much stronger than a normal person.Half a month before returning to Steel Armor Shelter, Han Sen finished the second phase. At that moment, he suddenly discovered how powerful Heresy Mantra was.He was almost certain that if he was able to complete all four phases of Heresy Mantra, he should have the ability to kill a super creature.Maybe he did not even need to finish everything. When he completed the third phase longevity, he should be able to hurt a super creature, at least the baby golden growler.However, when Han Sen started to practice the third phase, his progress became much slower.He could still feel he was moving forward, but he could no longer complete the third phase in three months. Han Sen estimated that he would probably be able to finish the third phase in a year.After returning to the Steel Armor Shelter, Han Sen had already maxed out on his mutant geno points. However, because he chose to follow the safe paths, Han Sen did not have the chance to hunt any sacred-blood creatures.He did not feel bad about that, because based on what he could do now, it was no longer difficult for him to kill sacred-blood creatures.After finishing the second phase, Han Sen’s level was no longer limited to the unevolved. He was even stronger than Qin Xuan who had completed atomic fission. Most sacred-blood creatures would not stand a blow from Han Sen.With the miraculous black crystal, Han Sen was not worried about his sacred geno points. All it mattered to him at this point was how to find and kill super creatures.To maxed out on super geno points was Han Sen’s new goal. Sacred geno points no longer deserved his attention.On his way, Han Sen traded different beast souls whenever he reached a shelter, which brought him a great fortune. If he were willing to spend more time, he would have made a lot more.Even so, he had earned a profit of more than 600 million. In addition to that, he still had a lot of unsold beast souls in Steel Armor Shelter. Han Sen was sure that his cut was at least 600 million.At this point, Han Sen did not have too much desire for money. If money could not be turned into beast souls or things he needed, then it was nothing but a number.Although 600 million was not a huge number, which was not even enough to purchase a spaceship, for Han Sen, it was enough money for him to support his family.After returning to Steel Armor Shelter, Han Sen came back to his own room immediately. He had been feeding the cloud beast for over a year, and it was a huge waste of time.When Han Sen went back to his room and saw the cloud beast, he could not believe what he saw.The cloud beast was there and had evolved, but it seemed somehow different from the sacred-blood cloud beasts he used to eat.This cloud beast almost turned transparent and was surrounded in an aura."Why does this one looks so different?" Staring at the cloud beast, Han Sen suddenly had a thought that gave him a chill.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1414: Geno God SquareTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio“Isn’t the pendant a geno core given by this God dude? Can its power really not be enough to open the coffin?” Han Sen asked the creature. He wasn’t too surprised the Nine-Life Cat was able to talk, given its reputation.Nine-Life Cat squinted its eyes responded to him, saying, “This thing is not a geno core. If God had it, of course he could open the coffin. But you are not God. It’s perfectly normal for you not to be able to open it.”When Nine-Life Cat said this, the red light on the pendant began to dim and fade away.Han Sen had already assumed it was the Nine-Life Cat that had triggered the pendant’s power to allow him to overcome Mister Li, but he asked the cat, “Is there really no other way to get him out of the coffin?”Nine-Life Cat coldly answered, “You are both heirs of the shelter’s master, but there is something wrong with his blood. He was unable to see the master. Even though he has entered the coffin, there is a low chance of becoming a god in his state.”The Nine-Life Cat was rather chatty, and it went on to say, “And if anything, using the coffin to become a god might not be a good thing.”“Why?” Han Sen asked.The Nine-Life Cat leaped back onto the lid of the coffin, to resume the position Han Sen had originally seen him. He explained, “I promised to guard this shelter until an heir of God came to open it. My task has now been fulfilled. There is no use me staying here anymore.”Nine-Life Cat looked at the coffin below him, and the area around, and spoke mournfully. “This has been my bed for the longest time. I am not used to sleeping anywhere else.”After that, the Nine-Life Cat jumped back onto Han Sen’s head like a red fur hat.“Let’s go. I’ll accompany you, for a time,” the Nine-Life Cat said firmly.Han Sen knew the creature must have been extraordinarily strong if a god had asked it to protect his shelter. He knew it would be best to remain friendly with it, and if possible, keep it as a companion.“We’ll get in trouble if we leave now.” Han Sen proceeded to tell the Nine-Life Cat about Outer Sky Shelter and Sacred Shelter, his mission, and what the situation was.“Outer Sky and Sacred were around even way back when God was here. They didn’t dare do anything, though. It was smart of them to deduce only humans could enter the shelter, but I’m hard-pressed to believe they suspected you might have been an heir,” Nine-Life Cat looked disdained.“It makes me feel a lot safer, knowing the master of this shelter was such a powerful being. Why don’t we just go waste them?” Han Sen said.Nine-Life Cat rolled its eyes and said, “I don’t have the power to go up against Outer Sky and Sacred, and you can’t unlock the true power of the Geno God Square, either. I am sure there is a way we can sneak past them.”“Never mind, then…” Han Sen took a pause to think, before proceeding to say, “We’re leaving, regardless. If you have anything to bring with you, now’s the best time to start packing.”Nine-Life Cat was amused by his comment, catching a touch of greed coating Han Sen’s words. He told Han Sen, “And don’t you think about taking things from here to go with you. You shouldn’t take anything from this place. If you do, the spell that protects this place will be broken, and then anyone can enter. When you reach the power of an emperor, however, feel free to return and claim proper ownership.”“But Mister Li is already here,” Han Sen said.“He is in the coffin, and this is a shelter. You have the Geno God Square, anyway. Mister Li will be in that stone cage for thousands of years, I suspect, regardless of whether he is successful or not,” Nine-Life Cat explained.Han Sen was pleased to hear this, and so he said, “In that case, I have nothing to fear. I could become a god a hundred times over in that time. I suppose there is no concern, then.”It was a shame Han Sen was unable to take anything with him, but he would be walking away with the Blood-Pulse Sutra’s geno core and the Nine-Life Cat. It was a worthy haul that made him quite happy.Han Sen didn’t yet know how to use Real Blood or what benefit it could provide. It was very much like a newborn baby, in that you could not know what a newborn body could yet do or accomplish. He’d have to find out himself in time.It depended on the talent of the geno core itself. Some geno cores simply weren’t great, and no matter how much time or effort you’d go into training and improving it, it wouldn’t achieve much.Han Sen managed to get the Nine-Life Cat out of the shelter, and when they were beyond the mist-draped walls, he decided to follow the cat, which seemed to have a specific direction it wished to go.“By the way, do you have a name?” Han Sen asked the cat.“You can call me Cat God,” the Nine-Life Cat squinted its eyes.“I don’t understand. If we were all heirs of the master of the shelter, why did the rest of the team have to die? Aside from Mister Li, the others should have seen the master’s shadow,” Han Sen asked.Cat God smirked and replied by saying, “This shelter was here even before it was occupied by a god. This place is old, a remnant from an even older, harsher time. A cruel fate befell the others, but it is best not to dwell on what happened to them. You would have been one of them if you had not practiced the correct skills. And what’s more, you wouldn’t have received the shadow’s summons if you hadn’t learned those techniques.”Han Sen waited until it was mid-afternoon before completely leaving the shelter.Yu Miao, Yu Xuan, and Goddess, seeing someone emerge from behind the gates, stood up with great interest. It was Han Sen, and he was leaving that place on his own.They immediately suspected what might have happened, and they were shocked that only a single human with a bronze geno core had survived the trials inside that place.But it didn’t seem as if they paid attention to Cat God’s presence. It was almost as if the cat did not exist or was invisible to them.“What happened inside? You must tell us everything!” Goddess immediately asked Han Sen.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 742: A Shocking DiscoveryTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioBoom!A black smoke burst from Han Sen's body like fire. It instantly incinerated the icy threads that had trapped him. The Flaming Rex Spike in his hand was swung madly towards the remainder, burning more threads into steamy bygones."Silver fox, this way!" Han Sen shouted at the silver fox, and it quickly returned to his shoulders. Without delay, Han Sen got back to swinging his rex spike with ferocity at the icy threads. He ran in front of the frozen man and quickly grabbed something out of his pocket. He turned, knocked out more of the threads, and hastily retreated in the direction of the bamboo forest.The threads still coursed after Han Sen, and regardless of how many he destroyed, more and more were generated by the icy lake. They were endless.The blazing fire of the Flaming Rex Spike was the perfect countermeasure to obliterating those he could strike down. And fortunately, the Devil Unicorn beast soul was able to withstand the threads he could not react to in time. Without too much trouble, he was able to keep them at bay as he advanced towards the forest.Once he was inside the bamboo forest, the threads no longer followed, and the stringy, frosty hairs returned to the lake."It's lucky I had the Devil Unicorn beast soul. Who knows what might have happened, had I not. Even if I summoned the little angel, I am unsure whether or not she could withstand those things." Han Sen pondered what he had just encountered, as he had no idea what the living ice threads were.Han Sen looked out towards the lake for a while but nothing seemed disturbed. Then, he lowered his head to take a look at what he was clutching in his hands.Han Sen had taken a wallet out of the man's pockets, and it had many cards inside. They looked very old, too. They were much bigger than modern cards, and thicker. They weren't as light as the current cards were, where a hundred of them could be folded together and still be really thin.There were thirty of the cards, and their thickness and number filled up the entire wallet."It looks like that man really was over a hundred years old. It's possible that he spawned in a shelter somewhere in the Black Desert, stumbled into this place as I have, and fell prey to the icy threads." Han Sen observed the cards and contemplated the identity and possible story of the frozen man he had found.They were old cards, and aside from some cards that belonged to a few interstellar banking firms, Han Sen had no idea what the majority of them were for.Suddenly, Han Sen's pupils went smaller. He found a card which bore a familiar symbol."Nine-Life Cat." Han Sen was shocked, not expecting to see this symbol here. That meant this man who had died near the lake may have been a member of their organization."It looks like that organization has been around for a long time. Does it really have a connection with Blood Legion?" Han Sen continued to examine the rest of the cards.Then, Han Sen's eyes stretched wide.Within the cards was a working license, and on the front was something he saw clearly."Secret Service, Team #7. Investigator: Qin Huaizhen"This working license was the exact same as a relic Han Sen once received after someone died. The only difference being the name."Qin Huaizhen... could he be from the Qin family?" Han Sen remembered Qin Xuan once told him she had an elder who worked in the secret service's seventh team.Han Sen gave a strange look to the man who was sitting near the lake. If he was a member of the Qin family, what may have led him to die all the way out here?"Wait a minute... is he really dead? He still has a powerful lifeforce swirling inside him. It's not something you can fake, so, is he really dead?" Han Sen looked hopeful while staring at the man.Han Sen wanted to know what might have happened to the seventh team. If that man really was an elder of the Qin family, and he was still alive, Han Sen was keen to finally learn the truth.With great interest, Han Sen turned his whole body towards the man on the lake. There was a big chance he was still alive, and cryogenic technology had matured quite a bit even back then. Many people went into cryogenic sleep to be defrosted and awoken sometime in the future. It wasn't a difficult process.But it required modern technology. Straight-up freezing yourself dealt tremendous damage to the body, and simple defrosting rarely led to survival.Han Sen did not know if the man could survive after being defrosted. There were no tools readily available for him, and he'd have to bring him back to the Alliance if he wanted to guarantee his survival.Han Sen thought it over quite a bit, but then settled on returning to the lake. He really wanted to know what had happened to the seventh team, and it looked as if this might be his best and only chance. After all, almost all members of the seventh team had died. Finding one of them who was half-alive was too good of an opportunity to let pass by.Han Sen emerged from the bamboo forest again, and he was greeted with the sudden reappearance of the icy threads. But to Han Sen, who owned three super creatures, they could do little to stop him.Han Sen annihilated the threads and arrived at the shore of the lake without trouble. As he went to pick up the man, he suddenly heard the sound of an explosion from the waters of the lake. Amidst the soaking turmoil and tossed water, a jellyfish-like creature arose from the waters.Under its control, the water of the lake threaded once more and viciously went after Han Sen. In addition to the icy threads, the jellyfish's tentacles now also joined the fray.With the Flaming Rex Spike and Devil Unicorn, Han Sen was able to withstand and repel the icy threads well enough, but his movement was restricted quite a bit. After slashing a number of threads, however, a crystal tentacle writhed its way around Han Sen to ensnare him.Han Sen felt his waist drop in temperature as a strong power began to grow and pull him towards the lake.Han Sen was infuriated, so he raised the rex spike to bring it down on the tentacle. But before he could strike, another tentacle grabbed ahold of his arm.The silver fox was spitting its bolts of lightning in a raging fury, doing its best to break the grip of the tentacles. But soon after, it too was grabbed. Another tentacle wrapped it up and began dragging it towards the water with its master.The silver fox's body unleashed as much silver lightning as it could, but still, it wasn't enough to break the hold the tentacle had on it."Little angel!" Han Sen, unable to fight back, summoned his adiraid.The little angel appeared from the sky, swooped down, and with her greatsword, sliced the tentacles that had grabbed ahold of the duo. The jellyfish creature thrashed around in pain, letting out a shrill shriek amidst the chaos."Little angel, great work! Go and kill that asshole." Han Sen was extremely happy, and gleefully issued the little angel the order. Then, he swung his rex spike towards the icy threads that had amassed and were coming towards him like a tidal wave.The little angel's cold face was like that of a goddess. Her blonde, flowing hair danced around as her body broke the air with her attacks. The greatsword slashed countless icy threads, as if she was tearing the seas asunder to get at the jellyfish-like creature.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 573: Solo in the ShelterTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"Look silver fox! I'm so poor. It's already hard enough for me to look after myself. I haven't got enough food, I can't keep warm, and now I need to take care of you, despite the fact that you eat so much? It's not that I don't like the fact that you eat, don't get me wrong, but you want everyone else to get their fill, too, don't you? How about you help us catch a few fish. If you do that, we can help you cook it. It'd be nice if you chipped in, so how about it? Does that sound good?" Han Sen smiled in his attempt to discuss matters with the silver fox.Zero gave Han Sen a disdainful look. The way she looked at him was as if she had just witnessed him trying to abduct a young girl.The silver fox tilted its head, looking at Han Sen in a confused way."Fish... over there... you... grab it... we... cook it!" Han Sen pointed at the fish swimming past the Crystal Palace's windows, making wild gestures with his hands and legs to try to get the silver fox to understand.But when the silver fox looked towards the windows, it just reverted its gaze back to Han Sen. Then it walked underneath Han Sen and used its tail to hook his leg, rubbing its head as it frequently did."Geez, you are the child of a super creature. Have some dignity! It is obscene for something so fierce to act so cute. This world is cruel, and you must master your abilities of combat if you wish to survive. Do you understand?" Han Sen was now trying to lecture the silver fox. He pointed at the windows once more and said, "Go! Catch me a fish or you're not having any food tonight."The silver fox's face continued to look innocent. It quietly whined to itself as it carried on rubbing its face against Han Sen's legs.Not long after, Han Sen gave up. With a hopeless expression, he picked up the silver fox and said, "Another useless thing I have to take care of."But then, Han Sen had an idea. Although he couldn't command the silver fox to hunt, and his previous attempt to kill sacred-blood creatures under the sea had failed, a new idea struck him."It's okay not to hunt! I just need to bring you to the spirit shelter. If I did that, wouldn't all the creatures start running off? That means I could reach the Spirit Hall with ease. The only thing I am not sure of is whether the spirits will run off, as well. But if they did, I could pick up the spirit stones for free. Ha! I am such a genius." Han Sen's face smiled like a radiant flower, as he thought of how he might easily obtain numerous spirit stones with little to no trouble."Come, my cute little silver fox. I have cooked you a fish fillet. Would you like to try some?" Han Sen was still super happy. After his bright idea, he leapt into the sea and caught a fair number of fish to cook for the silver fox.Seeing the silver fox eat the fish fillet slowly, the way Han Sen smiled hid his eyes beneath numerous layers of creases. He said, "Good boy! Good boy! Eat more and more. When you are full, let's get to work."Han Sen hunted a few more mutant creatures on the seabed and the haul was good enough to last a month. Then he drove the Crystal Palace back to the ice fields.After they were back on land, Han Sen grabbed the silver fox and ran towards the royal shelter. They arrived in no time at all.The royal shelter was now standing before them, and numerous creatures were walking in and around its exterior. Han Sen took another look at the silver fox in his hands and quietly whispered, "This is the moment of truth."Continuing to hold the silver fox in his arms, he resumed his run towards the royal shelter. Just as he had hoped, all the creatures ran away at his approach. Not a single creature attempted to bar his passage, quickly fleeing before he even got close."Haha! I am going to be rich." Han Sen, upon entering the royal shelter, smirked at the absence of a single creature there. He wondered where they all might have gone, but then hastily ventured towards the Spirit Hall.He entered the Spirit Hall without any trouble. But much to his dismay, he saw that the Twin Spirit continued to stand firm where it should have been. It didn't run off as he had expected it to.Seeing the silver-haired lady and blonde-haired lady pick up their swords, Han Sen summoned his beast soul armor and glyph. He then summoned his Purple-Copper Ancient Sword and Silver-Eye Ice Snake King Sword.Dong! Dong! Dong!The Twin Spirit's swords came upon Han Sen like a hard rain. The silver sword and golden sword crossed each other, as if they were trying to trap him in a net of blades.But what surprised Han Sen the most was the fact that their sword skills were accelerating more and more. They were getting faster and faster, with each hit being heavier and heavier. He felt as if he couldn't hold out much longer.Pang!The silver-haired lady dealt Han Sen's shoulder a blow which drew blood. Fortunately, it was not in a critical spot and so the damage wasn't severe.Han Sen knew that he had not perfected his Dual-blade skill yet, and that it still possessed a few flaws. But right now, there was nothing else he could do. He battled the Twin Spirit for half an hour, and after receiving a few more hits, managed to summon his wings and fly away.The Twin Spirit was unable to fly, and the other creatures of the shelter would not dare approach Han Sen, for he still had the silver fox in his company. So they just watched Han Sen fly away."I'll be back!" Han Sen shouted at the Twin Spirit as he escaped to the skies."You are such a heartless fox. I give you nice food every day, treating you as I would treat my very own son. You saw me get injured, didn't you? So, how come you didn't help me out? You white-eyed fox!" Han Sen was gasping as he spoke to the silver fox.He thought that if he was injured by the Twin Spirit, the silver fox would be enraged enough to leap into the fray and protect its master. But all it did was stay perched on Han Sen's shoulder, not moving an inch.The silver fox was behaving as if it didn't see or hear anything. It did, however, lick his wounds after the escape, like it did once before. Almost immediately after the silver fox's application of its saliva, the wounds cleared up.Han Sen was frustrated, but he wasn't mad at the silver fox. Seeing it care for his injuries, he smiled at the silver fox and rubbed its head.But Han Sen wasn't walking away empty-handed. No matter how often he practiced his Dual skill, he had been unable to perfect it. It was designed to deal with the Twin Spirit especially, and if he hadn't been able to at least test it out with them, there was no real telling whether or not it could be perfected as the ideal skill to go against them.He had also discovered that he could run into royal shelters with no trouble at all. He could walk into this particular one and battle the Twin Spirit whenever he desired. If he came back here a few times, every now and then, he could finally master his Dual skill and beat the Twin Spirit."Fine. If I can't get it right the first time, I'll be sure to get it right by the tenth. And if it's still not mastered by then, I'll go there a hundred times." Han Sen's heart was hyped, and after taking a break to restore his health and energy, he ran back to the royal shelter with the silver fox in hand.Every time Han Sen battled the Twin Spirit, he lost. But during each fight, Han Sen's Dual-blade skill would improve in some way or another.After this, Han Sen continued to harass the Twin Spirit in such a way, but still, the spirit did not dare leave the Spirit Hall. They were afraid Han Sen would run in and take the spirit stone if they weren't around to protect it.Han Sen was getting better and better, and he went to the royal shelter at least once every two days. Whenever he was losing, he'd escape to heal, mull over why he lost, and make amends to any area of his expertise or skill that he could to improve upon.Han Sen believed that if things continued in such a way, his Dual-blade skill would rival the Twin Spirit in under a month.

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Sakdar⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1345: The Boss of Jade HillTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe chef approached Han Sen with her cleaver in-hand. Just as Han Sen was about to retaliate with Super Spank, he heard a chilly voice boom from the skies.“Did you kill the primitive creatures?”The chef stopped and looked up into the sky. Han Sen lowered his hand and also looked up at the phantom figure that was now addressing them. When his vision cleared, he could see a male spirit hovering high-up in the air. His eyes were fixed on the chef, and his face bore an expression of distaste.Han Sen thought to himself, “Poor you, ‘bub.’ You pledged allegiance to the chef, and now she’s going to get her *ss handed to her! You chose the wrong side, pal.”“Who are you?” the chef asked the spirit.“You killed my creatures, you horrid hag! And you roam these lands without knowing who I am? I am the leader of Jade Hill! These lands you tread belong to me.” The spirit paused briefly. He continued to address the chef, his words simmering with restrained anger. “You killed my creatures, and that means there’s a price to pay. You will cough up!”The spirit summoned a book in his hands. It was a book that was adorned with a number of strange scrawlings, symbols, and patterns.He opened the copper-like cover and began to draw with his fingertip.Due to Han Sen being trapped beneath the bowl, he was unable to see exactly what the spirit was drawing. Beneath the glass encasing, he could not make use of his Dongxuan Aura.A second later, though, he was done. And with a blinding font of light, a beast came out of the book. It was a three-meter-long creature that had emerged from the page of that book. It cried out and then flew down towards the chef.The spirit looked far stronger than the three-horned beast king the chef had slain earlier, so there was every chance she had met her match here.The chef frowned and threw up her left fist, and from out of nowhere, a fork appeared in her hand. Each prong pierced through the meaty hide, flesh, and body of the beast that was bearing down on her.With the creature stuck firmly in place upon her frightening utensil, the chef began to swing her cleaver at the beast with her one free arm.The beast, however, despite being lodged firmly upon her fork, did not seem to feel any pain. It still tried to attack the chef, flailing helplessly, but it could not reach her.The chef continued to swing and swing, slicing up the spirit’s newly-spawned creature like a giant sushi roll.“You are good, but you are also dead.” The self-proclaimed boss of Jade Hill spoke calmly, but his tone was heavy with serious gravitas.The boss of Jade Hill returned to his book and began conjuring something else.The chef, disposing of the mutilated creature on her fork, raised her kitchen utensils once more. She was ready to fight and destroy anything that dared come close. When the next creature was summoned, she destroyed it. And this was how it went for some time. Creature after creature was thrown at her, and before long, she could not keep up with the pace at which these creatures were summoned.The sheep, having seen this, began running away like a hare on fire.Han Sen was shocked at the spectacle, and he knew he was in for a lot more surprises in the Fourth God’s Sanctuary. This spirit’s geno core was obviously a book, and he wondered what others might possess.It also made him more eager to find out which geno core he would receive once he got one, and it spurred him with an even greater desire to max out his ordinary geno points as soon as possible.“The chef isn’t looking too good. He’s drawing way faster than she can exterminate. It’s a little cheap of this boss-leader guy, if I’m to be honest,” Han Sen thought to himself.In the Fourth God’s Sanctuary, if a spirit was unable to take down a shelter, they’d be unable to respawn.If the chef did not already have a shelter to call her own, she was in danger of being vanquished completely. She was in danger of death—an absolute one.Knowing she could not keep up with the pace of monster spawns, she tried a different tactic. She leaped up into the skies to get up-close-and-personal with the boss of Jade Hill.The boss conjured a bird and stood upon it as the chef approached. And then the bird began to retreat, further and further away as the boss of Jade Hill stuck to his cheap tricks of summoning creatures to attack the chef who was now doing her best to get him.The chef had battled her way through legions of creatures, and there were surely far more to come. She was in a bad spot, and the chances of her actually getting close enough to defeat the boss were looking slim.“I don’t think she’s going to make it. It’s a shame, but I suppose now is the best opportunity I have to get away.” Han Sen, watching the corpses of slain creatures rain from the sky, tried punching his way through the crystal bowl to escape.Unfortunately, despite using Jadeskin to punch with all his might, there was not even a single crack rendered upon his cage’s surface.“Why is this bowl so hard? Is it a geno core, perhaps?” Han Sen ventured a guess.Han Sen was going to try breaking through the bowl with Super Spank next, but then, the bowl suddenly flew back up towards the chef. Now that Han Sen was free, he wasn’t going to question the blessing. He took off running as fast as he could. Killing a spirit would not provide him with a benefit, after all.He ran in the opposite direction that the sheep had fled, knowing it was best for him to avoid the traitorous fiend.And as he left, he could hear cries, roars, and the general sounds of a fierce battle high in the sky behind him. That’s not to say he cared much for the trouble he was leaving behind. He was just happy to get away.Han Sen needed a geno core more than anything, right now.Everyone appeared to use a geno core to fight, so that put him at a grave disadvantage. Han Sen didn’t think it was very fair. Because he had come to learn of this region well, Han Sen took off in the direction of a large mountain.A primitive Toxic-Tooth used to live there, but it had been killed by the chef shortly after Han Sen and the sheep joined its employ. At least now the area was clear.The valley he traversed was home to creatures named Jade Snails. They were slow and weak, but their geno cores and beast souls were good. Wanting to level up and increase his strength, Han Sen fancied taking a bunch of them down.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 977: White DragonTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioA cloud of red and purple mist obscured Han Sen’s sight. Fortunately for him, he could still use his dongxuan aura to keep track of the man.With no hesitation, Han Sen stabbed the man again.He knew the time he could keep super king spirit mode activated was limited. If he didn’t take advantage of that time to heavily damage his pursuer, he’d be in dire straits when it was over.But the man used his legs to kick and propel himself out of the water. Han Sen sought to follow him, but by the time he could emerge from the stream in pursuit, the man was already one hundred meters away.“I’ll be back,” the man said, as he ran.But Han Sen did not chase him. He decided to turn the opposite way and flee while he had the chance. Even if he managed to catch up with the man in black, his super king spirit mode would have most likely ended by then.Killing that man wouldn’t be easy, not in Han Sen’s current state and with the current length of his super king spirit.Han Sen flew for a while, but he noticed he was still in super king spirit mode. He thought it should have ended far sooner.After ten seconds elapsed, super king spirit mode came to an end. And at this point, Han Sen had just reached the waterfall.“It looks like I can last around ten seconds, after achieving my first open gene lock.” Han Sen was delightfully surprised.But now was not the time to sit back and be happy over this advancement. Right now, Han Sen wanted to make his way out of this hellish labyrinth and go home.Under the effects of super king spirit mode, he was able to stab the man in his heart twice. But still, it wasn’t enough to kill him.Han Sen only wanted to get back to his shelter. If he moved his underground shelter, he did not believe the man would be able to find him, either.But before he scaled the waterfall, the man appeared out of nowhere. The man in black caught up to him with alarming speed.“You almost had me fooled. I knew you could not remain like that forever!” The man actually spoke a composed sentence, but the tone was monotonous, and there was a metallic reverb in his voice. He was not a pleasant person to hear talk.“You want to go again?” Han Sen stopped moving and floated motionless in the air.The man’s chest had already healed. It was too late for Han Sen to run right now, but he thought bluffing might be the ticket.“Quit your embarrassing attempts at fooling me. I can spy a lie, for I am Yaksha.” The man in black then jumped towards Han Sen without hesitation.“Crap!” Han Sen had no choice but to run, he thought. And so he did, summoning the snake to do its best in blocking his ravenous assaulter.The snake had already been heavily injured, but now, it was hit by Yaksha once again. It heaved blood following the blow and fell down into the black waters below.Han Sen quickly returned it, in case it actually died.Seeing Yaksha catch up, Han Sen thought, “If this wasn’t underground, I could just fly away.”Somehow, Han Sen believed Yaksha’s speed was actually increasing. The man seemed to be faster than he had been before.If Yaksha looked likely to hit Han Sen, he couldn’t use super king spirit mode to save himself. All he could do was rely on Taia.Han Sen’s speed was not as good as Yaksha’s, so the man was able to evade Han Sen’s attempted strike, spin, and try to grab him by the neck.Han Sen unleashed his strength in a fiery display, propelling himself into the water. But suddenly, an aqua dragon was coming for him from ahead.“Crap! How could I forget about this thing being here?” Han Sen now realized the waterfall in front of him was the one with a chained aqua dragon below it. Unwittingly, he had just served himself up as the dragon’s prey.Yaksha froze at the sight, while Han Sen leapt up and dove over the aqua dragon’s head to land on its body.Han Sen grabbed it and tried to attack it. But the aqua dragon ignored the human crawling on its back, and instead looked ahead at Yaksha. It roared in his direction.“I can’t believe you have not died,” Yaksha said to the dragon.When the dragon heard his words, it only seemed to be more infuriated. It splashed the water violently, as the clanking of chains echoed loudly through the caverns.The power this beast possessed was incredible, but its arms were chained up. The forging must have been exceptional, as they bound the dragon to the point it could not make use of its powers or do anything to get free.Han Sen lay on the dragon and held on tight. The ride he was in for was like a rodeo times ten.“White Dragon, I only want that boy’s life. Do not get in my way.” Yaksha jumped towards Han Sen.The dragon roared and threw Han Sen away. But then, it attempted to catch Yaksha in its mouth.Han Sen tried his hardest to keep his orientation under the disturbed, thrashing waters of the underground lake. When he breached the surface again, he saw Yaksha punch the dragon’s head.The dragon roared and attempted to fight the man, but the chains prohibited it from doing anything.Han Sen hid himself beneath the water again. Aside from the dragon, there was nothing else out there to help him.But then, hearing the chains being pulled in the dragon’s futile attempts at freedom, Han Sen suddenly had an idea. He decided to swim downstream.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 281: DisorderTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioDing!Han Sen summoned the three-blade harpoon in his left hand and blocked the dagger in his face.In the next moment, while the skeleton had it back toward Han Sen, it quickly twisted his arm backward and stabbed at Han Sen again. The suddenness took Han Sen at a disadvantage. He did not have time to take back his sword, or swing the harpoon.Whoosh!Han Sen use the Sparticle and made a crucial step, dodging the dagger by a hair.The phantom ant armor was still scratched by the tip of the dagger and left with a shallow mark. Han Sen was shocked by how sharp the daggers were.Instantaneously, the other dagger in the skeleton's hand came from another incredible angle.Han Sen was also a master at short blades like these, but he had never seen someone could use these weapons in such a fascinating way.The skeleton's movements were as if they were all wrong. He could never predict the skeleton's next move, which made him feel very uncomfortable.It was like a musician hearing a song with all the wrong tempos.In addition, the skeleton was incredibly fast. Its attacks were almost continuous, making Han Sen almost desperate.This kind of close combat made the diamond sword a burden rather than a help. Han Sen did not even have time to put down the sword, because the skeleton's strikes were dazzling.The skeleton' s footwork and dagger skills left Han Sen in a huge disadvantage. Suddenly, he was injured in the chest.If it were not for the sacred-blood armor, Han Sen would have been dead by now.With goosebumps all over his body, Han Sen summoned Meowth, which turned into a black tiger and threw itself at the skeleton. The white jade skeleton almost glided on the ground, moved away from the tiger and stabbed at Meowth with its dagger.Meowth turned back and snapped at the skeleton, which quickly took back the daggers and moved away. With its back toward Meowth, the skeleton turned its arm around in an impossible angle and stabbed at Meowth's stomach.Han Sen seized the opportunity and slashed the sword at the skeleton, his other hand grasping the harpoon to block the attack toward Meowth.Fighting a man and a cat, the white jade skeleton still seemed effortless and constantly made threatening attacks at Han Sen and Meowth.Very soon, Han Sen discovered that it was not a great idea to summoned Meowth, as the skeleton actually used its miraculous footwork to confine their movements."This creature is rogue!" Han Sen cursed secretly. When Meowth was attacking the skeleton, he quickly ran away. At this point, both he and Meowth were injured, while the skeleton remained unharmed. There was no point in continuing the fight. Han Sen decided to retreat and think of a different method.Luckily, Meowth was distracting the skeleton so that Han Sen could run far enough before he took Meowth back.The white jade skeleton would not leave Han Sen alone and quickly ran after him. Han Sen did not dare to hesitate anymore and dashed toward the path where he came from.The skeleton would not give up. It was even faster than Han Sen. With Meowth's help, Han Sen retreated while fighting, eventually arriving at the broken wall. Han Sen quickly crawled through the opening, and the skeleton followed him."Drop dead!" Han Sen was happy to see the skeleton moving into the narrow path, where its footwork would no longer work that well. Han Sen quickly drew the beetle knight's spear and stabbed it at the skeleton.In such a small space, a longer weapon was a lot better than a shorter one. The skeleton's daggers could not even reach Han Sen and the skeleton had nowhere to hide. It had to cross the daggers in front of its chest to block the incoming spear.However, Han Sen's spear carried a strong spinning force, and the skeleton failed to stop it.Han Sen thought he must have been successful, but the skeleton quickly glided back like a phantom, faster than Han Sen when he used Sparticle.The skeleton seemed to be quite intellectual. Knowing it would not be Han Sen's match in the narrow path, it no longer tried to follow him, but chose to stay and guard the wall.Han Sen had to leave the nest. He had to think of a way to get rid of this white jade skeleton. Otherwise he would never be able to reach where the egg was."Damn! There just happens to be a powerful sacred-blood creature in this nest." Han Sen felt quite upset.He quietly crept out of the nest and killed a primitive ghost-eyed bear for food.Knowing that where the ghost-eyed bears lived was the entrance to the nest, Han Sen wanted to keep the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear and the mutant ones alive as watchdogs to keep other people out.Han Sen looked for a safe place in the mountains and collected some branches to make a fire. He then barbecued the primitive ghost-eyed bear, the paws of which were delicious.However, Han Sen's thoughts were on how the white jade skeleton fought.The skeleton had incredible techniques with the daggers, which mimicked assassination skills, in a way that the opponent would not be able to predict any attack.Han Sen could tell that these techniques were still somewhat different from assassination. It was purely technical, and did not leverage the opponent's psychology.Using these techniques, the skeleton created a kind of disorder and made it impossible for someone to judge how it would react. In addition, the structure of the skeleton was also different from a normal person, allowing it to achieve all kinds of movements."If I want to kill it, I have to understand this tempo, otherwise I would never win." Han Sen carefully thought back every detail of the combats with the skeleton, trying to find some patterns from its movements.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 682: Refining a Life Geno EssenceTranslator: Nyoi-Bo StudioEditor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen didn't feel too disappointed. His heart had been preparing for this dreary result. After all, the Golden Roarer spat it out to him way back when, and this one had been dug out of the corpse of a dead super creature like all the rest. Han Sen was not sure what generation the Golden Roarer belonged to, so there was still some uncertainty there. Han Sen hadn't really expected licking it to work. He was just trying his luck. If it worked, that would have been great. But if it didn't, it was half-expected anyway. Han Sen held onto the bone Life Geno essence and then used the Dongxuan Sutra to simulate the bone elephant's flow. That thundering power rumbled across the insides of his body. Suddenly, he felt the Life Geno essence in his hands begin to follow the flow of the energy inside him. A rhythmic beat developed, and it followed every note and jump of the energy. This made Han Sen very happy, and he knew he had stumbled onto the correct path. He sped up the elephant's flow of energy, which made the Life Geno essence shake even more. Han Sen could feel the bone elephant's Life Geno essence provide him with a strange, foreign power. It seemed as if it was going to follow Han Sen's own energy and burst out. Han Sen simulated the bone elephant's energy flow again, but the energy inside the Life Geno essence did not burst out. He stuck his tongue out and licked the Life Geno essence again, but it did not melt. "If I can activate the Life Geno essence, why can I not eat it?" Han Sen frowned. But Han Sen knew he was on the right path, and progress was being made. Otherwise, why would it have become active the way it did? He simply could not observe it because his simulation of the elephant was not powerful enough. After all, his Dongxuan Sutra had not yet broken the first tier. It could not simulate things 1:1, and there were a few minor differences from the original creature. "It looks like I need to finish up my first tier of the Dongxuan Sutra. If I unlock the gene lock, I should be able to simulate the bone elephant's energy flow perfectly. If I do that, I must be able to absorb the Life Geno essence." Han Sen believed he had at long last cracked the puzzle. He had found the way to absorb a Life Geno essence. But for now, he still had to find a way to practice and finish up his Dongxuan Sutra. He wanted to speed up his training of the Dongxuan Sutra, and his best chance at doing that was with the peaches from the mystic peach tree. Perhaps in two months, the peaches would ripen. But the super creatures in the Peach Forest, like the pink snake, might prove an obstacle, and Han Sen was unsure whether or not he could steal from them – again. "If this is the way it has to be, then that means I have to absorb the second or third generation Life Geno essences of super creatures. And before I kill them, I must have an understanding of their energy flow. If I don't get a grasp of that, there's no point in killing them. And to kill a first generation creature? Well... that would be even more pointless." Han Sen furrowed his brow. Although the first generation Life Geno essences must possess another method of absorption, Han Sen had already had one breakthrough for the day. For now, he would focus on what he had just figured out before working on the next conundrum. If Han Sen wanted to look for a second generation super creature to spit out a Life Geno essence for him, such luck wouldn't strike for another thousand years, most likely. As much as he would have liked it, Han Sen did not expect this to happen again during his tenure in the Second God's Sanctuary. Therefore, Han Sen thought to focus on hunting the second or third generations of super creature for now and earn the points he wanted. "Should I kill the silver fox and eat his flesh? That guy is definitely a second generation super creature." Han Sen wore an evil smile. But it was just a thought, nothing more. There were many second generation super creatures out there in the Second God's Sanctuary, just waiting to be found. It would not be necessary for him to kill the silver fox, and as the fox had been a diligent pet for so long, he'd feel terrible doing that. There was the little black cub, though. But if he wanted to go after that super creature, it'd be two on one. That would be too much for him to handle. Red pony? Han Sen thought back to the legion of pegasi and the wolf pack that aided each other, then quickly dropped that thought, as well. Eight small snow-turtles? He didn't even need to think about that one. He would be better off taking a suicide pill than going up against a family of super creatures. Han Sen felt chilled just thinking about the nine super creatures there. "It looks like I need to get out there and look for more solo second generation super creatures," Han Sen thought to himself, as he stroked his jaw. While Han Sen was perusing the various chambers and hallways of his mind, the angel had finally finished her meal. She returned to the Sea of Soul, and that was when Han Sen saw the angel shine with neon lights. She had evolved into her battle variant. "She's evolving! My super battle pet is born, yay! Fighting super creatures should be much easier from this day onwards." Han Sen was beaming with delight. He quickly left the Peach Forest, not wanting to stay there any longer than he had to. The next time he returned, he decided, would be when the peaches were ripe. Now that Han Sen knew how to absorb Life Geno essences, and his angel was going to be born anew, it'd be easier for him to nab a peach from the giant, mystic peach tree. The angel would most likely finish her evolution before they were ripe, as well. With a super fighter like that at his side, Han Sen was sure that he could grab at least one peach for himself. Back in the shelter, Han Sen was no longer in a rush to return to the Icefield. He brought Su Xiaoqiao and Qi Wenzhao out to kill some more creatures. He wanted to train and push their survival abilities here in the Second God's Sanctuary, allow the angel to finish her evolution, and wait for the peaches to ripen in the Peach Forest. "Brother Long, we are ready. Should we head out now?" In a royal shelter to the north, Cheng Yulang excitedly reported to Huang Yunlong. "Have your preparations been double-checked? Have you confirmed that the Life Geno essence is on Han Sen's person?" Huang Yunlong squinted, emitting a sinister, evil aura. Huang Yunlong had been a king of the north for sixty years. His wealth was practically unlimited, and his strength far exceeded the capabilities of Lu Hui, who had only become famous a few years before. He had many strong subordinates, as well. "Out intel is not incorrect. It cannot be. Those we have planted in the Goddess Shelter have seen it, and they have seen Han Sen carry it around with him. He has not absorbed it yet," Cheng Yulang said. "Good. Rally all our troops. I am going to relieve Han Sen of the Life Geno essence." Huang Yunlong's eyes were full of cruelty. "Do not worry, Brother Long. This time, we will all strike together. With a dozen elites who have unlocked their gene lock, and with your help, Han Sen will be very, very dead." Cheng Yulang gave many confident nods as he spoke. "Remember; try to cover our tracks as best as you can. We cannot allow anyone to know we have vacated our northern premises for a time. We cannot afford to spook him," Huang Yunlong said, as he continued to squint. "I have made arrangements; even Lu Hui won't expect us to be there. By the time he suspects something is afoot, we will already have killed Han Sen and taken his Life Geno essence." Cheng Yulang laughed. "Let's head out." Huang Yunlong trusted Cheng Yulang's abilities fully, for he had never disappointed him once across the years.

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen sat down near the campfire and started cooking another bee.So far, he had only cooked four out of the sixteen he had hunted. He had eaten one, and so had the rabbit king.Han Sen did what he could to make the bee taste the best it could.Han Sen had been grilling food for many years now, and he had become a bona fide master of the art. He was the king of cuisine, when it came to outdoor cooking and grilling.This latest bee was laden with the perfect assortment of his best spices. This was the perfection of the culinary arts, and a mere gander at what he had cooked was enough to make the most stoic vegan drool copious amounts of saliva.After the rabbit was done gnawing on two bees, Han Sen’s latest masterpiece had almost been completed. When the furry fiend was done, it turned its attention to the one that was now being grilled.Surprisingly, it did not immediately grab it. The rabbit simply watched it get cooked in captivated silence.This wasn’t at all what Han Sen expected, but he was glad the rabbit wasn’t rude enough to steal the unfinished food.“What’s wrong with this thing, I wonder?” Han Sen finished cooking the bee and then stood up.Seeing Han Sen put down the bee for it, the rabbit kicked its feet together in a joyous leap and began scoffing it all down.“Yes, eat it. Eat it all. This will be your last meal.” Han Sen watched the rabbit and smiled menacingly.Although it surely tasted divine, Han Sen had left one of the bee’s poison sacs inside.This poison could numb and paralyze the tongue, but with the spices he had used, Han Sen was sure the rabbit wouldn’t be able to detect what it was eating.He didn’t expect it to actually kill the rabbit, but making it sick would be enough for him.Han Sen continued to watch the rabbit, anticipating the moment it’d fall under the effect of the poison.After a few more mouthfuls, the rabbit suddenly froze in place. A white substance frothed from its mouth, before it collapsed to the ground and began convulsing.Han Sen watched with a captivated stare. His ploy had been more effective than he believed it would be, and he was pleasantly surprised at how low the rabbit’s resistance to poison was.“Is this really a sacred-blood creature?” Han Sen ran over to the rabbit and watched its lifeforce begin to fade while its body twitched in agony.Han Sen stroked its fur, and was surprised to see that its shield had vanished. From his light touch, the rabbit started to bleed.The rabbit was far weaker than he believed it to be. He was quite shocked.Weak. It was unimaginably weak.The sacred-blood rabbit was actually just as weak as an ordinary rabbit.“How is that even possible? How can a creature with seven gene locks open be so weak? How can such a weak creature possess the fitness level required to be a sacred-blood creature?” Han Sen was frozen in disbelief, watching the rabbit’s lifeforce fizzle away.The rabbit was dying, but before it completely gave up the ghost, Han Sen decided to be merciful. With his holy light, he opted to heal the rabbit and purify the toxins in its body.Han Sen did not believe it was a sacred-blood creature. It was impossible for a sacred-blood creature to be that weak.The only possibility for its weakness, Han Sen hypothesized, was that it had somehow managed to open seven gene locks while being an ordinary creature.As unbelievable as it sounded, it was the only explanation he could think of.If it was just an ordinary creature, killing it would have been pointless. He didn’t need ordinary geno points anymore, so being merciful wasn’t a problem.And besides, this was a puzzling creature. And the enigma fascinated him so much, he really desired to know how this strange anomaly had occurred.If a human with a fitness of three hundred had opened their second gene lock, they’d be considered a genius. Opening a third gene lock would have made them a legend, and such a feat would require much time and talent.Just like Han Sen, who was very talented. He would have been capable of doing this, had he remained at the same fitness level and trained for two years.If he had the opportunity to get extra geno points, he could have opened three gene locks. But that would be as far as he could go.But Han Sen was not interested in doing things this way. He wanted to do things fast and hard, unlocking gene locks and amassing fitness levels the quickest way possible. The speed at which he gained power was something few would believe, though.Much like the rabbit, no one would believe him if he said he had opened seven gene locks.“This rabbit must have received one h*ll of an opportunity, to achieve this. Can I somehow extract a benefit of my own, following this discovery?” Han Sen pondered to himself, as he continued healing the sick rabbit.Han Sen really wanted to find out what was wrong with the rabbit king.A short while later, the rabbit seemed to be getting better. Before long, it was able to open its eyes again.The rabbit, despite what Han Sen had done, was not aggressive. It remained still, accepting all the healing it was given.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1053: Battling Shura AgainTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe shura agreed that Han Sen could take the place of one other human member on one condition: he would have to defeat the shura leader to prove himself.“We can pick whoever we want to go, so why should we require their permission now?” Han Sen frowned, upon hearing the terms for his acceptance.“We are co-operating with the shura. We need to take their views into consideration and deal with the entire matter responsibly. Things were settled, but it was you who wanted to change what we had already established. It is only fair for them to make a request, in exchange,” Ji Ruozhen explained.“Fair enough,” Han Sen said.Han Sen knew there was a limit to the number of people who could go, and there was a certain requirement of strength needed to be shown for going.Only surpassers were able to go. Only they possessed the minimum requirement of strength, and the maximum, also. Demi-gods were considered too powerful, and were forbidden from entry.For the shura, only fighters of the third rank could go. Any higher than the third rank would also be deemed too powerful. At the third rank, they would have a fitness of around the two thousand mark on the human scale.This was actually a little higher than the humans who were going though, where the average sat at around one thousand eight hundred.But with that being said, humans had advantages elsewhere, which helped level the playing field. Unlike the shura, humans could open gene locks and wield elements and hyper geno arts. The shura had to rely on raw physical strength.Han Sen took a spaceship to Tans for the fight that would determine whether or not he could accompany the expedition. He knew full well who his opponent was going to be, as Ji Ruozhen made sure to give Han Sen all the details. While he wasn’t fond of the way Han Sen was forcing his way in, he didn’t want him to get hurt or go in without a clue of what he was going up against.His opponent’s name was Yu Tuoshan. He was the seventh son of the current shura queen. On the human metric, his fitness had been calculated to be two-thousand-one-hundred-and-forty-three.The other seven shura were bound to be of similar strength, as they were all regarded as elites.As Han Sen journeyed to his fight, the shura held a meeting for themselves.“My Prince, you can allow Lou Lan to fight in your stead,” the chief of the shura team said.“He beat my brother, Yu Qielan! This is my fight; vengeance is needed!” Yu Tuoshan implored.“Do not worry; he is merely a human surpasser. And he has only just become one. He is probably still suckling at the surpasser teat. You can beat him with ease, My Prince,” Lou Lan said.“Indeed I can, all without hassle. His power is nowhere near the strength of a third rank fighter of ours.”No one believed Han Sen could beat Yu Tuoshan.The chief wished to say something, but Yu Tuoshan interrupted him and said, “It is time for the pride of that Han Sen to crumble like a castle to the ground. I am the one who will beat him, end of story.”The chief tried to say nothing more, as he pretty much agreed with Yu Tuoshan. Han Sen hadn’t been a surpasser for very long, so it was likely his strength wasn’t comparable to them or even the other humans that sought to go with them.Only the most elite of the surpassers were able to fight against the third rank shura. For the humans that hadn’t reached their stage, their fitness would be too low to compete.When Han Sen arrived, the preparations for a fight had already all been established. There was no need to visit the base, and instead, he was able to go straight to the arena.If Han Sen failed, he couldn’t join the operation. Therefore, there was no need for him to go, anyway.Inside the training room, an audience of humans and shura had already assembled. They were excited to see the fight.“This is crazy! Being the president’s son-in-law means squat. Hierarchical status means nothing when it comes to doing battle. I mean, how many gene locks could this kid have unlocked in the little amount of time he has actually been in the Third God’s Sanctuary?” An old man frowned.Not even the humans sounded pleased with the circumstances that brought about this fight and the possibilities of what might happen during it.“Teacher Zhao, you shouldn’t say something like that. Age and time spent somewhere do not always correlate to strength. If that was true, you should be the strongest man here, you old geezer! You’re a hundred years old, aren’t you?” a middle-aged man said.“Ji Hailan, Professor Bai is the strongest. But Han Sen has only been there for a year. How many gene locks can you realistically expect him to have been able to open? If he makes it onto the team, he’ll just be someone else you’ll have to babysit,” Zhao Yongbo said.Ji Hailan laughed in response, saying, “Keep any opinions and questions of your own to yourself, where they belong. We can take care of ourselves, so just mind your own business. If Han Sen can’t beat the shura down there, he’ll most likely be killed. He’ll be dead before we ever even have to babysit him.”Professor Bai then stopped them and said, “Stop it, you two. These aren’t matters for you to concern yourselves with. Keep your attention on your own missions.”The shura looked more excited than the humans did, this time. They leveled up quickly, and they could achieve their third rank before the age of forty. Compared to the humans, they were quite young.“Lian Chan, what are you doing?” Lou Lan asked, watching another shura woman use her communicator.“I am streaming the fight,” Lian Chan responded.“Put it away. If the chief sees you, it’ll be bad,” Lou Lan said.“The Prince is going to win, that much is obvious. It’s only fair that the rest of our people get the opportunity to see how cool he is,” Lian Chan said as she continued to adjust her camera’s position to capture the entire arena.Lian Chan was from a big royal family of the shura, and she was of a lineage that had many shura kings in the past. Even though the Yu family was in charge now, she and her family still possessed a great deal of influence.Lou Lan didn’t think there was a need to stream, but he wasn’t too concerned about her desire to. Allowing the shura to watch a guaranteed victory would be an excellent morale-boost that the people of the shura sorely needed.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 3: Sacred-blood ArmorTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen returned to his room, made a fire, and started boiling the black beetle claws and shells in a pot.Without tools and know-how, he could only use the most primitive methods to process the shells and extract the geno essence.The shell of a sacred-blood creature would take more than an hour or two to cook, so Han Sen covered the lid and took out the black crystal to take a closer look.Still, no clues whatsoever.Suddenly, Han Sen caught a glimpse of the caged green-scaled beast the size of a civet cat in the corner of his room and suddenly had an idea.Like black beetles, this green-scaled beast was an ordinary creature. Han Sen used to prey on them and bring them back to cook and eat to increase his geno points.But later, green-scaled beasts no longer increased his geno points, so Han Sen didn’t eat the last beast and forgot about it. Surprisingly, it was still alive.He grabbed the moribund green-scaled beast from the cage, hesitated for a moment and was about to feed the black crystal to the beast.To his surprise, seeing the black crystal, the dying green-scaled beast gathered all its strength to stretch out its tongue, roll the black crystal back into its mouth and swallow the whole crystal."There is indeed something magical about the black crystal!" Han Sen was stunned and found that the green-scaled beast seemed considerably more lively after swallowing the crystal, its four claws scratching and head moving to bite Han Sen’s hand, which was on its neck.Han Sen threw the green scaled beast back into the cage and carefully watched it. The beast, which hadn’t fed for days, completely recovered its vitality, thrashing and scratching wildly in the cage, just like it had when it was first caught.Han Sen sat across from the cage and watched the movements of the green-scaled beast. He had a guess, and if he was right, he might have obtained something incredible—something more exciting than a sacred-blood creature.But Han Sen was afraid he was wrong, so he could only stare at the green-scaled beast anxiously, hoping to see the change that he desired.Han Sen nervously stared intently and did not realize that he was starving until he smelled bone broth from the pot.Looking at the time, he noticed almost 24 hours had passed. Rising to check the black beetle shell in the pot, he saw the golden color of the shell had been boiled off and the broth had become golden. It smelled so good that the hungry young man’s mouth watered.About to scoop up a bowl of soup, Han Sen suddenly heard iron breaking from the cage of the green-scaled beast. He quickly turned around and saw the green-scaled beast had bitten off an iron bar of the cage and stretched out his head from the inside.Its light green scales had now completely turned a dark green color. Its teeth had become sharp and the tips of its four claws were like iron hooks. The beast was about to come out of the cage.Han Sen was pleasantly surprised and pulled out the dagger from his waist. He rushed to the front of the cage and stabbed the dagger into the lower belly of the green-scaled beast. With a turn of the dagger, the green scaled beast stopped struggling."Primitive creature green-scaled beast killed. No beast soul gained. Eat the flesh of the primitive green-scaled beast to gain zero to ten points randomly."The strange voice sounded in Han Sen’s mind and left him stunned."Primitive green-scaled beast … Primitive creature … So the crystal can really make these creatures evolve … " Han Sen was overwhelmed with joy and did not know how to react.After a long time, he suddenly cut open the green-scaled beast with the dagger and uncovered the crystal as big as a pigeon egg. Taking no heed of the blood on it, he kissed the crystal twice and then wiped it clean, holding it in his hands like it was a great treasure."The crystal was really the reason the black beetle became a sacred-blood creature … If the green-scaled beast had continued to evolve, could it have become a sacred blood creature too? " Han Sen almost dared not think about it, because it was just too amazing.He was so excited that his hands were trembling while holding the crystal. He bit his tongue and cried out of pain so as to know that it really was not a dream.After remaining excited for quite a while, Han Sen carefully put the crystal away, gobbled up the shell broth, and gained another sacred geno point, bringing his geno point count to eight.Without tools and means, his primitive method couldn’t extract all geno essence from the shell, but it was good enough that he gained one sacred geno point.Han Sen realized that he had gained a sacred-blood beast soul of a black beetle when he killed the golden black beetle, and he quickly accessed his profile.Han Sen: Not evolved.Status: NoneLife span: 200 years.Requirements for evolution: 100 geno points.Geno points gained: 79 geno points; 8 sacred geno points.Beast soul gained: Sacred-blood black beetle.Type of sacred-blood black beetle’s beast soul: Armor."What would the armor of sacred-blood black beetle’s beast soul look like?" Before Han Sen finished the thought, a golden shadow shot out of thin air, looking exactly like the golden black beetle.The golden black beetle flew to Han Sen's chest, turned into a golden liquid and started to cover his whole body. In the blink of an eye, Han Sen's whole body, together with his hair, was all wrapped up.The streamlined gold armor was full of power and impact, and covered his whole body as if it were a suit of gothic Medieval armor instilled with improved aerodynamics—it looked just like a piece of art.The whole suit of armor felt full of power and speed, making Han Sen look slender and majestic, as if his whole body were full of explosive power.With shining metallic luster, the armor was gorgeous and had a solid texture. At first glance, it was even somewhat like the gold cloth worn by Golden Saints.The difference between the gold cloth and the beast soul armor was that the armor covered the head and body completely, with only a few gaps in the joints where different pieces overlapped, just like the black beetle itself, which was the only weakness of the beast soul armor.Han Sen moved around in the armor and there was no feeling of heaviness or clumsiness. Instead he felt that his body had become a little lighter and full of energy."Indeed, this was armor from a sacred-blood beast soul. It is way more gorgeous than the ones from primitive beast souls that I often have seen at Steel Armor Shelter." Han Sen felt ecstatic. He used to envy people in armor of primitive beast souls and had never thought he would get a suit of a sacred-blood beast soul one day.

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