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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 781: Getting Another Super Beast SoulTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe bee king, seeing its cocoons had been stolen, became frenzied. Like a gold beam of light, it cut its way into the horde of flies. These streaks of gold light fired across the sky multiple times, and each time, countless dismembered fly corpses dropped to the ground.Despite the bee king's power, however, the green flies were not afraid and did not relent. Free of fear, they pushed on to retrieve the cocoons. Fortunately for them, the bee king lacked AOE attacks, and as a result, many cocoons were carried away.Han Sen's heart jumped. He followed a fly that was holding a cocoon, keen to see what they were going to do with it. The flies were bringing the cocoons past the flower-painted meadows. They were only sacred-blood creatures at the most, and thus, Han Sen was able to follow them with relative ease.After following them for twenty miles, he was brought to the edge of the ocean of flowers. What came after, however, was a wretched bog. It was a veritable domain of thick, stinking mud and lifeless trees and flowers.But still, Han Sen continued to tail the flies without hesitation. Before long he came across a green spider that was the size of a basketball. The flies approached the spider, and when they did, they threw the cocoons over to it. The spider then gobbled them up vilely.Flies were no strangers to swamps, but their allegiance to the spider was most queer. It seemed as if they had been hypnotized by the lone arachnid, allowing themselves and a legion of others to be slaughtered while retrieving the bees' cocoons at the spider's behest.This was quite the revelation, and so Han Sen quickly used his dongxuan aura to study the spider he had come across. It was a super creature, yes, but again, it was a first-generation one."Is this long-legged fellow producing babies? Is that why it's eating?" Han Sen felt strange. He had come to notice that the super creatures in the Second God's Sanctuary bred a lot more than they did in the First God's Sanctuary."It looks like all these creatures are keen to evolve. But how powerful must one become to be like the holy rhino, and leave and ascend to the Third God's Sanctuary?" Han Sen thought it unlikely, or at least very difficult, for a second-generation super creature to reach such a level.The green flies were now bringing many cocoons to the spider, and one-by-one, the spider ate them all. A while later, another spider emerged from a nearby cave.It looked similar to the green spider, just smaller. It was around the size of a baseball. Its body was like green jade, and it was a lot better-looking than the other one."Second-generation?" Han Sen was super excited. He cast his aura again, but was befuddled; it possessed a strange lifeforce he had not seen before. Although it was not as strong as the silver fox, it was much stronger than a sacred-blood creature. It had to be a second-generation super creature."Yes!" Han Sen bounded with excitement, and without hesitation, sicced his little angel on the big spider. Then he summoned his peacock crossbow and loaded it up with z-steel bolts. He stood by and waited.The big spider was bringing its baby forward, getting it to feed. But when it caught sight of the little angel approaching in a flash, it spat a white net to web her greatsword.The little angel's greatsword was able to slice through the entangling web, but its force coming down was much weaker.Climbing quickly, the spider continued to fire its webs at the little angel. This caused her a lot of trouble, and as they added up, the webs were becoming increasingly sturdy and sticky. Although she could cut her way through, much of it remained on her body and sword to slow her down.The smaller spider was hyped up, making screeches and waving its claws at the intruder. It then followed its parent and produced webs to spit out. They were extremely small, but they were concentrated and of a higher power. They were thicker and stickier than the bigger spider's webs.As this was occurring, Han Sen raised his peacock crossbow to take aim. He thought to himself, "It's survival of the fittest, baby. There's always a bigger fish. You eat the cocoons, I eat you. It's simple." As he took his careful aim, he also employed his dongxuan aura to memorize the little spider's energy flow.While the little spider happily spat out webs like its parent, Han Sen pulled the trigger and rapidly fired multiple bolts towards it.Squelch!As it spat out its last web, multiple white flashes cut through its body.The body of a young super creature could not compete with the body of an adult super creature, but the chitin of a spider was known to be extremely sturdy. Even Han Sen was surprised to see his bolts pierce right through it.Pat! Pat! Pat!Another three bolts found their way into the spider's body, all from varying angles. It tried to struggle and remain upright, but by now, the spider was more like a hedgehog. It stopped squirming."Super Creature Devil-Eye Spider Baby killed. Beast soul gained. Eat the flesh of the Devil-Eye Spider Baby to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly. You may also harvest its Life Geno essence. Consume its Life Geno essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly."Han Sen almost jumped when he heard that. He never expected to kill the spider so easily and obtain its beast soul. He managed to earn so much from a single, effortless kill.When the mama spider saw its child brutally murdered, it became furious. It skittered towards Han Sen in hysteria, with an insatiable blood-thirst for the person who had just slain its baby.Han Sen did not run, however. He now knew that compared to other super creatures, the Devil-Eye Spider was relatively weak. He cast his Sonic-Thunder Punch, ready to strike once it got close enough.The thunder and bell-power brewed inside him as a frightening mixture, and as soon as the spider was close, Han Sen would unleash it on the unsuspecting fiend. He hoped to stun it.But Han Sen, upon looking into the spider's blue eyes, felt a strange murky fog mask the clarity of his mind. He lost hold of the energy that was gathering inside him, cancelling his proposed Sonic-Thunder Punch.A second later, Han Sen was back to normal. The spider was right in front of him, raising its legs to claw his face off.At the last second, Han Sen quickly cast a skill to dodge. In his heart, he thought to himself, "That was close! The spider can actually control the mind of a human being with its hypnotic eyes? It is fortunate my will was mutated following my trip to the Crystallizer Ruins and became stronger than ordinary people's. If I hadn't recovered in that quick second, I might have been killed right there."The little angel rushed over to inhibit the spider's pursuit of Han Sen. In haste, Han Sen closed his eyes and retreated to gain some distance. He used his dongxuan aura to observe the spider's next move and prepared another bolt with the arachnid's name on it.As he had thought, as long as he avoided eye contact with the spider, his mind maintained its clarity. And then, with his aim raised, he relentlessly fired a number of bolts towards the creature.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1128: Uncle BugTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe man tried his hardest to kill himself, repeatedly. But each and every time, the shadow stopped him. Uncle Bug was crying again, with a face that was full of regret and pain.The man had been savagely injured, but he couldn’t be free and allow himself to die.“Little Yan, stop this!” Uncle Bug guiltily pleaded.“What did you expect? Is this what you wanted me to become?” the man angrily responded.In continued tears, Uncle Bug exclaimed, “I didn’t want to, but you were sick! It said it would fix you. I didn’t expect…”Uncle Bug’s tears did not relent.“He fixed me, and I am not dead…” The man was laughing, but it was a laughter of hysteria. This was worse than him crying.“I am sorry,” Uncle Bug said.The man, who was laughing like a madman, responded, “You are not! You made me suffer something that was worse than being killed.”Uncle Bug grabbed his own hair, all the while crying. “If I knew this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have…”Uncle Bug’s dialogue disintegrated into incoherent mumbling and babbling.The man looked at Uncle Bug, saying, “This is my life.”His words were coaxed with desperation and sadness. After a while, the sun began to rise. And as it did, the man said, “If you continue to believe I am your son, find someone to kill me. I would rather be dead.”“Little Yan!” Uncle Bug looked at the man in profound sadness, but as he did, the man fell to the ground.Han Sen was surprised at the sudden turn of events. He was still alive, just unconscious.Uncle Bug used a bag to pick the man up, and then turned to leave the area.If Han Sen described what had happened to someone who hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they’d think he was off his rocker.Han Sen quickly followed after Uncle Bug to see where he was off to.Han Sen thought it might have something to do with the god that Sunset had mentioned. Perhaps by following, he could learn more and uncover the mystery at long last.Uncle Bug took the man back through the forest to Nest Shelter, though. Then, he took the man to his room.Han Sen waited outside the room. It wasn’t until the next day that Uncle Bug emerged, acting as if nothing had occurred. He issued commands and went back to his usual duties, telling others to hunt and so on.“Uncle Bug, there is something I need to ask you. Privately, if I may,” Han Sen asked Uncle Bug.“There is no need for privacy. Just tell me here, and I’ll help you out.” Uncle Bug smiled, acting his usual self.But Han Sen then implored, “I really must speak to you alone about this.”Uncle Bug sighed and took Han Sen to a place outside the shelter.“Little Han, tell me what’s the matter. If it is within my capacity to help, I will,” Uncle Bug said as he lit up a cigarette.“Do you know anything about the Secret Service’s Seventh Team?” Han Sen asked.Uncle Bug casually shook his head, asking, “What is that?”“Do you know Han Jinzhi?” Han Sen then asked.Uncle Bug responded, “Your great-grandfather is Han Jinzhi. He must be a great man if you keep mentioning him.”Han Sen then said, “Then you must know Sunset.”Uncle Bug looked at Han Sen strangely, clearly not expecting such a response. He told him, “I must be getting too old. I don’t remember a person called Sunset.”“Then you must know Little Yan,” Han Sen said.Uncle Bug’s body shivered. He stiffened himself up, telling Han Sen, “I haven’t heard of anyone going by these names.”“You forgot what you wished for?” Han Sen said mockingly.After that, Uncle Bug’s composure changed. He suddenly looked like an angry lion, and he exclaimed, “Who are you?!”Han Sen could feel Uncle Bug’s lifeforce, and he could tell the man was the greatest and most powerful surpasser he had ever known.Surpassers these days never came close to the heights of Uncle Bug.At his age, it was a surprise to see him have such a high fitness. Humans did not max out their genes back when Uncle Bug had been in his prime, so it was quite the surprise to see how powerful the old man had become.“Do you really not know who I am? I told you the name of my great-grandfather.” Han Sen looked at Uncle Bug.“That is impossible. He cannot have had an heir,” Uncle Bug said.“Why not? Everyone can make babies,” Han Sen casually responded.“But he…” Uncle Bug suddenly stopped. His rage returned before he spoke again, and he blurted out, “How dare you try and trick me. I asked you a question first. Who are you?! If you don’t tell me, you’ll have to excuse my ruthless actions.”

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新腾讯五分彩开奖号码⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1097: The Third Divinity’s Bout StartsTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen’s body had not fully recovered yet, so he didn’t venture too deep into the Devil’s Realm. He mainly killed the monsters that were on the outskirts, teetering on the borders of that black pit. With their endless numbers, he was still able to harvest vast amounts of Devil Presences.“One day, I will go to Ancient Devil Shelter and kill that Mara. And I’ll take that bell of hers,” Han Sen thought to himself as he peered towards the shelter.But the Mara had opened ten of its gene locks, and with countless super creatures there, it was not likely he could accomplish such a task even if he had fully recovered.But his mind recalled the frightening turn of events that had led to him being able to escape. Something strange had scared the Mara, throwing it off focus.“Is Big Mara a spirit or creature? Would I get a beast soul for killing it?” Han Sen thought to himself.There was nothing he could do, even with such thoughts. He couldn’t go up and kill it, anyway. So, all he did was spend his time riding around on Golden Growler while Disloyal Knight cut-down as many creatures as it could.Suddenly, the badge in front of Disloyal Knight began to blaze with a black light. As this occurred, he heard an announcement play in his head.“Devil-Fang King Badge has accumulated ten thousand Devil Presences. Would you like to trade with Devil King?”Han Sen had no clue what the trade would consist of or how it would go about. If it was a one-time thing, he believed it might have been a waste to make use of it now.Regardless, Han Sen accepted the trade request.The badge started to emit a black smoke, and a devil that looked like Devil-Fang King appeared.Devil-Fang King spewed some devil air, and it floated in the space between them.“Ten thousand Devil Presences in exchange for one item. Choose now,” Devil King said.“Choose what? I don’t see anything!” Han Sen looked at the murky cloud of air that had been spat out. It had split into ten different frames, but he couldn’t see anything inside them.Devil King did not respond.“This is like a lottery. Can I get a feel for the items first?” After Han Sen spoke, he touched one of the murky clouds.But immediately after he touched it, the other nine went straight back to Devil King. And then, the Devil King returned to the badge.“This concludes the trade. Devil Presence tally has returned to zero.”“What? That’s it?!” Han Sen was a little confused about what had just happened.The Devil Presence had all disappeared in return for a single item.It was a black pill. Its color was darker than ink.Devil Pill: Devil King Weapon“Eh? That’s a weapon?” It was merely a black pill, roughly the same size as an egg. It most certainly didn’t look like a weapon.Han Sen put some energy into the pill but discovered he was still too weak. It’d take a while for him to recover, yet.When the energy entered the pill, though, the pill released a puff of smoke that enveloped Han Sen in a murky, foggy embrace.“What was that for?! It’s not like it can kill something.” Han Sen was well and truly perplexed.But just as these thoughts came, the smoke began to shrink and manifest in the shape of a dagger.“Wait a minute… can it become a sword?” Han Sen then wondered.The dagger turned into smoke again, before re-assembling itself as a sword.Han Sen was delighted. The smoke could turn into any weapon he desired.But weapons were the extent of what it could shape itself as. It could not embody the shape of armor or a shield.Unfortunately, it was not as tough as Taia nor as sharp as the Phoenix Sword, but the versatility was great. The fact that it could take on any shape was remarkable.“With this Devil Pill, I don’t need to swap weapons when I wish to change my moveset.” Han Sen liked this a lot.He imagined his enemies trying to deflect the gentle swings of a sword, and then suddenly going up against a huge hammer. He thought that’d be pretty sweet.More importantly, though, Han Sen could have it manifest as a bow. He had always wanted a super-class bow.It could also turn into an arrow, but he could not have it form the bow and arrow at the same time.Han Sen tried to flex its powers, and he believed it to be no worse than any other super beast soul he could have received. The only real downside to it, though, was the lack of any elemental powers.Also, you’d need a good deal of energy to support the Devil Pill.The pros and cons were obvious and plain to see, so Han Sen figured it must have been a geno treasure.The badge could still be used if he collected another ten thousand Devil Presences. If he did that, he could do another trade.What’s more, if he went into the Devil’s Realm even deeper, the collection would be much faster.Seeing the numbers turn to zero, Han Sen decided to return to the shelter for the day.There were many abandoned shelters in those barren lands, and Han Sen had decided to make his temporary residence inside the confines of a derelict royal shelter. If any creatures sought to infiltrate them, Disloyal Knight always remained vigilant in defending him.Han Sen figured he should return to the Alliance for a bit, too. But just as he was about to, he suddenly heard a sound.“The Divinity’s Bout has started! The Martial Monument has opened.” Han Sen was shocked, not expecting the third sanctuary’s Divinity’s Bout to have already started. He was still injured, so there was not much he could do there. Even if he was in tip-top shape, he doubted he could do much versus the emperor spirits there.“Ah well, I might as well join.” Han Sen signed up. He was the only person living in that shelter, so he was the first and only contestant there. He was accepted into the tournament by default.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 35: Who Should GoTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioAss Freak was so infamous that a torrent of scornful abuse was lavished on him. The young men who were paying came to them, and one of them with harsh, angular features curiously looked at Han Sen and said, "You are the legendary Ass Freak?""Yes," Han Sen answered casually. He did not think it was a bad thing, because in the entire Steel Armor Shelter, he was the only one who had ever stabbed Qin Xuan in the butt. This was a kind of achievement in a sense.The young man was obviously curious about Han Sen. Suddenly he said, "You are also here for the job?"Han Sen nodded: "If you don’t like the idea, I can go right now.""No, if you do not have any questions, we can sign the contract right here," the young man quickly said.A roar went up in the crowd as they heard the young man’s decision. Even the young man’s friends looked surprised. They pulled the young man to the side and said, "Yuan, that’s Ass Freak. What are you going to do with him?""That’s right, Yuan. If we are in danger, he will probably run even faster than us. It’s just a waste of money.""I’ve hired him, and you can choose the rest," the young man named Yuan insisted and signed the contract with Han Sen.The others didn’t say much after that and selected several more candidates who looked experienced. Han Hao showed them his mutant beast soul weapon and was chosen. The two coming with Han Hao showed some skill and got the job as well."Ass Freak, you got lucky thanks to your young master’s kindness and curiosity," Liu Feng, one of the two, said when walking past Han Sen."My luck has always been good," Han Sen said faintly.The clients had selected ten experienced men to protect them in hunting primitive creatures. With such a team, they could even hunt primitive creatures by herd.Those who had been hired were in a good mood and tried to flatter the clients all the time. They clearly understood the background of these young men who were paying them.The clients actually had very good fighting skills, and they must have graduated from posh schools. Although they had just entered God’s Sanctuary, their fitness and skills were much better than Han Sen’s when he had just arrived. They were only lacking the experience of hunting.When the clients were hunting primitive creatures, Han Sen was just practicing archery on the side. Initially he had chosen to practice archery because it was less demanding than other weapons. He was unlikely to be able to learn advanced techniques of sword or knife fighting in the public education system, while all he needed for archery was accuracy.Han Sen was still getting to know the performance and characteristics of Doomsday, so he had selected some of the trees nearby as his targets to practice on."Ass Freak, you are just taking up space. Why are you shooting in vain and ignoring our clients?" Liu Feng was confused by Han Sen’s behavior and looked at his shots contemptuously. "You can’t even shoot something within 60 feet."Han Sen did not look at Liu Feng or reply to him. He was just trying the arrow and did not focus on one target, and that was why his shots looked messy."Just let him be. It was just a charity act. Our clients didn’t expect him to help at all," other hired hands laughed."That is true. Just be grateful, Ass Freak!" Liu Feng spit and joined the rest."Do not say you know me," Han Hao found a chance to whisper to Han Sen and went back to laugh with his friends.The clients were making incredible progress. In the beginning, they needed some assistance, while they soon became better and could hunt some rather vicious primitive creatures one-on-one. Indeed, posh schools had great teaching outcomes.Those who were in integrated compulsory education wouldn’t dare to hunt primitive creatures alone with no previous experience.It went so well that everyone lost their vigilance. When the clients were hunting three primitive spotted beasts, one of the beasts played dead and attacked a young client when he approached it.Han Hao and others didn’t expect this, and the spotted beast was too close to the client for them to rescue him. In an instant, the claws of the spotted beast were on the delicate neck of the young man.The young client was horrified, regretting that he wasn’t wearing his alloy helmet. But it was too late for that. Everyone watching screamed in horror.Whoosh!An arrow flew by the client’s face and hit the spotted beast in the left eye. The beast whimpered and fell to the ground.Han Hao and the rest swarmed to the spotted beast and cut its corpse into pieces."Ass Freak, why did you shoot the arrow? You almost hurt Qing!" Liu Feng turned around and scolded Han Sen.Other people all followed him, criticizing Han Sen. They were secretly ashamed, but instead of self-reflection, they chose to blame Han Sen. In their view, Han Sen just shot the beast by pure luck, because Ass Freak could never be so good at anything."Get lost!" Yuan suddenly shouted with a dark face."Did you hear that Ass Freak? Yuan just asked you to go," cried Liu Feng."I’m letting you go." Yuan stared at Liu Feng coldly. "I paid you to protect us, and what did you do when Qing was in danger? Nothing! And you even tried to blame the only person who did his job. All of you, get lost, and I don’t want to see you again."

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 31: Free Training PartnerTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"I’ll just fight her. She’s just a woman after all," Han Sen whispered to himself.Han Sen knew that Qin Xuan would not leave him alone no matter how he restrained himself. So he would no longer do that. He had almost mastered Ghosthaunt, and it would be great for him to practice it on her.When Han Sen stood in front of Qin Xuan in a combat suit, she didn’t spare any effort and kicked him with a leg sweep.For Han Sen, who was good at sneak attacks, as long as he had no chance to sneak up, he was doomed to lose. Hence Qin Xuan hit first and didn’t give Han Sen any chance.But she had still committed a great mistake: she still didn’t take Han Sen seriously enough and did not regard him as an opponent. All she wanted to do was to kick his ass. That’s why she didn’t use even half her strength.In her mind, he was still the ignorant Ass Freak, a rookie who could be bullied by anyone in the shelter.Qin Xuan did not really want to harm Han Sen, so she wasn’t hitting hard.But what she didn’t know was that Han Sen now had 18 sacred geno points and was practicing Jadeskin. Although not as fit as her, the gap between them was not so big either.Seeing her leg sweep, Han Sen moved to a spot where Qin Xuan couldn’t reach and twisted her leg with his arms. She immediately lost balance and fell to the ground.Han Sen immediately pressed himself against her and locked her limbs down.Qin Xuan hadn’t expected such nifty moves from him, and when she realized her mistake, she was trapped and couldn’t wriggle free.Feeling anger and shame, she struggled and failed because of the clever techniques of Ghosthaunt. If she struggled with all her strength, her arms would be dislocated or even broken. Trapped by Han Sen, she blushed and still couldn’t believe Han Sen had taken her with the first move. She wanted to teach him a lesson, and everything went wrong."Stationmaster, did I win?" Han Sen was secretly pleased. "I did not expect Old Devil’s teaching to work. I even beat Qin Xuan.""You will never win." Qin Xuan raged and refused to throw in the towel.If it was anyone else, it might be fine. But for this despicable Ass Freak, she would not bow her head.Qin Xuan roared and shapeshifted into a golden lion taller than a man. Han Sen was thrown off her instantaneously, and the lion swooped down at him."Foul! We have agreed not to use any beast souls," Han Sen quickly shouted.Qin Xuan paused as her lion paw was about to hit him. She did promise last time that she wouldn’t use beast souls. But under the circumstances, she had completely forgotten about it."Alright, no beast souls." Qin Xuan secretly blushed, took back her beast soul and launched an attack with her fist.Han Sen still hadn’t completely mastered Ghosthaunt, and his fitness and experience fell short compared to Qin Xuan. Although he resisted over 20 movements from her, he was still beat.Qin Xuan did not say anything and turned away. In fact, she felt ashamed because if she hadn’t used her beast soul, she couldn’t have gotten rid of Han Sen. So, she had already lost at that moment."I’m still not strong enough. My geno points and fighting skills were not even close to hers." Han Sen knew that he couldn’t have caught up with the best in Steel Armor Shelter in such a short amount of time, while he was still a little disappointed that he couldn’t even take 30 movements from her.Qin Xuan was still blushing after a shower. She was truly abashed that she was put in such a tough situation by Ass Freak."Something is wrong. Although his wrestling skills were not bad, he couldn’t have locked me down without great fitness. How did he gain so many geno points?" thought Qin Xuan suddenly. She quickly called out the data collected in Han Sen’s combat suit.Qin Xuan clenched her lips and cursed bitterly, "That bastard, he must have maxed out on his mutant geno points already. He was just playing weak to make me underestimate him. Ass Freak, I’ll never make peace with you."From then on, every time Han Sen passed the teleport station, Qin Xuan would always call him into the combat room.Han Sen was glad to oblige. Wrestling skills such as Ghosthaunt really need much practice, and with a training partner as good as Qin Xuan, he could not really hone his techniques. Some pain was nothing compared to his gain.If it was not for Qin Xuan, Han Sen could only practice when risking his life, which was far more dangerous than his fights with her.Of course, Han Sen was careful so that she didn’t notice he was using her. Each time he would get on her nerves on purpose so that she would keep calling him to the combat room.Qin Xuan picked on Han Sen many times but still didn’t get over it. Every time she saw his smiling face, she would get mad and have an urge to beat him up. It almost became a habit of hers.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1514: Power That Exceeds the Capabilities of HumanityTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioWhile Shafei was shouting at Tina, Yi Dongmu’s eyes went cold. His speedy body suddenly unleashed an unbelievable power. It was like all the speed and power he could possibly possess was let out in a single moment.Buzz!His dagger and his body combined. The sky was sundered and the fabric of space was drawn tighter. The dagger was thrust into Shafei’s chest.Seeing the dagger impaled through her chest, Shafei suddenly laughed scornfully. Her hand was fast lightning, and she gripped the dagger and said, “You have a deathwish, trying to play tricks on me.”In the next second, Shafei’s grip on the dagger tightened as her face changed. She had made a slip. The dagger she thought she had grabbed hold of wasn’t the real threat—it was a shadow.As this occurred, Yi Dongmu’s expressionless face appeared directly behind her. He swung his true dagger, plunging it deep into her back.Fang Yuanyuan was incredibly excited, seeing this victory. She couldn’t even speak straight. Hong Lianshun shouted, “Dongmu-God, good job!”“Letting herself get distracted before an assassin is a deathwish,” Zhao Mingze said.Blood began to ripple and pour from her punctured back, but Yi Dongmu did not look relieved. His dagger was stuck, as if it had gotten caught on a bone or something.Yi Dongmu wanted to pull it free, but it refused to move.Shafei swung the blade in her hand, and Yi Dongmu knew he’d have to leave his weapon and fall back.Shafei turned around, not caring about the dagger sticking out of her back. She spoke to Yi Dongmu, saying, “I underestimated you, cheap human! You should be proud of the fact you were able to damage me.”After that, Shafei’s body began to exude a horrible power. She slashed towards Yi Dongmu at a speed that was greater than before.“No. That shura woman’s body is similar to a super demi-god’s. Yi Dongmu is strong, but he would have to be super class to insta-kill her. He isn’t powerful enough to reach super-class, so he was unable to kill her.” Han Yan frowned.“What do we do?” Fang Yuanyuan was going to cry.Yi Dongmu could only dodge, and after that last discharge of might, his speed and teleportation abilities had suffered. He could be killed by Shafei at any given moment.And at the same time, Tina was clad in her crystal armor. The greatsword she wielded was coming right past Han Sen’s face to cleave through his chest.Han Sen frowned, and but he didn’t panic. When he spun, it looked like he had dodged that close call by magic.Boom!The steel greatsword came crashing through the air, bringing devastation to the ground he’d been standing on. The crater that formed was a thousand miles deep, and it was as if she had cracked the entire planet.That strike caused the entire planet to vibrate. Mountains shook in their place, and the seas went wild and tumultuous. Countless more buildings were brought down to their knees, all across Fantis.Everyone was shocked, unable to believe their eyes. She was far stronger than the demi-god that was said to have blown up a star-class battleship with her own bare hands.“That woman, is she human?” Hong Lianshun could barely speak.Everyone, Han Yan and Zhao Mingze included, looked pale. They could not say a single word. That was a strength far beyond the capabilities of any known human, and no one could believe this really was the result of a human’s strength.Han Sen didn’t look good. The power Tina used was more than he could fathom. She was stronger than Gu Qingcheng.“The crystal armor. That power belongs to the armor. That isn’t her strength.” Han Sen stared at Tina’s armor.The armor bestowed an unlimited power upon Tina. It was like the judgment of God, just as she had said, and it shouldn’t have been allowed to exist in that world.Han Sen could sense that Tina was struggling to use the armor efficiently, though. The true power of the armor was stronger than the strike she had tried to deliver.Han Sen had a similar crystal armor, but he didn’t know how to use it in the way Tina was using hers.Of course, Han Sen didn’t know if the crystal armor in his Sea of Soul was the same type as Tina’s. It was similar, but there were some noticeable differences. As Han Sen pondered this, the second strike was already on its way. The power and speed that carried it were immense. It far exceeded Gu Qingcheng’s power.Han Sen could not use his own pure strength to deal with her, so he used the Dongxuan Sutra and went through the motions of his phoenix techniques. He was gunning at max capacity. With his movement and judgment capabilities, he effectively dodged her attacks.Fantis had been scarred with countless marks, and the planet had pretty much been ruined. Fortunately, many of the humans there had managed to evacuate via the airships. Otherwise, the earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions the sword had caused would have been responsible for countless fatalities.Fortunately, it was a vacation planet for the high-class. People that came there were rich and their numbers few. If this was a residential planet, the civilians wouldn’t have been able to escape.But there were still people who hadn’t been able to escape into an airship in time. As they saw the devastation that was being caused by the sword, they thought it was only a matter of time before Tina caused the entire planet to detonate.Tina was so annoyed. Her strength was supreme, but she was unable to hit Han Sen. It was as if he was able to predict her every move and dodge the same second she committed to it.“Luckily, that woman is fighting Senior Han Sen. If that was me out there, I’d have died a million times already.” Hong Lianshun’s face turned pale.The others all had the same thought, especially Zhao Mingze. He was currently admiring his father’s foresight. Long before Han Sen had achieved such power, Zhao Seventh was already capable of seeing him as a profound enemy to have. Not everyone could do that.Tina missed again and her eyes squinted. She didn’t slash at Han Sen this time; her swing was directed at the hotel.Han Sen’s face changed. He didn’t care much for the lives of others, but Han Yan was in there. Their safe zone might have blocked the attack of demi-gods, but it wouldn’t withstand Tina’s strength.

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Ilgenjue⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1059: Unicorn Beetle MutationTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioAsleep on the spaceship, with Ji Yanran in his arms, rested The Strongest Genius in the Alliance.Ji Yanran had avoided watching the fight against the shura prince. She had been unable to cope with the thought of Han Sen being savagely beaten or even killed, all in the desire to accompany her on an expedition. She waited outside until news of what had occurred was known. A wave of relief unlike any other washed over her, upon hearing about Han Sen’s victory.He had to have been tired, though. It was now morning, but Han Sen was still fast asleep.Still, in space, there was no day or night cycle; therefore, it did not matter what time he chose to wake up.All of a sudden, though, Han Sen felt an itch. He scratched it away, but it returned to plague his nose. Han Sen’s sneeze woke him from his slumber.He discovered a green unicorn beetle had climbed onto his face and had almost scrambled up into his nostrils.Han Sen pulled it away and put the familiar beetle down on the bed.Han Sen had received this beetle from a crystallizer ruin long ago.He’d had it for a very long time, but there was nothing special about it he could tell. It was a strange creature, though. In the years Han Sen had kept it, it hadn’t had to drink or eat at all. It had remained the exact same as it was the first day Han Sen came into ownership of the insect.There was one other curious aspect to the beetle. Han Sen had discovered that, if left alone without interaction for a long time, the beetle would begin to appear lazy and lifeless. And it was during this state that the creature’s colors would also begin to fade or at least lessen and dim.If Han Sen ever wished to reverse this status, all he would have to do was pick it up, interact with it, and take it around with him for a few days.These peculiar aspects aside, for all intents and purposes, the beetle was a lame creature that provided no obvious benefit. Or at least that was how it appeared, as Han Sen was still of the belief it was special and it had a purpose. Whatever that purpose was, he just hadn’t been made privy to it yet, he thought. The expedition he was about to embark on would be dangerous, though, so he made sure to bring it with him, hoping it’d prove useful somehow.Ji Yanran was still sleeping while this occurred, so Han Sen removed himself from the bed with great care, as not to disturb her.Suddenly, the green plating of the beetle looked strange. The creature became translucent, revealing the presence of gears and cogs inside it, all in delicate motion. It was not unlike the inner-workings of an old watch.Han Sen was surprised, to say the least. Over the course of the last few years in which he had owned the beetle, he had yet to see anything remotely similar to this occur.Just as Han Sen approached the little creature to examine it, there was an announcement from the ship’s speakers.“We will be arriving at APX-706 shortly. Please convene at the meeting room before arrival.”The announcement startled Ji Yanran from her sleep, so she quickly removed the blanket. With the slender curves and succulent portions of her divine body now on full display, Han Sen was suddenly overcome with the desire to return to bed—with her.Unfortunately, now was not the time for that. They both got changed and went to the meeting room, as instructed.Han Sen took the beetle with him, placing it in his pocket. He was going to check it out once the meeting was over.The shura and humans gathered in the meeting room. Once there, they were shown an image of the planet on a projector screen.The ruins they were going to examine were quite different from the ones Han Sen had seen before. The entire planet was crystallized, but it wasn’t obvious at first glance.On the surface of the planet, it looked like any other lush planet would. The geography was wild and inviting, cloaked in thick and unspoiled greenery.The planet’s atmosphere was primarily comprised of nitrogen and oxygen, making it an ideal candidate for future human colonization, as well.Eventually, the spaceship touched down with a rumble.After they discussed what needed to be done on their mission, they separated again. They were going to start their investigation in three hours.Due to the injuries Yu Tuoshan had incurred, they were already two days late in beginning the operation.When the time to embark on the expedition came, the crew left the ship inside their warframes. While the atmospheric conditions had been revealed to be fine, the use of warframes was just protocol for the initial exploration of an unexplored planet. It was a precaution.As Han Sen guided his warframe, he examined the unicorn beetle he had brought with him.After arriving at the planet, the cogs inside the beetle had been running faster than ever.Han Sen wasn’t sure what it meant, but it interested him enough to spend most of his time examining it.Aside from those movements, though, there was nothing different about the creature. Even the beetle’s lifeforce had remained the exact same.Eventually, they arrived at their desired location. Swiftly, they established a base of operation and proceeded to the entrance of the ruins.Surprisingly, at the entrance of these ruins, there weren’t many indicators of past crystallizer habitation. The presence of crystallizer technology was quite low, actually.One thing Han Sen did find, though, half-hidden beneath the dense undergrowth, was a twenty-meter wide black crystal roulette board.On that board, you could espy the presence of many lines and symbols that were commonly associated with the crystallizer civilization.There were also markings on the board that extended all the way across. They were like partitions, or the slices of a cake that resulted in twenty portions.Four of the slots possessed a warning sign of sorts, but Han Sen wasn’t exactly sure what they meant or what they might have been indicating. No one else did either, just as no one knew what might be found deeper inside the ruins.When Han Sen first saw the roulette board, though, he was shocked.The symbols were identical to the ones on the beetle. They were ones he was very familiar with. He didn’t even have to take another look at the beetle to confirm this.“Are these two things connected, by some chance?” Han Sen wondered, as he placed his hand inside his pocket.He was going to touch the beetle, but he felt something else instead. He brought his hand back out of his pocket and noticed his fingers were bleeding from a newly-formed wound.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1248: RichTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen tried it, too. If he stood inside the halo, he would receive buffs. The blue lightning enveloped him, increasing his power and speed. Whenever he struck an enemy, they’d become paralyzed.“That’s pretty good!” Han Sen was delighted with the results. Although it wasn’t a berserk beast soul, and it hadn’t opened its tenth gene lock, Disloyal Knight was far stronger than it used to be. If it consumed more lifedrops and became a berserk beast soul, it’d become as strong as Xie Qing King, Han Sen wagered.Han Sen summoned Golden Growler and put the lobster on its back. Then, they all returned to the shelter to have themselves a barbecue.Han Sen washed the lobster out and put the meat on the grill, as Bao’er drooled uncontrollably. When they both sunk their teeth into the tantalizing-looking lobster meat, their faces turned sour as if they had taken a swig of curdled milk. It tasted awful.But despite the fact that they couldn’t enjoy it, all the others considered it a treat. Each and every other super creature had a bite, and they were loving it.Ghost Eye and Snowball made sure to sit down in front of Han Sen and Bao’er, stuffing their face with the lobster meat. They made squelching noises and let their lips hang to show how much they were enjoying the food, while those two could not.Han Sen then decided to pick up Bao’er and return to the Alliance.“Let’s go eat some real food. We’ll let them enjoy their dog food,” Han Sen sternly said.“We need to eat something much better!” Bao’er affirmed.“Of course! And for tonight, we’re going to dine on the best food money can buy. Order whatever you want, Bao’er, I’m made of money!” Han Sen kindly, albeit boastfully, proclaimed.“MONEY!” Bao’er shouted in response, raising her fists in the air.Han Sen drove an aircraft to Roca Planet and went to the most expensive restaurant there. It was called Doria.“Sir, what would you like to eat, this fine evening?” the waitress asked, while presenting a menu. Even Bao’er was given one.In this era, where proper labor practically did not exist, having real human staff just went to show how high-class the restaurant was.“Give me your finest, madam. The best this place can provide, I’ll take it!” Han Sen proudly said.Bao’er, with a more serious tone of voice this time, just shouted, “MONEY!”The waitress wasn’t sure what to respond, as she had never encountered such a peculiar duo before.But then, someone from behind mocked them out loud by saying, “Has someone just won the lottery, and wants to flaunt his new-found, but bound to be short-lived wealth? Everyone here became rich before you did. Pah! The gall.”Han Sen saw a middle-aged man sitting with a pretty woman. He was well-dressed, but his face left much to be desired. He looked at Han Sen with incredible disdain.Han Sen frowned. He didn’t think they were speaking too loud, and the man obviously had a chip on his shoulder, to pick on total strangers. But Han Sen was the president’s son-in-law, and he didn’t want to make this a point and embarrass the president by beating him up.So, Han Sen just picked up the menu and ordered a few portions of the most expensive food that was available.The man heard what Han Sen ordered and said, “Stop pretending you are rich, dear boy! If you were that noble, go upstairs and eat amongst the nobles, dining on noble food.”Han Sen frowned, hearing that voice again. He came here to spend a night relaxing in the comfort of fine dining. He hadn’t expected that someone so wretchedly annoying would choose to pester him all evening.Bao’er didn’t want to hold back her hatred of the man, though. The fire of murder blazed in her eyes, and she was now clutching her gourd. It was evident she did not like people bullying or complaining to Han Sen, and so she wanted to absorb the man.Han Sen noticed what she was going to do. With a racing heart, he had made sure to stop her. If something like that occurred, the Alliance would be thrown into shock and turmoil; particularly so, given Bao’er’s origin.When the waitress was about to confirm the order, an old man approached Han Sen.“Manager?” The waitress thought she had done something wrong, and that was why he had stepped forward.The wages for Doria employees were incredibly high, and she was given complimentary flesh in the First God’s Sanctuary. The last thing she wanted was the loss of her job.The old man smiled at the waitress and signaled for her to step back for a bit. Then, the manager turned to Han Sen and bowed. He said, “Dear Mister Han, we have prepared the top-floor garden exclusively for you. Chef Shirley will prepare the food for you, and only you. You will be given her undivided attention.”A profound silence fell over the restaurant as everyone turned to look at them in shock.No one could buy their way into the garden, but it provided unparalleled views of the city. Not even Sacred-Blood Aristocrats could get a seat there. And the last person who was able to get Chef Shirley to prepare their food was Jiang Bichen.Everyone looked at Han Sen in awe. They were in disbelief, seeing Doria provide such a worthy offering.When a few people recognized Han Sen for he was, one of them proclaimed, “It’s Han Sen! That’s our first Super Aristocrat.”Han Sen picked up Bao’er and followed after the manager. He did not want to revel in the limelight and remain the focus of everyone’s attention.The man who had mocked Han Sen was glum, and a dire look had fallen upon his face. He rushed out of the restaurant without even finishing his meal.Han Sen took Bao’er to the top floor, and there, he saw a beautiful woman in the kitchen.“It’s you!” Han Sen was shocked when he saw the woman.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 59: Lucky DudeTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"Your aunt is outrageous," Zhang Danfeng was upset."It does not matter. They are strangers to me," said Han Sen casually. He then asked curiously, "Who is this Lin Beifeng she was talking about?"Han Sen also knew a guy named Lin Beifeng who had traveled through the mountains and ended up in Steel Armor Shelter. Han Sen had even saved his life."Just one lucky dude."Zhang Danfeng started to tell Han Sen about Sunwood Mining. Sunwood Mining used to be a small company with several mines, and later they bought a garbage planet to deposit their waste, where they ended up finding a lot of precious minerals.Within 20 years, by selling the rare minerals they discovered on that planet, Sunwood Mining had become a prominent interplanetary mining group, the boss of which was Lin Beifeng’s father.Lin Beifeng had just entered God’s Sanctuary and was already known for his generosity. Many were trying to make friends with him for that."Such good luck," Han Sen sighed."Such is life. He must have outperformed billions of other sperms to be who he is," Zhang Danfeng smiled and said. "But Sunwood Mining has no facility here on Planet Roca. What is he doing here?"In the banquet hall of the same building, the social elite were chatting and drinking, many of whom had already entered Second God’s Sanctuary in their 30s. However, the focus of the banquet was a sixteen-year-old teenager.If Han Sen were here, he would recognize the teenager was Lin Beifeng who he had saved.Lin Beifeng was entertaining all guests gracefully. From his good manners, no one would think he was nouveau riche and several socialites were attracted by him.Han Yumei and Han Hao had wanted to speak with Lin Beifeng, but they found no chance as there were too many people who were more powerful than them at the banquet and everyone wanted to talk to Lin Beifeng. Naturally they didn’t dare to offend these people by cutting in.The banquet was over, when Lin Beifeng was stepping outside the building, they finally found an opportunity and wanted to approach him.At the time, Han Sen and Zhang Danfeng also happened to come over. When they saw Han Hao, Zhang Danfeng wanted to greet him so Han Sen had to follow.Before Zhang Danfeng could finish his sentence, Han Yumei pushed him and Han Sen aside and said harshly, "You two stay away from my son. Especially you, Han Sen, you are already notorious in Steel Armor Shelter, so do not implicate your cousin. Don’t even say you know him. Or I will come after your family."Han Yumei then walked toward Lin Beifeng with Han Hao.Zhang Danfeng was stunned and asked Han Sen, "What? You and Han Hao are in the same shelter?"Hansen nodded, "Let’s go to a quiet place and I’ll explain to you."Having heard Han Yumei’s words, Han Sen knew that Han Hao had told her about what had happened in Steel Armor Shelter.Han Yumei and Han Hao finally managed to approach Lin Beifeng. As Lin Beifeng happened to be looking in their direction, Han Yumei said hurriedly, "Mr. Lin, this is my son Han Hao. He’s in the same shelter as you..."Lin Beifeng acted as if he hadn’t heard her and directly went past her and her son. Han Yumei was dumbfounded and watched Lin Beifeng leaving.Lin Beifeng walked faster and faster toward Han Sen and Zhang Danfeng who were just leaving. He grabbed Han Sen’s arm and cried, "Sen, I have finally found you. Brother, I’ve missed you."Lin Beifeng then gave Han Sen a big hug.Both Han Yumei and Han Hao were shocked. They had no idea how Lin Beifeng would know Han Sen and call him brother.Han Sen pushed Lin Beifeng away and frowned, "Why are you here?"Lin Beifeng wasn’t offended at all and quickly offered cigarettes to Han Sen and Zhang Danfeng. He said excitedly, "I came to look for you. I heard you live on Planet Roca so I came here. But I don’t have your address and it took me days to ask about it. Now I’ve met you, you must look out for me in the future. "Han Sen saw everyone was looking this way and said to Lin Beifeng, "Let’s not talk here. We can catch up later."Han Sen and Zhang Danfeng went out, and Lin Beifeng quickly followed them. "Sen, my aircraft was parked outside. Let me give you a ride."Han Yumei and Han Hao watched Lin Beifeng cheerfully following Han Sen around and couldn’t believe him to be the elegant young master they saw at the banquet."Han Hao, it was indeed Han Sen who was talking to Mr. Lin?" Han Yumei still couldn’t believe her eyes and asked Han Hao after they were out of the building.Han Hao clenched his teeth and said, "Yes, it’s him.""Why on earth did Mr. Lin know him and respect him like that?" asked Han Yumei."Well, there is nothing remarkable about him. He’s just a gigolo, using a woman’s connections," Putting his cousin down, Han Hao was green with envy."What? Didn’t you say that he offended a powerful lady in Steel Armor Shelter and was having a hard time?" asked Han Yumei."If he weren’t Qin Xuan’s boy toy, how would Mr. Lin know someone like him?" Han Hao then bitterly recounted Han Sen’s experience, adding his imagination here and there."No wonder he could come up with two million dollars. A gigolo! I’ve always known he was a scourge, a disgrace to our name. Our ancestors would be so mad had they known..." said Han Yumei viciously.Filled with jealousy and hatred, the mother and son left the building. Seeing Lin Beifeng opening the door of the aircraft for Han Sen and Zhang Danfeng, their faces darkened further.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1447: Because I’m the Master of this ShelterTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen brought Snow Ape to Shadow Shelter, feeling exuberantly happy.Along the way, Han Sen asked the creature many questions. Snow Ape was the heir of a super creature known as Daymoon Ape. After he was born, though, for reasons he never learned, he was unable to see his parents. Not long after that, Nan Litian captured him and brought him back to the shelter to conducts tests and experiments on him.Nan Litian did not expect to get so lucky and capture the baby of a super creature. But still, Snow Ape was actually a sacred-blood creature. Snow Ape claimed it was Sacred Blood because its blood may have been impure. Su Mianhua had taken much of his blood to run many tests.He had been fortunate to escape captivity one day, while Nan Litian was away from the shelter.And then, he got even luckier. He leveled up and his geno core became a super geno core. With such might and confidence, he planned to return one day to slay Nan Litian.Unfortunately, that was a long time ago. He was young when those atrocities were committed. He didn’t actually remember Nan Litian’s name, and neither did he remember what he looked like. He only remembered a vow he made long ago, and that was to kill the master of Shadow Shelter.Han Sen felt relieved he had narrowly avoided being the ape’s target, and he thought to himself, “It’s lucky Qing Le came when he did. If he hadn’t, this big ape would be out for my blood instead.”Snow Ape didn’t sound like a bad person, though. He was very grumpy, but he wanted to keep his rampage focused on the person he vowed to kill. He didn’t want to kill anyone else.They traveled back to Shadow Shelter, and when Snow Ape’s eyes saw it, they turned red. The ape cried aloud, “This is the shelter!”After that, Snow Ape attempted to run right for the shelter. But Han Sen stopped him first and said, “Mister, don’t go yet.”“Why not? Are you going to try and stop me?” Snow Ape stared at Han Sen with anger, as if he—rightfully—knew the human would be unable to stop him.“No, not at all. But you don’t know what his face looks like. If you go in with such bluster, you’ll frighten everyone. And the master is sly, so he will probably blend in with the terrified crowds and not admit to being the one you’re looking for,” Han Sen quickly explained.“That makes sense.” Snow Ape groaned.“How about you hide your strength, like you did earlier, and come back there with me? I’ll help you find the master, and once he admits his identity, you can go right on ahead and kill him.”On the inside, Han Sen thought to himself, “I killed Nan Litian and already got you your vengeance. Now you can return the favor and help me get rid of Qing Le.”When Snow Ape heard what Han Sen told him, he replied, “Good thinking. Take me to the *sshole so I can kill him.”Han Sen nodded and brought the Snow Ape straight to the spirit hall.Qing Le was having a meeting in the spirit hall at the time. He was sitting upon the throne, gobbling up all the geno fruit Cheap Sheep and Green Cow had been delivering him.Shadow Shelter was better developed that he believed it to be. He thought he could rake in quite a lot of profits with this place under his control; it was a concept that perked up his mood quite a bit.All of a sudden, someone unwelcome entered the hall. Qing Le thought it might have been a Metal Eater, but it wasn’t. It was Han Sen, and at his side was a white ape.“Han Sen? What are you doing here?” Han Sen was useless to Qing Le now, so he was going to spare all his courtesies and niceties.“You’re asking me why I’m here? Why are you sitting there?” Han Sen asked, angrily.“Why? Because I am the master of this shelter.” Qing Le spoke very cockily, gesturing with his arms that the entire place belonged to him.Those words were perfect. Han Sen was delighted to hear him say that, as he expected he’d have to say a lot more to get the spirit to admit it. Qing Le was so arrogant, he jumped right into the admittance. It rendered Han Sen’s prepared speech useless.“You really are the master of this shelter?” Snow Ape did not make a move yet, and just tried to suppress his anger.“If I’m not, who else is? You?” Qing Le did not have Dongxuan Aura, so he couldn’t tell how incredibly strong the Snow Ape really was. Thinking him average, and knowing no other creature there could stop him, he was fearless.When Han Sen heard this, he again felt relief. And he thought to himself, “Qing Le, you just played yourself.”After this answer, Snow Ape kicked up a display of wrath before Qing Le. His gold claws immediately came down on the spirit’s head.Qing Le was shocked, and he quickly shouted, “Gah! Who are you?!”The ape snorted and answered, “I am the little ape you once captured and drained the blood of. I am here to exact my revenge!”Qing Le was confused, but before he could plead his innocence, the Snow Ape tore the spirit in half. His blood coated the spirit hall red. He had no chance of fighting back.Qing Le was a spirit that obeyed Outer Sky Shelter. His spirit stone was a part of his body, just like Moment Queen’s. He could put his spirit stone in the spirit statue, but he’d still be unable to revive.Now that Snow Ape had ripped him apart, he was gone for good.Snow Ape was still extremely angry. He repeatedly pounded the ground and smashed the guts and limbs of the lifeless spirit into mush, over and over.“Poor guy. How dare you pretend to be Cheap Sheep’s boss.” Han Sen looked at what remained of Qing Le and sighed.Cheap Sheep and Green Cow were frozen. Qing Le was a powerful royal spirit, and he had just been torn to pieces in a flash. He didn’t even stand a chance of fighting back.The creatures and spirits that had arrived there for the meeting saw the messy leftovers of what had transpired, and they were brought to shock.After killing Qing Le, the ape turned around and left. He did not fancy staying there a second longer.Han Sen reminded him, “Be careful. He obeyed Outer Sky Shelter, and if they find out he was killed by your hands, they will come after you.”“I’ll kill whatever comes my way.” Snow Ape spoke with anger as he slowly walked off.

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1385: First Geno Core BattleTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen watched as his geno core was being reinforced. Each beam of light was a reinforcement, and after nine such beams, the process was finished. Immediately, Han Sen could tell the egg had become much stronger.When Rockman finished, Han Sen took the egg back into his possession. Its shape was very much the same, but it featured a prismatic glow in its interior. It shone with nine separate colors. It could make for a stunningly pretty gemstone.“It looks like my genes and skills are just too d*mn good. The geno core that I created took first place. Hah. Was there any doubt who was the best? I’m not even sure why I was surprised.” Han Sen had let it go to his head a little.Han Sen thought the black crystal must have helped somewhat, but he firmly believed it was primarily a product of his own body.Although it had been reinforced nine times, however, the egg still couldn’t kill creatures outright. It couldn’t even inflict the minor damage. It did make Han Sen wonder how it could be worthy of so simply securing first place.With his goal of becoming number one complete so soon, Han Sen was a little at a loss on what he should do next.“If the Crystal Core secured the number one position, the Bulwark Umbrella can’t be very far behind, can it? It’s saved my life more than the egg has, after all.” Han Sen wondered what the result might be for that.But he wasn’t keen on testing that out just yet. And that aside, he needed to accept a challenge first.If Han Sen had not entered, he wouldn’t have to comply with the Geno Core Storage’s quota. Now that he had entered, however, he was required to fight at least once a month to maintain his position.If he lost a fight, his nine reinforcements would still be in place. But if he did not comply with the once-a-month quota, and didn’t show up to battle a challenger, the reinforcements would be wiped and he’d have to start all over, without the benefit of a test-skip.So, no matter what, Han Sen had to make Shadow Shelter work and keep it operational so he could fight at least once a month in the Geno Core Storage.Not all geno cores could challenge him, however. Only cores within one level of his own could challenge. And since the Crystal Core was number one, the challengers who could fight him had to be within the one-to-ten bracket.Although it was only a once-a-month thing, Han Sen was eventually going to enter his Bulwark Umbrella as well, and the same requirements would apply to that. But they stacked, and that meant Han Sen would have to battle twice a month.Furthermore, Han Sen would eventually formulate a geno core for the Blood-Pulse Sutra and his super king spirit. While that would mean he would have to fight four times a month, that wasn’t where his biggest issue lay. Rather, it would make hiding his identity a struggle.As Han Sen mulled this over, Rockman suddenly spoke to him. He said, “King Bell of the Second Rank wishes to challenge you. Heart Wheel of the Fourth Rank wishes to challenge you…”Han Sen was told that at least seven others wished to challenge him.None of them were too concerned with becoming first place; rather, they just wanted to know what power the elusive Crystal Core wielded.Aside from Real Demon and the combatant at number nine, the top ten had all requested a battle with Han Sen. Han Sen viewed the list of competitors and pondered which he should fight first.It wasn’t as if he could avoid the fight, either. If he didn’t fight, his reinforcements would be removed and he’d be back to where he started.He wasn’t afraid, though. Han Sen had a lot of confidence in himself, and he didn’t think anyone of the bronze geno core tier could defeat him. Even if he had to battle the son of an emperor who had a bronze geno core, Han Sen wouldn’t be afraid. He had what it took.But even Han Sen himself wished to test out the powers of the Crystal Core now. It had improved a great deal, but what those improvements were, he wouldn’t have a clue until he tested it in battle.So, Han Sen decided on accepting the challenge from Heart Wheel. He was the highest rank of the members that came from Sacred Shelter.Han Sen was still pining for revenge over what had transpired in Hidden Valley. He wasn’t going to waste a single opportunity to exact vengeance on the people that occupied that wretched place. He was out for blood.Of course, Han Sen did not wish to expose his identity. If they learned who he was and came after him, Shadow Shelter would be destroyed in no time.“Hmm, it would be best if I hid my identity.” Han Sen donned a set of armor and removed any pieces of apparel or clothing that might give away his identity.“Challenge declined. Desired opponent has accepted another challenge.” God King was disappointed, hearing this.Black Mountain God had a different reaction, however, for he heard his Rockman say, “Challenge accepted. Desired opponent has accepted your challenge request.”The bronze geno core tablet then warped itself to form a black hole of sorts. It was a tunnel that would lead the opponents to their designated fighting grounds.Black Mountain God flapped his black wings and did not hesitate a second before flying through the tunnel.Upon arrival, Black Mountain God examined the place of battle. It was an ancient city, half-buried amidst a desert. An aura of mystique and secrecy permeated the atmosphere of that place, hinting at a wild and untold history that lay buried beneath its sands.The powers of geno cores were all different, so the battlegrounds changed to suit the challengers and avoid providing any environmental hindrances to the cores.Black Mountain God then saw his opponent emerge from another black void-tunnel. He locked him in his sights.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 827: I Am Not Going to Stop, So What?Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"I am going to kill you!" The royal shura was embarrassed, and his rage was inflamed. He looked as if he was preparing to attack Han Sen again."Please, try to preserve whatever remains of your dignity." The demi-god now stood in front of Han Sen with the presence of a mountain. With a look as cold as ice, he spoke to the royal shura."How dare you kill our royal representative! We shura will not allow such a slight to slide." This was the human Alliance, a stronghold where countless humans lived. The royal shura's anger had overwhelmed him, and in a place such as this, where he was unable to let loose his violence, all he could do was shout in spite."Please, do not forget it was you who requested peace with us. We did not present you with the idea for a truce. If you choose not to abide to the terms of the treaty we established in our discussions, it is no skin off our nose," the demi-god spoke aloud, his response fierce.All the other shura looked on, unable to say a word."Han Sen, follow me in our return. Let us continue the feast." The demi-god held onto Han Sen's hand and led him towards the lobby, uncaring for how ill the shura were looking."Yep, let's celebrate! No one can leave without getting drunk!" Tang Zhenliu shouted out, as he tugged Lin Feng to follow in the same direction.All the young humans left towards the lobby with great joy, while the shura grumbled angrily amongst themselves."Not bad. This kid is even more amazing than Luo Haitang. He didn't learn the Falsified-Sky Sutra, and actually used Sonic-Thunder Punch to kill Yu Qielan... Haha! This truly is impressive. It is amazing! I would love to see the look on Luo Haitang's face right now... A member of the Luo family has turned away from learning their Falsified-Sky Sutra... Hahahaha!" The old man was laughing so hard, tears began to roll.The middle-aged man, by comparison, was frozen. He had followed this man for forty years and had never once seen him laugh in such a manner."This kid is really good, Little Zhong. I would like to meet him; can you sort that out for me?" The old man had managed to stop laughing, but he was still grinning from ear to ear."Yes, of course, teacher." Wen Zhong was shocked, as the old man had never requested an audience with someone before. Even if a noble from the Alliance came to visit him, he didn't spare the time of day to see them. Now, not only did he want to meet Han Sen, he was willing to go out and pay him a visit himself.Luo Haitang wore a complicated grimace as he sat there in silence. He gazed into the paused video with eyes that did not blink.Luo Li stood in the corner of the room, not willing to speak a single word. She even breathed as gently as she could, not wishing to disturb or rouse the ire of Luo Haitang. She had not seen him in such a state for many years. The last time he appeared like this, he went to a spirit shelter and battled for four days straight in a bid to conquer it."Why did he not learn the Falsified-Sky Sutra?" After the long silence, Luo Haitang broke it with this simple sentence, in a voice that trembled with depression."Old Han, good job! I have never given you the admiration you deserve before, but this time I do. This time I really, really do! Here, I am going to drink in your honor. Cheers!" Tang Zhenliu, devoid of all manners, picked up two cups and filled them both up with wine. He presented one cup to Han Sen and lifted one cup to his own lips. Quickly, he gulped it down and shouted, "Awesome! Never since leaving the battlegrounds have I felt so awesome. Awesome, yep, awesome."If this was an average feast, Tang Zhenliu would have been thrown out on his backside by now already. But today, the higher-ups did not care, and allowed him to be as big a clown as he desired.All the young people were tremendously excited, surrounding Han Sen in celebration of his deed. They weren't going to let him leave without getting him drunk.Ji Yanran, seeing him surrounded by people who were praising his actions, felt overjoyed and proud for him.Of course, most of her joy came from seeing him emerge from the scrap with Yu Qielan unscathed. The fact that she had an excellent, truly powerful boyfriend came second to his safety. Still, who didn't want a hero boyfriend?Although such things were not incredibly important to Ji Yanran, she was starting to feel as if her dreams were coming true.Han Sen was not very good at drinking. It wasn't long before he could not consume any more, and the alcohol had made his head heavy and his stomach upset.It wasn't easy to escape the hounding crowd. He attempted to find somewhere to hide, and just as he found a place, Lin Feng appeared before him out of nowhere, presenting him with another full glass. He said, "Cheers, brother."Han Sen stood in front of Lin Feng, frozen for three whole seconds. Then, he said, "Blargh!" and puked all over him.Tang Zhenliu, who was catching up from behind, froze as well. All for different reasons, of course. He had never seen Lin Feng in such a mess before, and even across bloody battlefields he had never appeared so disheveled and dirty.Lin Feng was a tidy person, who desired everything to be perfect. When his girlfriend visited his house, she had to remove her shoes, take off her coat, and not lay a finger on any of his belongings.He once had another girlfriend, but he broke up with her after she sat on his clothes by accident. He could never looked at her straight after that.Now that Lin Feng had puke all over him, fresh from Han Sen's gut, Tang Zhenli couldn't fathom how he might react."Will Old Lin start a fight with Old Han? And if so, who should I support? Bah, who cares? It would only be a fight between two elites. I can't care too much about something like that."Tang Zhenliu's mind raced over the different scenarios that might soon unfold, and then suddenly started to think, "Fight him! Come on, fight him!"Seeing Lin Feng move, reaching his hand out towards Han Sen, the excitement inside Tang Zhenliu reached greater and greater heights each passing second. Now, his mind said, "That's it, they're going to fight. A fight is about to start. They're going to fight!"But again, Tang Zhenliu was delivered a shock that froze him absolutely still. He was so surprised that his eyes almost popped out.Lin Feng, after reaching out his hands, did not hit Han Sen. All he did was take off his puke-covered coat and put it aside. Then he hugged Han Sen, who looked ready to pass out and hit the deck. After that, he dragged him towards a room and shut the door."Holy smokes! Are my eyes screwed in right? That couldn't have been Lin Feng. The last time I got drunk in his house, that asshole threw me out the door and made me sleep out in the rain. Han Sen didn't just get drunk, he threw up all over him. And now he is being hugged and taken to a private room? This cannot be!"Tang Zhenliu rubbed his eyes repeatedly, but regardless of who else he thought it might be, deep-down he knew that it was undoubtedly Lin Feng.There was no public stream, so ordinary folks of the Alliance were unable to watch the fight. But still, news of the fight leaked to the press and caused a grand, delightful shock for the populace. Hearing Han Sen killed the royal shura Yu Qielan in a single punch and made a royal shura elite cough-up blood put Han Sen's name on the tip of everyone's tongue. It was the first time his name had true relevance in the Alliance.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 533: Snow-Lady Beast SoulTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThere were a lot of negatives associated with the "Dual" sword skill, and they created problems that would arise during combat. This made Han Sen realize that creating a sword skill was no easy task.But Han Sen had no other choice. Any new sword skill creation required vigorous combat testing, so he had to be patient and make a note of every flaw he noticed during battle, in order to rectify and improve later.If there were any mistakes, he was free to make changes now, but if a problem arose during a real field of battle, the price for such a mistake would be paid in his own blood. Knowing this, Han Sen was in no rush.Han Sen continued to improve over time as he tried to perfect the dual-blade sword skill. Today Han Sen had visited the shelter again. Li Xing Lun was there and found him, wearing a strange facial expression."Han Sen, I found a Humanoid sacred-blood fused transfigured beast soul." Li Xing Lun's tone of voice was also somewhat strange."Is its owner willing to trade?" Han Sen asked.Li Xing Lun did not answer directly, instead saying, "Earlier, I sent out word that a friend was willing to swap a Berserk beast soul for a Humanoid beast soul. Although many people wanted to trade, and many people called me, Humanoid transfigured beast souls were too rare and no-one was willing or able to make a trade like that."Li Xing Lun paused for a moment, then continued. "Yesterday, Blackgod contacted me. He said he wanted to use an Egregore soul to trade for your Berserk beast soul."Does he really have an Egregore soul?" Han Sen asked."Yes, I looked. It is a sacred-blood class Snow-Lady beast soul. The abilities of the Snow-Lady beast soul are quite special. It does not increase one's strength, just one's speed. It also has the ability to reduce one's temperature, but that seems rather useless to me. It would most likely just become a problem. I don't think it's worth trading a Berserk beast soul for a Snow-Lady beast soul. Plus, you had argued with Blackgod before," Li Xing Lun said severely."Did you say that it was me who wanted to trade?" Han Sen asked."No, I only said that it was a friend." Li Xing Lun shook his head as he spoke.Han Sen thought for a moment about what to say, then said, "That's okay - feel free to tell him it's me who wants to trade. If he is willing, tell him to come here so we can complete the transaction."Speed was what Han Sen needed most right now. The strongest aspect of the Twin Spirit's power was their speed. If he was able to match with their speed and break their sword skill, the battle would be much easier.And combined with the beast soul's ability to lower the body's temperature, for Han Sen, there was an absence of negatives. The "Ice Skin" skill worked even better in a cold environment, so not only was it of no detriment to Han Sen, it was an outright benefit.For others, this would have been a debilitating attribute, but Han Sen would be glad to receive it.Besides, to find a Humanoid sacred-blood beast soul was extremely difficult in the ice fields. It was good to be able to trade a Snow-Lady beast soul, which was not too far from a Humanoid beast soul. Han Sen was satisfied at the proposal of this trade."You really want to make this trade with Blackgod?" Li Xing Lun asked. "You really have to consider this well. If you trade your Berserk beast soul with Blackgod, he may use it against you in the future."Han Sen laughed. "Thank you for your concern," he said. "If I am willing to trade this with him, of course I am not afraid of his ownership of the beast soul.""Okay, then. Did you bring the beast soul? Tell me about your situation and I will talk to Blackgod," Li Xing Lun smiled.In the past few days, Han Sen had already raised the Inferno Bull into a Berserk beast soul. When he summoned it, it combined with his body to become a black-winged bull.He told the specific attributes of the Inferno Bull to Li Xing Lun, all the while muttering, "It's a shame". A beast soul that was able to greatly increase one's strength and which provided the ability of flight was much stronger than the Snow-Lady of Blackgod; one which appeared to be inherently flawed.The Snow-Lady beast soul, aside from being Humanoid and providing a passable speed boost, did not appear to be anything special. The ability to lower one's own temperature seemed pointless and stupid.But Han Sen insisted on making the trade, so Li Xing Lun went off to talk with Blackgod.Han Sen waited a day. On the second day he went to the shelter. Li Xing Lun was there and he had already spoken to Blackgod. Aside from the Snow-Lady, Li Xing Lun had managed to bargain for an additional two Mutant beast souls."Thank you, Brother Lun. But for those two Mutant beast souls, we should share them. Let's take one each." Han Sen said.But Li Xing Lun did not want any, no matter what. He only told Han Sen that after the saving of the Starwheel Shelter, it was an honor to help.It was time to trade with Blackgod. Blackgod had brought people with him to the Starwheel Shelter. He noticed that Han Sen's eyes were a little cold, but of this he made no mention.After they both observed the beast souls they were to receive, they handed their own over to Li Xing Lun. Then Li Xing Lun completed the trade by handing the beast souls over to their new owners. The transaction was smooth and without incident.Han Sen received the two Mutant beast souls and Snow-Lady beast soul. He looked them over to ensure no mistakes had been made, and while he was getting ready to bid Li Xing Lun farewell, Blackgod called to him.Blackgod looked at Han Sen with disdain, and coldly said, "Han Sen, you dare gamble with me? Perhaps now we can settle our grudge.""What do you want?" Han Sen furrowed his eyebrows in response."You and I engage in battle. Regardless of who wins or loses, our grudge can be settled." Blackgod looked at Han Sen and continued, "Of course, if you do lose, you must leave behind the Snow-Lady beast soul. If I lose, however, I can leave behind the Inferno Bull beast soul."Li Xing Lun frowned and said, "Blackgod, we only want to exchange beast souls on this day. Nothing else.""I am merely suggesting a solution to our grudge. It is entirely up to him if he wants to partake in my idea. If he does not dare to engage me in battle, that is fine," Blackgod said sternly."What if I do not wish to gamble?" Han Sen looked at Blackgod as he asked."If you do not wish to settle our prolonged dispute, then you will become my enemy. And I do not go soft on those I deem to be my enemy."The few people who had accompanied Blackgod now summoned their beast souls."Blackgod, this is the Starwheel Shelter. This is not Blackgod Shelter." Li Xing Lun's eyes went cold, and he summoned a few leaders from the Starwheel Shelter to push back against Blackgod's people."Li Xing Lun, this is about me and Han Sen. This is none of your business." Blackgod furrowed his brow."I am the notary of the exchange; I do not care for your grudge with Han Sen, but in my Starwheel Shelter, none can lay a finger on him." Li Xing Lun's eyes were firm, hesitation and the desire to hold back entirely absent from them."Li Xing Lun, do you really want to offend me on the behalf of a person who doesn't even matter?" Blackgod looked at Li Xing Lun sternly."Han Sen saved me when the Starwheel Shelter was in crisis. He is my savior; no one can do him any harm before me." Li Xing Lun said these words directly.Blackgod's emotion began to change, the atmosphere inside the Shelter growing tense. It was like a room that was packed to the brim with explosives, where the presence of a single spark would be enough to ignite the volatile atmosphere."It is okay to have a one-on-one, but the beast souls that we gamble must be held onto by Li Xing Lun." Han Sen said all of a sudden."That is no problem." Blackgod agreed to the terms, as he knew all about Li Xing Lun's identity. He knew he was not the sort to accept the beast souls and make a run for it.There was also the fact that Blackgod's purpose there was not merely to win a beast soul - he wanted Han Sen's life.Han Sen had stolen the Snake Fish King in the past and used a poison dagger to hurt him. This had almost taken Blackgod's life, and was the cause of the anger that he could never find it in himself to swallow.

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