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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1096: The Xue Family’s GuestTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio“Piece of cake!” Wang Lin turned to look at the Frost Sutra again.But as Wang Lin read, his face began to soften and change. There was indeed a mention of frost, but there was no inherent focus on the element.“No way!” Squinting his eyes to observe with greater focus, he noticed that the words were phrased in a way that did not support frost as a primary element.He would have been able to mention the inclusion of frost air in the text, but with so many professionals watching, they’d have been able to tell he was just trying to cover up his own mistake.Everyone was now aghast at this revelation, and they peered at the sutra in a new light. They noticed the Frost Sutra never explicitly mentioned it was a frost technique.They always believed it was based on frost due to the Xue family being who they were, and their experience in casting frosty and icy elemental powers. Frost was even included in the sutra’s title.“There’s no need to continue. There is no mention of frost being a core component of the sutra, and yet, the beginning of Jadeskin explicitly refers to a combination of yin and frost. It’s an easy mistake to make,” Han Sen said with a grin.The Xue family looked at Wang Lin in shock.Xue Feiyan then asked Han Sen, “So, what is the problem exactly?”Han Sen told her. “The Frost Sutra is a yin and soft Qi Gong. The actual presence of frost has nothing to do with an expertise with the sutra. The Xue family possesses frosty powers and three yin pulses. Your frosty talents made the Frost Sutra produce a frost energy. This is what led to a misunderstanding in the first place, and this is what has affected your bodies negatively.”“The geno fluid increases your yin and frost element. That, combined with your cold place of habitat… Well, problems would have always been difficult to avoid, given the circumstances,” Han Sen explained.The professionals glanced over the Frost Sutra and Jadeskin again, and they too were now able to acknowledge the error.“Mister Han, how do we fix this issue?” Xue Yufeng saw Wang Lin robbed of his ability to speak, so he asked Han Sen.Han Sen said, “You have to remove the frost element. If you practice it profoundly, you must ingest something warm to nurse your body. You should also improve Iceheart. And ideally, it would be best if you didn’t live somewhere this cold.”Han Sen provided the Xue family a solution to their woes, but he did not care if they actually listened and adhered to what they were told.Everyone was now inching closer towards Han Sen in admiration of his intelligence. Wang Lin had already snuck away from the hall in shame, but no one noticed.The Xue family treated Han Sen like an honored guest now, too. They asked him to help personally modify Jadeskin and the geno fluid again. They also wanted him to help them improve Iceheart.The three other families were happy, too. If this worked, then it meant everyone could practice the Frost Sutra.Han Sen did not think it would benefit them, though. Without the three yin pulses the Xue family had, it would be extremely slow for them to learn.It would most likely take members of the other families twenty years to reach a mere beginner status.Han Sen stayed on their planet for a while, and he noticed a gradual change in the Xue family. He was given genuine respect from everyone there.Aside from modifying the Frost Sutra and Iceheart, Han Sen spent some time indulging in a number of rare books that were secret to the other families.He stayed there for a month to establish the basics on their behalf and left the remainder of the work to be completed by the family’s own professionals.The professionals were not much worse than Han Sen in talent, so there was no need for him to worry about them messing up.The Xue family, in the meantime, also made plans to leave the planet and make their home in someplace warmer.Xue Feiyan took care of Han Sen for the duration of his stay there, and she made sure to ask him many questions.Han Sen answered diligently, and she cherished each answer. The relationship they developed was not too different from one formed by a teacher and a disciple.When Han Sen left them, he continued modifying his own new Jadeskin. The Frost Sutra was used as a base, but he knew it had to be more than that.Han Sen needed it to be much better than what it was, so it could provide support for his Dongxuan Sutra. For the cons his signature sutra may have harbored, he hoped his modifications of Jadeskin could rectify them.But unfortunately, Han Sen could not modify it in the way he did for the Xue family. This would take a lot of time.Back in the sanctuary, Han Sen brought Disloyal Knight to the Devil’s Realm so they could continue hunting creatures. His badge had almost collected ten thousand Devil Presences, and he was excited to find out what he might be able to trade with the Devil King.This was the reason why Han Sen had not left the area for a few years.Han Sen was depressed seeing Little Angel, though. He still had no clue how long it would take for her to evolve.But the egg of the dinosaur had finally started to show some movement, and just as it did, the shell began to crack. It was hatching.Han Sen hoped to see how much it had evolved, and what manner of powers it possessed.Without a doubt, it was going to be a massive help for Han Sen’s future adventures.Han Sen just hoped it wouldn’t run off the moment it was born.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1232: Lightning StoneTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioIn the well, there was a flickering bolt of lightning. It was different from normal lightning, and the end of the bolt seemed to be stemming from something solid. It was a blue stone.The blue stone was like crystal, and he could see lightning inside and out of it.The lightning was strange, though. Each flash only illuminated a small portion of the area around the stone. Outside of its immediate proximity was darkness and nothing more. If Han Sen had not been led as close as he was now, he wouldn’t have been able to make it out in that stifling darkness.Water Fairy had generated a bubble for Han Sen to sit within, so he could breathe and talk underwater.“What is this thing?” Han Sen asked as he pointed towards the lightning stone.The lightning stone was very large, around the size of a house. Curiously, there were many holes in its exterior that could provide Han Sen access.Water Fairy entered the bubble and took Han Sen’s arm, saying, “I’m not sure what it is, but it sure seems to be brimming with power, don’t you think? Be careful going close, though, as the holes occasionally beam with the lightning. It won’t leave the confines of the crystal as long as its undisturbed, thankfully. You most probably heard the sound of thunder outside, did you not? It was that. Like an explosive exhaust of lightning and thunder.”“Show me how to trigger the lightshow,” Han Sen said.Water Fairy nodded and waved her hand, then a wave of water went towards the stone.When her water touched the stone, blue lightning spat out from its holes. The lightning lashed out like hungry vines, which then wrapped around the exterior of the stone and produced a thunderous roar.When the water came into contact with the lightning, the wave was broken.When the water was gone, the lightning began to calm and go back to its simmering status as if nothing had transpired.Han Sen looked at the stone with a hearty mixture of surprise and fervent inquisitiveness. It was strong, but it did not show signs of possessing a lifeforce. The lightning seemed to be genuine.If it was just lightning, though, why would it have the awareness to prevent something from approaching?“You said the water wouldn’t allow the presence of dirt, so how is this stone here in the water?” Han Sen asked.Water Fairy frowned and said, “Normally, Sky Pure Water cannot contain dirt. And if an item that is unclean is present, the Sky Pure Water displaces both the unclean item and the water surrounding the item. It really is strange, even to me, that this lightning stone is here in the midst of the water.”Han Sen observed the stone a bit more and then told her, “Take me closer.”Water Fairy responded to this with shock, and she quickly exclaimed, “But that lightning is so strong, I don’t think we can withstand it!”“I only want to get a closer peek, that’s it. Take me there, and if I can’t withstand it, then you can pull me back.” Han Sen smiled.“I won’t disappoint you,” Water Fairy said with renewed confidence. She looked happy, and then she took the bubble closer to the danger zone.Han Sen used his Dongxuan Aura to simulate Thunder Hell Emperor’s black lightning, wanting to see if he could get right into the stone.There could be a treasure inside, one that belonged to Thunder Hell. If that was the case, Han Sen thought the lightning would only acknowledge the presence of the now-deceased spirit, and a simulation of his power would be the next best thing.When the bubble got closer, though, the stone began to spew blue lightning to seal off each point of entry possible.The bubble connected with one whip of lightning and immediately broke. In response, Han Sen turned and struck the blue lightning with the black lightning he now commanded.Pang!The reaction was not what Han Sen expected, and he was literally shocked. The electricity that coursed through him was excruciatingly painful, and it sent him flying backward. Fortunately, Water Fairy managed to catch him with another bubble. If she hadn’t, he’d have been blasted back out of the well.Han Sen looked at his hand, noticing the presence of blue lightning flickering across it. The black lightning was no match, it seemed.“Strange. There doesn’t seem to be any association between the blue and black lightning. Was it just my simulation that failed? Did the stone fail to recognize me as Thunder Hell?” Han Sen thought to himself.His hand still jolted with the presence of lightning that was still there, and every time it sparked, a new mark was left. It started to make Han Sen feel numb.Opting to try something else, Han Sen decided to simulate the silver fox’s lightning. He was intrigued by the stone, and he really wanted to get rid of the blue lightning that was inhibiting his examinations and possible treasure collection.And with the silver lightning, the breakthrough he was looking for was achieved. The blue lightning moved away from Han Sen. It seemed as if the cords of blue were afraid of the silver lightning that Han Sen had created.“Master, the blue lightning is retreating! It is returning back to the stone, as if it is afraid of something,” Water Fairy said,“Take me back to the hole again.” Han Sen hadn’t expected the silver fox’s abilities to have such far-reaching positive effects.Han Sen did notice that Thunder Hell’s lightning was different than the silver fox’s. Thunder Hell’s lightning was all about pure destruction and the taking of lives; the silver fox was about saving lives instead. It could be used to heal others, after all.The blue lightning was afraid of Little Silver’s lightning, or at least, that was what Han Sen guessed.Water Fairy delivered him to the stone as he had requested, and when Han Sen reached it, the hole had already begun building up a discharge to lash and keep him away. In response, Han Sen summoned his silver lightning again, which made the blue lightning retreat.Han Sen was delighted, and this really was the result he was looking for. He told Water Fairy to wait where she was, while he jumped into the hole that the silver lightning had opened.

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新腾讯五分彩开奖号码⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1078: This Is Not My RoadTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioAfter a minute of blinding brilliance, the light started to fade to a more bearable level. And as Han Sen looked its way, a demonic voice began to boom from within the glow.Within the light, Han Sen saw the faint outline of a strong man. He was sitting and speaking.The demonic voice was surreal to hear. It was of a language Han Sen could not recognize, and although that meant he should not have been able to understand what was spoken, he somehow could.When this light appeared, the attentiveness of all the creatures stiffened. They turned to look at the luminance keenly. They were all like well-disciplined and obedient students at school, and while the scene was a serious one, the sight was not without a measurement of grin-bearing silliness.Dragon King was in too much shock to speak, and he looked absolutely mortified. Seeing spirits of the dead come to attack would not warrant such fright, Han Sen believed.He wished to ask what was happening, but Han Sen refrained from doing so. He imagined the consequences could be dire, if he dared disturb the creatures now.Han Sen then chose to try and satiate his curiosity himself. He perked his ears and tried to listen to what the demonic voice was saying.The six super creatures, and all the other creatures present, were in a trance-like state as they listened.The language was a strange one. When Han Sen tried to analyze the form of the words deeply, he could not understand a thing. But when he listened to it lightly, as if it were background music, he could understand it clearly. Every word and its meaning were as clear as a bell.Han Sen looked towards the light and kept on listening. He was surprised by his own attentiveness.As he heard the words spoken, he felt a new strength course through his body. If the powers in his veins were like the babbling brooks of a mountainside, they were now comparable to roaring rapids.Han Sen’s energy combined with this power, becoming one.Boom!The Dongxuan Sutra suddenly opened a new gene lock, much to his utter shock.And that power resided there without lessening. It marched towards the next gene lock.Han Sen felt two different powers overwhelm him. The light itself was one aspect of this, and it made him feel grossly incandescent. It glowed around him, but it did not enter his body.The other power came from the demonic language. This penetrated him deeply, and it was like a Qi Gong that drew the exterior power—which was borne on the light—inside.This strange strength combined with the strength that already resided within Han Sen, and the might of both forces were swift to break down another gene lock.Han Sen had no clue who was inside that light, who could impart so much power with the glow and a few words, but he was immeasurably thankful. He had oh-so-easily improved his Dongxuan Sutra by a large amount.Han Sen turned to look at all the other creatures behind him and noticed they too were wrapped in the same glow that caressed him. The creatures behind him were also having their gene locks opened.With that holy light around them, heaven knew how many gene locks they were opening.There was no need for more geno fruits or geno flesh, and there was no need for practice, either. Basking in that warming glow and hearing the words spoken was enough to knock down gene locks with ease.But Han Sen felt something wrong or amiss with this. While the light had been able to open his gene locks, it wasn’t in a manner he wished for them to be unlocked.More and more of that power penetrated Han Sen, and it began to overwhelm his own strength. He was helpless, feeling the demonic influence usurp his own inner-power.“This isn’t right!” Han Sen wanted to stop the power from penetrating him and disconnect himself from it.But Han Sen could not stop it, and it was within him, dictating his own energy flow.Katcha!Another gene lock was opened, and the power was incredibly strong.Han Sen could feel the power getting stronger and stronger, and while he could still feel the gene locks breaking, he wasn’t happy.Han Sen wasn’t the smartest man alive, but at least he was honest. He wasn’t one to deny help, but he wanted to command his ascension and progression of power. What was happening right now did not sit right with him.And it wasn’t just that. It was how this demonic power penetrated him without permission that offended him the most. It had come inside and replaced his own power, making his own little more than an add-on. He was not entirely himself.The power from that light was taking over, and there was nothing he could do to prevent its intrusion.It was like he had been forced to learn a mathematical equation or formula, and the demonic language in his head taught him how. It was a way to become stronger, and it had indeed worked.But if he did not learn the core of the formula, his mind would be trapped.Han Sen no idea how he had become so much stronger in such a short amount of time, but it had happened, whether he liked it or not.But he still felt it was wrong, and that he would be worse-off by improving his power this way. He had not commanded this ascension and neither had he learned the inner-workings of every gene lock. He mastered his own skills and perfected each step of his progression; that was how he always did things. This could put him in danger.He was walking along a path someone else had told him to go on, without knowing where he was going and for what purpose.With the promise of an increase in strength, many would gladly oblige and follow the path.But Han Sen was different, if not a little stubborn. He wanted to learn the workings of the world himself, and he wanted to understand the core of his strength through his own means. He liked to command his being and his purpose, not have someone else guide and hold his hand.“This is not what I wanted.” Han Sen cast Blood-Pulse Sutra, and with the Dongxuan Sutra, tried to fight back against the power.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 502: The Other GuardTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"I'm sorry, captain. I messed up," Tie Yi said wryly to the good-looking man sitting next to him, lying on the bed in the hospital."Kitty cat, don't feel sorry for yourself. A man can only grow in mistakes. If a man had never made a mistake, it only means that he is a dedicate flower that has never seen storms. You are still a kitty cat right now, but after experiencing mistake after mistake, you will become the true Tiger of Blueblood one day. Mistakes are not bad for you. As long as you have not died yet, those mistakes will nourish you eventually," the good-looking man said with a smile."Captain…" A hunk as strong as Tie Yi almost sobbed."To cry after being beaten is not Blueblood style." The good-looking man patted Tie Yi on the head lovingly.Someone had seen the scene, he would definitely feel weird or even amused.The good-looking man seemed to be in his 20s, much younger than Tie Yi. However, Tie Yi looked like a child in front of him.However, as weird as it looked, there was a harmony to it. Although it looked amusing, there was nothing to strange.If someone knew the good-looking man, he would not feel weird about it at all.Lu Hui, the captain of Blueblood Reserve Force was only twenty-seven years old but has the nickname Devil Captain.No one knew how strong Lu Hui was. The Blueblood Reserve Force members were like children in front of Lu Hui, including Tie Yi.The training schedule of Blueblood reserve force was most likely made an executed by Lu Hui.The nickname of Tie Yi, Tiger of Blueblood, was in fact from Lu Hui. However, Lu Hui initially called Tie Yi "Kitty Cat of Blueblood." Except for Lu Hui, anyone who called Tie Yi that would be beaten hard.Then, the other members of the reserve force twisted the name and called Tie Yi the young tiger, which later became Tiger of Blueblood when spread wider."Get better and there are worse training waiting for you in the future. Don't think there is no consequence for your loss. After you go back, your training will be doubled," Lu Hui said lightly."Yes, Captain, I will train harder. Next time, I will not lose to that guy," Tie Yi said, gritting his teeth."He is no longer your opponent. However, it is a nice thought to have. Keep it." Lu Hui smiled and thought of Han Sen. Reflecting on the details of Han Sen's performance in the contest, Lu Hui curled his lips into a strange smile.When Han Sen returned to Daphne, he reported to Ji Yanran's office. Just when he entered the office, he smelled fragrance before he saw his girlfriend throwing herself at him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and held his faces with her hand, kissing him passionately."My dear, you are so great. I love you so much." Ji Yanran did not expect Han Sen to beat Tie Yi and gain the post. She excitedly offered her hottest lips, which Han Sen would never turn down. He held her butts with his hands, admiring how plump and bouncy they were.Ji Yanran who was shy in general but seemed to be in a great mood this time. She even unbuttoned Han Sen's shirt and kissed down his neck.When Han Sen went out of the office with limp legs, he could still hear Ji Yanran's tempting voice, "This is a special reward for you.""I love this reward." Han Sen walked as he hung a little song. Before long, he suddenly felt a chill.Han Sen shivered and looked ahead. A woman in military uniform was standing opposite him, looking at Han Sen coldly as if he were an animal.The looks on the woman's face made Han Sen feel she was not looking at a man, or even a human. In her eyes, Han Sen was no different from a cat or dog.If Wendy could be described as a cold soldier, then this woman just seemed like a bloodthirsty killer.Although Han Sen had never seen this woman before, he had this impression already at the first site. He could not tell why, but he thought this woman was so scary that he would rather beat ten men like Tie Yi before pissing her off.The woman walked straight past Han Sen and surprisingly, knocked on Ji Yanran's door.Who is that woman? How come I have never seen her before? Han Sen suddenly had a thought. At this time, the most plausible explanation for the woman who was not from Daphne to visit Ji Yanran was that the woman was the other guard.Although Han Sen did not know what the identity of the woman was, he could sense that the woman was much stronger than him with his keen perception.Han Sen even suspected that the woman was a surpasser, otherwise it was unlikely that she gave him a sense of suppression.Very soon, Han Sen's guess was corroborated. And night, Ji Yanran was chatting with Han Sen using comlink lying on her bed."That woman is your other guard?" Han Sen still remembered that woman and asked casually."Yes, that is Colonel Annie. She is my new guard. Do not try to flirt with her. She is a surpasser. If you piss her off, I could not stop her," Ji Yanran said, smiling."My dear wife, what is it that your family do? They're able to get you a surpasser as guard?" Han Sen couldn't help asking.Han Sen had never asked about Ji Yanran's family, but he was so surprised this time.Even those captains of interstellar warships will not be so extravagant that they used surpassers as their guards."Have you been following the news recently?" Ji Yanran did not answer but asked."Not a lot, but I know something." Han Sen would read the news from time to time in case that he knew too little about the society."Have you seen any news related to the Jis?" Ji Yanran asked with a smile."News about the Jis?" Han Sen thought about it and suddenly stared his eyes wide. "You mean the one who entered the election recently…"The next morning, Han Sen got up and teleported into God's Sanctuary. This time, he did not rush to go hunting. He decided to go to the market of the Starwheel Shelter to buy some mutant beast souls.Even if mutant beast souls were not that helpful to him, he could easily elevate them into berserk mutant beast souls with the black crystal to make a lot of money. Such a good deal was not to be missed.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 539: Learning Dongxuan SutraTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen carefully inspected Xue Yi Yang, not knowing whether he had learned. If you were to search people with smooth skin, you'd find that many people's skin was like ice.It seemed as if the people who learned Qi Gong all had skin that appeared particularly smooth. That made Han Sen feel more secure.Han Sen wanted to ask around about the Xue family, but before he could, the speech began. Everyone fell quiet, and Han Sen had to swallow his questions and turn his attention to the stage.The first woman who came out to talk was called Lin Wei Wei. He could not tell her age, but she looked so elegant that his eyes felt refreshed just from looking at her.Her whole body was like silky jade, and even her hair possessed a halo of sparkling cleanliness.The Third-World View she spoke of was a classic in Qi Gong. It was supposed to be a proper speech, but all she did was stand on stage and discuss her own opinions on the subject. She did not even read out the sutra.Han Sen had never learnt the Third-World View, but hearing Lin Wei Wei's explanation of the sutra made him happy.The reason why Han Sen could not understand the Dongxuan Sutra was because he could not decipher a certain section that was composed of an abstruse lexicon. It was extremely difficult to read.Fortunately, Lin Wei Wei's speech provided comments and explanations on the Qi Gong. After Han Sen heard what she had to say, he felt that he understood it far better. He was captivated by her talk, and so he perked his ears, eager to catch every single word.The events on stage were unlike what he had expected. Ji Yanran had told him that Qi Gong started with the legend of the timeline of the seven emperors but ended with the Qin timeline. After Qin, no one was quite sure why Qi Gong began failing.After it was found again in the God Sanctuary, Qi Gong returned to be something well-known.Because it was just some ancient book and codex like the Dongxuan Sutra, its contents were incredibly difficult to decipher. Han Sen thought that the Qi Gong they spoke about was equally difficult.But after hearing the speech, he noticed the Third-World View Lin Wei Wei spoke of had already been translated to the language used by the Alliance. It also related well to modern science, and to the God Sanctuary. Even people who could not speak or read ancient texts could understand what she said.Although Han Sen had never learnt the Third-World View, hearing her comments about the Qi Gong was incredibly beneficial for him. It was better than learning the ancient language outright.Han Sen was enamored by the proceedings on-stage. According to what Lin Wei Wei said, Qi Gong was just another hyper geno art. It just wasn't like the ordinary types, being designed for humans to maximize the potential of their genes instead. It was a hyper geno art that could absorb the power of the universe.The core principle of the Qi Gong was allowing a person's body to absorb and become a vessel for the powers of the universe. It strengthened an individual's genes.According to recent theories, it took a fitness level of 300 and obtaining the status of a Celestial Being to form the baseline of Qi Gong requirements. To break through Qi Gong was to break through the fabric of your genes.The entrance of the Qi Gong, to use a genetic systematic term, was a sudden change in the gene lock. To reach the level of a Celestial Being meant an individual had managed to open their gene lock. If you opened a gene lock, your genes would take a great leap in evolution.For some Qi Gong, however, you did not need to become a Celestial Being before training how to open the gene lock. Very few people would have the talent to do this, however.But even if you could not open the gene lock before ascending to the level of a Celestial Being, learning Qi Gong was still a way in which you could refine your genes. After you opened the gene lock, the changes within your genes would be even greater.After Lin Wei Wei concluded her talk about Third-World View, Han Sen was still eager to hear more.Ji Yanran noticed how intently Han Sen had paid attention to the speech and asked, "Have you learnt Third-World View?""No," Han Sen replied.Ji Yanran thought he had couldn't have learned it before because Third-World View was a Qi Gong codex that was exclusive to the four families. It was only natural that he didn't know about it. But if this was the case, why had he been so focused on the speech?After Lin Wei Wei, it was time for Xue Yi Yang to give his speech. He went on stage and began to talk about Ice Heart, a subject which he could discuss with great thoroughness. Through a combination of modern science and a shelter gene system, Han Sen was able to learn a great deal about it.This Ice Heart seemed quite familiar. After hearing Xue Yi Yang's speech, although Han Sen did not fully learn Ice Heart, his understanding of it had undoubtedly reached another level.Han Sen had not expected the exchange event to be so beneficial to his understanding of so many things. The words of their speeches and the content of the Dongxuan Sutra flooded his mind. There were many sections he had not previously been able to understand, but now did.Han Sen's heart was burning; and he wished he could start learning Dongxuan Sutra right away. But he continued to patiently and intently listen to what was being said on-stage. Perhaps there was even more he could learn.A total of thirteen people would give speeches out of the four families. Each would make a speech each day for three days. This meant 39 Qi Gong's learned greatly through the speeches on-stage.Unfortunately, each individual's commentary and personal review colored each on-stage discussion. None of them touched upon the original codexes and how to learn them. It would be impossible to learn the codexes only through hearing them speak. But the special terms and knowledge that comprized Qi Gong is what fascinated Han Sen the most.Although Ji Yanran felt it strange that Han Sen was so interested in the discussions, it made her happy, all the same. It was nice to see Han Sen so engrossed in learning Qi Gong, as it would make it easier for him to learn the Ji family's Qi Gong in the future.The three days of speeches were over far too quickly for Han Sen, and although he had learned a fair bit, the speeches hadn't gone deep enough for his complete satisfaction.After Han Sen retired to take another look at the Dongxuan Sutra, he noticed that the speakers had spoken little more than a basic page of the sutra. But that was enough for Han Sen to understand the basic fundaments of the sutra, and he now understood how to get started with it.But by the end of the speeches, there was still a lot he did not understand and could no longer enquire about, which made him feel disappointed.But Han Sen understood that the people present were only the youngest of the four families, so their levels could not be all that high. So their own understanding would also be quite limited. Still, he was grateful for the benefits he had received, and this was surprising."Dongxue Sutra, I can finally learn it! Although I have only got the basics, according to what they have been saying, I should now be able to learn how to open the gene lock. The only thing I don't know is how long it'll take for me to get started." Han Sen's heart was fixated with the Dongxue Sutra's codex basics, his breath almost panting, his heart pumped faster.Originally, Han Sen had thought the Dongxue Sutra would be really difficult to get to grips with. After all, the Qi Gong Lin Wei Wei talked about could only open three or four gene locks, but the Dongxue Sutra provided ten different entrances. According to the current theory, that meant it could open ten gene locks. The difference between the two was highly significant.But for the time it usually took to learn these things, Han Sen's beginning was off to a good start.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1144: Ten Steps of the Holy DoorTranslator:Nyoi-Bo StudioEditor:Nyoi-Bo StudioThe stone door hovered in the air, adamantly remaining closed.The underground cavern was a mighty place, but the door seemed so far away. With Xiang Yin's speed, it looked like she could reach it in the space of a second. But with everyone's bated breath, it felt like she'd never reach there.The mist that was a pleasant smell began to stream towards the door and Xiang Yin followed in its wake. The tallest point of the cavern's ceiling was ten-thousand meters high, but to Han Sen, Xiang Yin felt like she was an entire galaxy away from him.When Xiang Yin reached the door, she placed her hands against it and pushed it partially open.The scary power that came from that small gap immediately frightened Han Sen and flattened him down on the ground.It wasn't just Han Sen like this, but the creatures all around were pushed down to the ground, as well. Only the super creatures could manage to somewhat stand in defiance of that new gravity.Although the super creatures could fight it back, they still looked terrified before that power.Xiang Yin's clothes violently waved in the wind of a phantom typhoon that seemed to stem from that partially-opened door.But Xiang Yin still managed to stand strong against it all, maintaining her grip on the door she pushed against.As the door slowly opened, more and more of that wind entered the cavern. Soon after, not even the super creatures could stand.Where Xiang Yin was, the wind was even more terrifying. The gusts were so sharp, they cut her like blades and knifed through the mist.Xiang Yin frowned and summoned a flute. She blew a few notes towards the door, which manifested as a wall of snakes to aid her in withstanding the force of that invisible storm.She continued her defiance of the door and pushed it with all her might, but soon after, not even the snakes could withstand the gusts.So then, she summoned her lute. Notes emerged from the instrument without it even being played, and the notes took on the form of birds. Like a raven shield of gold, they stood against the fierce phantom winds as a bulwark before her.It did not last forever, though, and each time her protection broke, she'd summon another instrument to create a shield. Over the time it took for her to open the door, she ended up summoning eight different instruments and eight different creatures.Boom!Even the stone door itself quivered. She had managed to open the door fully, but no spirit came through from the other side.In the black on the other side of the stone door, there were stairs. Where they led, none could tell. The dimension inside was distorted and twisted, preventing any clear view by the onlookers.Xiang Yin placed a foot on one of those steps, and the moment she took a step, a transparent fire blazed to consume her.The beasts that accompanied her were useless, and they all turned to soot in the hungry flames that licked them.Xiang Yin's clothes and instruments became cinders and ash in the flame, and she looked to be in agony. The fire was making her suffer, but her resolve was not swayed. She pushed on to take a second step.More fire blazed to envelop her, as all the items she possessed disintegrated into nothing. With Xiang Yin's clothing gone, her flesh was seared through to expose bones that were then catching on fire.That mist began to seep out from the seams and tears of her composition, and so too did magical musical notes. The forces tried to form a veil of protection around her, against the most brutal fire that sought to put an end to her ascension.With every step she took, it seemed like a century had elapsed. And each time she took a step, another one would appear.The transparent fire did not relent as she ascended, and it continued to ravage her as she went. But while it did indeed hurt her, it morphed and warped her super body's genes.Han Sen was shocked. When she reached her seventh step, her super body began to collapse. He could not tell how many more steps awaited her.When she reached the ninth step, her entire body was vaporized. Han Sen could only see a blurry light reach that ninth step, and the notes and mist that accompanied her had drawn faintly."Ten Steps of the Holy Door. I did not expect you to reach the ninth step; you must be the greatest of the eight generals," a weird voice boomed throughout the underground. Quickly, it tried to follow Xiang Yin.Han Sen was shocked when he saw who it was. It was Yaksha!He looked different than the last time Han Sen saw him. Yaksha looked strange, but as murderous as ever. Han Sen knew exactly what he was up to.But with Xiang Yin focusing on her ascension of those brutal steps, she couldn't turn her attention away to focus on anything else.Yaksha had appeared at the perfect time to prevent her ascension. He was there now, bitterly seeking to stop her. Han Sen realized Yaksha must have been hidden there the entire time. He had waited for this paramount moment to reveal himself and make her fail.By doing that, he hoped to achieve the powers of the Fourth God's Sanctuary and flesh easily.Prior to this moment, Xiang Yin would have had no trouble exterminating the villain Yaksha was, but she was on the final step of that excruciating climb. She could not be distracted.But it did seem like Xiang Yin herself now acknowledged Yaksha was there. She was shocked by his sudden appearance, and it immediately made her quiver. As she took notice, her notes appeared weaker."Oh, no." Han Sen looked at his xun and sought to stop Yaksha.

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Huqiu Jiayu⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 928: Not in the Mood TodayTranslator:Nyoi-Bo StudioEditor:Nyoi-Bo StudioHeavenly Empress left with Flower Empress, and after they were out of earshot of the others, she asked, "So, you have a crush on The King?"Flower Empress blushed and said, "It that a bad thing?"Heavenly Empress smiled and replied, "It is not bad, no. But since no one has yet learned his identity, you shouldn't get your hopes up about any future hook-up.""I am not hoping for anything. He is powerful, that is all; it impresses me a great deal," Flower Empress explained."That's good, then." Heavenly Empress smiled and did not say anything else.Han Sen spent his days in carefree merriment. He amassed large swathes of spirit genes, with little to no effort.And as fortuitous as this was, it did make him feel as if there were no king spirits around. He thought it was quite strange. He had spent many days there, but had not been challenged or approached by a single king spirit. As such, he didn't obtain a single king spirit geno point. It was almost as if they were all avoiding him."How am I supposed to get more king spirit genes, if things continue in such a way?" Han Sen looked at his rank, noticing he was just below one hundred thousand."Hmph, if you don't seek me out, then I will seek you out." Han Sen sent away the spirits that crowded around him, and drove off on his island.As everyone wondered what he was up to, Han Sen went off in search of spirits that were of a higher rank than him.Han Sen hid his lifeforce with dongxuan aura, so that no one would know he was coming.When he neared a spirit, he challenged his desired opponent quickly. He raced towards anyone who had a higher rank than him, and when his rank was nearing the realm of numbers populated by king spirits, he stopped."The top hundred must be king spirits. If I kill them one by one, I will be able to obtain a hundred king spirit genes," Han Sen cleverly mulled.He had heard that the top hundred were mostly comprised of king spirits, and since they could not decline his request for challenge, he planned to kill them sequentially.Han Sen came across a spirit that was rank one hundred and twenty-seven. The spirit's name was Storm King. Without any warning, Storm King found himself challenged and immediately dragged into combat.Storm King had opened his second gene lock, but after a couple of punches, he was killed. From the spirit, Han Sen received a wind geno point.After that, he found another two king spirits. Following their deaths, he obtained two more fire geno points.Although he skipped a few ranks between them, there was nothing he could do about that. He tried his best to find spirits that were as close as possible to his rank, but he absolutely avoided those that were one hundred or below.All of a sudden, he caught sight of a few islands that were headed his way.It was Flower Empress and The King of Day. With them was another woman spirit he had seen before, but not been introduced to. There was also a person he had never seen before. The male spirit was blonde, and he had fiery, phoenix-like eyes. He looked noble, as if he was stuffed rigid with pride.When he approached Han Sen, he did not even look at him. All the spirit did was talk with one of the empresses.Looking at his statue, Han Sen noticed that his number was one. That meant he was the greatest and most powerful spirit in the entire spirit base."The King, do you dare challenge Phoenix King?" The King of Day coldly proposed."This is Phoenix King?" Han Sen looked at the blonde man."Yes I am. Now cut the crap and fight me!" Phoenix King looked on Han Sen with disdain.What Phoenix King said wasn't personal; he behaved this way to everyone. He was particularly rude when he wanted a challenge with others."Oh my God! This is going to be one h*ll of a show.""Phoenix King's body is indestructible, or so I have heard. Does The King have what it takes to defeat such a foe?""Such a fight will prove, once and for all, whether or not The King is invincible."Phoenix King cawed loudly like a bird, drawing the attention of all the spirits that were near.Growing excited, they all drew near.Han Sen squinted. It was like he did not even hear what Phoenix King had told him. Then, Han Sen drove towards one of the islands that was approaching.The spirit he was headed for was called Lightning King; the spirit had a rank of one hundred and nineteen. When he saw Han Sen coming his way like a rabid dog, though, it was too late for him to turn tail and flee.He was only going to watch the fight that was supposed to transpire, but in a flash, The King had leapt onto his island with a bloodlust."The King, are you afraid of Phoenix King?" Flower Empress shouted at Han Sen."It's nice to see you again, Flower Empress. Have you come here to make good on what you owe me?" Han Sen smiled at her.She blushed and was robbed of all the words she had intended to taunt him with."The King, why are you running away from Phoenix King? If you are afraid, just admit it. We won't force you to challenge him," The King of Day said in a sarcastic tone."I can kill that wimp with ease, but I'm not in the mood today. Perhaps another time?" Han Sen said, then attacked Lightning King.Lightning King stood no chance against Han Sen, and he was swiftly destroyed.After receiving his thunder geno point, Han Sen cruised off on his island, casually. He blatantly ignored Phoenix King and the challenge that was proposed."How obscene. He said it would be easy, but then he just ran off!" The spirits were frozen, after viewing the peculiar spectacle.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1292: Moving Star EmperorTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioFortunately, the jue was only shaking. Nothing else happened.Han Sen knew that, for as long as there was no alcohol inside it, there shouldn’t be any more incidents. For all he knew, it could have been having alcoholic withdrawals.But as he continued to walk, the shaking of the jue became more vigorous. When Empty Witch brought Han Sen over to the west side of the shelter, it started to vibrate like mad.“There it is! When it is dark, you can see it shining bright like a comet,” Empty Witch said, as she pointed towards the object.Han Sen looked in that direction and saw a very smooth black rock. If Empty Witch had not mentioned it to Han Sen, he never would have guessed it was once a treasure.“That must be the Luminous Stone. If I pour wine into the jue, I bet you I can summon her,” Han Sen thought to himself.Han Sen did not know if there was any particular use to summoning demi-gods. He had asked Moment Queen about it, and she had no clue. All she could tell him was that various treasures, belonging to demi-gods, were known to have been left over in the Third God’s Sanctuary, and that was it.“If I want to know the answer to this, it looks like I’ll have to accept Dragon King’s proposal,” Han Sen thought to himself.If it was an ordinary king spirit, Han Sen would have gladly given him the egg already. But he was one of the eight generals, and he had a connection to Asura. Han Sen wasn’t entirely sure if he should be trusted.And Yaksha, all this time, had not said a word to Han Sen about what happened with Ancient Devil Emperor, either. Even under the threat of death, he remained silent. This made Han Sen even more curious over the events that had transpired.Han Sen thought that if he could figure out what had occurred, he’d understand a lot more.Asura might have been related to the shura, and the shura were related to the Luo family. Zero could practice the Asura Sutra and the Falsified-Sky Sutra, and on her back, she possessed a Nine-Life Cat tattoo. Furthermore, there was a connection between Blood Legion and Han Jinzhi.Han Sen felt all this was connected somehow, and it was all just one big jigsaw puzzle. There was only one problem: he didn’t know what the whole picture looked like. And he wasn’t even sure if he had all the pieces of the puzzle.Han Sen needed more information, he felt. He had ownership over two key figures in this plot, but they refused to loosen their tongues about it. All he knew was that Asura betrayed Ancient Devil Emperor somehow.The only other lead Han Sen had was in Baby Ghost. He once told Han Sen he was the vice-leader of Blood Legion, despite being a spirit. Han Sen wished he could crack open Baby Ghost’s brain to get a peek at what hidden knowledge he possessed and refused to reveal.As it got dark now, though, Han Sen heard footsteps approaching. There was a spirit coming. He looked colder than the black of space, and many star-like orbs surrounded his presence. He did not look like the friendly sort.When he saw who this spirit was, he knew why, too.He was Moving Star Emperor, and he had ranked tenth place in Divinity’s Bout. He was also Han Sen’s biggest enemy in the northwestern regions that he was practically ruling. He was Han Sen’s roadblock for expansion, and after two years of skirmishes and fighting, neither side had yet to prevail over the other.The spirits all whispered how powerful he was.But Moving Star Emperor was not one sole spirit. He had a host of powerful subordinates, hanging on his beck and call. It was through their support that Han Sen was unable to defeat him.Moving Star Emperor would have liked nothing more than to kill Han Sen then and there. Many of his subordinates had died during the battles he and Han Sen had waged, and it brought him great pain and anguish.He thought Han Sen was a cheater, too, since he frequently used Holy Rhino and Little Silver for healing during their fights. Han Sen’s tactics were infuriating.“How could a pathetic human have been invited here?” Moving Star Emperor said, with a cold half-rhetorical question of insult and disdain.Moving Star Emperor didn’t start a fight, though. It just went to show how much influence Lotus Empress had over those who were attending.“She can invite whoever she wishes to,” Empty Witch answered.Han Sen was quite shocked, following this. Moving Star Emperor did nothing to Empty Witch. Empty Witch had only opened nine gene locks, but she could talk down to whoever visited there because she knew Lotus Empress had her back.Moving Star Emperor looked over to the Luminous Stone, though. And due to the night starting to settle in, it was beginning to glow. The darker it became, the brighter the light was. The light it emitted was warm, and it was beautiful in the way it scattered across all the lotuses around it.Han Sen felt as if there was a rhythm to the way that light pulsated, but he couldn’t hear anything to suggest there might have been music playing.“Perhaps silence is the greatest music.” Han Sen could feel it, but he could not hear it. He wasn’t quite sure what he was witnessing, truth be told. But it was more than just a simple glowing rock.“This dirty, down-trodden, filthy race can understand?” Moving Star Emperor said, with a clear effort to provoke Han Sen.He didn’t dare to attack physically, but sticks and stones and all that…Han Sen did not participate in their battles, and he allowed Purple Emperor to lead. Therefore, Moving Star Emperor only had second-hand tales to estimate just how powerful Han Sen might have been. He was eager to learn the truth first-hand. If he could instigate a conflict right then and there, he thought it would be brilliant.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 132: Another Sacred-blood Beast SoulTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe sacred-blood fox king didn’t even move when seeing the arrow approach. It even showed contempt in its eyes.But soon, the fox king was aghast. That arrow was not meant for the fox king, but a bean-sized eye of the golden rock worm.Although the golden rock worm had a huge body, its eyes were as small as beans and hidden in its stone-hard shell, hardly noticeable.Hen Sen not only saw them, but also managed to shoot an arrow in one of them. with a scream, the golden rock worm rampaged toward Han Sen who was in the air.The sacred-blood fox king had extremely high intelligence, but golden rock worm solely operated on instincts. Once it was provoked, it would go mad.It was too late for the fox king to stop it, so it jumped off the worm with its injured leg as fast as it could before the worm fell off the cliff.Wang Mengmeng was held in Han Sen’s arms and took back the bear. She felt she was falling with him.With a sudden jerk, she felt ground under her feet. The impact was not that strong though. It was as if they had jumped from somewhere three or four feet above the ground.Wang Mengmeng opened her eyes in surprise to find they were under a cliff more than 300 feet high. But nothing had happened to Han Sen and her.When she was feeling incredible, the golden rock worm fell on the ground next to them like a bomb.With a boom, its stone-hard shell was broken in pieces. Worm juice, meat and inner parts were splashing everywhere, staining the cliff wall."Sacred-blood golden rock worm king killed. Beast soul of golden rock worm king gained. Eat its meat to gain zero to ten sacred geno points randomly."A wonderful voice rang in his mind, almost making Han Sen laugh out loud.The fox king was still lingering on the cliff, gazing at him full of resentment."Let’s go." Han Sen summoned his mutant three-eyed beast mountm carried Wang to its back, and went in the opposite direction of the fox king."Should we take some of the worm meat with us?" Wang Mengmeng asked."For such a big worm, there are only ten geno points in its meat. Even if we eat for a month, we might still end up with no geno points. Also, it is hot in here and the meat will go bad in less than two days. Just forget it," Han Sen said with a smile.A creature too big in size was hard to consume, which was just the fact. But he had gained another sacred-blood beast soul and a mutant horned sand fox beast soul, so the voyage was fruitful enough.The only pity was that although he had killed many mutant horned sand foxes and a sacred-blood creature, he did not even get to eat a mouthful of meat.Han Sen took a look at the two beast souls he just gained and felt a bit bitter.The beast soul of mutant horned sand fox was a mount, which was fine. Even if he had no use of it, he could still exchange it for something else or just sell it.The disturbing part was the beast soul of the golden rock worm king. It turned out to be a sacred-blood beast soul pet.Han Sen had been feeding Meowth for quite some time now, but it never transformed. This was a sacred-blood pet, and God knows how much meat it would take for it to transform.And a sacred-blood pet must be fed with a sacred-blood meat, or else it would take even longer.Han Sen was rendered speechless. He did not even have enough sacred-blood meat for himself. Just where could he find food for this guy?Han Sen tried to summon the golden rock worm king and thought it should be huge. When it appeared, Han Sen saw that it was just a mini golden silk worm, not looking the least impressive."Brother Han, why were we safe after jumping from the high cliff?" Wang Mengmeng had been puzzled.When they jumped off the cliff, she was too scared to open her eyes, and did not see how they landed.In fact, even if she did not close her eyes, Han Sen was covering them anyway. He did it so that he could use the wings of the purple-winged dragon beast soul. Or it could never have been done."Because I know a special martial art." Han Sen smiled."What kind of martial art? Can you teach me?" Wang Mengmeng looked at him with worship."It only runs in the family and only sons can be taught, so I can’t even teach my wife and daughter, let alone you." Han Sen laughed.Han Sen did not go back and try to kill the sacred-blood fox king. It was a sly creature. In the end, it did not escape but stood on the cliff. Han Sen knew from its look that it was trying to lure Han Sen back to kill it.If he was alone, he could give it a try. But since Wang Mengmeng was here, he gave up the idea of ​​adventure.That fox king was the most cunning of creature he had ever seen, even more formidable than the silver bird.With this accident, the voyage had to stop. When Han Sen and Wang Mengmeng were on their way back to the shelter, they met Gambler and the rest. They were all well with minor injuries which had almost healed.After some discussion, they did some hunting in the outskirts of the desert and did not go to the center.They had met scary sacred-blood creatures when they just entered Devil Desert. The team became more careful especially they had to protect Wang Mengmeng in the meantime.Han Sen made up his mind to return as soon as they could, and he will make some in-depth exploration next time he came alone.This task was successfully completed despite the accident. Qin Xuan was fairly satisfied with his performance. Because Wang Mengmeng worshiped Han Sen very much and named him her protector in Steel Armor Shelter, he could have an S-Class license of Saint Hall as his reward.But his mission would be only completed when Wang Mengmeng had maxed out on all other three types of geno points than sacred geno points. Only by then he could have the S-Class license.Han Sen went back to school from God’s Sanctuary and continued to study warframe operation."Sen, you are finally back. You are in trouble." His roommates said to him excitedly when Han Sen just returned to his dormitory."What kind of trouble?" Han Sen asked puzzled."The best player in Hand of God Society Li Yufeng openly challenged you in campus community," Shi Zhikang said."I do not know him. Why would he challenge me?" Han Sen felt quite puzzled."Ha-ha, everyone knows Li Yufeng is Ji Yanran's suitor. And with you ID name, the entire school now knows you as Ji Yanran's boyfriend. Of course Li Yufeng needs to challenge you. He said if you lose, you need to change your ID name or stop using that account, and you will also have to apologize to Ji Yanran," said Lu Meng with a trace of joy in his voice.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 522: Stealing the SpiritTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioIn front of the group of porcupines, a giant 9 feet tall covered in black iron armor ran into the army of humans on a huge boar, holding and tower shield in one hand and a double axe in the other. There was no one among the humans who could do anything to him.A human evolver who looked quite fit and should have a fitness over a hundred was slashing a long broadsword at the giant. However, all the strikes were blocked by the tower shield of the giant warrior, who was not hurt.With the rampage of the huge boar, no one could stop the double axe in the giant's hand.Han Sen took a look at it and felt surprised. This seemed to be an aristocrat shelter, so the giant warrior should be an aristocrat spirit, the equivalence of mutant creatures.However, the defense of his armor and shield was so good that even the human evolver with more than a hundred in fitness index cannot break his shield, which was astonishing.Coupled with the spikes coming from the porcupines, the humans could not go inside the shelter at all. Nor did they have any opportunity to destroy the spirit stone of the giant warrior."What a nice meat shield spirit! I will not miss it." Han Sen was very motivated. That spirit was very strong and muscular. Together with the tower shield and armor, he had incredible defense. Although he was just an aristocrat spirit, he was no worse than some royal spirits in terms of defense.If he could get this spirit, it would be much easier for him to kill creatures in the future with a shield.Han Sen summoned the golden armor and rushed out of the ocean. He directly went to the direction of the spirit shelter. There was no use to kill the spirit. He must grab the spirit stone as soon as possible.The injuries were heavy in human army. As they were hesitating whether they should retreat, they suddenly saw a golden figure rushing toward the spirit shelter at an incredible speed.The group of porcupines bristled and shot spikes at the golden figure. A rain of spikes was flying toward him.Many people were nervous as they watched. They had suffered a lot from the spikes and knew how good they were. Even mutant armor could not fully block their penetration.There were at least a thousand spikes shooting at the golden figure. The man will very likely be killed in the end.However, the golden figure did not stop at all and rushed into the spikes. The spikes hit him like a storm, making noises continuously. All the spikes that touched the golden figure were flicked away or broken, yet the golden figure was not hurt at all. He was still charging toward the spirit shelter at a high speed.Round after round of spikes did not affect the golden figure at all. The golden figure soon went into the porcupines. As he moved, he killed several porcupines already.The porcupines guarding the shelter suddenly became a mess, while the golden figure had rushed into the spirit shelter.Everything happened so fast. When the golden figure disappeared in the shelter, the army of humans then realized what had happened. As the porcupines were disorganized, humans started to charge with all they got.The spirit giant warrior saw him entering the spirit shelter and became astonished. Riding on the giant boar, he ran into the shelter. Without the help of the giant warrior, the disorganized porcupines became even weaker in front of the Army of humans. Shortly, humans had entered the shelter.Inside the shelter, they saw creature bodies lay everywhere. The golden figure rushed deep inside the shelter nonstop. Even groups of creatures cannot stop him at all. With no weapon, he killed every creature in front of him and entered the most magnificent hall in the castle.The spirit warrior riding the boar chased after him like crazy, but it was too late. When the spirit warrior came to the hall, the golden figure had already walked out of the hall, with a glowing gem in his hand.Thump!When the spirit warrior came to the golden figure, he did not launch a suicidal attack toward the man as people expected. Surprisingly, it kneeled in front of the golden figure."Mad Shield is willing to give his master the purest soul, follow his master all his life, and never betray his master."Everyone felt astonished, seeing this incredible scene. It was so rare that a spirit would offer his allegiance. In addition, one should beat the spirit before the spirit offered his allegiance.However, the golden figure did not even fight the spirit warrior, yet the spirit gave his allegiance already. The chance that this would happen was probably less than one out of ten thousand.Seeing the golden figure placing the spirit stone on the forehead of the spirit, people were almost blinded by the strong light of the stone. Then, both the spirit and spirit stone disappeared. Obviously, they had been taken back by their master.After the spirit was gone, the creatures in the shelter became a mess. The giant boar which was the spirit's mount roared and charged the golden figure. However, the golden figure did not try to dodge at all.The moment when the giant boar had come to his face, his fist covered in golden armor hit the boar.Facing the giant creature that were rushing over like armored vehicles, the golden figure simply took back his fist casually, while the giant boar suddenly had blood coming out of all the holes on its body, dying at the feet of the golden figure."Strong, he's too strong…" Everybody gasped. Just now, when they were fighting outside, the humans had seen how strong the giant mount was. Even evolvers with a fitness index more than a hundred could not face it head on. However, the creature was killed by the golden figure with one strike."Dollar, he must be Dollar. Dollar is among us…" Someone suddenly exclaimed, making people having a chill.Yes, the golden armor, the invincible attitude, who else could it be other than Dollar?"Dammit! It turns out Dollar is here.""Dollar is simply invincible, even in Second God's Sanctuary.""Dollar, I love you.""With Dollar here, we will never be afraid of the creatures.""That punch is so bad ass."…Han Sen did not stay at all. After killing the boar, he jumped to the top of the palace and quickly left the shelter. He was basically stealing other people's spirit and felt too ashamed to stay.

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1482: Sword Skills of a GodTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioSeeing Han Sen’s opponent was Xu Mi, Elysian Moon frowned and said to herself, “Xu Mi is far too powerful. If Han Sen is hit, I don’t think he’ll even have the time to concede. If I was him, I’d turn tail and run right this second.”In the arena, Xu Mi approached Han Sen. He hadn’t drawn his weapon, and the spirit just looked at the human and said, “A human once told me every man has a price for everything. How much are your sword skills worth? What would you accept as payment for teaching me your technique?”After Xu Mi said this, everyone was shocked.The son of two emperors who was really famous wanted to learn the fighting techniques of a human. It was almost too shocking to comprehend.“For one super geno core, I’ll teach you anything,” Han Sen said.“Okay, but I cannot bring a super geno core here. When we leave Geno Core Battleground, you can seek me out in Furnace Shelter. If you’d prefer, I can come find you in a place of your determining.” Xu Mi immediately agreed to this, and it seemed Han Sen’s sword techniques were deemed more valuable than a super geno core.The people in the audience were all in shock. Not everyone could obtain a super geno core so easily. Many creatures toiled and struggled across the years to get their one, sole super geno core.Now Xu Mi wanted to swap Han Sen’s sword skills for a super geno core, it made everyone want to know what Han Sen’s talents were and why they were worth such a geno core.“I’ll find you in Furnace Shelter, when I have the time,” Han Sen said randomly. Xu Mi’s agreement actually came as a surprise. But it made Han Sen feel as if the kids of emperors were typical spoiled rich kids, and unsure of the actual value of items such as a super geno core.“So, if this business is concluded, let’s fight!” Han Sen said, as he drew Taia.“Fight? If I was able to beat you, I wouldn’t have to learn your sword skills now, would I? I concede. Just remember; come and find me in Furnace Shelter,” Xu Mi said casually.If the audience had been surprised by Red Dragon’s concession, then they were completely floored as Xu Mi conceded and exited the arena.Elysian Moon’s face contorted. She had never imagined something like this could happen.“While we were separated, what did he get up to?” Elysian Moon thought she had come to know Han Sen, but again, she was now feeling like he was a stranger.Han Sen returned to his same seat. Elysian Moon didn’t say anything, and just looked at him instead. She never thought he’d actually be able to compete, and her expression was growing more serious.Even Xu Mi, the son of two emperors, conceded to him. She was feeling a lot of pressure now.The spirits and creatures around the bleachers all had their eyes on Han Sen and Elysian Moon now. They were all talking about them, despite the fact those two were silent.Han Sen had won twice without needing to fight. Everyone was getting an idea of how powerful he must have been, but Han Sen didn’t think this was of much help.To get a God geno core, Han Sen would inevitably have to go through Elysian Moon and Six Paths. If he was lucky, Elysian Moon and Six Paths would have to battle each other first, leaving Han Sen with only one to deal with.The fights would go on until there was a winner. The phantom doors continued to light up, beckoning fighters into the arena. Whoever found themselves going up against Six Paths or Elysian Moon surrendered and conceded immediately, with much fear for their life.Han Sen was not so lucky, though. Although all the combatants knew his name as Sky Sword, many of them still wished to witness his true strength.A super creature in the third round sniffed Han Sen and decided to concede, but on the fourth round, the king spirit he faced did not want to give up.“Sky Sword, huh? I want to see if you have what it takes to wear such a fancy, self-loving title. You really think you are the strongest swordsman in existence?” The spirit drew his own sword and lunged towards Han Sen.“I never said I am Sky Sword,” Han Sen said tiredly, pulling out his own sword to do battle with the spirit.Han Sen didn’t like the title Sky Sword, either. It sounded old-fashioned and stiff. He much preferred the title Dollar, because that at least suggested he was rich.The spirit swung his blade in a flurry that looked like a thousand simultaneous strikes. The entire arena was covered in those slashes, in a bid to not give Han Sen the space to dodge.The spirit was called One Hundred Swords, and his geno core was Ten Thousand Swords. He had been born with very powerful AoE skills.One Hundred Swords heard Han Sen had beaten Red Dragon and Xu Mi, so he knew his opponent’s sword skills had to be formidable. If this was a case of sword skill versus sword skill, there was a chance he’d be the weaker of the two.But he had the Ten Thousand Swords geno core, and with its spread, it did not allow Han Sen to use his sword skills. It forced him to fight his opponent with strength.Seeing all the swords coming at him, though, Han Sen was not afraid. With Taia primed, he was more than ready to fight back.Han Sen needed his sword skills to win, but that was only for Xu Mi. Xu Mi’s sword was too strong, so Han Sen had to beat the spirit with movements.One Hundred Swords had a gemstone geno core, but it was weaker than Xu Mi’s. As a result, Han Sen did not have to dodge.Dong!Han Sen’s Taia blocked every sword that came close. He didn’t flinch once, and he managed to approach One Hundred Swords amidst that barrage. With Han Sen’s strength, he wouldn’t be at a disadvantage against any gemstone-owning beings.The audience had only heard Han Sen’s skills were strong. They had yet to see him in action with their own two eyes.Now, seeing Han Sen fight One Hundred Swords the way he was, they were able to understand why Xu Mi was willing to pay the price of a super geno core to learn Han Sen’s techniques.Aside from the first attack, One Hundred Swords was unable to make another. All his skills were successfully canceled, and if he kept going, he was going to end up on Han Sen’s sword.Han Sen’s sword skills seemed almost able to predict the future, like the wielder was a god. At first, Han Sen’s attacks seemed to be missing anything critical. But after seeing One Hundred Swords’s strike, they noticed the moveset was nothing short of miraculous.Every one of Han Sen’s attacks was for the future, and this godly sword skill shocked everyone to see. After witnessing its capabilities, no one thought a super geno core was too expensive a price to pay.“It’s a f*cking bargain. If I had a super geno core and an affinity for the sword, I’d pay up to learn a sword skill as godly as this.”

Yemen Chengwang2020-8-3 07:11:15

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 285: Flame LieutenantTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"Beast soul identified. Sacred-blood beast soul flame Lieutenant gained."Han Sen was slightly disappointed that he did not get a super beast soul, but he understood that it was normal not to win the lottery.Sacred-blood beast soul was something nice too. Han Sen summoned the beast soul he just gained.With a ball of fire, a devil like creature appeared in front of Han Sen's eyes. It was burning with red flames and looked rather magical.Type of beast soul of flame Lieutenant: aura.Looking at the four letters "aura," Han Sen's disappointment disappeared completely. Instead, he was overjoyed.The four letters were simply a godsend in Han Sen's eyes.Rare did not begin to describe the scarcity of beast soul aura. Even a mutant beast soul aura could be sold at an incredible price.And that did not just apply to First God's Sanctuary. Even in Second God's Sanctuary, a good beast soul aura, even just a mutant one would be highly popular, despite the fact that most sacred-blood beast souls from First God's Sanctuary would be useless there.As long as there was an aura, all the beast soul's around it would be enhanced.As far as Han Sen knew, Son of Heaven had a mutant beast soul aura. When he summoned the beast soul aura, it could improve the ability of all the beast soul within the range of 30 feet by 20%.Beast soul weapons would become sharper. Armor and shields would become tougher. And even shapeshifting beast souls would bring the users more power.For a team, a beast soul aura was definitely a core strength.When a team went hunting, if they had a beast soul aura, their efficiency would be multiplied.Since a beast soul aura could empower all the beast souls within a certain range, if there were several beast soul auras in the same team, then the enhancement would be enormous.Unfortunately, aura beast souls were so rare that in the entire Steel Armor Shelter, only Son of Heaven had a mutant beast soul aura.Even Huangfu Pingqing who had a company dealing beast souls did not have beast soul auras for sale.All the teams wished to have an aura beast soul, so bringing an aura into the Second God's Sanctuary, Han Sen would be invited by many experienced people to join their teams.aura beast souls must be the most valuable type among all beast souls, as its functions were incredibly popular.Han Sen did not even expect himself to gain a beast soul aura, because they were so hard to come by. And this one he gained was a sacred-blood one, which brought him so much joy."Ha-ha, my prayers worked. A beast soul aura would make me popular everywhere I go." Han Sen celebrated.It was already late and Han Sen took back the flame lieutenant and went out of the nest.Although he had already gained great stuff, Han Sen did not forget to blackmail Xu Ruyan. Since there was nothing left in the nest, Han Sen could now kill the mutant ghost-eyed bears and sell them to Xu Ruyan.However, Han Sen would not deign to look for her himself. Instead, he let Fu Shan know of his intention to hunt mutant ghost-eyed bears and his worry that Xu Ruyan would not be interested in them.After Fu Shan told Xu Ruyan about Han Sen's thoughts, Xu Ruyan became thrilled and agreed to purchase however many mutant ghost-eyed bears Han Sen could hunt.Although at this point everyone only had important mutant beast souls left, Xu Ruyan did not even care about the beast souls she owned when hearing the fact that Han Sen was about to kill mutant ghost-eyed bears. She promised that she would purchase all the mutant ghost-eyed bears that Han Sen would hunt. One mutant beast soul for one mutant ghost-eyed bear, and she would take them all.Although mutant beast souls were precious, they were nothing compared to what they would gain after entering the nest. So, her priority was that Han Sen killed as many as mutant ghost-eyed bears as possible.In addition, Xu Ruyan had her own thoughts. Since Han Sen was trapped on the island anyway. When the Starry Group's rescue team arrived, he would have to board their ship to leave the Windend Island. At that point, if she asked him to give back all the beast souls, he would have to obey.No matter how strong he was, Han Sen would not be willing to die on this island of old age.Xu Ruyan had no idea that Han Sen was never counting on the Starry Group. So far, he did not fly away only because he was not sure about the location of the Green Island.When the ship of Starry Group came here, he did not need to go on board. As long as he followed them from afar, he could fly to the Green Island.Han Sen's only concern at the point was that Starry Group would not send a rescue team. In that case, he would have to make a guess about the location of Green Island, which would be relatively riskier.Han Sen knew that if he killed too many mutant ghost-eyed bears at one time, then the ghost-eyed bear group would become too weak. Then, the others would not need to buy ghost-eyed bears from him and could just choose to hunt themselves.Since the Starry Group was not here yet, Han Sen could not leave the island anyway. He took his time and killed a mutant ghost-eyed bear once every few days to exchange for a mutant beast soul. After a month, when Han Sen had gained the seventh mutant beast soul from Xu Ruyan, Xu Ruyan started to discuss with Fu Shan about going to the nest.As she estimated, it was about time that Starry Group finished training new staff and sending them over.She had to beat those people to the beast soul in the egg. Otherwise, she would have achieved nothing in this trip, which could harm her position in the Starry Group.

Huantai Cheng2020-4-0 06:13:17

  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 643: T-Rex ApproachingTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe creature looked like a tyrannosaurus rex. It had leathery red scales shielding its entire body, and four wings wreathed in fire. A spiral horn protruded from its head, and fire writhed out of its nose.Its eyes, as big as wagon wheels, had licks of flame inside the pupils, and it stared at Han Sen and Wang Yuhang. It breathed out smoke from its mouth, which looked like the gaping maw of a volcano."Split up. You go left, I go right," Han Sen quickly shouted, before dashing off.The creature was intimidatingly large. Han Sen thought to draw his crossbow and fire a bolt, but even if it pierced the fiend's thick scales, he feared it would only hit it with the power of a toothpick.Wang Yuhang heard what he was told and ran off to the left. He heard the creature roar, and a geyser of fire shot out from its mouth. It engulfed the spirit hall in fire, and the structure immediately began collapsing under the scorching heat.Roar!The creature that looked like a T-rex immediately took off after Wang Yuhang. Not wanting to be dinosaur chow, Wang Yuhang ran as fast as his legs could carry him, yelling. He looked like a pitiable fellow, with a T-rex gnashing at his heels.The clothes on his body were tickled by the flames that escaped the creature's mouth, setting them on fire, which made Wang Yuhang begin calling out.Han Sen was running like the wind, and he thought to himself, "You really are unlucky. The monster picked you, even though I approached it first. I didn't mean for that to happen." As he was talking to himself, Han Sen managed to exit the metal shelter and had a clear shot of escaping the Mystery Island.But all he could hear were the repeated screams from Wang Yuhang, who was continuing to be pursued by the T-rex. It didn't seem likely he was going to escape without Han Sen's intervention."I don't care. We only just met; I barely know the fellow," Han Sen's mind stated, while his legs stood firmly, refusing to depart.Although Wang Yuhang was unlucky, he was not a bad person by any means. Furthermore, he was Wang Mengmeng's uncle. Han Sen knew how guilty he might become, if he were to leave him behind in such a heartless fashion."But he's so unlucky. Even if I do save his life, he'll probably end up dead due to a similar misfortune sometime in the future." Han Sen spoke this out, but immediately after, bit down on his teeth. He hissed, turned around, and ran back into the blazing inferno.If Wang Yuhang ran alongside him, bringing the monster with him, he wouldn't have had these second thoughts.Wang Yuhang was well aware of his own misfortune, but despite that, he heeded Han Sen's instruction to run in the opposite direction, pulling the monster with him. He was a good, honest man."Fine. I'll do my part, but I won't risk any more than I have to, to try to save him. He'll still have to put in the effort." Han Sen drew his peacock crossbow and loaded it with a raven feather bolt. Then, he began to approach the rampaging monster.The whole Mystery Island was ablaze, and the flames that the T-rex breathed were enough to melt the sturdy metal structures that composed the shelter. It ran really fast, too. Wang Yuhang was unable to shake the creature, and his body had suffered a few bad burns. There were fiery holes in his clothes and his hair was singed.But Wang Yuhang, despite his unluckiness, was a powerful warrior. Although he looked to be in a sorry state, he had managed to outpace the lunatic T-rex for a good while without suffering any injuries. He looked pitiable, sure, but they were minor wounds and nothing that could not be quickly remedied.Han Sen was not a reckless person, so he wanted to survey the area and approach the situation in as safely as possible. He didn't want to charge in like a buffoon, so he gauged the events from a good distance away.Observing the pursuit made Han Sen really take notice of how unlucky Wang Yuhang was. He didn't know how or why the T-rex was so determined to catch him. It was as if it had been locked-on, and nothing seemed to sway its desire to incinerate the running man."This guy excels at being a party tank. He pulls all the aggro with no effort!" Han Sen continued to watch from afar and sighed.After a period of observation, Han Sen could not espy any weak spots on the creature. Its whole body was covered in red scales, and he could immediately tell how difficult it would be to penetrate them.Even though the creature was fast, it was pretty slow in terms of super creatures. While the raven was unfairly fast, this T-rex was much slower than even the red-cloud donkey."With this speed, there should surely be no fear of it catching up to me. Hmm, let's see if I can get its attention." Han Sen was standing on the rooftop of a palace in the shelter. He raised his crossbow and took aim at the T-rex. As soon as he had a clear shot at the monster's eye, he would pull the trigger.Pang!Han Sen fired the raven bolt across a distance of fifty meters. His aim was impeccable, and it seemed to be a guaranteed hit on the T-rex. But right before it skewered the monster's eyeball, the creature blinked to shield its eye.Dong!The bolt did go in, but the monster's eyelid was thick. The bolt remained lodged in it, not dealing damage to the actual eye itself.The T-rex's eyelid did not have any scales, and it was evidently weaker than the rest of the body. The creature was knocked back. It roared in pain and looked at Han Sen from across the battlefield.Han Sen started running, and the T-rex took off after him. He felt as if a giant flamethrower was pulling up behind his bottom, getting closer and closer. The air around him was getting hotter, and the soft fabric of his clothes looked ready to burst into flames."Brother Han, you are a remarkable example of a human being. Your charity is boundless. I almost knew it for a fact that you would not abandon me to the grisly maws of that ferocious monster!" Wang Yuhang was touched by the gesture and sung his words of praise from across the battleground."I'm not a nice man," Han Sen responded. "See if you can draw its attention once more; I need to see if I can get a few more hits on its eye. With some luck – my luck – we can bring an end to this wretched thing.""It is my pleasure to be of aid." Wang Yuhang did not delay in his agreement to act.Han Sen expected Wang Yuhang to summon a bow, or at least a spear to throw at the monster to regain its attention.But randomly, Wang Yuhang merely scrambled to pick up a piece of metal from the smoldering metal shelter, and threw it at the monster.Pang!The metal piece plonked against the T-rex's shiny red scales. The damage dealt equated to that of a tickle.But that was all it took to garner its attention and pull it away from Han Sen. The monster turned to look at Wang Yuhang and took off after him once more."This way, you dumb doggie. I'm over here. Chase me; I taste delightful!" Wang Yuhang called at the T-rex. He even turned around, bent over, and mooned the T-rex, clobbering his own butt cheeks to get it to follow. He yelled, "Thick pork rind here; come get your free sample!"Wang Yuhang's clothes were mostly in cinders, and Han Sen could see much of his posterior. He danced and slapped his own bottom like a pair of bongos, as Han Sen simply sighed, failing to comprehend the situation in which he found himself.Han Sen looked on hopelessly. He thought to himself, "Is this guy stupid? All he has to do is attract the T-rex; is any of that necessary? Can't he just hit it and run?"The T-rex was incredibly angry, however. It roared to the sky, then brought down a geyser of flames on Wang Yuhang.Half on fire, Wang Yuhang took off running like a lunatic, with the T-rex back on his heels."Damn, at least it worked well." Han Sen watched with wide eyes, thinking Wang Yuhang had really turned his opinion on him around."Brother Han, I beg that you hasten your move. I am being roasted alive!" Wang Yuhang was running as fast as he could, as his hands tried to pat down the flames that were incinerating his bottom."Hold on, Little Uncle." Han Sen raised his peacock crossbow and took aim at the T-rex's eye once more.

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