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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 732: The Devil Doesn't Believe in TearsTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen was worried, as this wasn't like before. If his attackers were ordinary elites, then the Special Squad would have no issue protecting anyone. But the shura he had encountered didn't even seem human. As such, Han Sen was worried about the safety of his mother if she remained out in the shelter.Qin Xuan heard what Han Sen had to say and quickly contacted her supervisor, asking where Luo Sulan had gone. She was out in the shelter, and members of the Special Squad had escorted her on a hunt.Qin Xuan told Han Sen she had already sent people to find her, and she firmly believed it would not be long before they returned.The Blue Crystal shelter was near the Buckda Mountains, and Luo Sulan was out on a hunt under the protection of Wu Qinggang. Although she already had a lot of geno points, her combat skills and prowess were still somewhat lacking. She had not yet even been able to deal with a mutant creature. When fighting one, the frustration of watching her fight compelled Wu Qinggang to help her finish them off.From what Wu Qinggang could see, women like her were best reserved for being of the elegant sort. He thought she would be better off never touching a weapon, and instead being waited on, hand-and-foot, by men. He thought she should forego the desire for combat and stick to enjoying girlier things like flowers and romance.There was no explicit need for her to come out and hunt. With her son's power and position, he could just keep sending her the flesh necessary for her to max out her sacred geno points.But every month, Luo Sulan would request an expedition to go out and hunt. She only wanted to kill ordinary mutant creatures, and Wu Qinggang would always be fraught with the desire to help her when he watch her try to deal with the monsters she sought to fight.A woman such as her, he thought, was not built to fight. Particularly not to fight such wretched creatures.Although Wu Qinggang felt this way, he never slacked in his duty to protect her. The last thing he wanted was for her to be harmed. He was aware that her son was also a member of the Special Squad, but the protection of others was a fundamental responsibility of all those who wished to be a part of the Special Squad, anyway. Wu Qinggang would give his life to assure her security.Suddenly, a roaring sound came from the nearby woods. A black tiger leapt out of the brush, fast like a shadow."It's a sacred-blood creature; a Black-Shadow Tiger! Why has it ventured here?" Wu Qinggang's face changed. Black-Shadow Tigers tended to reside in the deeper recesses of thick forests and had no reason to be anywhere near here."Missus Han, hide behind me and do not flee." Wu Qinggang stepped in to eliminate the mutant creature, removing it from the field of play. Then, he walked in front of Luo Sulan.Seeing the Black-Shadow Tiger approach, Wu Qinggang drew his longsword and ran to meet it. Wu Qinggang could kill sacred-blood Black-Shadow Tigers, but doing so would be more difficult while having to protect Luo Sulan at the same time.But then, more roaring came from the woods. Things took a turn for the worse as another two creatures emerged from the forest. It took Wu Qinggang a moment to acknowledge what he was seeing, but when the realization struck, it struck hard. His face dropped, watching two more sacred-blood creatures emerge from the woods."Missus Han, ride your sacred-blood mount back to the shelter. I will keep them busy." Wu Qinggang rushed into battle with the Black-Shadow Tiger as he bid for Luo Sulan to escape."Little Wu, please be careful." Luo Sulan summoned the sacred-blood mount Han Sen had given her and exited the area with haste.Wu Qinggang's sword shone with a blinding light as he fought to buy her the time she needed to reach absolute safety.She had reached the bottom of the mountains, not a great distance away from the Blue Crystal shelter. Once she had left that place, she would be safe.But as Luo Sulan rode her sacred-blood mount, nearing the exit, a dozen people appeared in front of her. They barred her passage and surrounded her mount."Missus Han, it would be best if you came with us." A leader of sorts stepped forward to speak, and as he finished his line, delivered a half-smile."Who are you people? And why should I follow you?" Luo Sulan asked, frightened at their sudden approach."Do not worry; we do not plan on bringing you harm. We are here to bring you reunification with your son," the middle-aged man said."What happened to Little Sen?" Luo Sulan quickly asked."You will know once you come with us," the man said, with a frosted tone."I'm not going with you," Luo Sulan said, as she nibbled her lips."Why do you even bother talking to her? Just capture her already!" another man coldly interjected."Okay, then," the other man then gestured with his hand, and the rest approached her.They knew all about Luo Sulan. She was a housewife who killed a few ordinary creatures to survive. She has been taken care of through the kindness of others, unable to fight for herself.They had already separated her from the assigned protector of the Special Squad, which meant capturing her would be an easy task to accomplish."You guys have parents; how do you think they would feel if they knew you were out here, attempting to kidnap a lone woman?" Luo Sulan sighed as she spoke."Shut up! If you refuse to come with us peacefully, take one last look at that silky-smooth skin of yours, before we cut it up and drag you away with us," Zhang Fang coldly told her."To suffer in the adversity of evil is a nobler deed than to helplessly succumb to the brutish requests of those that wish to do you harm," Luo Sulan said."Then consider our patience and politeness spent; excuse the rough mishandling that may occur next." Zhang Fang raised his hand and tried to grab Luo Sulan by her hair and pull her off the mount she was upon.Just when Zhang Fang's hand was about to touch Luo Sulan, she raised her silky-smooth hand and casually waved it in front of Zhang Fang's neck.Plop!He was only two feet away, and Zhang Fang's head was removed from his neck as if it were severed by an invisible knife. The head went a great distance, as a trail of blood followed in its airborne wake. The eyes were sullen, and seemed to suggest that what had just happened wasn't fair."Have any of you ever felt hopeless?" Luo Sulan's face was like ice. She did not look scared or afraid, at all. She looked devoid of emotion; cold. Just cold.Their hearts shivered, as chills ran down their spines."Argh!"Blood spread all about like flowers. She quickly moved around, and with each directional turn, red syrup followed."Devil. You are the devil!" Du Ruzhi was petrified with fear. All the elites around him, including Zhang Fang, and two with opened gene locks—they most likely had the power to slay or capture a super creature.If they didn't possess such power, it would have been impossible for them to shake out three sacred-blood creatures to attack and draw away Wu Qinggang.But the elites were now mercilessly slain by a woman that only had to walk ten quick steps to sever each elite's head from their neck.Yet with the claret blood that sprayed and flowed, not a single droplet stained the woman's clothing. Luo Sulan still looked as elegant and as gentle as ever.The woman stood in front of Du Ruzhi, who no longer thought she was a pretty woman. She was now the devil.The woman was about to take her last, eleventh step, when Du Ruzhi's legs seemed to crumble and almost sent him falling to the ground. He couldn't even think of running away, due to how scary she was. She was truly scarier than the devil."Don't... don't kill me... I still have my parents, and I have a wife and kids..." Du Ruzhi slobbered his plea for mercy, after dropping down to his knees."The devil doesn't believe in tears." Luo Sulan gave Du Ruzhi was one last, cold look. She swung her hand, and another head rose to the sky with an airborne wake of blood.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 453: Killing a Mutant CreatureTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen saw most people were running and only Yang Manli, Uncle Qing, and a few gang members stayed next to him, summoning beast souls and ready to fight.It was easy to tell that the gang members were all frightened, their hands on their weapons shaking.All other people were running fast, about which Han Sen was not surprised. These people had lost their confidence a long while ago, so it was natural that they reacted this way facing danger.Han Sen had considered them no good in his heart. In the future, he would not waste his time cultivating these people. To the contrary, Xu You and other young people did not escape and remained on Han Sen’s side although they were frightened. Han Sen thought they could be further cultivated to become leaders, commanding the future forces in Goddess Gang.Although they were all quite young and probably had worse physique than the older people who had run away, these were no big deal. Han Sen could easily use large amounts of meat to give them better geno point counts.There was always a way to enhance one’s physique and martial arts skills. However, one’s character was not something could be cultivated. In Han Sen’s eyes, Xu You and other young people were all valuable assets."Clear." Han Sen yelled, commanding the gang members to step back. He rolled on the back of the golden growler and charged the white mammoth.All the young gang members looked at Han Sen in surprise. As a mutant creature, the white mammoth was a top one. Even someone like Uncle Qing did not dare to face a white mammoth head on, but Han Sen simply threw himself at the creature.Watching Han Sen with a grim face, Uncle Qing murmured to himself in a low voice, "Is he really the descendent of Instructor Han?"Yang Manli drew her bow string and aimed her arrow at an eye of the white mammoth, ready to support Han Sen when necessary.However, the bow and arrow she was using at the moment were still sacred-blood beast souls of First God’s Sanctuary, which almost did not work at all on a mutant creature in Second God’s Sanctuary like the white mammoth.The golden growler was going fast. In terms of size, the golden growler was no smaller than the white mammoth. As the golden growler ran, its body was quickly growing. The moment it was about to clash with the white mammoth, the golden growler was already as large as a hill, even bigger than the mammoth.Compared to the golden growler, the white mammoth suddenly looked mini, like a baby elephant in front of an adult elephant.Boom!The two beasts clashed together. Although the golden growler was bigger than the white mammoth, it was not at any disadvantage, but stepped back as well as the white mammoth."Roar!" The golden growler growled reluctantly. It was the absolute king in First God’s Sanctuary. No creature could fight it at all. However, it was forced back by a white mammoth, which made the lion very mad.The white mammoth also roared and ran toward the golden growler.Boom!The two huge animals were fighting it out again, making all sorts of horrendous noises. The surrounding glaciers were broken into pieces and there was snow everywhere.Boom boom boom!The golden growler and the white mammoth became extremely mad at each other, so neither of them intended to step back. They ran into each other hard like to oxen fighting for a cow.The gang members were dumbstruck. They had seen many mounts before, but had never seen a mount that was able to fight the creature. It was simply beyond imagination.Normal mount would not attack at all. However, this giant golden lion mount was somewhat different.The people that had run away saw what was happening and slowed down, looking at the golden growler throwing itself at the white mammoth incredulously."That is a mutant creature. What’s the deal of the mount? It’s so strong that it could fight the white mammoth. Is that a mutant mount? Even if it is, it is still just a mount and should not be able to fight a creature like this."Everyone had complicated emotions as they watched the golden growler.Indeed, like they were thinking, if it were any other mount, even a mutant mount from Second God’s Sanctuary, it would not be able to fight white mammoth like this.A mount is a mount. Once the creature became a beast soul mount, no matter how fierce it was initially, it would become tame. It was like a lion turning into a herbivore. Except for its strong physique, it no longer had the instinct to kill.However, the golden growler was different. Although it was just a beast soul mount, it still kept part of its nature. In addition, he had great physique, which was why it could still defend itself with its instinct lost. It could not be compared to other mounts.Han Sen sighed inwardly. After all, the golden growler was just a super creature from First God’s Sanctuary. Although it was special, because it was limited to its level, it was not as strong as the white mammoth.Watching the golden growler falling farther behind under the impact from the white mammoth and growling helplessly, Han Sen could not help becoming silent.He was reminded of the large golden growler’s fierceness. Between the heaven and earth, no one could stand one blow from its paw. This beast soul golden growler was indeed too sullen."If the black crystal could really turn the beast souls of First God’s Sanctuary into the beast souls of Second God’s Sanctuary, I would definitely choose the golden growler to evolve next. Han Sen thought. He did not want to see a great king being a loser.Although he was thinking that, Han Sen decided to make a move. The moment the golden growler clashed with the white mammoth again, Han Sen jumped up from the head of the golden growler and dashed at the white mammoth like a meteor.The physique of the white mammoth was even better than that of golden growler. However, it still had to step back when the golden growler threw itself at him.At this very moment, Han Sen had already reached the mammoth. Holding the cursed wolf dagger in his hand, Han Sen sent himself into the wheel-sized eye of the mammoth.Roar!The white mammoth lifted its front legs. Blood ran into rivers flowing from its eyes. The beast screamed loud.The next moment, the stomach of the white mammoth was suddenly slashed open. A bloody figure came out of it.Boom!The white mammoth quickly fell, splashing ice and snow everywhere. Without looking at the body of the white mammoth, the bloody figure walked to the rest of the team when cleaning the dagger casually.Almost no one was able to forget this moment. The gigantic dead creature and the bloody figure were written into their memory internally.

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新腾讯五分彩开奖号码⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1060: Wrong DeliveryTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen frowned. He had been stung by something. On his hand, there was a red dot that oozed a droplet of blood.Han Sen scanned the wound and was relieved to learn he had not been poisoned or infected by the stinger, whatever it was.Han Sen’s fitness was high, too, so the wound healed almost instantaneously. There was no lasting pain, either.He pulled open his pocket to get a look at what was going on with the beetle, and determine why the docile creature had seemingly attacked him, all of a sudden.The beetle had never been aggressive before, and it was the slowest little thing Han Sen had ever seen in his life. It was a genuine slowpoke.As such, he was both surprised and concerned to realize he had been stung by it.But now, with the pocket open, Han Sen was shocked after taking a look—the beetle was gone!Han Sen patted his body all over and spun around in search of it. No matter where he looked, he couldn’t find it. It really did seem as if it had vanished.Unfortunately, now was not the time to go off hunting for his missing beetle. Everyone was currently lined up beside the roulette board, as General Reg explained the objectives of the operation in detail.The roulette board was the entrance to the ruins, and each block was one point of entry that provided enough space for only one person. There was also a power check enabled, barring anyone who was too strong from entering.The rules of entry were quite strict, as only one lifeforce could enter a square at a time. If you had even a renegade ant on you, it would be detected and you wouldn’t be allowed to enter.Demigods were prohibited from entering, as they were too strong. Therefore, only surpassers of a certain tier and third rank shura met the correct requirements.Strangely, four warning signs were active. They were next to the entry points, indicating they had previously been used. Each entry point could only be used once, and the way you went in was the only way you could come back.The researchers who had come before them had tried to drill beneath the roulette to avoid this, but after reaching a depth of about ten thousand meters, they ran into a crystal wall that extended to the core of the planet. There was no end, and so they had to stop.It was after reaching this wall that many curious events started to happen.They had conducted four test expeditions of their own into that place, but few of the researchers ever returned. Not much had been explored, so there was little information they could provide, and it was mostly useless.Han Sen and his team’s ultimate goal on the expedition, though, was to retrieve purple crystal cores.Neither the Alliance nor the shura had explained to them what the purpose of these items was, but that did not matter. This was the task given, and it had to be done.Furthermore, when they entered, they’d be going in without warframes or guns. If they brought such equipment in with them, they’d be attacked for certain.Eight shura and eight humans now took their positions, one standing on each block. Support researchers pushed the button to begin the operation, and after a low hum, all sixteen of them suddenly disappeared from thin air. They were in.Han Sen felt as if something was amiss. He was wary, and perplexed by the similarities between the symbols on the beetle and the ones outside the roulette. Still, he knew it best not to dwell on the matter. For now, the beetle was gone, so if it could have been a help, it was too late.Han Sen blinked and took notice of his location inside the ruins. There were no buildings or structures around him. He was standing in a field, as if he was out in the countryside, except, strangely, the place had been ruined by some sort of catastrophe like an earthquake.In the distance, Han Sen did make out the presence of buildings. But they were in a state of decay, with many having fallen. Furthermore, judging from their architecture, they had clearly not been built by the crystallizers.When Han Sen turned to take a look in the other direction, his face completely dropped. He expected to see Ji Yanran, his people, and the shura—but they were all gone! Han Sen was all alone.“Did they not make it through? We teleported inside together, though. Where are they? They should be here! Hmm, what is this? Items belonging to only a few of the researchers who were last inside?” Han Sen stood there for a while with an ill feeling in his stomach, acknowledging they hadn’t all teleported to the same location.Han Sen looked around. The researchers had given him an idea of what to expect once inside, and some vague details for the environment he’d be in, but it was all bogus. Wherever he was now was not the location the surviving researchers had gone to. The landscape was entirely different from what had been described to him.“What is going on?” Han Sen was primarily concerned about Ji Yanran, and he was deeply worried about her well-being; particularly so, if she was stranded somewhere else all alone.Gritting his teeth, Han Sen took off flying into the sky. Before searching for the rest of his crew, he had to get a better grasp on the lay of the land around him.With his Dongxuan Aura active, Han Sen looked all around. But try as he might, he could not espy the presence of a single lifeforce. There was only rubble and a land in disarray.No matter where he flew, the landscape looked the same. There was nowhere unique, and no landmarks to keep track of where he was. The lands were all plain and in various states of ruin.Han Sen frowned, not even sure which direction he should be going in.As Han Sen wondered, he suddenly heard a strange noise sound from an old ruin nearby.It was very weird, similar to the sound one would make when using fingers to break an egg.Han Sen looked in the direction of the noise and saw some green water leaking from the ruin.Looking closer, though, Han Sen noticed that it was not water. It was a stream of green beetles. There were countless numbers of them, all coming for Han Sen.“What is this?” Han Sen watched them with interest. They were practically the same as his beetle, just smaller.But there was another difference. They didn’t have any symbols on their backs.In Han Sen’s daze of wonder, the beetles drew nearer and nearer. When they were right before him, they parted and went around Han Sen. Fortunately, he was not a target of any ire they might have possessed.Han Sen was not sure what they were after, but the beetles continued to gather around him, forming a path that led to the old city ruins.The unicorn beetles then assumed a posture to suggest they were kowtowing before him.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 832: Little Fairy's Time to ShineTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"Is this the bonepool and Third-Life Bonefish?" Han Sen asked with a frown."I don't know. If it isn't, it has to be fairly similar. Perhaps it is a sub-species?" Moment Queen said."Then, how am I able to get the fish out of there?" Han Sen was still extremely fixated on its retrieval. Even if the creature in the pool wasn't the Third-Life Bonefish that she had spoken of, it had to be something good.And if he confirmed its identity, then he would have no choice but to get it out of the pool and slay it. It would be an educational venture."I have not learnt of a way to ensnare a Third-Life Bonefish, and similar to your troubles, that all stems from the difficulty posed by the bonepool it inhabits." Moment Queen shook her head.There was a treasure in front of Han Sen, but it was currently unobtainable. It was like a terrible itch. But just as Han Sen frowned in contemplation, his pocket vibrated. Then, the scallop shell magically removed itself from the pocket and flew over near the pool.The fairy exited the shell, reached out her delicate hand towards Moment Queen and wiggled her index finger left and right. It was like she was saying, "You are wrong."She was visibly upset about Moment Queen's assertion of no one being able to enter the water. She flew near the pool and spat frosty air out across the surface of the water.The water in the pool began to freeze over relatively quickly.The fairy kept the icy pressure on and continued to blow frosty air until the entire pool was a block of ice. And as the water froze more and more, the fish went into a state of panic. But being unable to leave the pool, there was nothing it could do.As the water became ice, the fish's movements became slower and slower. When it had all turned to ice, the fish was trapped inside, motionless.With a cocky, boisterous face, the fairy turned to look at Han Sen. Then, she turned back around and punched the ice with her fist. It shattered. As shards of ice scattered into the air and onto the ground around them, the fish was sent flying.With great speed, the fairy managed to catch the fish in her tiny hands. With the prize Han Sen sought, she flew over and did circles around him.This delighted Han Sen, and as he observed the fish the little fairy had obtained for him, he noticed how clean it looked. There was not a single speck of dirt nor a single minor blemish on it, and like it was a tantalizing ice lolly for a hot summer day, Han Sen grabbed it eagerly."Well, the little fairy finally did something of value. It seems the time and expense I have spent treating you has finally paid off." Han Sen, receiving the fish, made sure to compliment the little fairy in his typical deadpan way.The little fairy was a little full of herself following this, so she went to sit on top of Han Sen's head. And as she settled down, she stuck her tongue out at Moment Queen in mockery of her inability to provide the aid that the fairy just had."You want this?" Han Sen put the iced fish in front of the silver fox. It nodded, then gobbled the fish up in haste.Upon its consumption, Han Sen immediately noticed the silver fox's fur turning to crystal. It was quite eye-catching. Its crystallized fur fell to the ground as if it were shed, and new fur took its place.That such a small fish could provide such grand changes to the silver fox surprised Han Sen.But then Han Sen suddenly thought of something. Although the silver fox was aligned with the element of thunder, he did possess the ability to heal the wounds of others. With its medical licks, its healing abilities had proven useful for Han Sen on numerous occasions.But he hadn't relied on the silver fox as much, ever since Han Sen himself had learnt how to heal through a simulation of the holy rhino's energy flow.After shooting it with the bolt, Han Sen noticed that the little fish had managed to heal itself rapidly. It most likely possessed healing capabilities, which was what attracted the silver fox to it so much.After the silver fox finished evolving, it leapt up into Han Sen's arms. It rubbed its head against Han Sen's chest and looked ecstatic.Han Sen stroked the silver fox's head, wondering why a creature with the power of thunder could also heal. It was a unique combo for the silver fox to have."I wonder where Little Silver came from? When I found it, it was merely an egg I discovered in a valley renown for snakes. There aren't really any leads I can follow up on." Han Sen did not take his thoughts any further than that. Ultimately, he decided, it did not matter where it came from.But in recent times, a certain uneasy feeling began to nag at him. He worried that, despite his connection with the silver fox, it really was just a creature. If it wanted to enter the Third God's Sanctuary alongside Han Sen, it would need a breakthrough of sorts. And even if it could ascend to the Third God's Sanctuary, there was no guarantee they would end up at the same shelter together."I hope our distance won't be too great." Han Sen could only hope.…...Luo Yin had spent much time searching for Han Sen, but had not yet been able to discover his whereabouts. He had, however, been informed of his recent appearance at a human shelter. Going there to investigate, he was still unable to locate him. All he could do after that was wait for another trail to pick up.He was very curious about Han Sen, thinking the Falsified-Sky Sutra was the strongest hyper geno art in existence. And he did not understand why Han Sen, despite sharing the family's blood, refused to learn it.Sometimes Luo Yin wished himself to be of true lineage to the Luo family, adamant in the belief of his inability of failing Luo Haitang.It was indeed a shame he was not of the Luo bloodline. He was initially a distant relative, but he was adopted by Luo Haitang and later taught the skill."I need to make Han Sen understand what he's missing out on, by not learning the Falsified-Sky Sutra," Luo Yin thought to himself.As Luo Yin thought this, he suddenly saw a man walk by the gate.The figure had a tall and strong body. The person had a young face, with skin that was pale and a little pink. It was the sort of face that would make any woman jealous.On the man's shoulder rested a lazy-looking silver fox, and an elephant-like lion trotted behind them. Its back was loaded with things."Han Sen!" Luo Yin's eyes shone brightly, having never seen Han Sen in person before. All that he had seen were pictures and videotapes of the man. He believed that he knew Han Sen's appearance better than he did his own.Without hesitation, Luo Yin approached him. He came with one purpose, and that was to educate Han Sen in how powerful the Falsified-Sky Sutra really was as a skill.Han Sen, seeing Luo Yin approach, looked surprised. He recognized him from their prior encounter, when Han Sen had assumed his Dollar persona."What is it?" Han Sen looked at Luo Yin, who was standing in front of him."You are Han Sen?" Luo Yin wasn't very fond of trouble, and neither did he like to beat around the bush. He wasn't going to waste any more time, so all he wanted to do after getting confirmation on his identity was to immediately reveal the power of the Falsified-Sky Sutra.Without saying another word, Luo Yin threw his hand forward in an attempt to slash Han Sen. An invisible power flew towards him, on-track as if it was its fate to damage him.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1337: On the PillTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen recognized his father’s handwriting due to the vast number of family documents and possessions he had collected and perused over the years.The letter he had received had been written and sent by his father, there was no room for doubt. It was easy to fake someone’s handwriting, but the content contained information only he and his father would know about.And near the end of the letter, he read something that was most shocking.When Blind Man provided Han Sen the cauldron, there was a pill inside. He claimed it was a gift from his father, and his consumption of it was of absolute importance. He was told to eat it before becoming a demi-god, due to its ability to aid him in unlocking something.This gene lock was not associated with the average ten gene locks, and he had been told it’d be of great benefit for when he finally did become a demi-god.Han Sen had the sudden thought that this was connected with the mystic gene lock Dragon King had told him about.The letter concluded with a profound apology for his absence, and how, as much as he wished he could, he could not come back.After finishing the letter, Han Sen’s mind was in a bit of a jumble.He believed it really had been written by his father, but it wasn’t as if Han Sen missed him dearly over the years. Traditionally, all the best cowboys had daddy issues—issues they’d need to confront and work on—but Han Sen never felt a longing for his father. He had learned to become very independent, and he was used to being alone, and often enjoyed the solace that came with it. Even if the pill was given to him by his father, he wasn’t going to just take it because his parent had returned from the grave to tell him so. He still wanted to look into it more, through his own means.But the letter also mentioned there was a way in which you could find out whether that lock had been opened yet or not. And finding out was not difficult. So, wanting to conduct the test, Han Sen asked a few spirits to be of service in this endeavor.In the letter, it was said the Nine-Life Cat pendant had to be used as an apparatus of sorts for the test he was going to conduct.After a lengthy search, he was unable to find any spirits who had opened this lock.Han Sen couldn’t bring himself to perform the test on himself, either. So, he summoned Moment Queen and asked her to prick her own finger and draw a drop of her blood across the Nine-Life Cat pendant.After the blood fell upon the cat’s mouth, it seemed to then get absorbed. The pendant was solid, not unlike a gemstone, but somehow, it absorbed the blood as if it were a sponge.Then, a little later, the Nine-Life Cat turned blue. The remnant of the blood it had soaked it had also turned blue. A little while later, the red blood that had turned blue, turned back to being red. This was just as the letter said would happen.If Moment Queen had opened that special lock, then the blood would have stayed red the entire time.But Han Sen wasn’t going to leave it like that. Tests had to be conducted a number of times before the results could be considered reliable. So, he went out and performed the same exercise with a variety of different creatures, spirits, and humans.It was very reliable, and the same response was received each and every time. The blood would turn blue and that was that; even Queen’s blood was like this.Han Sen decided to try it himself. He pricked his finger and let a drop of blood descend onto the pendant. He expected it to turn blue, but much to his surprise, it seemed to remain red the entire time.Han Sen was not sure what to think at first, but he eventually told himself, “Does this mean I have opened that lock? But when did I do that? Is there something wrong with this pendant? Did I do the test incorrectly?”Han Sen went out in search of others to reconduct the test. The results he received were the same as before, and Han Sen’s blood was the only blood that stayed red upon the pendant the entire time.“Another lock, huh? Is it referring to the Life Door?” Han Sen recalled the feeling of unlocking something when he opened the Life Door. But ever since that day, he had not noticed anything different. He didn’t think it had aided him, at all.If the Nine-Life Cat was indeed performing correctly, though, there was no other possibility.“So, I’ve opened that thing by accident. That’s great! It means I don’t even need to take that pill,” Han Sen paused, pleased with himself. Then, after a brief bob of his head, he continued on to think, “If I give this to someone else, then, who should have it?”Han Sen wasn’t sure if the pill was safe, so if it was something harmful, he didn’t want it to bring grief to someone that was dear to him. But if it was something decent, he didn’t want to give it to a random nobody, either. It was quite the conundrum.Han Sen returned to the underground shelter and fetched the dusty cauldron. He called over Little Angel, Little Silver, and Thorn Queen.They sat at the table and wondered what Han Sen was planning to do with them.Han Sen placed the cauldron at the center of the table and slowly revealed the pill he had kept inside.Thorn Queen frowned, indicating she had no clue what it was.Little Angel looked at it but did not show any emotion. Perhaps she was uninterested, Han Sen did not know.The silver fox looked ready to eat it, but someone else was faster.Bao’er was on Han Sen’s shoulder at the time, and as soon as she saw it, she leaped down onto the table and gobbled it up.Han Sen looked very nervous, hoping nothing bad would befall his baby.But after Bao’er ate it, nothing occurred. She shivered a little, but that was it.Han Sen had tried the pendant test with Bao’er earlier, but her blood had turned blue. A while later, he decided to take another pinch of her blood. This time, when the blood dripped onto the pendant, it stayed red.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 385: Weird CreatureTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe evolvers were so close to the creature that the snail suddenly turned into a snake with wings and left its shell, throwing itself at one of the evolvers.The person quickly wielded his broadsword at the snake. Yang Yongcheng and the other person also started to attack.The rat snake did not even try to dodge and let the weapons cut into its meat.The evolvers became overjoyed. Currently, their fitness index should be over thirty. With a sacred-blood weapon, they might not be able to cut the shell, but they believed the weapons should hurt the soft meat. However, as their weapons hit the meat, they realized how wrong they were. The thin blade cut the soft meat as if it had cut into glue. Not only was the meat intact, but all the force they used on the weapons was also absorbed.Then, the red snake suddenly changed its shape. The red meat moved like liquid and wrapped the three weapons up.The evolver's tried to retrieve their weapons, but found it was impossible. The weapons were bundled together with a strong force that they could not be taken out. What was more frightening was that the red meat started to develop tentacles looking like snakeheads, moving toward the guys.The evolvers had to give up their weapons and come back. When they tried to summon their beast soul weapons, they found it was no longer possible. The three weapons were wrapped inside the red meat and melting.All three evolvers became irritated. Initially, they thought after their evolution, they could pose threats to the creature. However, the moment they launched their attacks, they lost three sacred-blood beast soul weapons.The red meat did not stop its attack. Its body could be twisted into any shape to attack in any form, making it impossible for people to defend themselves.On the other hand, the three evolvers did not dare to touch it. They didn't even dare to use their weapons and were suddenly trapped in an awkward position. Once the red meat touched them, even their armor started to melt, which looked horrendous.Fortunately, although the creature came very fast after coming out of the shell, it was not as fast as the cursed wolf. Otherwise, the three revolvers would have died a million times.Even so, the evolvers were hardly able to make it to the place where Han Sen and Ning Yue were hiding.Han Sen shapeshifted into fairy queen and seized the cursed wolf dagger, wanting to go out and help the evolvers. In fact, he was trying to look for an opportunity to kill the creature himself.Before Han Sen dashed out, Ning Yue pulled him and said calmly, "Don't hurry. This is not the time. Wait for them to draw the creature here, find a good spot, and make sure you kill it in one strike."Han Sen glanced at Ning Yue and saw the guy had a blank face, as if he was chatting in his living room. The fact that Ning Yue was not nervous at all made Han Sen feel that the three evolvers were nothing to him.Seeing through Han Sen's thoughts, Ning Yue said calmly, "If you go out now, then the risks they are taking will be wasted."Before Han Sen replied, Ning Yue summoned a slim sword and walked toward the creature.Han Sen was surprised. Ning Yue was so sick and had not evolved yet, so why would he go there himself?Holding the slim sword, Ning Yue quickly stabbed at the creature at an incredible speed, which actually hit it. His sword was not stuck in the red meat either.Impressive, this Ning Yue. Although they are twins, he is much stronger than Son of Heaven. Han Sen felt a bit shocked. He could tell that Ning Yue had not evolved, but Ning Yue was able to distract the creature and avoid its attacks. In addition, his sword skills were unexpected. Although he only had one move, he always attacked in the most surprising angle. Only his sword could be retrieved from the red meat which none of the evolvers dared to touch. Although the creature was not hurt by his sword, it became irritated.Under the extremely intense circumstance, Ning Yue looked so calm that Han Sen could not tell that he was in a deadly battle.The behaviors of the evolvers became more and more organized since Ning Yue joined them. They moved around the creature and gradually led it to Han Sen.It is such a shame that Ning Yue has poor fitness level. His fitness index should be around fifteen, the number of a normal person with sacred geno points maxed out. Even with the cursed wolf dagger, I don't think he could kill the creature.After watching for a while, Han Sen learned that speed should be Ning Yue's main strength, which should be around twenty, while his other items should be around fifteen.Seeing that the creature was led to him, Han Sen gripped his dagger. He had been watching long enough to determine the fitness level of the creature.As long as Han Sen did not use Heresy Mantra and Overload, he could injure the creature with the dagger but could not kill it, which was what Han Sen wanted. He could not kill the creature in front of the group.Eventually, the creature approached Han Sen. Han Sen dashed out without hesitation and quickly slashed the dagger at the meat.The meat that the evolvers could not hurt using sacred-blood weapons was cut deeply by Han Sen's dagger. The injury was about 3 inch deep and blood immediately flowed. The creature screeched and quickly shrank its body.To everyone's surprise, after the red meat contracted, the injury disappeared as if it was glued up.Han Sen joined the rest of the group. However, it seemed that the creature was scared by the cursed wolf dagger and did not dare to touch it again. It kept moving away from Han Sen and attacked the rest.Although Han Sen found opportunities to stab it a few more times, it was useless. The red meat had an incredible ability to cure itself."That's it. My shapeshifting time limit is up," exclaimed an evolver.Ning Yue's pupils contracted. He commanded coldly, "Let's retreat."Hearing Ning Yue, the evolvers started to go back together with the young master. However, Han Sen marched forward instead, making his way to the creature.

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Wang Yiyan⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 95: Evolver-3Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioBecause of the misunderstanding, Han Sen continued to challenge the evolver level of Hand of God, but he was making little progress even when using Jadeskin.Recently, Yang Manli was satisfied with Han Sen’s performance. He had finished all the tasks she assigned him and the data of the gravity trainer became normal again. She thought it was because he had stopped exploiting the loophole, but little did she know that he was actually increasing the difficulty so that his result could look normal.It was almost midnight and Han Sen was the only one left in the gym, playing Hand of God. He had discovered that the game was almost designed for him.Since he started practicing Jadeskin, he had gained exceptional control of his bones and muscles, and he had also become much more flexible. This game could help improve his reflexes and agility, which was a great for his progress with Sleeveblade and other skills that required handwork.Qin Xuan teleported out of God’s Sanctuary to look for Yang Manli, who chanced not to be in the teleport station.When passing by the gym, Qin Xuan saw the light in the gym was still on and knew someone was still in there. She curiously took a look and saw Han Sen was playing Hand of God.Qin Xuan felt nostalgic as she played this game a lot when she was in military school, putting a lot effort in it as well.Although autonomous vehicles had been the mainstream in the Alliance for a long time, manual control was still needed when one was operating a warframe. In an interstellar war, warframes were fundamental as it would be hardly profitable to destroy a planet with weapons of mass destruction.Warframe, as an individual combat tool, played a vital role in wars these days.All military schools were training their students to operate warframes, which was one of the basic skills of a soldier. Hand of God was one of the best ways to improve one’s speed and control, which were relevant to warframe operation.Qin Xuan felt that she should teach Han Sen some tricks of the game. As he was handpicked by her, she would like to make him better."Let’s see how you are doing first." Qin Xuan approached Han Sen and watched carefully. She was a bit far from him just now so all she could see was that he kept failing, and that was why she wanted to teach him.But when Qin Xuan got closer, she suddenly felt that the holographic spots were disappearing too fast, which was why he kept making mistakes."Which level did he choose?" Qin Xuan checked the data on the screen."Evolver-3?" Qin Xuan could not help but frown. She thought that Han Sen was too ambitious. The evolver level was designed for evolvers, as the name suggested. The unevolved could sometimes pass the evolver level, but the was very rare.Even for Qin Xuan with her current abilities, she could only pass evolver-2 occasionally, which was already incredible for an unevolved. After all, the unevolved weren’t the target players here.But Han Sen was challenging evolver-3. And he was just aiming too high."Biting off more than you can chew will get you nowhere," she thought, while she did not interrupt Han Sen but watched him starting over again and again. She wanted to teach him a lesson when he chose to give up.Having watched for a while, Qin Xuan became serious, then surprised, and eventually shocked.Han Sen was failing again and again. But in this process, he was making less and less mistakes and improving at a shocking rate.As someone who had worked hard on this game, Qin Xuan knew that once you had reached your limit in the game, you could hardly improve again even with months’ effort.A limit is a limit. And no practice could bring you over your limit. Unless your strength had improved significantly, no exercise could raise your score.The purpose of playing Hand of God was to show one’s potential. But one couldn’t improve one’s potential by playing the game over and over again.Now Han Sen’s improvement could only mean one thing—evolver-3 was not yet his limit. That was why he could still reduce his mistakes and get better."Evolver-3 is not his limit. Is his talent in this area so great?" Qin Xuan did see great things in him, but did not expect he would be so good at this game.When she was in military school, the champion of the military academy league was just able to pass evolver-3. And that guy was top 10 in the warframe contest of the league. He was known for his swiftness and accuracy, and even had a nickname "Lighting Hand."Han Sen reached the same level without any professional training, which was why she felt shocked."Can he pass evolver-3?" Qin Xuan stood aside, watching Han Sen with a complicated expression on her face.Han Sen did not notice the arrival of Qin Xuan at all. Now, all his attention was focused on hitting the spots appearing everywhere. Jadeskin was fully employed."Faster, I can go faster!" Han Sen's arms kept making swift and odd moves, twisted like serpents from time to time. Using all the muscles in his fingers and arms, he kept hitting all the spots appearing from nowhere.After the completion of evolver-2, Han Sen had experienced countless failures adapting himself to the difficulty of evolver-3. He felt easier and easier to keep going and started to feel that he could definitely pass this time.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 588: EnteringTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen was shocked as a burning sensation overwhelmed his insides. His kidneys were sizzling with heat, and it felt as if they had become two fireballs ricocheting around his body. Han Sen did not feel good."Damn it! Why are you coming here at this time?" Han Sen did not have the willpower necessary to suppress the riot that was going on inside him.Han Sen was in a trance. He couldn't hear who it was outside or what the feminine voice was talking about. But regardless, he did not need to listen because Han Sen could guess who it was.Visitors to his room were infrequent, as it was something few would dare to do. It was only on the odd occasion that Yang Manli would come to visit him, when there were important matters to discuss. Aside from her, there was no one else.Thinking about Yang Manli's thick, white legs, Han Sen felt his brain start to implode. He couldn't take his mind off those delicious legs, and he wanted nothing more than to kick the door down and hop onto her.He used everything he had to suppress his lust and double-timed it on the Jade-Sun Force. He was going to do his best to wait this desire out.In the Second God's Sanctuary, unlike the First God's Sanctuary, anyone could enter another person's room. But Yang Manli was not the sort of person to boorishly march into someone else's room, so Han Sen was not concerned about a possible intrusion.If he was able to avoid seeing her, then Han Sen was of firm faith that he could beat this lusty force that was consuming him.But Han Sen's heart suffered a shock quite quickly when he heard the door open."Holy smokes! Yang Manli, I thought you were a reserved person. What is going on with you today?" Han Sen's mind was scrambled like an egg, and his heart was ablaze.He heard the footsteps of a woman tread across his room. Although Han Sen was forcing his eyes closed, when he heard her voice, the resolve of his will crumbled to the machinations of lust. The image of a woman's beautiful naked body was omnipresent, layered across all of his thoughts.As he tried to suppress the carnal desires, his face started turning red. Then his nose began bleeding.The woman was walking closer and closer to Han Sen, which almost made him scream out and call for aid. The effects of the red mushroom were too powerful. Zhu Ting was known to possess a strong will, but even he was eager to jump on top of a man for release. Given that, you might imagine the power of this mushroom.Han Sen did not dare open his mouth or eyes. He was afraid that if he started talking, or even opened his eyes to look, his mind would forfeit all control to the lust that was attempting to conquer his mind."Leave. Although I enjoy sleeping with women, I will only do it with the woman I love. I'm not entirely against consuming pills for added excitement, but shouldn't that be a woman's job? How can I eat them and suddenly be all lusty? Leave. Leave. Get out of here! Get out of here, Yang Manli!" Han Sen's heart was encouraging itself to not give in, despite the rebellion of his mind.But the woman continued to approach Han Sen, having seemed to discover that something was not quite right with Han Sen's behavior. She walked in front of Han Sen, trying to get a look at him.The woman was drawing extremely near, and Han Sen could smell her. It was like his entire body was on fire and his nose was gushing like a fountain.Han Sen was fighting the desire to open his eyes, and he bit down on his teeth and kept them shut. He bit on his own tongue until it bled, hoping the addition of pain might help him beat back the lust. Blood dripped from his lips.The woman furrowed her brow, believing something had gone wrong with Han Sen's training. She suddenly thought that her uninvited entry was the catalyst for this apparent mishap of practice.The woman bent over and reached out her hand to feel for Han Sen's pulse on his neck. She seemed eager to find out what had happened to Han Sen.But when her delicate fingers touched Han Sen's neck, the floodgates of his mind were lost. It felt as if the fingers were bringing a fire, and it made Han Sen open his eyes.A beautiful woman stood before him, and her body was incredibly refined. Her height was almost the same as Han Sen. She was wearing a tight white battlesuit. The curvatures of her thick, long legs, bubble butt, and big boobies were highlighted in the suit, perfectly sculptured, angled and curved to catch the attention of everyone, and get their hearts racing.Her delicate face was as cold as it was elegant. It was the face of someone who was difficult to get close with.The woman was directly in front of Han Sen, and her lips opened as if to say something.But at this time, Han Sen couldn't hear a single thing. Although this woman did not look like Yang Manli, she was even more attractive, with a body and personality Han Sen favored even more. Han Sen lost all self-control.An aura of utter evil shone in Han Sen's eyes. He reached out his hands and tried to grab the woman.The distance was great enough that she was able to take a graceful step back to avoid his lecherous hands.The woman's face did not change. She just looked at Han Sen with the strangest of stares.But over the next second, her face warped. She could not believe Han Sen was coming after her.The woman thought it would be impossible for him to do so, but he did. It wasn't long before her back was against a wall and there was nowhere else for her to go.Han Sen blocked her every exit, and it was impossible for her to run away now. The woman became incredibly angry in her shock. She reached her hand out to hit Han Sen, but then quickly refrained. She knew she had disturbed his training and caused this predicament. Right now, his eyes were blood red, which more than suggested something was wrong. She pulled back her fist.As soon as she hesitated, Han Sen grabbed on to the woman's battlesuit. Within moments, the battlesuit that had been designed to withstand bullets was ripped apart by Han Sen's lust-fuelled hands. Her succulent pair of big white breasts were now on full display in front of him.Han Sen threw himself on to the woman and pushed her against the wall. One hand was clutched one of her giant boobs, which one hand could never hope to hold in its entirety, and his other hand reached down to squeeze her firm, bubbly butt. Han Sen then brought down his lips to seal her own.The woman opened her eyes wide, and her body froze. Within just a few seconds, her curvy, voluptuous body had been grabbed and touched all over by Han Sen.A second later, her eyes were filled with the chaos-fire of hatred, and she looked at Han Sen a murderous eye. It was as if her entire body had entered berserk mode. Her body seemed to emit a purple light, and she took on the shape of a fairy.Pang!A walloping knee drilled its way into Han Sen's stomach, which sent the horny baboon flying across the room. Then the woman jumped up and struck Han Sen with her battleaxe-like legs while he was still airborne.Before he could even hit the ground, she kicked him sideways again.Pang! Pang! Pang!The beautiful legs had become frightening weapons that struck Han Sen around thirty times. And for the entire time he was beaten up, right, left, and even down, Han Sen did not touch the ground.Her exposed breasts jumped and jiggled with every kick.The woman knew that there was something wrong with Han Sen, however, which helped to calm her down somewhat. So, she used her hands to try to conceal her wobbling, jelly breasts.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 142: The Invitation from Luo XiangyangTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioLuo Xiangyang originally wanted to persuade Han Sen to join the Warframe Society, but was delayed by something else. When he had finished his other business on this day, he returned to school and immediately came to the Heavy Warframe Society.When Luo Xiangyang arrived at the Heavy Warframe Society, the society members just decided on their application in the upcoming Starry Cup."Han Sen," Luo Xiangyang walked into the 7th warehouse and called."Brother, you just came?" Han Sen got up and greeted Luo."Who is this man?" Li Zhenzhen felt puzzled and asked. Other people also looked at Han Sen. Apparently, they did not know who he was either.However, Fatty and Skinny were surprised because they knew who Luo Xiangyang was—the coach of Warframe Society, but they did not understand why Han Sen called him brother."Isn’t he a member here?" Han Sen hesitated. He never asked anyone about this and assumed that Luo was a member student.Hearing the words of Han Sen, Fatty and Skinny almost choked. Luo was a coach at Warframe Society, how could he be a student?Luo Xinyang smiled and patted Han Sen on the shoulder. "Han Sen, your warframe operation skills are great. Are you interested in joining the Warframe Society? Oh, I forgot to tell you that I am the coach at Warframe Society and I promise you will be able to get the best training, use the best training equipment in school, and get the best guidance."Luo Xiangyang’s words shocked everyone but Wang Mengmeng. They could not imagine that a coach of Warframe Society would personally invite Han Sen to join them.Warframe Society and Martial Arts Society were the two most popular societies. Many talented students took the initiative to join them each year, and these two societies never needed to recruit any members. Those who wanted to join even needed to go through their selection.These two societies carved up more than 60% of the talented students of Blackhawk. Different from Heavy Warframe Society, they never lacked talents.But then the dignified coach of Warframe Society even personally went to poach someone from Heavy Warframe Society and made such a promise, which was quite shocking.Fatty and Skinny had their mouths wide open but could not make a sound. They were familiar with Luo, because the only reason they were here was that they had failed to enter the Warframe Society in the first place.They were surprised that someone that Luo Xiangyang would personally invite was in their society."I am sorry Coach Luo, but I have joined the Heavy Warframe Society already," Han Sen declined.The reason Han Sen had promised to join Heavy Warframe Society was two-fold. First, he did it for Wang Mengmeng. Second, he valued the freedom here. He could come and go as he wanted and did not need to worry about anything. This way he could take tasks as he wanted any time or go to God’s Sanctuary to hunt.He would not quite like it if he had to practice on a warframe every single day.Luo Xiangyang did not give up and continued to persuade him, "With your talent and ability, it would be a waste if you stayed here. Give me two or three years and I can get you into the top 3 in the entire Alliance. The championship is not impossible either, which is exactly my goal."The rest were dumbfounded and regarded Han Sen, since they had never seen anything special about him that deserved these words from Luo."Sorry Coach Luo. I cannot take your offer," Han Sen once again refused."Do not rush to refuse. Think about it. If you become a champion in the warframe contest in the Alliance during your study, your final rating will be a lot higher." Luo Xiangyang added, "I will also try my best to give you the best rating possible. When you figure it out, you can come to me at Warframe Society. I will always welcome you to join."After Luo Xiangyang left, the rest were still staring at Han Sen."Coach Luo offered you such conditions, and you actually refused him?" Fatty could not believe what had happened and asked Han Sen, "Don’t you know what higher final rating means?""I certainly do," Han Sen said with a smile.The higher the final rating, the bigger the chance to get a better position and rank when one served."And you turned him down?" Li Zhenzhen said with a disbelieving look."If I wanted those extra points, I would not have chosen to join our society." Han Sen shrugged.His goal was his own perfect evolution, rather than a certain expertise. Although he was interested in warframe operation, it was just a hobby. He would not put everything in it or waste too much time on it.If he could become a sacred-blood aristocrat, it would be much more useful than getting the highest final rating, Level S.In addition, he was confident that he would be rated Level S with or without any extra points.The rest looked at Han Sen as if he was an alien, not believing he had given up such a great opportunity to get a better final rating.His roommates were not too surprised. With Han Sen’s skill in Hand of God, he could beat Li Yufeng by 20 points. Had he joined Hand of God Society, he could have gotten the extra points a long time ago. Why would he wait for Luo Xiangyang to invite him?"I said that we would be great in the contest with Brother Han here. Now do you believe me?" Wang Mengmeng said proudly.Fatty thought of Starry Cup and became thrilled. With Han Sen, whom Luo Xiangyang had invited personally in their society, maybe Heavy Warframe Society could get somewhere this time.Even if they could not win the championship, some third places were enough to give them a reputation.Obviously Fatty was still underestimating Han Sen. Had he known that Han Sen had fought Luo Xiangyang for an hour without losing, he would have set his goal higher.Han Sen was once again the last one to leave the 7th warehouse. He made a habitual visit to the cafeteria and found the juices were all gone again. Then it chanced that he saw Ji Yanran sitting there eating her meal.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 944: The Hunt BeginsTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen ascended a mountain, led by an old man. He was on his way to Thorn Shelter.The mountainsides were steep, and unlike the woodland that circled them, they were barren. The environment there was poor, which provided little reason for creatures to visit; as such, there was a noticeable lack of them.The old man did not go too far across the mountain, and when he decided to return, he instructed Han Sen on which way he should go.Han Sen's purpose for making this venture to Thorn Shelter was to meet the person who had supposedly risked life and limb in warning the knight shelter and its inhabitants of an imminent attack.After one hundred miles of travel, Han Sen was finally able to lay eyes on the black shelter which resided on the peak of that mountain.Above the foothills of the mountain, Han Sen caught sight of creatures, running to and fro.The human who delivered the news was said to live separate from the shelter, in a house that had been built in a nearby valley that was said to resemble the shape of a fish's mouth.When Han Sen came to that valley, he spotted the house. It was wooden, but ill-kept and all-around ugly.Han Sen did not approach as he frequently did—casually and without care. He instead chose to approach stealthily. There didn't seem to be anyone around, so he waited for the onset of night. As the sun was being reclaimed by the horizon once more, a man returned to the house.The man was built like a tower, and when Han Sen saw his face, he couldn't help but quietly exclaim in shock, "Tiger of Blueblood, Tie Yi!"Han Sen and Tie Yi once butted-heads in a competition for a military position. He beat Tie Yi, thereby becoming Ji Yanran's bodyguard. This allowed him to remain in the sanctuaries while he served in the army."Who's there?" Tie Yi was quickly alerted upon hearing Han Sen's unexpected outburst."Long time, no see. I didn't expect to find you here, as a courier of bad news to the shelter that lies a good distance south of us." Han Sen arose from the bushes and smiled as he delivered his dialogue."Han Sen? Why have you come here?" Tie Yi appeared to be just as surprised."I have come here to find out when Thorn Shelter plans to begin its assault." Han Sen smiled."Come inside; it would be best if we spoke there." Tie Yi took a gander at the surrounding environment and then opened the door.Han Sen followed, and when he entered the shack, he closed the door behind him. There were no chairs inside, so he had no choice but to sit on the floor.Han Sen observed the decor and decayed architecture of the home he found himself sitting in, and was surprised to see it so bare. Items of comfort were in short supply, and the majority of what lay scattered about were tools. There wasn't even a bedframe, mattress, or duvet."Have the people in that shelter evacuated?" Tie Yi asked."No. We will fight Thorn Baron and slay her," Han Sen said with confidence."Are you people insane? She also has a multitude of royal spirits in her service. They would be all that is required to conquer that shelter and its meager populace," Tie Yi finished with a concerned frown."That won't happen. We have a nice howdy-doody prepared for whatever threat comes our way. But can I ask if you know which spirits and creatures are to be rallied and sent against the shelter in the planned assault?" Han Sen asked.Unfortunately, Tie Yi shook his head, saying, "I am only here to grow geno vines for them; that's all. I was lucky enough to overhear the murmurs that spoke of their planned conquering of that shelter, but I've been here long enough to learn a thing or two about how Thorn Shelter and its occupants operate. If Thorn Baron is going, she'll lead the battle with eight mutant creatures."Han Sen nodded and said, "And when are they planning to strike?"Tie Yi shook his head and said, "I have told you everything you need to know. You and your people should leave, for Thorn Baron's power is unmatched. She will slaughter whoever remains there."Han Sen smiled and said, "A matter of principle is involved in all this, and as easy as it would be to run away, we can't do that. We, nor the people who initially claimed the shelter way back when, will not throw away all they have built.""If you don't run, then at least consider a surrender. You might still walk away with your head attached to your shoulders if you do that," Tie Yi offered. It was, he believed, the only alternative to flight."I am confident we can defeat Thorn Baron." After a pause, Han Sen continued by saying, "You can remain here. When we launch our counter-attack, we will save you."Tie Yi looked strangely upon Han Sen. After a moment of contemplation, he said, "Are you naive? Are you stubborn? Or are you just too thick in the skull to not hear what I'm telling you? You don't actually have a plan, do you? And a viable one at that?""I won't tell you more than you need to know, but I will save that shelter." Han Sen smiled and then continued by saying, "Now, tell me about the mutant creatures and the royal spirits we might expect to see.""I don't know much but..." Tie Yi told Han Sen all he knew. After asking a few more questions, Han Sen decided to return to his shelter.Seeing Han Sen leave, Tie Yi could only sigh before closing the door behind him.Back in the shelter, Han Sen continued to refine and formulate more plans for the upcoming siege. Thorn Shelter was far more powerful than he expected it to be.If Thorn Baron decided to bring ten mutant class creatures, even with the snake on Han Sen's side, they'd pay a high price in blood to secure the shelter's freedom and future."I think we should strike first. We can take the fight to them, and battle them beyond the immediate borders of home." Han Sen decided to return to the Alliance.Han Sen figured he needed a good bow; one that was good enough to slay mutant creatures.He had already maxed out his ordinary and primitive geno points and managed to obtain seven sacred geno points, as well as five super geno points. His fitness was over a thousand points by this point, and that put him in the range of mutant creatures.If he had a quality bow, he could make use of the Flaming Arrow he received off the porcupine and further increase its efficiency and power by employing the Drillhead Arrow skill. Killing the mutant creatures should not prove too difficult.The Alliance had many powerful bows he could use for such an occasion, but their use required much strength. Not everyone could use them effectively.With a fitness level of one thousand, Han Sen would only be able to use such a bow once or twice in rapid succession.Han Sen received a bow from Annie. The Z-steel arrows that were available for purchase would be ineffective against creatures of the Third God's Sanctuary, so the best arrow to use would undoubtedly be his Flaming Arrow.Han Sen brought the bow and arrow with him, as he snuck near Thorn Shelter. He wished to find Tie Yi again, but before he could, he saw a group of people approaching him.Han Sen went into hiding and watched the people go by. They were all so strong, it was clear that they hailed from Thorn Shelter.When Han Sen saw the leader of the collective, he was delivered another shock; it was the female spirit he had once encountered in Thorn Forest.

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 514: StealingTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"Brother… Watch out…" When Blackgod was about to make a strike, he suddenly heard his friend calling him and felt ominous.Blackgod was indeed quite impressive and decisive. The moment he heard the voice, he directly fell forward.However, it was still a bit too late. He felt a burning pain on his back. It seemed that the armor on his back and his muscles were slashed open by sharp weapons.Han Sen felt it was a shame. Blackgod and the top evolvers were a bit too far from the crowd. When he approached them, he was still discovered by an evolver opposite him, who warned Blackgod in time. With his claws, he did not kill Blackgod this time.Blackgod fell to the ground and rolled a dozen feet away, holding back the pain on his back. The five evolvers with fitness level above a hundred came to Han Sen.Han Sen did not linger. His strike did not kill Blackgod, so he knew that he had lost his opportunity. He rushed to the snake fish king directly, using the claws to cut off its head. Taking up the creature's body, Han Sen ran toward the ice river."Sacred-blood creature snake fish king killed. No beast soul gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 sacred geno points."The evolvers tried to stop Han Sen, but Han Sen swayed left and right, zigzagging among three persons momentarily. He ran past five persons nonstop. When Blackgod got up, holding back his pain, Han Sen had already gone."It is that asshole. He's not dead yet? Kill him for me." Blackgod saw what Han Sen looked like, recognized him, and yelled to the evolvers in surprise and madness.The evolvers quickly caught up with Han Sen. However, Han Sen directly jumped into the ice river. A giant silver eel appeared underneath his feet. The giant silver eel broke the ice on the river and was a hundred feet away instantaneously, leaving Blackgod and his friends appalled on the land."Blackgod, I am taking some of the interests today. Next time I see you I will kill you." Han Sen said loudly and rolled the silver Io away."You are dead… I will kill you definitely… Kill you" Blackgod was so mad that he was standing, cursing at Han Sen's direction.When he scolded Han Sen, he moved his back, which made his injury so painful that his face became grim.Blackgod became very mad. Not only was he almost killed by a sneak attack, but his sacred-blood snake fish king was stolen.In addition, the one who did all that was someone who he thought had died underneath the frozen lake.Since he came to Second God's Sanctuary, Blackgod had never suffered so much, which made him so angry that he was about to vomit blood.Han Sen disregarded what Blackgod did and rode the silver eel away, landing at a remote location. He summoned Meowth and rode Meowth away from the territory of Blackgod Shelter."la la la… la la la… I am a barbecue master…" Han Sen barbecued the snake fish that he had skinned on the convenient stove he brought with him and hummed a little song happily.It was not easy to get his hands on such a sacred-blood creature. This sacred-blood snake fish king would give him eight or nine sacred geno points at least.What was more important was that this creature was stolen from Blackgod, which made Han Sen feel it was extra tasty. Just by smelling the fragrance of the barbecue, he could not stop his mouth from watering."Unfortunately, they only come to the shore once a year. Otherwise, it would be so good if I could still want every day," Han Sen thought as he barbecued.Before the barbecue was done, Han Sen saw a man coming his way in the snow outside."Blackgod's guys are here?" Han Sen was surprised, glanced that way, and it did not look like it. If it were the people from Blackgod Shelter, they should be more than one person.The person walked closer, and Han Sen saw what he looked like. Out of Han Sen's expectation, he knew the man. Although they were not familiar with each other, he had a deeper impression of him.The grandson of Senator Yi, Yi Dongmu. When Han Sen participated in the contest of first God's Sanctuary using Dollars identity, Han Sen beat Yi Dongmu to become top ten. And the fairy queen was his reward for being one of the Chosen.After that, he had never heard the news about Yi Dongmu again. Unexpectedly, Han Sen ran into the person here.Yi Dongmu walked directly opposite Han Sen. He looked at the barbecue on the stove and placed a fox-like red creature on the snow. Pointing to the barbecue, he asked, "I want to trade this mutant creature for your barbecue, will you do it?""No," Han Sen rejected directly, thinking, "You think I'm an idiot? A mutant creature for my sacred-blood creature?"Yi Dongmu could not help frowning, checking Han Sen out again. Because he had not had anything cooked in so long, he wanted to trade the mutant creature he hunted for the barbecue, which was unexpectedly turned down by the other person."Can I borrow your stove? Name your price." Yi Dongmu could not tell where Han Sen was from, so he did not mind the answer. Yi Dongmu pointed to Han Sen's stove said."The stove is quite cheap. Just use it," Han Sen smiled and said.Yi Dongmu did not say anything but summoned a dagger to clean up the fox-like creature. Cutting off a piece of meat, he started to make the barbecue.The two persons did not converse much but barbecued respectively. When Han Sen barbecue was about ready, he took a bite and felt it was so tasty. The grease melted in his mouth."So nice." Han Sen took out some condiments to put on the barbecue before he gobbled it up.Yi Dongmu was stunned. It was the first time he saw someone being so relaxed when hunting. Not only had Han Sen brought the stove, he also brought a dozen types of condiments, which filled up a large bag.Swallowing, Yi Dongmu continued to make his own barbecue. However, Han Sen's barbecue with condiments smelled so good that it was hard for Yi Dongmu not to notice.Yi Dongmu had been working hard to cultivate, trying to enhance his martial arts skills and clear his name that was belittled by Dollar.He often spent several months every time he came to the God's Sanctuary, and sometimes even more than half a year. On the icefield, all he could eat what was raw meat. Even if he was made of iron, his stomach would no longer take it."Will you sell me the condiments?" Yi Dongmu asked eventually."This is quite expensive," Han Sen blinked and said. He was nice enough to let Yi Dongmu use the stove for free. There was no way he could give the condiments to Yi Dongmu for free as well. Han Sen was the one who brought the condiments to the God's Sanctuary."Name your price," Yi Dongmu said directly."Give me the remaining half piece of your meat, and you can use my condiments as you like." Han Sen's condiments were not valuable in fact. However, because they were rare, they were worth something in this place.Without even blinking, Yi Dongmu through the half piece of mutant meat to Han Sen and said, "Give me the condiments.""I like a decisive person like yourself." Han Sen gave the condiments to Yi Dongmu and took the mutant meat with pleasure.

Li Zhanying2020-1-2 01:18:10

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 967: Cocky Little BearTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen’s fitness level was just over a thousand. Compared to sacred-blood creatures, which had fitness levels of over two thousand, it was not difficult to understand why slaying such beasts was a trying task.Han Sen could only use dongxuan movements to help him evade the onslaught of attacks that came his way.The scorpion’s fitness level was practically double Han Sen’s, so his ability to threaten the monster was almost non-existent. If his dexterity wasn’t so high, and he couldn’t dodge with such great skill, he’d have been killed with ease.The scorpion had opened six of its gene locks, so it was incredibly unlikely that Han Sen could beat it.Han Sen just thought it was fortunate that the scorpion lacked AOE skills. Had it learnt such attacks, the only thing he could have done was run away.Roar! The bear was still stood proudly atop the scorpion. Its roar was as if it was saying, “Come fight me!”Amidst the barrage of pincer-strikes Han Sen was narrowly avoiding, he caught sight of the bear’s smug face. It was at this moment Han Sen’s body exuded a frightening aura.A white light burst out of him, and it turned him into a bright, holy figure of resplendent light. In this grossly incandescent form, a terrifying power thundered.Boom!Han Sen evaded the scorpion’s next attack and set his sights on the white bear.Not expecting the sudden outburst, the creature terrified. It desired to run.But Han Sen wasn’t having it. With his sun-like fist of pure, unbridled power, he threw his knuckles at the bear. When the punch found its target, the bear was sent skimming across the coarse forest floor. It was unable to get up.Han Sen grabbed the white bear like a hunter grabbing a dead squirrel. With another evasive maneuver around the attacks of the scorpion, Han Sen took off flying into the air.The three seconds of super king spirit mode came to an end, and with the bear still firmly in his hands, Han Sen made an airborne return.Thankfully, despite its strength, the scorpion lacked the ability of flight. All it could do was hiss menacingly at Han Sen as it watched him go.“Where did that smug little bear go, huh? Where’s that cockiness now? Come on, show me!” When Han Sen arrived back at the shelter, he rudely tossed the bear on the ground.Grrr! Grrr! The white bear was not as remorseful as Han Sen expected, and rather than beg for mercy, it threatened Han Sen with growls.“Ah, that’s how you want to play it? Let’s see what you’re made of, then!” Han Sen brought out Taia in an effort to kill it.But suddenly, the white bear drew out its claws and scratched itself. Blood dribbled down from its body.Han Sen was surprised by this, unsure of what it was planning to do.Suddenly, Han Sen felt the forest above tremble as if there was an earthquake. Countless bugs were now swarming towards the shelter, like an aftershock tsunami.The bugs could smell the bear’s blood, and they were each brave enough to come in. At the sight of the legion of bugs that now assaulted their shelter, the humans around were afraid, and they scrambled to different corners of the shelter in panic and disarray.“Get to safety inside the shelter!” Han Sen called out. He grabbed the bear and fell back, further in.There were too many bugs to count, and they were all at least mutant class. If it had just been a few, it would have been fine, but now, it was a different ball game.The bugs came for the bear, and their numbers continued to grow. They fought and clawed their way through their brethren in an attempt to get to him.Grrr! The white bear was being provocative, and it seemed to be telling Han Sen that he should have let it go.“You’re dead meat! No bug can help you; not a single one.” Han Sen grabbed the white bear by the neck again and retreated deeper within.This enraged the bear, and so it dragged its paw along its flesh again. After this new self-inflicted lesion, the blood drove the bugs into an even greater frenzy.The bugs were everywhere, and they choked the air and sky.Han Sen then decided to head to the entrance of the shelter, afraid the bugs would continue their assault until they destroyed the underground realm. Ruin to his shelter was the one thing he could not afford.And even if the shelter and the monumental tree above were not destroyed, if many bugs were left to invade the shelter, they’d undoubtedly slay the people that had moved-in to live there.Grabbing the bear as roughly as he could, Han Sen ran outside and into the forest. The bugs did not relent in their crazed swarming.Grrr! The bear growled and growled, but that’s all it would do. It was furious at its mistreatment.But despite this, Han Sen did not dare hurt the bear at this point in time. The more damaged the bear was and the more it bled, the more rabid the native bugs would become.Unfortunately for Han Sen, this trial was far from over. Before long, he saw the scorpion coming his way, wishing to rejoin the fray.With the situation as messed up as it was, all he wanted to do now was quickly kill the bear and discard its corpse there in the forest so he could run home.He’d most likely be able to get away, but he wanted to do this only as an absolute last resort. There’d be no benefit for him in simply killing the bear.But more and more bugs came, with many of them being sacred-blood class. They were getting frighteningly close.As Han Sen wondered whether or not he should have killed the bear, a familiar voice rang out.“Daddy! Daddy!”Han Sen looked back, and he saw Bao’er sucking an empty bottle as she crawled towards him.“Why are you here?” Han Sen picked Bao’er up.“I want milk.” Bao’er shook the bottle she had been sucking on, indicating its empty condition.Roar! Roar! Seeing the vast swathes of bugs continuing to join the pursuit, the bear made more threatening noises.Pang!Bao’er had gotten annoyed, and so she kicked the bear in its face. The power in that kick was a struggle to believe, as blood suddenly spewed out from the bear’s face. The head’s structure was disfigured and crooked, and the teeth were knocked out. They scattered across the forest floor like loose change.But when the bugs smelled the bear’s blood, the creatures merely screamed, squealed, and raged even more.“Ah!”Bao’er was furious. The insects were keeping her from receiving milk, and this displeased her a great amount. Then, she pulled out a small gourd and shouted at the bugs that cloaked the surroundings in their ravenous numbers.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1258: Geno CoreTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioDragon King looked at the jue and said, “That actually depends. Continuing the theme of duality, this thing can be good and bad. If you are a demi-god, it is good. If you’re not… it can kill you.”“So, what does that mean? What is it for?” Han Sen wasn’t put-off by the words he had just heard.Dragon King began to slink and speak mysteriously, saying, “I’m afraid not many people in the Third God’s Sanctuary know what this is. Fortunately for you, I am one of the very few who know. Me and Asura…”Dragon King suddenly trailed off into silence.“Is this related to the betrayal of Ancient Devil Emperor?” Han Sen asked.“It’s not like that.” Dragon King paused for a brief moment, and then went on to say, “This thing has nothing to do with us, but I knew of an artifact that was quite similar.”“What would that be?” It was painful for Han Sen, being so patient with Dragon King’s slow droning.“It’s a secret. I’ve told you many secrets in the past, but I’ve never received a single scrap that could benefit me as a reward. I’m at the end of my tether! Why should I continue helping you and not expect anything in return?” Dragon King said.Han Sen eyed Dragon King with a lethal look and asked, “Ah, so you’re no longer afraid to die. Is that what you’re telling me? In that case, perhaps there is a favor I can perform for you.”Dragon King rebutted, “You never planned to fix my body, so death is coming for me, one way or another.”When Han Sen looked at him and saw clearly the crux of his issue, he conceded to say, “I have actually been looking out for one for you.”“Don’t give me that crap! I know you already found an egg up on that mountain. Do you think I’m stupid?” Dragon King said.Han Sen smiled and said, “I did find one, yes. But you almost got me killed at the Sky Tree! If our roles were reversed, would you still give me an egg?”Dragon King had an awkward look descend upon him, and he pleaded once more, “It was a mistake! An honest mistake. Every time you ask me a question, I give you answers to the best of my knowledge. I never try to trick and mislead you.”Han Sen said, “Well, an apology isn’t good enough. It sure doesn’t suffice, for you to receive a super creature’s egg off me.”Dragon King pointed at the jue and said, “I’ll tell you what it is if you give me the egg.”“I’ll consider the proposition, but if we’re talking a trade, the bargain needs to be evaluated. It all depends on whether the secret of this jue is decent. If it’s some snob’s wine pourer, forget it!” Han Sen said.“I’m serious when I tell you that this thing is known only by very few people. I know what this is, and if I don’t pass this knowledge on to you, you’ll only end up harming yourself,” Dragon King said, with a surprisingly alarmed tone.“Fine. Tell me the secret first. If I deem the knowledge worthy for the trade, I’ll give you the egg. Deal?” Han Sen made his offer.“No! You say something like this every time, I swear! You have to promise me this time. Pinky promise!” Dragon King spoke with distress.Han Sen said, “Oh, come on. You make it sound like you’re the only one who knows what this thing does. I am giving you an opportunity here.”“Are you suggesting you know what it does? If so, why don’t you tell me?” Dragon King said.Han Sen said, “It’s an item from the Fourth God’s Sanctuary.”Dragon King looked shocked, but he balked, “You are smart! But if that’s the extent of your knowledge regarding this thing, what a waste of time to tell me. Knowing that means knowing nothing. You need to know what this thing is truly for. And me? I know.”“It’s for a sacrificial ritual,” Han Sen then said.Dragon King, with a look that had been tarred with great disdain, said, “That is not what you call a secret, either!”“Then tell me what it is for!” Han Sen said, with a raised voice.“Give me the egg and I’ll tell you,” Dragon King insisted.Han Sen looked at the jue and once again noted nothing special regarding it.If it was an item from the Fourth God’s Sanctuary, it really was not something he wanted to get rid of. But if carrying it around with him brought harm, he didn’t fancy that, either.Han Sen wanted to know what it was before he started carrying it around with him.But he couldn’t keep an eye on it 24/7.“I can promise you, I’ll give you the egg. But only if the information is worth it. I’d sooner destroy the egg than give it to you, if you don’t cough up something of value; remember that.” Han Sen issued a threat.“You won’t regret this! And I really need a body now. In the past, even if you offered me ten eggs, I wouldn’t have cared.” Dragon King sounded confident.“But the egg is not on me right now, just keep that in mind. When I return, you can have it. So, tell me,” Han Sen said.Dragon King said, “It is from the Fourth God’s Sanctuary, yes. Have you heard of demi-god genes?”“Is a jue a demi-god gene?” Han Sen asked, while observing the jue.Demi-god genes were like super genes, but their proper name was Demi-God Geno Core.These were genes that could only be obtained by demi-gods. They were different than other types, like mutant or sacred-blood genes. If a super gene was a computational command, then a Demi-God Geno Core was a hub that could execute a number of different commands.The progress of a Geno Core affected the very powers of a demi-god.Han Sen did not know much about this, because Demi-God Geno Cores were a secret to demi-gods alone. Han Sen had only heard scraps of information about this from the Ji family.“Yes. It is a Geno Core that was created by a demi-god creature. I have only seen such a thing once before; where did you find this thing?” Dragon King asked.

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