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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 798: Getting into the ShelterTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe fog lay heavy, and Han Sen made sure to summon his most useful beast souls before entering the mist. He pierced into the clouds without hindrance, but as he entered, a frightful feeling crept along his spine and chilled him to the bone.Han Sen saw a fire-wreathed shadow approach from his side. If he wasn't wearing his devil-eye mask, he wouldn't have caught its coming.Dong!The little angel came over to cover him, and her greatsword collided with something in the fog. She was knocked back a bit, but before anything else could happen, their phantom assailant retreated into the deeper recesses of the mist.Before Han Sen could continue his journey through the fog, the shadow came at them again from another side. It was fortunate Han Sen was able to follow it as it neared, and command the little angel to respond appropriately.While Han Sen commanded her to deflect the shadow's incoming attack, Han Sen took advantage of the window of opportunity and flew faster through the fog towards the shelter. He knew that the shelter's walls were only a hundred meters away, but it now felt as if he had traveled several hundred meters. And still, he had yet to see the ground."Oh, no!" The wretched realization that this was no ordinary fog dawned on Han Sen. He wanted to leave its stuffy-clutch, but it was too late. Despite flying back a few hundred meters again, in the direction he had come, he was unable to exit. He wasn't going anywhere.But Han Sen was at least glad he was in possession of the devil-eye mask, so he could watch any creature that lurked inside the mist. It did well to keep him alert and out of danger."It seems as if there is only one super creature hiding out here in the mist with me. If the others don't come near, then perhaps I'll be able to kill it one-on-one," Han Sen thought to himself.He did not believe whatever super creature lurked around him would pose too much danger, and even without his devil-eye mask, he could use his dongxuan aura to sense its presence and see it coming.The only problem was the need to deal with it quickly. If he didn't take care of it soon, it was only a matter of time before the big monster down below would beat itself to death against the doors. If that happened, Han Sen would have one less ally on the field.The evil-eye mask could only enable Han Sen to watch the shadow of the creature. It was a lifeforce, one that seemed to have been wrapped in flames. He couldn't quite see what sort of super creature it was.The little angel could not see very well in the mist, and she had to rely on the commands of her master for when and where to react.Han Sen quietly drew his peacock crossbow and loaded it with Z-steel bolts. He propped it up, ready for the creature's re-emergence.Dong!The little angel used her greatsword to knock away an incoming shadow. Han Sen did not do anything yet, and he just patiently watched it.The flaming shadow failed in its attempts to attack a few times, and it appeared to be frustrated. So, it gave up trying to strike them, sunk into the mist, and watched the two in return.Han Sen pretended as if he could not see it, rolling his head in a number of different directions to feign inattention. But in truth, aside from the creature, he really could not see anything else.When he was outside, he had managed to catch the presence of other super creatures by spotting their lifeforces. But now, inside the mist, this singular lifeforce was the only anomaly he could make out.After observing for a while, the flame began to believe Han Sen and the little angel had truly lost their target. It sailed through the fog behind Han Sen, and slowly approached.Han Sen continued looking left and right, as if it he had no idea where it was coming from. But with the dongxuan aura that he cast a while ago, he was able to keep an eye on its every slight movement.The flaming shadow came within ten meters of Han Sen when it suddenly became enraged, and it launched itself towards the mist's intruder.The moment the flame got close to Han Sen, he quickly turned around and used his Flaming Rex Spike to block the attack while his left-hand fired the peacock crossbow repeatedly. Consecutively, he fired eight of the Z-steel bolts towards the foe.Pang!But Han Sen and the rex spike were rocked away upon the collision, which negatively affected his accuracy. Still, he heard a foreign noise in the mist sound three times. Three of the eight bolts had found their target.At the same time, little angel flew to the shadow's head and brought down the greatsword upon it with all her might."Roar!" The flaming shadow screamed in agony, seemingly injured by the bolts. Frantically, it tried to scramble back into the cover of the mist.But under the all-seeing gaze of the devil-eye mask, Han Sen was able to observe its every move. With the little angel by his side, he took off after the misty-menace.The creature had been well-and-truly fooled by Han Sen, and now, the little angel instantly caught up with the monster. She swung her sword like a loon and brought an end to the fleeing monster's escape.Han Sen fired the peacock crossbow again, emptying the other six bolts.The timing could not have been more perfect, as the creature had just exhausted all its strength in avoiding the brutal cleaves of the little angel's greatsword.More moans rumbled out across the fog, as four of the bolts found their target. The creature trembled.Like a sudden streak of light, the little angel shot right past the creature. As she did so, a head launched into the sky, trailing blood. Before the choking mist could be dyed red, it began to disappear with the felling of its master."Super Creature Mirage-Gas Freak killed. No beast soul gained. The flesh of this creature is inedible, but you may harvest its Life Geno essence. Consume its Life Geno essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly."The mist faded, and Han Sen's prior vision of the shelter's walls and gate returned to him. It was only ten meters away now.The Mirage-Gas Freak that the little angel had slain began to fade away. It was strange, like a cat. The head had been lopped off, and that too began to melt away with the body.Dong!A Life Geno essence, one that looked like an orb of solid mist, fell to the ground. Han Sen made sure to pick it up, and after doing so, flew to the back of the gate that had previously barred their passage. Then, he lifted and removed the bolt that prevented its opening. After doing so, he made sure to make a quick escape backwards.Boom!The purple-door was smashed open by the big monster. With a loud roar, it marched inside without hesitation.Inside the shelter was a large and beautiful palace, but strangely, it now seemed devoid of creatures or spirits. The place seemed empty.When the mirage cloud totally disappeared, Han Sen's vision became clearer. He couldn't see any creatures. Even the small monster that had been captured by the black tiger was totally gone, and not even its screams could be heard anymore.Pang!The big monster quickly arrived before the grand palace, and at its tall doors, it again tried to open them by throwing its weight. It wanted to see with its own eyes whether or not the little monster was inside.Its strike did not collapse the palace, but as Han Sen watched, he saw the flash of a sword. Suddenly, a huge, bloody gash had been drawn deep into the big monster's hardy scales.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 896: Spirit GeneTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen did not move. He cast the Dongxuan Sutra, which had his fingers generate a coin, and fired it at the approaching monkey.Pat!The coin stuck to the monkey's head. Almost immediately, its head swiveled down and the body followed, collapsing to the ground. Writhe as it might, it could not get back up.The red-haired monkey tried to scream, but when it opened its mouth, Han Sen fired another coin. It landed directly on its lips, shutting them completely. The added weight propped the monkey into a position not unlike it was bowing to Han Sen.Han Sen looked at the monkey once more, turned, and left.Han Sen had managed to simulate the power of the Coin Toad that he had observed during his battle with it. He had only unlocked his first gene lock, so he couldn't simulate it perfectly. Its effectiveness was not half of what it could be, once Han Sen had his next few gene locks open. Still, it was enough to suppress the advance of the monkey, and it did more than his Sonic-Thunder Punch could ever hope to do.After dealing with his simian aggressor, he went to the other side of the market to see if there was anything useful for sale.After a short while browsing the wares, a spirit cut in front of Han Sen and blocked his advance."Has the monkey's master come looking for me?" Han Sen frowned, and put himself into a state of silent alert.The spirit looked like a man. Its ears were like the fins of a fish, and it only possessed one red eye."How might I address you?" Surprisingly, the spirit bowed before Han Sen."My name is San Mu. What's up?" Han Sen asked."I saw you teach that monkey a lesson. The power you have seems efficient in restricting the movements of your opponents. With that power you possess, I am hoping you will be able to help me out on a certain matter. I can pay you spirit genes, in return for your compliance and aid," the spirit politely requested.Han Sen initially believed the spirit had approached him in a hunt for trouble; he never expected it to come looking for his help."How can I help?" Han Sen asked."I want to tame a wind beast. Unfortunately for me, its power is grand, and the likelihood of it submitting itself to serving and obeying me seems low. It is my desire that you suppress it, buying me the appropriate time to do what I must to tame it," the spirit explained."What is your level? And how many spirit genes are you willing to pay?" Han Sen was interested in the proposition."My name is Yu Yan, and I am a Knight. I can pay you with ten fire-element spirit genes," the spirit said."Okay. But if you are unable to tame it yourself after I do my part, you must still pay me," Han Sen responded."Of course; in fact, how about I pay you in advance?" Yu Yan reached his hand out. A fire was birthed in the palm of his hand, and it then drifted through the air towards Han Sen.Han Sen caught the drifting fire, and the golden flames melted into the skin of his own hands."Knight-class Fire Gene +1."Yu Yan gave him nine more of such flames, and Han Sen accepted each one.The Fire Gene wouldn't make Han Sen physically stronger, but it would serve well whenever he wished to deal fire damage. His fire attacks and fire resistances would both be increased.If he did not practice the works and arts of fire, it would have been a waste. But Han Sen could practice every element, fortunately.After receiving the Spirit Genes, Yu Yan and Han Sen left the market. They went to a serene park that was situated elsewhere in the shelter. There were many ordinary creatures around, and it was quickly and clearly estalished that Yu Yan was a high-level spirit in the vicinity.In a cage, Han Sen saw the wind beast already trapped. It was a lime-green giant wolf that kept casting blades of winds at the bars of its suppression, growling and howling ferociously.Han Sen fired a coin at the wind beast. There was no fear of missing, due to it being trapped in the cage; therefore, the coin landed where he wanted it to. The wolf looked slightly heavier and more bedraggled, but it didn't collapse to the ground just yet. Knowing what was happening, however, the wolf did its best to attack Han Sen.He fired another seven coins at the wolf, and after that, the wolf no longer looked as angry. It was heavy and of a glum, hopeless mood."The first-tier of the Dongxuan Sutra really is much weaker. If I was like the toad, creatures such as this would only have to suffer two of these coins. I really need to get to work on opening my gene locks," Han Sen thought to himself.Yu Yan was happy with the results, though. After the wolf's desire for violence came to an end, he opened the cage without delay. Then, he leaned forward to leave his mark on the beast's forehead.But the wolf, despite hardly being able to move, was not willing to accept the stamp.Yu Yan drew a whip, and with a lash, flames enwreathed its leathery length. He whipped the wind beast's body, inflicting a nasty burn mark across it.After a few more lashes, the wolf's fur had been mostly seared off. It was a wretched sight, the proud animal's thick, full mane of fur having been reduced to dark, smoldering skin.But the wind beast still wasn't willing to submit. It growled repeatedly at Yu Yan and Han Sen, and it didn't look likely to submit anytime soon.Yu Yan did not stop whipping, though. And before long, the wolf could no longer move. Its body was pitch-black with its charring, and it could no longer stand. It collapsed and continued to whimper down on the ground, as if it was going to die.Yu Yan got tired hitting the beast, and with much disappointment, regretfully said, "This beast is too far gone. With how wild it is, I fear I'll never be able to tame it. Perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise; it is a creature that hails from the Thorn Forest, after all.""It comes from the Thorn Forest?" Han Sen looked at the wind beast in shock."Yes, I found it during my venture there. Four of its gene locks have been opened, and it took the sacrifice of a dozen ordinary creatures to capture it. Yet despite all that, I cannot tame it. Killing it solely for its meat would be a grand waste," Yu Yan mournfully explained, as he watched the dying beast.Han Sen's heart jumped. He looked at the beast and said, "Would you be willing to sell it?""If I can't tame it, of course I will. How much are you willing to pay?" Yu Yan smiled."Well, how about this?" Han Sen pulled out a coin; a copper-fruit.

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新腾讯五分彩开奖号码⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1000: Battling the Ape KingTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen left the shelter with Bao’er. He killed a few primitive class bugs at first, to see if that would draw the ape out.Not long after, it had indeed come to steal his kills. It crept near to Han Sen and watched him.It was possible the ape knew Han Sen was special, more accomplished than the others fighters it had boorishly stolen from. This time, it did not make an immediate appearance and try to tackle Han Sen before running off with the goodies; it just waited and watched.Han Sen was aware of the ape’s presence, but pretended he wasn’t. If he revealed he knew it was close by, there was a chance the ape would scarper. And if so, he’d most certainly be unable to pursue the ape if it was empty-handed.Han Sen faced away from the ape, and holding Bao’er, he looked for more prey he could kill. When he started to move, so did the ape.Han Sen found a black scorpion lying ahead, and noted it was primitive class. He fired an arrow.The scorpion’s carapace was broken by the sudden shot, and the insect quickly died.And just as this happened, a blue flash leapt out of the bushes. The ape spared no time in picking up the scorpion, shouting mockingly at Han Sen, and running off back into the tangled depths of the forest.The ape could have easily killed the scorpion if it wanted to, and it was clear it was interested in annoying Han Sen more than anything.Han Sen immediately opened the three tiers of his Dongxuan Sutra. As he did, he covered the ape and sealed its seventh sense.“Where are you going to run now, you little imp?!” Han Sen pulled out his bow and fired.Having been unexpectedly robbed of its seventh sense, the blue ape was quite shocked. It frantically panicked as if it had been blinded, and a Sabertooth-Bee Arrow had already made a home on the hairy fiend.The sharp arrow hit the monkey’s soft belly, and it accelerated as it came into contact, spinning as if it were a drill.Surprisingly, the arrow was only able to ruffle some of the ape’s fur, and was unable to break the ape’s skin.The blue ape squealed in fright, but it didn’t let Han Sen’s meddling stop it from trying to escape. Although its seventh sense was still sealed, it was still able to reorient itself and try to flee. Perhaps, Han Sen thought, the monkey was familiar with the area, and thus it could still run off in a certain direction with great speed.Han Sen gave chase, determined to fire another arrow that would strike the monkey’s arse.Through the boons of Dongxuan Aura, Han Sen was able to fire the arrow silently. And because of this talent, the arrow managed to avoid the attention of the ape. As planned, the arrow dug into the monkey’s meaty backside.Roar! The blue ape’s arse was bleeding. It pulled its arms back to finger the wound, which oozed blood. It looked rather funny.“Haha!” Bao’er clapped and laughed at the sight.Han Sen was going to fire another, but the ape’s blue light appeared. And after this occurred, the speed of the ape greatly increased.He tried giving chase to the monkey, but Bao’er looked unmoved, and it didn’t appear that she wanted to bring out her gourd and kill the ape before it could escape. Needless to say, this disheartened Han Sen, somewhat.Bringing out his bow again, he fired. Unfortunately, not even the arrows could keep up with the fleeing ape. Eventually, it disappeared from his sight.“It went fast.” Although Han Sen had lost sight of the creature again, all was not lost. This time, he had drawn blood. With a good whiff of the ape’s scent, Han Sen would be able to track it and discover where the ape had gone to.The blue ape traveled through the forest for a good long while, and Han Sen was determined to follow it. As long as the ape’s trail didn’t lead him to the more nefarious corners of the forest, that was.Because Han Sen was able to mask his scent and movement, even if there were creatures near him, he would most likely be able to avoid them and not alert them to his presence.After fifty miles of travel, however, the scent became lighter. Han Sen presumed the wound on the blue ape’s arse had probably healed up.But the blue ape seemed to have a taste for vengeance. Han Sen had inflicted a decent bit of damage, and in an embarrassing spot, too. Given the chance, Han Sen believed it would only be a matter of time before the ape returned for him.“Dad. Monkey.” Bao’er suddenly pointed to a space ahead.Han Sen peered in the direction she was pointing, and suddenly saw an army of monkeys jumping around.The monkeys had already spread out to surround them, something which had shockingly escaped Han Sen’s realization.“Ooh-Ooh-Oohaha!” The thieving blue ape made an appearance. And as it revealed itself, so did all the other monkeys that surrounded them. They all chanted in their simian banter, wildly and sharply.Han Sen observed them all, and counted there to be around one thousand of the creatures. Save for the sole sacred-blood blue ape, which had clearly established itself as king, the rest were all a mixture of primitive and mutant class types.In unison, all the apes let out a cry and ran towards Han Sen. As cool as ever, though, he did not flinch back from their approach. And as this occurred, Bao’er clapped her hands as if she was applauding grand theatrics.Han Sen opened his Dongxuan Aura and sealed the seventh sense of every creature there. And like they had just become headless chickens, all the monkeys lost their sense of direction and became aimless.Han Sen brought out his bow and fired an arrow at the blue monkey king, aiming for the felon’s ear.The arrow drilled neatly into the spot he had selected, but it did not remain there long. Immediately after it had settled, the ape grabbed the arrow, pulled it out, and broke it.Han Sen was disheartened by the loss of the arrow, so he pulled out Taia and ran towards the king.The ape king could no longer hear or see, but it looked as if it was able to do just fine with guesses. It turned around and sought to run-off again.The blue ape’s behavior was starting to aggravate Han Sen. The beast was too cowardly, despite its dastardly acts. Han Sen wanted to fight it face to face, but his inability to do so annoyed him.Han Sen was even angrier at the thought he could never actually catch up with the fiend if it chose to flee.Still, this area was home to many such monkeys. Wherever the blue ape lived, it had to be near.“I don’t think so,” Han Sen said, with Bao’er on his back sucking a dum-dum in excitement.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1400: My Life Is My LifeTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen followed Mister Li closely, as they all entered and ventured between the narrow pathways of the shelter. They said that as long as they did not approach that one construct, their passage would mostly be fine.Still, that was no reason to shirk caution. Everyone was on high-alert, and their eyes remained peeled for the slightest foreign motion, intently scanning every new viewpoint they could. This was not a place they could afford to let their guard down.The mist was encroaching on their right, so they sidestepped to skirt a few buildings on their left.They eventually got within ten meters of the tower.Just like the scroll had depicted, the mural upon the construct displayed ten humans.“Well, he may have been scant on details, but at least Qing Le wasn’t outright lying to me.” The worry in Han Sen’s heart lightened a bit, and his pace quickened, upon learning that the authenticity of the drawings checked out.When they saw the other side of the tower, though, they were all struck with a gut-punching shock. There were three people in a sitting position, except they were dead. Eerily, it was as if they had been placed there.Han Sen was easily able to understand why Mister Li had told them to exercise caution around the base of that tower now. Whoever approached might have very well been killed.Han Sen examined their bodies the best he could, from the distance he was standing. He was unable to determine a cause of death, and the bodies hadn’t been ravaged in any way. But there they were; lifeless and sitting.Han Sen did not know why they were in such a position. And while it would have been a ghastlier sight to see a few corpses mutilated or decapitated, it would’ve at least been easier to suspect what sort of foe might be awaiting them. This was unsettling, and it made the group even more wary for what might lie ahead. Their stomachs were churning.Eventually, his eyes turned to the mural above. He studied the images carefully, hoping to glean as many details as he could.He was viewing another side of the tower now, and there was text just like what he had seen in the drawing. The text, however, did not offer an excerpt from Life Door as the first did.“My life is my life. Your life is my life. Your life is forfeit to me,” Yu Zhiyou read aloud.Han Sen did not know what it meant, but when he looked at the carvings, he was given a shock. Ten people were shown, all lifeless and sitting like the three bodies they had just seen.Then, suddenly, before the sight of that could settle in their minds, Wang Zhao shouted, “What are you doing? Get back!”Han Sen didn’t know why Yu Zhiyou was walking towards the tower, but he had begun to do so in a trance-like state. Yu Zhiyou reached the wall, turned around, and smiled at them. Then, he sat down and closed his eyes.A chill ran down the spines of all who watched this act. A living person had just approached the construct and died, with no genuine cause to be discerned. It was as if, like a zombie, he had accepted death.Yu Zhiyou was not the strongest amongst them, but he had a gold geno core. For him to merrily die in such a way was strange, to say the least.He was sitting in a position just like the ones shown on the mural, and just like the three they had passed.“Whatever you do; do not read the writing!” Mister Li said, to everyone.It was then that everyone realized Yu Zhiyou was the only one who had read the words written in the text. It couldn’t have been a coincidence he was the first to kick the bucket.Wang Zhao then said, “Be careful! For once, illiteracy might be a boon. If you read any text here, it could lead to your death, and none will be able to save you.”Everyone was afraid following that freak occurrence, and no one dared to look at the tower now.People believed that if you were strong in the Fourth God’s Sanctuary, death never came easy. Seeing someone die in such a simple, strange manner was unnerving. It was by some magic none had witnessed before, and it was the inability to know and understand that always scared mankind the most.Han Sen, however, made sure to take a mental photograph of the murals he had seen thus far.With haste, they managed to pass the tower by. But from that position, if they chose to turn around, they could view the back of the mural.Only Han Sen dared to stop and get a good look at it, an action that displeased the rest of his company.There were no words written on that side, just the depiction of a congregation of humans. Many of them were sitting, while many others were standing.Han Sen made a note of it, and then felt desperate to see the fourth and final side he had yet to get a look at.“What are you doing?” Mister Li believed Han Sen had read something and been robbed of his will to live as had just occurred. He quickly grabbed Han Sen’s arm to pull him back.The tug was strong, and he was sent staggering a few meters back. Everyone stared at Han Sen with wide open eyes, thinking he might have been possessed.“I’m fine. I just wanted to take a look at the other side of the mural. It may have information we’d be better off learning. It is obviously a construct of great importance to the shelter,” Han Sen explained.“Why can’t you just shut up and follow us? You’ll get Mister Li and the rest of us killed,” Xu Yanmeng sternly said.“I want to take a look. You can stay here, but do you mind waiting a moment?” Han Sen asked, addressing Mister Li directly.Mister Li answered, “Okay. You might be correct, and examining it might indeed prove useful.”“You can go there, but we’ve already been told what’s on the other side. I’m not risking things any more than I have to,” Zhong Sanxiao said.Wang Zhao chimed in, agreeing. No one else wanted to risk venturing there.“Then I will go there with Little Han,” Mister Li said.Xu Yanmeng blurted out, “You’re crazy! Don’t listen to him. We’ve already cleared the tower, and now you want to return to it?”Mister Li patted him on the shoulder and said, “I just want to take a look. I’ll be fine, okay? We both will.”“Me and Old Qiu can come, then,” Xu Yanmeng said.“It’s fine. Stay here where it’s safest,” Mister Li said, already walking away alongside Han Sen.When Han Sen reached the other side of the mural, he was delighted at what he saw.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 367: Coming Back from DeathTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioYe Yufeng felt more and more odd, his brows knitted.Suddenly, Ye Yufeng thought of something and appeared to be shocked. He couldn't help exclaiming, "Is that Heavenly Go? Is Dollar a descendent of that person?"Although Ye Yufeng had heard about Heavenly Go, he had never witnessed it being used. Therefore, he was not sure if Han Sen was using Heavenly Go.The techniques Han Sen was using made him feel it should be similar to the legendary Heavenly Go.Although Han Sen was slower than the wolf, he could easily dodge its snaps. When Ye Yufeng looked closely, it almost felt like the wolf was controlled by Han Sen. Before it even moved, Han Sen had already come up with a solution.Aside from Heavenly Go, Ye Yufeng could not think of any martial arts that could be used in such a way. "Heaven is the checkerboard, and men are my stones." According to the legend, Heavenly Go could be used to control minds and even behaviors of opponents. Some even said that it could be used to predict the future, which was what Ye Yufeng thought Han Sen was doing.Ye Yufeng did not join the fight, because he had determined that Han Sen was able to defend himself well. If Ye Yufeng tried to help Han Sen, he might even disrupt Han Sen's plan.Han Sen had never practiced Heavenly Go. He had just learned kiting skills from Queen and had no idea what Queen was practicing.However, Han Sen did not have time to think about that. All his focus was on the metal wolf.Han Sen had been extremely familiar with the environment. Every step he made was designed carefully based on his experience in more than a month.What Han Sen was waiting for was an opportunity, an opportunity to make the metal wolf make one move. For this move to happen, Han Sen had been calculating to the smallest detail. Every step he made was the result of countless calculations.Only when the wolf made that move could Han Sen launch his fatal attack at the wolf's jaw.For this moment, Han Sen had thought about the wolf's pattern and character a thousand times.In addition, for this one chance, Han Sen had been holding back for more than a month and refrained from using his sacred-blood sword and devil sword. Because the spinning spear could not be enhanced by the flame lieutenant, and the fact that Han Sen was holding back himself, he posed the least threats to the wolf. Facing him alone, the wolf was the least guarded at this point, which was exactly what Han Sen needed.Even if the Chen brothers did not ask to leave, Han Sen would also try to fight the metal wolf alone. Only by doing this could he execute his plan.Watching the target stepping into his scheme, Han Sen's eyes were as calm as water. Although his heart was beating rapidly because of Heresy Mantra, his mind was extremely peaceful.Han Sen was clear that this was his only chance, so he could only succeed and cannot fail. To succeed, he did not need to be angry or explosive. All he needed was to perfectly execute his plan with no mistakes.The wolf was roaring from time to time. For so many days, the wolf had been disturbed by the group repeatedly, so it had wanted to eat them alive for a while.At this point, Han Sen was facing the wolf alone, but the wolf even hit him, which made the wolf snap harder.Seeing the creature getting agitated, Han Sen was delighted. The more frantic the wolf was, the more likely he was to succeed.Gradually, the wolf was led to the designed spot by Han Sen. In other words, Han Sen was forced into a corner by himself.It was a narrow corner between two stone walls. The two walls formulated an angle of 45°, and there was a large stone about 3 feet tall in front of Han Sen.If the wolf wanted to attack Han Sen, and must jump over the large stone. In order to do that, the wolf had to jump much higher than usual, which would force it to expose its jaw to Han Sen.Coming back from death was Han Sen's only option, and Han Sen's only chance.The wolf was extremely enraged. Seeing that Han Sen who was super sly forced into the corner and had nowhere to go, the wolf couldn't help jumping over and throwing itself at Han Sen, trying to kill him with one blow.Ye Yufeng who was watching suddenly became pale. As he tried to rush over, he realized it was too late. Ye Yufeng had to watch the wolf going at Han Sen.Staring at the wolf coming at him, Han Sen stayed still like a stone. The moment that the jaw of the wolf was exposed to Han Sen, he flipped his wrist, and a silver sword covered in black smoke suddenly reached forward. This move was so unexpected that even a human could not see it coming, let alone a creature.In addition, before Han Sen attacked, he almost seemed indifferent. There was no way of telling his murderous intent. It was a great contrast between how fierce this move was and how cool he seemed.Thump!With the use of Heresy Mantra, Han Sen's heart ran like an engine, making horrendous sounds, which could even be heard outside of his body.Veins stood out on the body of the bloody slayer. Han Sen felt that his muscle and bones were on fire, generating tremendous heat.Using Overload at its extreme, Han Sen's body was like a volcano. If Han Sen went a hair over, his body would explode.Different from his burning body, Han Sen's brain was extremely calm. He felt like an onlooker, watching his body turning stronger and stronger and his sword stabbing at the wolf.Han Sen was exercising both absolute control and extreme fierceness.Whoosh!The tip of the sword cut the black fur with friction. There were even sparkles."Kill!" Han Sen roared and motivated every last ounce of energy in his body, pushing the sword through the fur into the flesh of the wolf.Blood started to flow along the blade.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 251: Ending an EraTranslator:Nyoi-Bo StudioEditor:Nyoi-Bo StudioThe atmosphere during the training of the school team was somewhat depressing. After they saw the result of the draw, many old members found it devastating to meet the Alliance Central Military Academy in the second round.Invincible monster. For the old team members, the pressure was simply too much.The schedule also disturbed Situ Xiang's plan. Originally, she planned to let the team practice in rounds of matches. With Han Sen in the team, they could at least make it to the fifth round.After other team members gained enough practice and confidence, they could then face the Alliance Central Military Academy. Even if they could not win, they would have a decent performance.However, now in the second round they would run into the monster, and if they lost at the round, they would have and even worse ranking than last year. Situ Xiang knew that they could not lose this one, but even with Han Sen on the team, she was not confident.After all, the main item in the archery tournament was a team match, whereas the individual match was more of a performing nature. The schools ranking mainly depended on the result of the team match.In Blackhawk, except for Han Sen, there were very few people she could rely on. The old team members had lost their confidence, and the new ones could not be completely trusted in such a big game yet.The current situation made it very difficult for Situ Xiang. She thought secretly, "Damn you, hand. Why did you have such bad luck in the draw?"No matter how bad the luck was, as the coach, she had to boost the team's morale.It was not working though. Basically, all the old team members thought they would lose for sure. Even if they could make it to the second round, they would lose then."So unfortunate! Such a strong opponent in the second round," Shi Zhikang couldn't help but complained."It is a good thing. Only strong opponents could bring us more progress," said Zhang Yang excitedly, full of hope.Lu Meng said casually, "More progress but less opportunity. With our current team, even Han Sen could not get us past the second round.""The result does not matter that much, as long as we grow. We have not tried yet, so how do you know that we would lose. Do you agree, Han Sen?" Zhang Yang asked Han Sen."Of course we will win." Han Sen smiled and said, "Don't you feel it is quite interesting?""What is interesting?" asked Shi Zhikang, puzzled."The Alliance Central Military Academy is the king in the league and Jing Jiwu is the number one military school student. If we beat them, we will be ending an era. Don't you think it's interesting?" Asked Han Sen, smiling."I don't feel is interesting at all. I would rather have a week opponent," Shi Zhikang smiled bitterly and said."Han Sen, do not take Jing Jiwu lightly. He is a formidable man," said Lu Meng solemnly."I never take anyone lightly, but I do feel it is very interesting. To end a dynasty and bury it in history, I cannot think of something more exciting than this," Han Sen said seriously."Exactly, Han Sen, I support you." Zhang Yang had fires burning in his eyes, and it looked like he could not wait to fight."You are not normal, but since we are roommates, if you decide to go, I will go with you. I am just afraid that the coach would not give us the opportunity," Shi Zhikang said worriedly.Lu Meng curled his lips. "Relax, we will definitely go. The coach is clever and she would not use those old teammates who have lost all their confidence. It is very likely we will represent the school."…As Han Sen was walking toward the cafeteria, his comlink rang. It was from Tang Zhenliu. When he answered the call, the holographic images of Lin Feng and Tang Zhenliu both appeared."Have you decided to participate in the archery tournament?" asked Tang Zhenliu hurriedly."I am in the archery department, and as a member of the school team, I will definitely be participating. Is there a problem?" Han Sen did not understand why Tang Zhenliu would care about this.Tang Zhenliu did not speak but looked at Lin Feng."Do you think you could win?" asked Lin Feng."I'm not sure," replied Han Sen quickly. Jing Jiwu was so strong that he could not tell whether he could win before actually fighting the monster."I'll be watching your game," said Lin Feng calmly.Han Sen cast an odd look at Lin Feng, not knowing what he meant.Tang Zhenliu couldn't help but explain, "Han Sen, Jing Jiwu used to go to the same school we went to. He was as strong as Lin Feng. Unfortunately, he transferred to the Alliance Central Military Academy later, and never had a chance to have a proper fight with Lin Feng. It will definitely be difficult battle. You feel nervous now?"Han Sen shrugged and said, "I have never thought that I would lose, so there is nothing to be nervous about.""If Jing Jiwu has heard this, he will definitely be very happy. Should I tell him you said that?" Tang Zhenliu grinned."As you like," Han Sen said casually."Be very careful. Jing Jiwu is the most talented and hard-working guy I have ever seen," Lin Feng suddenly cut in.Han Sen was surprised, and nodded seriously.Someone that was able to get such a remark from Lin Feng was definitely incredibly formidable."Well then, we'll go there and watch your game." Tang Zhenliu quickly hung up and called Jing Jiwu."Number one military school student, that sounds so much better than Dollar." Han Sen touched his chin contentedly.However, to gain that title, he must get rid of the guy who was named the monster.When he came to the cafeteria, Ji Yanran had already took a table. Luckily her roommate was not here, and Han Sen felt he was about to get lucky."I heard that the archery school team will run into Jing Jiwu in the second round," said Ji Yanran."Yes, what about it?" Han Sen was surprised that even Ji Yanran started to care about the archery tournament."If you could beat Jing Jiwu, I will treat you to a four-day deluxe couple's tour to the Aegean Sea," Ji Yanran blinked and said.Han Sen suddenly felt a strong desire to win. His eyes lighting up like a lightbulb, Han Sen muttered, "four-day… deluxe… couple's tour…"

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Leng Qiqiao⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1242: Obtaining the Holy Rhino’s AllegianceTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHoly Rhino seemed to agree to Han Sen’s offer. It roared and then entered the Cruel Bottle.Han Sen was delighted about this, so he put a lid on it. For the rhino, this was similar to humans taking refuge in the Alliance, away from the sanctuaries where the motions and terms of a contract were always in play. For the duration it was in the bottle, the rhino was safe.Saint Fan now couldn’t kill the rhino for switching its allegiance, but if Han Sen wanted to enlist Holy Rhino as an ally in the future, he knew he’d have to take down Saint Fan once and for all.Unfortunately for Han Sen, he could not yet kill Saint Fan. If anything, that frightening spirit was more powerful than ever. It was highly likely the rest of the super creatures inhabiting Saint Fan Shelter would be absorbed to become a part of him.Saint Fan must have known he had been poisoned, too. Han Sen couldn’t waltz in and expect to play the same trick on him, as Saint Fan would have most likely deployed a precaution to avoid it happening again.The Invisible Toxic King Scorpion glyph was a powerful item he had developed, but Han Sen still had to get in close and deal proper damage to the spirit to put the poisons to work. If Saint Fan had combined with a host of additional king spirits and super creatures, getting up close and personal would be harder than ever.Still, Han Sen could take solace in the fact that he and his people had each emerged from the battle as they had entered. Although his companions were weary, Han Sen had not lost a single one. Furthermore, the silver fox had come back to him. Of course, Han Sen acknowledged how terrifyingly close the situation had been to disaster before the furry thing had leaped in to save the day. If it hadn’t come back at that precise moment, Saint Fan would have killed them all before the toxins took effect.As evidenced by the delay that day, the toxins really did take a good amount of time to work on powerful foes. But, with the battle over, everyone returned to the shelter. Queen went straight back to practicing, as she had been unable to help at all in the fight.There was a stark line between having a death wish and being willing to die in aid and service of others in the face of extreme adversity. Death was around the next corner, if she wished it to be, but a true cause to bring about death was a rarity.After this, though, she was given a renewed perspective. She could see the contrast between her and Han Sen’s strength, and she had a better grasp on how much weaker she was and how much further she had to go if she wished to compete and be of help like the rest of his companions.Humans had only occupied the sanctuaries for two hundred years, while spirits and creatures had been there far longer. It was natural for humans to be weaker to begin with, and it was always difficult to find footing in each greater sanctuary.Han Sen was delighted to have the silver fox return, but the others weren’t.The silver fox had used its lightning to heal the wounds of Han Sen’s, which had them all writhing on the ground in agony. They half-believed Han Sen had turned on them!After the healing, Han Sen went to take a look at the Three-Life Tree alongside the silver fox.The silver fox showed interest in the hand, but nothing else.Unfortunately, the silver fox could not speak. As a result, Han Sen was still clueless about the treasure the tree was giving birth to.“If Saint Fan wants it, it must be good! Can it hurry up and grow a little faster?” Han Sen gave the tree another waterdrop while pondering the circumstances.Saint Fan had been delivered a serious blow, so it wasn’t likely he’d show his face anytime soon. Thinking this, Han Sen decided to return to the Alliance for a time.Han Sen read a bunch of books and went to the virtual community to practice with others.“Coach, you fancy a fight?” Immediately after Han Sen entered, Ms. Perfume sent him a message.Complying, Han Sen sent her an invite. She was, after all, Qin Xuan behind the online handle. She frequently matched with him, and despite losing every single time, she was always improving.Qin Xuan was still practicing Empirical Sword, and it was a one-of-a-kind technique. Its focus went beyond merely dishing out power. There had been a beauty in its crafting, and its existence was like poetry.Han Sen could simulate the energy flow, but if he did not have the heart for it, he couldn’t perform it.Qin Taixuan had not told her it was actually Han Sen behind the online username “A Soldier on the Warship,” and so, Qin Xuan was still happy to just call him “Coach.”In a classic arena, Qin Xuan kept slashing towards Han Sen at full steam without reprieve.Han Sen did not evade her attacks, and instead, he just used his sword to block.Qin Xuan’s great-grandfather’s username was “A King with Seventy-Two Wives.” If Qin Xuan could not complete the practice required of Empirical Sword and beat Han Sen, then Qin Xuan would not be able to control the skill.So Han Sen did not hold back. As a result, Qin Xuan lost every single time.But Han Sen was as surprised as he ever was with her determination. Failure never stopped Qin Xuan, and she would always bounce back with vigor and spunk.Perhaps it was because of Empirical Sword, because the skill required a strong heart and firm courage to master.Her great-grandfather told Han Sen that Empirical Sword was something to display one’s power and might, but without a strong heart, the sword could break. You had to strike and forego any element of defense. Han Sen was supposed to be her whetstone, for her to use and be kept sharp with.The strength of the heart was reflected upon the sword.“Coach, are you a demi-god?” Qin Xuan asked.“No, I’m only a surpasser,” Han Sen answered.Qin Xuan was surprised to learn this, provided it was the truth. She said, “People as talented as you are surpassers? How difficult must it be to become a demi-god?”“Perfection is not always required,” Han Sen said.She was even more surprised now, and she said, “Are you going to max out your super geno points before ascending?”Han Sen nodded.Qin Xuan was extra excited to hear this, and she giddily said, “Which shelter are you at? I have almost maxed out my super geno points, so perhaps we will be able to meet up when I get to the Third God’s Sanctuary!”“The Third God’s Sanctuary is a big place. When you get there, focus on what it will take for you to survive. Don’t concern yourself with me or anyone else.”“Who knows, though? I might actually end up with you. I’m quite a fortunate person.” Qin Xuan laughed.Han Sen shook his head and did not respond. He knew Qin Xuan was actually more mature than him, so he wasn’t too worried about how well she’d fare when she made the jump.But Han Sen did not think Qin Xuan would be lucky enough to spawn on his shelter, as the chances of that were far too low for consideration.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 25: GhosthauntTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"He seems to have great strength, speed and explosiveness, which indicates that he has fairly high geno points, unless he is practicing hyper geno arts." Qin Xuan looked at some data, but didn’t worry too much about it.Han Sen's data was indeed better than average, but data like this can be seen anywhere in the shelter. It was only a bit unexpected that it belonged to Han Sen."Talented but vulgar and despicable. I’ll just teach him a lesson next time," thought Qin Xuan bitterly.Because of Han Sen's sneak attacks, she labelled him as despicable again. It was indeed hard for most people to imagine that Han Sen had integrated the sneak attack skills into his practice and instinct.The reason why Han Sen could hit Son of Heaven in the face was his sneak attack skills. Or else someone like him could never hit Son of Heaven, who had great geno points and hyper geno arts.Sneak attack didn’t sound good, but it was practical.When he got home, Han Sen had dinner with his mother and Han Yan. The next day, he did not go to God’s Sanctuary but took the train to a martial hall.Han Sen had only learned basic martial arts in the past, and those were designed for people who had no geno points.As one started to gain geno points in God’s Sanctuary, one became stronger in general. With the practice of hyper geno arts, the body had become even more unique, and this difference allowed people like him to practice certain martial arts that normal people could not practice.These martial arts can be learned at martial halls as well as at advanced colleges. And martial masters who worked at martial halls taught these for a living.Unlike in ancient times, these martial masters did not rely on their inherited fame, nor did they want to leave legacies. Their only goal was to make profit. So, the more money a student spent, the better martial arts were taught.Martial arts all had certain requirements for physical conditioning. If the requirements were not met, it wouldn’t be possible to practice.In the past, Han Sen had no money and no significant enhancement in his physical conditioning. Now with thirteen sacred geno points and lots of other geno points, he had become stronger. The practice of Jadeskin had also helped. Now his physical condition was among the best in his peer group..Ares Martial Hall was famous on Roca planet. The tuition there was very expensive, but the martial arts taught were very good. The owner of the martial hall was a veteran and was famous back in the days when he was serving. After getting severely injured in a battle, he went back to Roca to open Ares Martial Hall.Everyone called the veteran "Old Devil." As long as you paid enough, he would teach you anything, and you could indeed learn some really good skills."Young man, want to learn something? We have elementary classes, intermediate classes, advanced classes and special classes here. You can learn fist fighting, weapon skills, and even hyper geno arts here. For an elementary class, you could choose to learn a martial art that I define as elementary for ten thousand dollars. For an intermediate class, you could choose a martial art that I define as intermediate for a hundred thousand. Advanced classes are each for a million, and special classes are each for ten million. At these prices, I could guarantee a good learning outcome. Fellow, you look like you have a bright future ahead of you. Do you want to sign up for all special classes? All twelve martial arts for only fifty million." Old Devil looked at Han Sen with a greedy smile, like a dragon looking at gold."I would like to sign up for an advanced class to learn Ghosthaunt." Han Sen came here for a reason. His Dad had learned from Old Devil and told him Old Devil has a great martial art called "Ghosthaunt." Unfortunately, his Dad’s physical condition hadn’t reached the required level for Ghosthaunt, so he couldn’t learn it. He always had regretted that and asked Han Sen to learn Ghosthaunt when he grew up.Han Sen also heard from his father that Ghosthaunt was especially effective on women. Han Sen had once again offended Qin Xuan, and it didn’t look like she would let it go easily. Not willing to be bullied by her, he thought of his father’s words about Old Devil and Ghosthaunt and wanted to take the opportunity. After all, a million was a piece of cake for him right now."Although Ghosthaunt is among the most advanced, its requirements were even higher than those of special classes. You must at least max out on mutant geno points to stand a chance. How fit are you?" Old Devil looked at Han Sen in surprise. No one had chosen Ghosthaunt in a while because of its high entry barrier."You can test me to see if I can meet the standards." Han Sen was not sure whether he would pass either. Technically, with 13 sacred geno points, he should be more fit than those who had maxed out on mutant geno points."Ten thousand test fee for a physical fitness test." Old Devil placed a card reader in front of Han Sen.Han Sen took out his credit card and paid ten thousand, and Old Devil was quite pleased by his generosity.After scanning and testing in a dozen instruments, the test result was out, which slightly surprised Old Devil, "your physical fitness is very good. You must have almost maxed out on ordinary, primitive and mutant geno points.""Can I learn Ghosthaunt? " Han Sen gave no reply, as his mutant geno points were less than ten, and sacred geno points and Jadeskin would explain his fitness."Yes. One million." Old Devil did not ask further, placing the card reader once again in front of Han Sen.While a bit upset about spending his hard-earned money, Han Sen paid for it."Young man, you have great things lined up for you. Come with me. You’ll have to memorize Ghosthaunt first." Old Devil showed Han Sen into a screening room, turned on the hologram and left him alone in the room. It was Old Devil himself practicing Ghosthaunt in the hologram.Han Sen looked for a while, and his eyes widened. He thought to himself, "Wow, so that’s what you mean by ‘especially effective on women,’ Dad!"

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1105: Curse of ImmortalityTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioOver the past few years, Han Sen had studied and learned much alongside Bai Yishan. He spent most of his time researching the powers of the Coin Toad’s energy flow and developing Saving Money.Creating hyper geno arts was not easy, and he had only managed to create one during all that time.What he often referred to as “Make It Rain” was not a proper skill, just a barrage technique he employed. Saving Money was different to this, as it actually involved a warping of the powers that would be used.Humans could create and use powers that were complex in their employment. The intricate nature of human skills was why they took a long time to master, but it was also what gave them an edge against spirits. Spirits were a lot more basic, and their power was often derived from simple strength. If all battles were a direct collision of strength, spirits would almost always win.Saving Money used the coins as a base. It was a combination of that and Bao’er’s energy flow.Saving Money made use of a suction vacuum, courtesy of Bao’er. Through an analysis of her profound magnetic-like abilities, Han Sen was able to work it into amplifying the crushing weight of the coins.And now, this was to be a first-time showcase of what he had developed. And Han Sen had turned the dial all the way up to eleven.Pang!When the coin fired directly towards Ancient Jade King’s body, the spirit’s entire body was suddenly morphed into a stone pillar. And then, a brief second later, it crumbled to the ground.Ancient Jade King started to run. He knew he couldn’t dodge and deflect such a powerful coin, so his ability to duplicate himself as a pillar was what would save him.He thought he had managed to get away scot-free, but he was wrong. And when he acknowledged this, his face fell. He felt a wretched suction start pulling him back towards the coin he was trying to escape.Ancient Jade King tried to fight the tide of suction, but it was futile. He ended up rolling back towards the coin.The audience only saw Han Sen’s coin destroy a sudden pillar of stone, and when Ancient Jade King tried to make an escape, he was pulled back towards it.It was a nine gene lock super king spirit’s power multiplied by eleven.The moment Ancient Jade King came into contact with the coin, his armor shattered.Ding! Ding!Nothing but blood remained. And atop it, spinning on its side, was the coin. It was completely clean.Everyone fell silent upon witnessing what had just occurred. The entire battleground had been devastated by what Han Sen had just done; it was frightening.But the silence didn’t last long. Han Sen had won again, and that warranted grand applause. Screams of fanatical cheering began to erupt.Han Sen did not have the time to hang around, though. He simply waved and ran back to the shelter.When he returned, he immediately fell on the floor. He could hardly breathe, and in the aching of his muscles, he ended up flopping in a pool of his own sweat.Fortunately, he was able to exit just in time. He couldn’t risk having that occur in the arena.After lying down for a while, he felt moderately better. Still, he was incredibly weak.“Ugh, I’m still so far away from reaching the top ten. What’s the use of continuing today and trying to win the entire competition?” Han Sen thought to himself.While he was ready to call it quits, he did not harbor any regrets. Even without a benefit to himself, he was happy to step on the throats of other spirits.“It’s a shame I couldn’t well-and-truly eliminate and kill Fei Yu King,” Han Sen said to himself.With no time to dwell on it, Han Sen returned home and hopped into his recovery pool. Saving Money had put a massive strain on him.It would take two weeks for him to recover from that, so it was unlikely he could fight again the next day.Han Sen felt his entire body become drained of power, and every cell in his body had almost zero energy.Suddenly, though, he felt a power in his heart. It was thumping with a strength greater than he was accustomed to.Han Sen was shocked, feeling his heart actually begin to change. Power was starting to return, all derived from the new manic pumping of his heart.“Curse of Immortality? It finally finished after all this time.” Han Sen placed his hand on his chest and felt incredibly happy.Heresy Mantra had four different tiers to it. He had learned the third tier a long time ago; something which was called Long Live. The fourth tier, Curse of Immortality, had not finished yet. But on this day, after having been drained of all energy, Heresy Mantra had finally become ready to evolve.Han Sen thought to himself, “What changes will Curse of Immortality bring to my body, I wonder?”Heresy Mantra was a passive skill, but it had always proven useful. It had always been there, like a rock or pillar to support him.It was like Jade-Sun Force, except this one worked on the heart. The heart was a core component of the human body. While all his other organs were exhausted, Han Sen’s heart was stronger than ever.Where he once felt like dying, now he was full of life. His Heresy Mantra had reached a new tier, and he couldn’t be happier.But with this new-found strength, Han Sen discovered a new hunger. He was starving, very much like the first time he practiced Heresy Mantra.He crawled out of the pool and returned to the shelter. He brought out some of the creature flesh he had stored and started to stuff his face with it. It was raw.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1178: Angel ArrivesTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio“Aargh!” The shadow inside the mirror continued to punch itself, causing Han Sen constant pain.They both looked identical, but fortunately, it couldn’t—or at least wasn’t—making use of Han Sen’s full, insane powers. He’d have been killed fairly quickly if it had.Han Sen withstood the pain and threw a punch at the mirror.The mirror did not avoid Qing Jun King’s attacks, but it made sure to dodge Han Sen’s. This lent credence to what Qing Jun King had told him, and he was relieved to hear she was telling him the truth. Only the person who the mirror mimicked could deal damage to it.When the mirror dodged, Han Sen decided not to waste any more time. He threw another punch at the mirror, but this time, it was with all nine gene locks of the Blood-Pulse Sutra. That, combined with Curse of Immortality, Jade-Sun Force, and his phoenix techniques firing on all cylinders, he was aiming to devastate the reflective fiend.Pang!The bronze mirror was sent flying backwards, directly into the barrier.Aside from the shadow in the mirror, it did not look like the mirror could attack in any other way.But the mirror was tough, that much was certain. Despite sending the mirror flying, Han Sen was unable to actually deal it damage. Not a single scratch blemished the glassy surface of the mirror, and much to Han Sen’s discomfort and pain, the shadow-self continued to self-harm.Han Sen gritted his teeth to withstand the constant pummeling and punched the mirror again. The mirror was against the barrier, so it was a clear shot. Like a hurricane, Han Sen unleashed a flurry of attacks against the mirror’s surface.Han Sen punched it countless times, but despite his best attempts, he could not shatter the mirror. And all the while, the doppelganger continued to hurt himself.The shadow smiled, as if laughing and mocking Han Sen. He was spiting Han Sen, as if to say he was useless and there was nothing he could do to rectify the situation.“You think I’m a coward?!” Han Sen thought.Han Sen and Qing Jun King had seen the mirror together, but the mirror had chosen Han Sen for some inexplicable reason. Han Sen thought it must have meant the mirror believed he was the weaker of the two.Han Sen did not have any of his weapons on him, and the Blood-Pulse Sutra only bettered the body. It wasn’t really a skill that lent itself to dealing massive amounts of extra damage. It wasn’t a proper combat ability.Han Sen was unable to break the mirror, and he felt as if he had exhausted all options. He couldn’t think of anything else to do.Han Sen could have used super king spirit mode, but he didn’t want to expose himself as The King to Qing Jun King.Han Sen looked into his Sea of Soul. Little Angel and the gold raven were still in the process of evolving. And them aside, he had no super weapons to call upon.Han Sen might have been able to use Saving Money to break the mirror. But the shadow would hit Han Sen while he was performing it, which would render it ineffective.Han Sen could have summoned Disloyal Knight, but his attack power wasn’t very high. And if a pet beast soul could deal damage to Han Sen by striking the mirror, that would be very bad news for him.Han Sen could not think of a way out of this situation.“Next time I return to the Alliance, I need to get myself a strong attack skill,” Han Sen thought to himself.Just as Han Sen decided to activate super king spirit mode, he heard a movement stem from the Sea of Soul. Han Sen looked inside there, and he noticed a strange energy permeating it.The Sky Fruit wasn’t very big, so the fight against the mirror was easily noticed by the other king spirits and super creatures.Baby Ghost and Dry Bone ran over, in shock at what was going on. When they looked into the mirror, though, they quickly understood what was happening.“This is bad. If Han Sen can’t break the mirror, this will most certainly be the end of him,” Baby Ghost said.“The bronze mirror has a reflective power. If someone else hits it, it means hitting Han Sen. We can’t help him. He has to help himself,” Dry Bone King said.It was difficult to find someone else to go up against Qing Jun King, so if Han Sen was to die there, it’d be a grand shame.But they couldn’t help. And if they tried, Han Sen would be beaten to death.All the super creatures came over to watch the events unfolding around the mirror. They were waiting for Han Sen to fail, so they could take the geno treasure.Qing Jun King looked at Han Sen, and she seemed to be deep in thought over something.As Han Sen continued to beat the mirror, he was actually more invested in investigating what was transpiring in the Sea of Soul. The light around Little Angel was now very holy. She was like a flower in the midst of blooming, with petals opening to reveal what was inside.A powerful light was being unleashed, and it even frightened Disloyal Knight.“Has Little Angel finished evolving?” Han Sen was delighted, feeling the warmth and abundant power that was slowly swelling within the Sea of Soul.Han Sen thought a pet beast soul from another sanctuary needed to open gene locks for themselves, and he thought it’d take another long while for her to become effective enough to fight.But seeing all that power now, Han Sen understood there was more to Little Angel than he had first thought. She was a lot more than simple eye candy. She was in battle mode already, and many of her gene locks had already been opened.The petals had all peeled away now, revealing a package of bright golden light. The light sent ripples through the entirety of the Sea of Soul.When it was fully exposed, Little Angel’s form came to be. She was divine, clad in a beautiful white robe. She had angelic wings, and in her hands, she clutched a transparent greatsword. Her curly blonde hair waved, painting her like a goddess.

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1291: Night TreasureTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio“It sounds like quite the fruit,” Han Sen said with a smile.“If you were an emperor who had not opened ten gene locks, you wouldn’t get invited. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to try it out myself,” Baby Ghost said.“I’m afraid I’d be killed before my lips ever touched the skin of the fruit,” Han Sen said.It was obvious Han Sen’s invitation was not one of simple courtesy; Lotus Empress had, after all, marked him back in the Second God’s Sanctuary. He was a human with only nine gene locks open, so that alone was enough for the sirens in his head to start wailing.While Han Sen thought about what he should do, the item given to him by Lotus Empress lit up. A video played before him, like some botanical hologram. Han Sen watched it intently, and recognized the figure in the image before him as Lotus Empress herself.“This is just a recording. I am concerned that you will not attend, and if you are not planning to, I would like to assuage your fears and tell you something.”Understanding it was a simple video, Han Sen did not respond.Lotus Empress went on to say, “I would like to make a deal. You are strong, there is no doubt about that; but you cannot open ten gene locks. If you attend, you can come speak with me. I will elucidate the reasons why. One way or another, however, we will meet again. If you do not show up at the Holy Baby Fruit event, I will be paying you a visit instead.”After that, the video disappeared.“There’s a proper reason why I can’t open ten gene locks?” Han Sen frowned at the thought.Han Sen thought she could have been bluffing, enticing him to come, but then again, it made sense.He hadn’t had the ninth gene lock for the Dongxuan Sutra and Jadeskin open for long, but Blood-Pulse Sutra’s ninth gene lock was opened years ago, and it had yet to improve. There had to be some sort of issue prohibiting his advancement.With his talent, and the geno treasures he possessed, it only seemed natural that he’d have gone further by now. The fact he hadn’t was plain weird.Perhaps there was truth to her words, and just maybe, she’d be able to help him.Saint Fan Emperor was dead, but Han Sen wished he could ask him a thing or two about why he had been chosen. So, curious about this entire thing, Han Sen decided to scope the event out. He wasn’t afraid.But just in case, Han Sen decided to bring along his most trusted companions. His OG—his old guard—was to come along, in the event that a conflict arose. With them there, he’d feel a lot more secure, and if things turned sour, the chances of flight were much higher. With the silver fox by his side, in particular, there was no danger on the road there. And Han Sen even had the invitation from the Lotus Empress on full display.It would take a long time to get where they had to go, and in the midst of their journey, Empty Witch appeared out of nowhere. She came and pledged her desire to escort Han Sen and his fellows the rest of the way.Evil Lotus Shelter had been constructed on an island, situated in the middle of a vast lake. There were many lotuses around it.Its construct was quite different from other shelters Han Sen had been to, such as Blood River Shelter. It was also far prettier and a whole lot grander than the likes of Saint Fan Shelter.Han Sen did not bring Bao’er, which disappointed Empty Witch once again.Aside from that, the journey was uneventful. When they arrived, they were led into the gardens without a problem. They were to wait on the green for the event to begin.Han Sen and the silver fox had to live in the garden for a while, but the entire time they were there, they could not see Lotus Empress.Han Sen asked Empty Witch about her perpetual absence, and he was told that Lotus Empress was in the middle of practice, and that she’d only reveal herself when the fruit was ripe.Since the trip had gone so smoothly, Han Sen had made good time. He had traveled so quickly, he had arrived ten days early. Empty Witch suggested Han Sen bring the rest of his companions to observe a curiosity of the shelter.“What strange thing do you want us to see?” Han Sen asked.“This is Evil Lotus Shelter now, but this was where Night Empress was born. This is the site where she became a demi-god, as well. She left a luminous stone behind when she left,” Empty Witch explained.“And what is so fascinating about a stone that glows?” Han Sen asked.Even in the Alliance, glowing rocks were nothing special.Empty Witch rolled her eyes and pleaded, “This is not a normal stone! This is a geno treasure, as a matter of fact. She cherished it, and wanted nothing more than to bring it to the Fourth God’s Sanctuary. Unfortunately, it could not withstand the fires of The Ten Steps of the Holy Door, and it rolled back and fell to where it now still lies.”“It fell into the lake and became the Luminous Stone that we now know it as. Unfortunately, the flames did a number on it, and the power it once possessed has waned. Many emperors see it and become inspired; if it wasn’t for the Holy Spirit, I wouldn’t have brought you.”“I’ll give it a look, then.” Han Sen followed after Empty Witch, alongside the silver fox.Before he reached there, however, Han Sen felt something vibrate inside his pocket. It was the jue, and Han Sen had no idea why it was behaving so strangely.Han Sen knew it was an item from the Fourth God’s Sanctuary, and it could trigger the demi-god altar. It could also bring demi-gods back into the Third God’s Sanctuary.Now that the jue was shaking, Han Sen thought, “Is it setting up a demi-god altar?”

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1437: Quite FamiliarTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen saw a big hole in the side of his house, and an old man anxiously pushing Bao’er’s head into a suitcase.Bao’er herself was holding onto Littleflower, whose face was flushed the color red as if he’d been bleeding.“What… are… you… doing?” Han Sen looked at the man with such anger, he hissed the words through clenched teeth. He swiftly looked like a demon that had emerged from the fiery pits of hell.Tang Rubei stayed where he was, but turned to look at Han Sen. He jumped up and said, “Please, don’t! Let me explain. This isn’t how it looks!”“Dad, he is a thief! He wants to take Littleflower away,” Bao’er proclaimed loudly.“You can explain in hell!” Han Sen’s power erupted like a volcano, as he leaped forward to deliver the man a flurry of punches.Katcha! Katcha! Argh!Tang Rubei was suspended in mid-air, as a geyser of punches sprayed him from above and below like heavy rain.Tang Rubei’s bones were all broken, and his face had been deformed beyond recognition. When Han Sen delivered his next punch to send him flying, he spiraled through the air with a twisted body. He’d have been killed within a second if Han Sen hadn’t wanted to keep him alive.Tang Rubei’s bones were all dislocated. He wished he could commit suicide rather than endure that pain, and he couldn’t even speak. All he could emit were a few painful tears from his eyes.Han Sen picked up Bao’er and Littleflower and realized it wasn’t blood that was on his son’s face; it was crudely smudged lipstick.Han Sen didn’t think the thief would be able to shove Bao’er into the suitcase, so he asked, “What’s going on?”Bao’er looked at her father with innocence and said, “I wanted to make my brother look pretty, but I have no makeup of my own.”Han Sen did not want to punish Bao’er, so he stroked her head and said, “Are you hurt?”“Neither of us are hurt. I have been protecting him!” Bao’er spoke with a streak of pride.Han Sen patted Bao’er on the head and called Ji Yanran and his father-in-law. Ji Ruozhen was furious beyond measure, and he sent for someone to come and arrest their would-be kidnapper.Han Sen was unable to interrogate the man himself, but Ji Ruozhen had people who could do it for them.Two days later, Tang Rubei’s background had all been dug up.Unfortunately, Tang Rubei did not know who the client was himself. The bargain was negotiated and struck through an interstellar pirate organization. The pirates were situated in an area that existed between the shura’s bubble of space and the human’s bubble of space.Whenever they were chased by humans, they could escape by fleeing to the shura-governed territories. Whenever they were chased by the shura, they could escape by fleeing to the human-governed territories.Tang Rubei and the client had made their deal by using the pirate organization as the middle-man. They hadn’t interacted with each other directly.Ji Ruozhen was so angry, he made a deal with the shura to send an enclave of ships to shake out the pirates’ base of operations. The pirates were caught, but not even they knew who the client was.“Who would want to kidnap my son? They obviously want to take him for their own ends and not kill him. But why? Maybe it’s not that they want Littleflower, but by holding him hostage, they could use him to threaten me. If they only wanted Littleflower, then the likeliest candidates for such a conspiracy would be Luo Haitang and perhaps Blood Legion. But truthfully, I have many enemies. The list of people who might want to threaten me is far too long.” Han Sen was in deep thought.Whatever the case may be, he wight reminded that he had a son who needed much protection.No one could kidnap Littleflower in the Alliance; otherwise, they wouldn’t have asked Tang Rubei. The best way to ensure his safety was to keep Bao’er with him at all times. With Bao’er there, not even a demi-god could kidnap Littleflower.But there would come a time when Han Sen would need to bring Bao’er to the sanctuary. For those times, he’d call on Zero to look after Littleflower in her stead.Zero hadn’t left the Third God’s Sanctuary yet, though. If she did, she’d end up spawning in the Fourth God’s Sanctuary alongside Han Sen next time she returned.With Luo Lan gone for the time being, though, Han Sen had to ask for Zero to come back.When Ji Yanran finally returned, she complimented and praised Bao’er, and made sure to buy her many gifts.“I need another thief. That one earned me a lot of ice cream, and he even did my homework for me. And now I’m getting showered in praise and snacks,” Bao’er thought to herself, as she scoffed down the food she was given.Han Sen then brought Bao’er with him back to the sanctuary. He convinced Ling Mei’er to escort Bao’er to see the vine.“Bao’er, let’s see if you have a connection to this thing.” Han Sen pointed at the vines they had come to.Bao’er looked to be in shock when she saw it. She looked at the Holy Vine intensely, and she reached out to touch it.“Don’t touch it! It’s dangerous,” Ling Mei’er screeched, looking shocked.But it was too late; Bao’er’s hands had already touched the vine. But after she did, nothing extra transpired.Han Sen felt safe, despite Ling Mei’er’s continued expression of surprise. “How is this happening? Only those of us in the Underworld should be able to touch it. If others do, it can dry up and wither their bodies.”“Maybe she’s special,” Han Sen said.Bao’er jumped back and returned to Han Sen, and then she turned to stare in the direction of Dark Spirit Shelter.“Dad, I want to take a look over there. It looks quite familiar, and it may be related to who I am,” Bao’er said with seriousness.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1032: There is TreasureTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen reached the desert, map in hand.It was very detailed, and there were many points of interest marked on it. Locating his exact position was not at all difficult.Due to the silver fox’s continued absence, Han Sen traveled there with just Bao’er.Holy-Sword Emperor had not come alone, though, according to what he was told. Still, provided no super creatures were accompanying him, Han Sen thought he’d do just fine.What Han Sen most feared was the mountain he was headed towards. It had once belonged to an emperor spirit, after all. He had no idea what to expect or what he might find once he reached it.Carrying a parasol to deflect the brutal heat of that region, Han Sen traveled. Bao’er, who was in his other arm, had her tongue out like a puppy. It didn’t seem as if she was too fond of the weather, either.But suddenly, Han Sen stumbled across a dune that was littered with the remains of dead scorpions. They were muddy in color and fairly big. Each was about the same size as a small car.There had to be at least three hundred of them all strewn about. Judging from the wounds they had incurred, each had been killed in a single hit.Han Sen checked his map again, and it was noted that there would be a vast number of scorpions in a location that looked to be where he was at right now. He was on the right track.“It looks like Holy-Sword Emperor passed through this way.” Han Sen checked the wounds again, to see if he could estimate when exactly they had died. From what he could tell, they had been slain no later than one day before. He was close.They were sacred-blood creatures, but Han Sen didn’t bring any with him. They were inedible, according to Brother Seven.This didn’t just apply to the scorpions, either. Curiously, almost every monster that populated that desert had the strange property of being inedible. Their drop rate for beast souls was awful, too. As such, he couldn’t expect to receive any, on his venture there.Of course, that was what he had been told and what had been written on the map. Trying to have a nibble himself was the only way he could confirm whether or not it was true.Brother Seven said, after killing a thousand monsters there, he had only been able to obtain one beast soul.With the bodies there, at least, Han Sen knew he was headed in the right direction.After four days of travel, Han Sen found himself almost walking in circles. One would have assumed Brother Seven’s abilities of cartography were very poor, at first glance, but it really was a strange route he had to take.But after seeing those bodies, Han Sen was confident he would ultimately be led to God Mountain if he stayed on the funny route the map said he had to follow.And he wasn’t wrong. Before long, a mountain came into view, its peak nestled above misty clouds.It stood out, and was a striking sight. But it had just snapped into his vision in an instant, fairly close. He should have been able to see such a mountain from a long distance away.As if it had appeared out of thin air, a massive edifice of stone was now ahead. He took a moment to take in its splendor, but wondered what was at the very top, at the peak that was hidden from sight.The mountain was massive, though. It was difficult to comprehend its size, and it had to be many hundreds of miles in length.It was decorated in a vast array of green plants, but the earth that composed it was like sparkling copper that gleamed in the midday sun.The Phoenix Shelter had sealed up, and had indeed become a mountain like in the legends.Not even other emperor spirits would be careless when approaching such a place. But the task that stood before him now was locating its entrance, and for such a big place, that wouldn’t be easy.Han Sen used his Dongxuan Aura to scan the nearby vicinity. He couldn’t see any human or spirit ahead of him.The map ended here, though. This was most likely because Brother Seven himself had never gone any further.Regardless, Han Sen hopped to it. He had to find the entrance of that place as soon as he could.Not daring to fly, Han Sen simply walked.The mountain wasn’t too steep, but the slopes were still wide. After a whole day of traveling, he was still on what could be considered the foothills.The plants he had seen were all around. They were lovely there, and it was pleasant to know there weren’t any nefarious beings lurking beneath their canopies. In fact, there were no creatures at all.Han Sen grew concerned, though, unsure of how long it would take for him to circle the mountain, if that was what it was going to take to locate the entrance.“Maybe I should head straight for the peak first?” Han Sen decided to venture straight up instead,It took him a whole day of careful travel to get there.Or so he initially thought, after reaching what he believed to be the peak, he saw an even higher one up ahead.He continued his climb up this new mountaintop, but when he arrived at the top, it was to the realization that there’d be another peak to climb. The mountain seemed endless.Han Sen decided to look down the way he had come. Even the clouds seemed far-off now.“This peak isn’t leading to a sky palace, is it?” he wondered, despite knowing shelters did not have sky palaces.All of a sudden, Bao’er leapt out of Han Sen’s arms. She kept on running in a direction, beelining there with sudden vigor.“Bao’er, where are you going?” Han Sen called, chasing the runaway baby.Something had clearly snared her attention and desire, and she crawled away so fast, she eventually disappeared from Han Sen’s sight.Taking a moment to scan the area, Han Sen found her again. She was climbing a tree.Strangely, it was just a pine tree. But from its boughs, Bao’er jumped and disappeared again.“Bao’er?” There was only one pine tree there, so how could she have just disappeared?“Daddy, come quick! There is treasure.” Han Sen heard her voice, but he could not see where she herself was. So, he followed where the sound came from.

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