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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 982: Tutor Han on StageTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHaving dinner with Ji Yanran, Han Sen informed her that he would be teaching students in archery.At this, she frowned and said, “If you’re going, that might be a problem.”“What problem?” Han Sen asked, not understanding how there could be a problem with Qin Xuan’s simple proposition.Ji Yanran smiled and answered, “Being a teacher will aid your reputation in the Special Security Team. And with this title, you can be a deeply respected member. But teachers usually hail from the Martial Hall, and you don’t really fit in with that crowd.”Han Sen understood what she was implying. It wouldn’t only be that he’d not fit in, he’d most likely be isolated.Still, he had already thought of this and he was still adamant about tutoring. It was an exciting prospect he was keen to try. He was only a squad leader, so it would be good to achieve a higher rank in the team at large. It couldn’t do any harm.Besides, Qin Xuan most likely wanted him to gain a higher level in the team. And her plight was not something he could reject.Han Sen spent most of his days practicing the Dongxuan Sutra and taking care of Bao’er and Zero. Such peaceful periods were a rare occurrence for him.“Daddy, I want milk,” Bao’er said, as she held the rabbit king in one arm, bottle in the other.The rabbit king had tried to resist her hugs before, but Bao’er managed to make quick work of its shield and destroyed it in the blink of an eye.To Bao’er, a seven-tier gene lock shield was as stalwart as a flimsy piece of paper.But the rabbit king was very tame and it didn’t feel the need to resist her. Unlike her actions with the bear, Bao’er didn’t feel the need to torture the rabbit, either.And speaking of the bear, it was extremely jealous of how the rabbit was treated. It kept wanting Bao’er to pay more loving attention to it, but a session or two of bullying was all it would get.Once, when nobody was around, the bear attempted to kill the rabbit king. The rabbit was asleep at the time, but the shield was up, and when the bear attacked, it was unable to break it. It drove the bear insane.Han Sen, at her request, provided her milk and prepared some food for the pets. Then he went to tend to his garden.Aside from the dead orchid, everything else was growing very well.“I wonder if that king tree will be able to grow again? I should return there sometime, dig it up and bring it back here. If the waterdrops prove successful in restoring it, I might be able to gain self geno points very quickly.” Han Sen was getting giddy just thinking about it.He knew high-tier plants would generally produce fruit only once, but it was worth a shot. And there was, of course, the prospect of it taking a very long time to grow, even if it could grow fruit again.Those hurdles aside, the king tree occupied Han Sen’s mind a lot. He wanted it badly.But first, Han Sen knew he’d have to become stronger before he attempted a retrieval of the tree. Heaven knew what might transpire, if Yaksha still lived there.When he was done in his garden, Han Sen went to check on the people in the eastern side of the shelter. They were doing well for themselves, spending their days hunting creatures and having a merry old time within the safety of the underground shelter.After spending most of the day there, Han Sen decided to return to his home in the Alliance. He went on Skynet and visited a community that was exclusive to members of the Special Security Team.There were many students there, all together in one area. When Han Sen entered, there was a teacher performing a lecture on stage. The students were all watching him.Choosing to listen-in, Han Sen found himself a seat. He was good at fighting, but he wasn’t a master of every combat profession. He understood how valuable it could be to learn and accept wisdom offered by others.This teacher was discussing fist skills. The talk provided Han Sen many new ideas to try in the future. He learnt a lot.The name of this teacher was Nangong Han, and he was an aged surpasser. He had unlocked four of his gene locks, which was rather high. Few people ever reached the number eight.He was an old member of the team, and an accomplished teacher from the Martial Hall.And that was where most teachers came from: the Martial Hall. Many of them were very elderly, and they had quite the reputation.But this year, Han Sen would be a teacher. This made the others feel a little uncomfortable.He was so young, and he was only a squad leader. He did not come from the Martial Hall, and he did not even have a formal title. They thought the Qin family was trying to weaken the integrity of the Martial Hall.This was how Nangong Han viewed matters, as well. And when his eyes fell on Han Sen, he pulled them away quickly to pretend he had not noticed him.“Fist skills are ripe with possibilities, but its general focuses are on speed, power, and dexterity. You have to be both faster and stronger than your opponent, if you seek victory. All this is not derived from pure muscle strength, however. There are many ways to hone your talents with the fist, but there are skills to make use of, also. A great focus is on reaction speeds, and without great reaction times, any skill you use is useless. Timing is of paramount importance.”Nangong Han then looked at Han Sen and said, “I am going to show you a few moves, driven by fist-geared skills. Perhaps Tutor Han can aid me in my demonstration?”Han Sen froze, as suddenly, all the students turned to look at him. And then, many clapped.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1128: Uncle BugTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe man tried his hardest to kill himself, repeatedly. But each and every time, the shadow stopped him. Uncle Bug was crying again, with a face that was full of regret and pain.The man had been savagely injured, but he couldn’t be free and allow himself to die.“Little Yan, stop this!” Uncle Bug guiltily pleaded.“What did you expect? Is this what you wanted me to become?” the man angrily responded.In continued tears, Uncle Bug exclaimed, “I didn’t want to, but you were sick! It said it would fix you. I didn’t expect…”Uncle Bug’s tears did not relent.“He fixed me, and I am not dead…” The man was laughing, but it was a laughter of hysteria. This was worse than him crying.“I am sorry,” Uncle Bug said.The man, who was laughing like a madman, responded, “You are not! You made me suffer something that was worse than being killed.”Uncle Bug grabbed his own hair, all the while crying. “If I knew this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have…”Uncle Bug’s dialogue disintegrated into incoherent mumbling and babbling.The man looked at Uncle Bug, saying, “This is my life.”His words were coaxed with desperation and sadness. After a while, the sun began to rise. And as it did, the man said, “If you continue to believe I am your son, find someone to kill me. I would rather be dead.”“Little Yan!” Uncle Bug looked at the man in profound sadness, but as he did, the man fell to the ground.Han Sen was surprised at the sudden turn of events. He was still alive, just unconscious.Uncle Bug used a bag to pick the man up, and then turned to leave the area.If Han Sen described what had happened to someone who hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they’d think he was off his rocker.Han Sen quickly followed after Uncle Bug to see where he was off to.Han Sen thought it might have something to do with the god that Sunset had mentioned. Perhaps by following, he could learn more and uncover the mystery at long last.Uncle Bug took the man back through the forest to Nest Shelter, though. Then, he took the man to his room.Han Sen waited outside the room. It wasn’t until the next day that Uncle Bug emerged, acting as if nothing had occurred. He issued commands and went back to his usual duties, telling others to hunt and so on.“Uncle Bug, there is something I need to ask you. Privately, if I may,” Han Sen asked Uncle Bug.“There is no need for privacy. Just tell me here, and I’ll help you out.” Uncle Bug smiled, acting his usual self.But Han Sen then implored, “I really must speak to you alone about this.”Uncle Bug sighed and took Han Sen to a place outside the shelter.“Little Han, tell me what’s the matter. If it is within my capacity to help, I will,” Uncle Bug said as he lit up a cigarette.“Do you know anything about the Secret Service’s Seventh Team?” Han Sen asked.Uncle Bug casually shook his head, asking, “What is that?”“Do you know Han Jinzhi?” Han Sen then asked.Uncle Bug responded, “Your great-grandfather is Han Jinzhi. He must be a great man if you keep mentioning him.”Han Sen then said, “Then you must know Sunset.”Uncle Bug looked at Han Sen strangely, clearly not expecting such a response. He told him, “I must be getting too old. I don’t remember a person called Sunset.”“Then you must know Little Yan,” Han Sen said.Uncle Bug’s body shivered. He stiffened himself up, telling Han Sen, “I haven’t heard of anyone going by these names.”“You forgot what you wished for?” Han Sen said mockingly.After that, Uncle Bug’s composure changed. He suddenly looked like an angry lion, and he exclaimed, “Who are you?!”Han Sen could feel Uncle Bug’s lifeforce, and he could tell the man was the greatest and most powerful surpasser he had ever known.Surpassers these days never came close to the heights of Uncle Bug.At his age, it was a surprise to see him have such a high fitness. Humans did not max out their genes back when Uncle Bug had been in his prime, so it was quite the surprise to see how powerful the old man had become.“Do you really not know who I am? I told you the name of my great-grandfather.” Han Sen looked at Uncle Bug.“That is impossible. He cannot have had an heir,” Uncle Bug said.“Why not? Everyone can make babies,” Han Sen casually responded.“But he…” Uncle Bug suddenly stopped. His rage returned before he spoke again, and he blurted out, “How dare you try and trick me. I asked you a question first. Who are you?! If you don’t tell me, you’ll have to excuse my ruthless actions.”

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新腾讯五分彩开奖号码⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 396: Molested by a PetTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioVery soon, Han Sen found out sadly that the meat was as tough as ever. Han Sen chewed the meat and felt as if he was chewing calfskin. There was no way his teeth could tear up the meat.In the end, Han Sen decided to simply swallow the meat since the slice was quite thin. However, after he swallowed it up, nothing had happened.Even if this piece of meat did not give him any geno point, Han Sen should still be able to hear the voice telling him no geno point gained. However, after swallowing, Han Sen had heard nothing."What the heck?" Han Sen felt quite upset. He hesitated and summoned holy angel, wondering if she would eat it. If she could not eat it, then the meat was useless.After seeing the meat of golden growler, holy angel was overjoyed and threw itself at the meat. Holding a piece of meat, she gobbled away.The meat Han Sen could not even chew was easily torn into pieces by holy angel with her teeth."All pets would be winners at eating contests!" Han Sen was dumbstruck by the way holy angel ate. Momentarily, the little girl had already swallowed a piece of meat taller than Han Sen. Han Sen wondered where the volume went in the belly of the holy angel.However, the holy angel did not mean to stop. She quickly went to another piece of meat and started to eat.Han Sen saw the little girl started to grow as she ate the meat of the golden growler. Her hair became longer and chest fuller. Her legs became longer, and a pair of white wings started to grow on her back.Han Sen felt the little girl looked more and more like the creature she used to be.Her wings became bigger and her body more curvaceous. Jade armor started to formulate on her body as well."Holy angel! She really had become the holy angel!" Han Sen was dumbstruck and did not know what to say. After eating a small part of the golden growler meat, the little girl had grown into a woman.However, the change had not stopped. The holy angel was still bearing her face in the meat. As she ate, the figure of holy angel started to shift again.Her blonde hair became almost transparent, her white armor became golden, and even her eyes and Halo became pure gold. The holy angel turned into an elegant goddess, covered in a sacred aura.After eating all the meat of the golden growler, the holy angel turned and walked to Han Sen. She approached Han Sen until their faces met.Watching the gorgeous yet ice cold face of the beauty, Han Sen was wondering what she wanted to do. All of a sudden, the holy angel held Han Sen's face with both hands and covered his mouth with her red lips."Dammit! I am molested by a pet!" Han Sen stared his eyes wide, feeling incredulous.As Han Sen was having complex feelings, he suddenly felt suction from the mouth of the holy angel. She sucked the piece of meat that he just swallowed out from Han Sen's stomach.Holy angel released Han Sen and swallowed the piece of meat, which seemed to make her look more mysterious and pretty."Evolution of holy angel complete." Han Sen heard the voice in his mind.Checking the data of holy angel, Han Sen was dazed.Holy angel: super pet (can further evolve).Han Sen could understand that the holy angel had evolved into a super creature after eating the meat of the golden growler. However, after she had already become a super pet, the system said she could even evolve further, which was beyond Han Sen's comprehension.Han Sen had never heard that a pet beast soul could evolve twice. In addition, a super pet must be the top being in First God's Sanctuary. If the holy angel could evolve even further, what would she become?Watching the innocent girl standing in front of him, Han Sen did not know what to think. After finishing evolution, the holy angel had dismissed her transformed state and become the little girl again, looking at Han Sen with her eyes wide.Han Sen was shocked. Technically speaking, a pet could not decide its state for itself. Some intelligent pets could react automatically under emergencies, which was also quite rare and limited.Dismissing its own transformed state like the holy angel was simply beyond the ability of a pet.Han Sen regarded the holy angel with his brows knitted and took her back. Fortunately, the beast soul did not resist."This is so strange. I believe it's the golden growler. Other super creatures all disappeared after being killed, but the golden growler had edible meat. There must be some mysteries."Han Sen did not have any clues.In Steel Armor Shelter, everyone was talking about the creature and Han Sen. They had never heard about a creature attacking a shelter in First God's Sanctuary. The fact that Han Sen had chased the creature away made a lot of people in Steel Armor Shelter grateful to him.Many people in Steel Armor Shelter posted on the Skynet about the issue, giving rise to quite a lot of attention.The shelters in First God's Sanctuary were not built by humans, but a part of the God's Sanctuary system. No creatures dared to come close to the shelter before, yet one suddenly attacked a shelter, which naturally made breaking news.Ning Yue was also reading about the incident. Although there was no picture or video, Ning Yue was paying a lot of attention, especially to the part about Han Sen.After a long time, Ning Yue turned his device off and asked an old man who looked like a steward, "Is everyone ready?""Yes, young master. Everyone is ready, but are you really going to do that?" The old man asked Ning Yue."We cannot touch someone from the special squad, especially someone connected to the Qins. If we want to capture him alive, we can only do it in God's Sanctuary," Ning Yue said casually."But young master, you don't need to go yourself…" The old man said worriedly."That guy is not an ordinary person," Ning Yue said quietly and walked to the teleport device.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 663: Subterranean MonsterTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe red pony was hesitant to approach at first, but after circling them for some time, it acknowledged there was no danger. After coming to this realization, it was happy to stay in Han Sen's company. Although Han Sen still wanted to kidnap the red pony, he wasn't going to rush things until he was sure it was comfortable. He watched it walk around and waved to it occasionally, appearing as friendly as he could. When its fear had totally disappeared, it came close to Han Sen and sniffed him. Han Sen was ambivalent right now. He wasn't sure if he should take the pony now or not. This was his best opportunity, but he was uncertain whether capturing a super creature, regardless of its age, was a wise thing to do. Besides, the red pony seemed to be a little antsy. The horses on the perimeter of Han Sen's little sanctuary were still in a frenzy, too, neighing with madness. If eyes could kill, Han Sen would have been nothing but bits. But the silver fox looked a little upset. It jumped into Han Sen's lap, gritted its teeth, and growled. The red pony was unnerved by this, which displeased Han Sen. He was afraid that the silver fox would scare off the red pony, so he put it down on the ground. But the red pony was only given a jump scare. After taking a few steps, it looked at the silver fox that continued to growl and stare back at it with hostility. Strangely, it looked happier now. The red pony approached Han Sen and buried its head into Han Sen's chest and rubbed it. This made the silver fox really mad. If Han Sen didn't shut him down now, the red pony would – quite literally – be in for a shock. Han Sen reached out his hand to stroke the mane of the red pony. The pony remained where it was, allowing Han Sen to touch it as much as he wanted. It seemed to enjoy the strokes. But when Han Sen touched it, the pegasi that continued to watch looked even angrier. They started flapping their wings, taking off into the skies, circling the field. There were so many of them, they blocked out the sunlight, and they all continued to neigh with rage. It looked as if they would swoop down any second and crush Han Sen, but they didn't. "Good child. Come here, come here; let me hug you." Han Sen reached out his hands to hug the pony, which it didn't resist. In fact, it looked even happier. As comfortable as it looked, Han Sen still had a split mind. Now was most certainly the best chance for Han Sen to kidnap it, but he didn't know if the pegasi king would let him go free with a hostage. If they didn't care and started attacking him anyway, it'd all be over for him. Eventually, he did not do it. He let the pony go, and it rested near him. It looked really naïve. But Han Sen knew its behavior wasn't something that was likely to stay true over time. When it grew up, it'd most likely end up like the violent pegasi above. While Han Sen mulled the idea a while longer, his heart suddenly jumped with alarm. He thought the red pony was going to get mad. He took a step back and looked at it, but the red pony was still being its cute self. The next second, vine-like tentacles pierced through the ground and moved towards Han Sen. The tentacles were extremely fast, but they seemed to mostly go for the red pony. Han Sen reacted and jumped into the sky. The red pony wasn't so lucky. No matter how strong it was, it hadn't been born for a long time and it lacked experience in the world. The vast number of tentacles grabbed it tight. Then, the field of grass split in two, unearthing a giant gully. The tentacles that had writhed around the pony started dragging it towards the pit. The pony began neighing with its lighter, younger tone. Its body shone red just like the ruby light of a police siren. The red light sliced through the vine-like tentacles, which then dropped to the ground spewing green blood. But more and more tentacles appeared, doing their best to choke the pony and drag it towards the hole. Han Sen looked at the pit and could only see red in there. Sharp teeth, lined up like cogwheels, circled its entirety. Han Sen was unable to fathom what manner of wretched creature had been lurking beneath his feet. "It's no wonder why neither the wolves nor pegasi dared approach me, with such a horrible creature lying here." Han Sen saw that the red pony was only moments away from being pulled into the hungry, exposed mouth. He frowned and summoned his Flaming Rex Spike and began swinging it. The flames burned brightly as the heavy weapon annihilated any tentacle it came into contact with, quickly incinerating them into charcoal. The broken tentacles dropped onto the ground on fire. Soon after, the red pony was free from the monster's grasp. The pony had not yet developed the ability to fly. Since it was still grounded, it looked like it was going to be grabbed again by freshly sprouted tentacles. So Han Sen picked up the red pony and flew off into the sky. The creature that had been lying beneath the ground was so strange. Han Sen was not sure why it seemed to show so much interest in the red pony. Han Sen and the silver fox had barely been given any attention. The subterranean monster seemed to only focus on the pony. Han Sen, with the pony in his arms, begun flying away. The unknown monster let out a soul-shriveling roar, which made the ground tremble. Tentacles burst forth from the ground, lifting the entirety of the grass field with it. It was like watching a creature emerge from the most rotten pits of hell. It was a giant worm that looked like a centipede. Only a portion of its body had been revealed, but it was already unimaginably big. Like a train, it was shooting out of a tunnel a few dozen meters into the air. The entirety of its back was hairy and the tentacles had Han Sen and the red pony in their sights. They were coming was too fast, far faster than Han Sen's berserk sacred-blood wings. Furthermore, the hair on its back turned out to be tentacles themselves, and they were adamant in preventing the departure of their prey. Han Sen let loose the power of his Flaming Rex Spike and hacked off a grand number of the monster's tentacles with a rage-fueled strike. Flames then shot across the sky. Casting Aero, Han Sen used it to soar through the air and dodge the monster's assault. The pegasi were also in the sky. They rushed down, all of them neighing in anger. It looked as if they were super keen on protecting their master. Without fear, they rushed down towards the monster that had previously been lurking beneath the earth. The hair on the monster seemed to regenerate. After being shaved, the tentacles started to grow back. Many of the pegasi that charged into battle found themselves tangled in the brush of tentacles. Many of the winged horses were ripped apart and thrown away, casting blood across the ruined land. The body of the subterranean monster was massive, at least a hundred meters long. Its shell was purple and black, and countless little legs wriggled beneath it, each one possessing their own tentacles. The monster lifted up its terrifying body as the tentacles writhed in a ghastly dance. One by one, the pegasi were being torn to shreds as it came after the red pony that was still in Han Sen's arms. "Why is this thing so intent on coming after the red pony? There must be something quite special about it, if that is the case." Han Sen was surprised by the turn of events. The red pony he had planned to kidnap, he ended up carrying as he escaped using the skill Aero. As he went, he swung and waved around his Flaming Rex Spike, which burnt all the tentacles that came near into soot. A long scream came from afar, signaling the arrival of the pegasi king. It was cloaked in clouds, evidence of the wrath it brought with it.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 627: Horrible KillingTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen may have led the retreat, but he did not feel safe. A frightening chill latched onto him, and he imagined the beady, stabbing gaze of the raven targeting him."Damn it! What is going on?! What has it taken the others so long to get moving?" Han Sen was bewildered, but he couldn't spare the time to think it through. The best he could do right now was escape with his life, leaving the mountain behind.Han Sen did not dare summon his wings to fly off. Expecting to outpace a super creature that excelled in flying was a fool's hope.They were all now running down the mountain as best as their legs could carry them. Not once did they see another creature on their rapid descent. There was only the black raven callously mocking them from the sky, watching them all flee in terror.It was the de-facto emperor of the skies, that was clear. With its presence, nothing else would dare creep out from hiding.Han Sen looked back and spotted the shadow of the black raven overhead. Although it was not a particularly large creature, it scared Han Sen as any other super creature would.The raven glided casually through the air, not even exerting the effort to flap its wings. It made no difference, however, for no matter how quickly they ran, it still followed them closely.They had run less than a kilometer when the raven cruelly looked upon its prey and let out another heart-stopping screech.Caw!The sharp noise echoed across the land. In the next second, the crow reached a speed that suggested it was teleporting and flew down behind the last evolver in their party. The inky wings looked as if they were able to absorb light and, in a flash, brought it down across the evolver's neck.The raven's speed did not allow the evolver a chance to react, and all it took was one quick slash. The head of the evolver was hewn from her neck. It twirled in the air after its detachment, painting the rocky trail in crimson.With the raven's speed, it could have easily avoided the blood that gushed from the severed head and exposed throat. But it didn't. It allowed itself to be showered in the blood, its eyes squinting in pleasure. It extended its wretched tongue to taste the blood rain that descended from its gruesome kill, and it looked delighted.The people in front watched it happen, and it made their skins crawl and their hair stand on end. The unfortunate victim was not an elite evolver, but she didn't even have the time to fight back, no matter how hopeless such a deed would be. Removing her head so effortlessly was little more than a show of power for the raven.No one dared to slow down, and they continued their rapid descent. But the raven wasn't keen to let any of them go so soon. With its murderous eyes, it painted a few more of the fleeing evolvers."Help me!" The evolver who was furthest behind could feel what was coming. And could not do anything save cry for help with a trembling voice.But with what had just occurred, who could be blamed for not slowing down and attempting to save him? Everyone had been rattled by their nemesis, and no one dared to slow down to watch it descend upon them. With its unfathomable speed, it had near-enough warped behind the previous evolver to decapitate her, and no one wished to suffer the same fate.It was so quick, they wouldn't be able to dodge any potential strike, let alone fight back against the foe.Han Sen activated his gene lock to enable his supreme abilities of sense, but even he was unable to witness it fly down in the manner it did. By the time the raven disappeared, the wing was already slicing through the evolver's neck.The distance it covered, to go from the sky to the running evolver, could not possibly have been crossed through speed alone. Han Sen was beginning to believe it did indeed possess teleportation capabilities. Otherwise, it could not have evaded his senses.Caw!Another screech sounded, and the head of the raven turned towards the mountain trail once more. This time, Han Sen applied greater focus to his senses to analyze the movement of the raven.But it revealed naught. The moment it decided to fly down, it escaped his senses again. The moment the raven re-revealed itself, the head of another evolver was in the process of being lopped off.In this moment of fright, Han Sen was shaken by the sight of Chen Ran running past both him and Queen."The talents of the Chen family are not understated." Han Sen gritted his teeth to push on and keep running. He tried the best he could, but he could not keep up with Chen Ran, who outpaced them all.Not long after, another screech sounded. It was like the tolling of Satan's own dinner bell. Upon hearing it, everyone clutched their chests in the hope it wasn't them who was next up for a deep-six holiday.The further behind in the group you were, the tighter the fear gripped your heart.A person who was weaker than the rest was now lagging behind. In this moment, he noticed his position amongst his compatriots. Three people had been recipients of the raven's wings by this point, and just as he expected a wing to greet his neck, his shaky legs tripped on an exposed tree root."No! Help me! Aaaargh!"The scream of another hapless victim smothered the depleting hopes of escape by those who remained. In truth, they were now fleeing through a valley of death. Han Sen was beginning to realize at the speed they were running, they were all going to be killed before they could even descend halfway down the mountain.The raven was playing with them. It seemed to take pleasure in killing them, and if it wanted them all dead, that was how things were going to go. If they were lucky, they'd only be alive for one more kilometer."If we continue going like this, we aren't going to make it!" Han Sen slowed his speed down to run alongside Queen."If we cannot beat the beast, there is no way to escape this predicament," Queen said, and Han Sen understood what she was implying.Queen had come to the same conclusion as Han Sen, when analyzing the speed of the raven. Try as she might, she was unable to track its attacks. And if they could not do this, they could not fight it. If the raven came for them, only death would quickly follow."How about we split up?" Han Sen suggested, frowning."No! What good would that yield?" Queen vehemently objected. With the horrible speed of the raven, it would make no difference. If anything, it would only result in a quicker death."Do you recall the creature riding a red cloud, further down the mountain?" Queen said."Are you suggesting an enemy of our enemy is our friend? I'm not sure that would work. For all we know, we'll simply end up getting sandwiched between the two. If that were to happen, a grisly death would surely await!" Han Sen understood what Queen was suggesting."Well, we have to do something! If all we do is continue to run, we'll die no matter what," Queen objected.Han Sen reconsidered her suggestion, thinking she might indeed be on to something. To keep running would result in certain death, as they were getting picked off one by one. A simple escape was off the table."Even if we tried, the creature that roams these slopes is too far off. For all we know, we may be killed before reaching it." Amidst their discussion, someone screamed from behind.Before the evolver was killed, he had stopped in an attempt to fight the raven. But before he could strike, the wings of the raven was scissoring his neck, leaving a wretched blood-fountain stump atop his shoulders.Queen's eyes went cold, and her signature purple light began to flow in and around her body. All of a sudden, a long scream sounded through the air. It was not the work of the raven, but something else. The sound was deafening, drowning out the noise of the mountains and surrounding landscapes.As Han Sen pondered Queen's reason for using her purple light, he suddenly heard the sound of a horse neighing from further down the mountain. Then he heard the stampede of hooves drawing nearer. Something scary was coming their way, and its speed could not be rivaled.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 776: Depressed Lin BeifengTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"Lin Beifeng?" Han Sen turned around with surprise. It had been a while since he had last seen him, and he did not expect to see him here in the Second God's Sanctuary."This is a fate-wrought meet, undoubtedly." Lin Beifeng ran over to Han Sen, grabbed his hands, and almost began bawling his eyes out."I'll confess it has been a while, but there is no need for such a display of passion." Seeing Lin Beifeng so happy, Han Sen was quite touched.Lin Beifeng wiped his teary eyes and maintained a grip on Han Sen's hands as he said, "Brother, I am touched. In this dusty craphole, even if my wallet were bursting at the seams, I cannot buy anything. It is a miserable and upsetting affair. Now that I have finally met you, I can spend my money on decent merchandise. Come; sell me two sacred-blood beast souls!" When Han Sen heard this, he threw his clingy hands away. The whole reason he was behaving so passionately was for this, it was now plain to see."You think sacred-blood beast souls are a common item you can buy from just anywhere? And you're saying you want two?!" Han Sen laughed."I am not willing to believe you do not have any for sale." Lin Beifeng was unaffected by Han Sen's comments, and still insisted that he be sold some sacred-blood beast souls.Lin Beifeng had been bored out of his mind in this place for quite some time. He was very rich, but his family lacked ties to the greater families. In his time here, few people had been willing to help him, and even with the money he had, he couldn't buy anything decent. His time here had not been pleasant.He never expected to see Han Sen here though, of all places. He had heard many tales regarding Han Sen's escapades, and having known him previously, was certain he would have sacred-blood beast souls for sale."Brother Beifeng, cease your acting. Do you really think this child would have sacred-blood beast souls available for sale? I have already given you my price. Either cough up the coin or get lost; don't play games with me," a middle-aged man near Lin Beifeng said."I'm not buying your rubbish beast souls. This guy has all-manner of different beast souls; so why would I buy ones from your crappy roster?" Lin Beifeng coldly replied.People knew Lin Beifeng was rich, so it was common for people to attempt to scam him. There weren't many high-class beast souls in a place such as this, and such extortionists frequently grouped up to weasel the most coin out of him. They would sell him mutant beast souls for the price of a sacred-blood beast soul. Either Lin Beifeng bought them or had nothing to use. He was a daily victim of this treatment.Unfortunately for him, these same schemers owned the shelters, and the prices they presented were unchangeable. After all, the prices were their call to make. Lin Beifeng had no choice but to suffer and accept the exorbitant fees they charged.Now that he had met Han Sen, he wasn't willing to be bullied anymore, and he most certainly wasn't going to buy their beast souls."Well, Brother Beifeng, I give you an ultimatum. You either buy it now off me for this price or don't. But if you come around wanting to buy it again in the future, I can guarantee you the price won't be this generous," Liu Jie fearlessly said. He did not believe the pretty, young stranger possessed a single sacred-blood beast soul.Liu Jie knew all about this place and the surrounding area, and he knew that the shelter only had a dozen mutant beast souls available for sale. There weren't any sacred-blood beast souls to be found in the markets, and there most certainly wouldn't be any on a pretty, young man."Whatever," Lin Beifeng coldly said. Then he ignored the extortionist. Turning back to face Han Sen, he smiled and said, "Let's go, brother. I am buying you food. And perhaps, just perhaps, we might talk a while, as we eat.""Forgive me for interrupting your plans for lunch, but don't we have a spirit attacking the shelter right now? Shouldn't we go take a look?" Han Sem said, smiling."Sure, let's go take a look at what we face." Lin Beifeng felt a chill run down his spine. He knew that with Han Sen's help, however, he'd be able to move to another royal shelter and not remain stuck where he currently he was.People in the shelter had mercilessly bullied him, extracting every penny they could through a barrage of tricks and scams. No one had been willing to help him move to another royal shelter. He couldn't do it on his own, but right now, with Han Sen at his side, he knew he wouldn't have to worry.They both ascended the city wall, and looking over, they witnessed a spirit commanding creatures to attack the shelter. After taking a look, Han Sen quickly lost interest.It was a royal spirit that looked like an ugly ogre. It was something Han Sen was not interested in killing or claiming the spirit stone for.The creatures that were attacking the shelter were mutant creatures, as well. Han Sen was too lazy to bother slaying such unthreatening creatures.But the people in the shelter quickly grew concerned and considered their would-be conquerors as a grave threat. Lin Beifeng was very tempted to help, so he asked Han Sen, "Brother, do you have any sacred-blood beast souls? If you lend me two, I will go down there and show them how it's done."Han Sen gave him two sacred-blood beast souls that he would never otherwise use, which made Lin Beifeng super happy. He was given a sacred-blood armor and the long-forgotten ghost-pawed claws. After suiting up, Lin Beifeng hastily ran out to greet the attackers who sought to claim the shelter.Through the aid of his new sacred-blood beast souls, although Lin Beifeng was not that strong, he could easily slay the ordinary creatures. Even the mutant variants could do nothing to him and were soon cut down.Lin Beifeng had become an extremely powerful man, as he was seen cleaving his way through the hordes of monsters down below. He even looked quite heroic, and this shocked the people of the shelter.By the time all was said and done, he managed to beat the ogre into running away. Once his victory was assured, everyone gave him massive applause.After beating the spirit, Lin Beifeng himself was exuberantly happy. When the deed was complete, he spared no time in bringing Han Sen to a hotel where they could eat.Not long after, a group of people arrived at the shelter. Liu Jie and the people in charge went to welcome the team."Liu Jie, didn't you send a message as a plight for aid, saying a royal spirit sought to conquer the shelter? What is this?" Liu Kuang asked, frowning.With him, he had brought a team of fairly skilled warriors. They were to support him in slaying the mutant horde, but now that they had arrived, they were surprised to see the fight already over."Brother Kuang, a kid came out of nowhere and sold two sacred-blood beast souls to Lin Beifeng. His mood was cockier than usual today, and so he promptly went out to slay the creatures and send the ogre back off to its hole." Liu Jie relayed to him what had transpired during his absence."What is this 'kid's' association with Lin Beifeng?" Liu Kuang frowned. He believed Lin Beifeng was a worthless piece of meat, who was easy to bully. And bully him they did, frequently, in this knight shelter. Now, someone had sold him two sacred-blood beast souls. This meant they could no longer scam money from his coffer."He said they were friends. He was about twenty years old at the most. He had silky skin, the sort which made him look quite weak and useless. I would say he was just like Lin Beifeng; a loser from a rich family. God knows where he managed to get two sacred-blood beast souls to sell to Lin Beifeng." Liu Jie approached him closer and continued by saying, "Brother Kuang, should we take care of this kid?"Liu Kuang gestured with his hand and said, "Getting sacred-blood beast souls will not be easy. And if that kid is not from our shelter and has been able to come out all this way, he must be fairly experienced."After a pause, he continued by saying, "Are you sure no one else followed this kid's arrival?""Yeah. I have been sending people to keep an eye on them, and knowing about everyone else in this shelter, I can indeed confirm that there is no one else here aside from him," Liu Jie quickly said."Good." Liu Kuang's eyes were tinged with hate and cruelty. He went on to say, "Little Zhang, go and bring Brother Blind."

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Aixinjueluoyu⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 951: Son of All GodsTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen used his dongxuan aura to take a better look at the sword Taia. Its sharpness was not its greatest attribute.What was most striking about it were the features of its power, hardness and durability. If two swords ever clashed, and one broke, that meant one of them had better hardness and durability.But this was a sword that had been crafted in ancient times, and it was believed that no material could be hardier than z-steel. It was perplexing to try and grasp how Taia had prevailed as the stronger sword.Although it was only a two foot long shortsword, Han Sen was able to detect the presence of a lifeforce within.This surprised him even more, because it was common knowledge that only beast soul weaponry could possess a lifeforce and be alive."He was told that the sword was forged through the talents of two blacksmiths, so how could this be so?"You know, we aren't all-knowing of our past. There are more questions than answers to be found, when seeking knowledge of our history. As for this sword, in place of truths and facts, only myths can be found. Myths, however, are fickle things. One myth claims this sword was forged from outer-world black iron. Meaning, a chunk of a metallic meteor was obtained by the blacksmiths. Somehow, this ore was smelted and used in the creation of the sword," Liu Meng said."How did it break?" Han Sen asked.It was incredibly sturdy, and it was hard to fathom how such a powerful weapon was broken in two."You'd have to ask the Qin family about that. They care very much for this sword, so it is likely they are the ones who can answer the questions you have," Liu Meng confessed."And so, if we duel, and I win, this sword can be mine?" Han Sen was excited by this sword, and he believed it might have been greater than the red dagger.Liu Meng pulled out a contract and said, "If you want assurance, feel free to sign atop the dotted line.""Okay, sure!" Han Sen did not want to fight earlier, due to the fact that there was no benefit. With such a precious treasure dangling in front of him, he couldn't resist trying.He knew Liu Meng was a surpasser, but he had no idea what his fitness or gene lock level was.Annie said he became a surpasser two years before, though, so he couldn't have been too powerful. Regardless, with no incurred loss for losing, there was no harm in Han Sen giving it a go. Quickly, he signed the contract."Come on!" Liu Meng excitedly proclaimed."Out here?" Han Sen looked around the pavilion he was standing in."Why do you ask? Is there a problem?" Liu Meng asked."Shouldn't there be a training room somewhere around here? I can't imagine destroying this place," Han Sen said.Liu Meng then said, "Okay, let us go there."Acknowledging Han Sen would actually try his best in a fight against him, Liu Meng was visibly overjoyed despite his attempts to contain it.Liu Meng did not want to fight Han Sen due to his inability to find a person who was stronger.The primary reason was because of Han Sen's defeat of Yu Qielan.Beating those of your own kind wasn't glorious, but beating a royal shura was. It was quite the achievement.Unfortunately for him, his family forbade him from challenging a shura. As a substitute, he decided to fight Han Sen, for he was at least as powerful as a shura.Han Sen followed Liu Meng, and along the way they bumped into Annie."Where are you two going?" Annie asked."Liu Meng wants to fight me, so I am going to the training room," Han Sen explained."You are fighting him?" Annie asked."Is there a problem with that?" Han Sen looked at Annie."Liu Meng, do not play with him. I promised Lady Ji I would bring him back safely," Annie said.But then, Liu Meng showed her the signed contract and said, "We aren't playing, look. We've signed a contract and everything."Liu Meng then went on to say, "Han Sen, I'll wait for you in the room just up ahead. You talk to her first."Annie, with apparent concern, hastily asked, "Why would you agree to such a foolish thing? Didn't I tell you he is the only heir of this family?"Han Sen smiled and said, "We're only having a friendly bout. Don't worry, I won't hurt him too much."Annie said, "Hurt him? Do you have any idea who you're up against? Do you have any idea what his title is?""I dunno. I've never met the chap before." Han Sen shrugged his shoulders.Annie sighed and slowly pronounced his title, "He is the Son of All Gods. He has never killed a creature, due to many demi-gods accompanying him; that may be true. But they are the ones who train him. Don't be so foolish as to think he won't know how to fight. Many demi-gods frequently speak highly of his talents. They say he's even better than Lin Feng. Ji Yanran's great-grandfather has even spent some time training him, too.""He sounds pretty powerful." Han Sen smiled.Annie then said, "He is powerful. When we were both in the Second God's Sanctuary, although he had many bodyguards with him and he was forbidden from killing stuff himself, his commands saw us through many perilous battles. Even I have learnt a lot from him."Han Sen looked at Annie, and with a smile, said, "Nice."After that, Han Sen patted her shoulders and entered the training room."What is that supposed to mean?!" Annie sounded a little frustrated now.She believed Han Sen was implying she was weak, due to his continued belief Liu Meng was an average fighter. But she knew he was joking, and so she just followed Han Sen into the training room.Liu Meng was there waiting, and as Han Sen stepped forth, he performed a friendly welcome gesture.Han Sen gave one last look to Annie and approached the stage.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 810: Summoning a PetTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen chased after Wang Yuhang, and as he went, he sensed countless scary lifeforces making their way towards the Empty Vine. They had all been disturbed and made restless by the human intruders.There was still a while to go before the Empty Fruit ripened. The group of people had no idea when exactly it would mature, and going for them now would only lead to the creatures stopping them. If they picked the fruit before it became ripe, the benefits of its consumption would be far weaker, not worth the effort.Even Han Sen, who had received help from super creatures in the past, couldn't help but feel unnerved and a little scared when he sensed the number of creatures in the surrounding area."I hope those people don't all die. If they do, how am I supposed to interrogate them?" Han Sen thought to himself.Racing across the length of two mountains, Han Sen finally caught up to the fleet-footed Wang Yuhang. The owl did not relent in its attacks, and all the while, Wang Yuhang stumbled, tripped, and scrambled on his way. He had sustained much damage this time. His armor had been pecked at, and much of it had been broken. His skin had been pierced, and blood was drawn.Although he wasn't heavily injured, his face was one of great pity and remorse.Han Sen quickly summoned his little angel to prevent the owl from continuing its pursuit of Wang Yuhang."Bossman, you have finally come!" Wang Yuhang shouted excitedly. Not caring for the lesions and wounds that riddled his person, he went towards Han Sen."Wait! Do not come any closer. Continue drawing its attention while we finish it." Han Sen quickly stopped Wang Yuhang from approaching him.Wang Yuhang promptly agreed, and with his bow, fired an arrow towards the owl to attract its ire once more. When the owl went after him, the little angel was able to quickly get in its way again and block it.When Wang Yuhang noticed the owl's inability to reach him, he went a little mad. He fired arrows like a loon, maniacally cackling, "Come here, little birdy! I'm right here! I make for terrific creature cuisine, so why do you not attempt to eat me?" After he had taunted it for some time, the owl stopped and made a noise akin to the crying of a baby."Haha! Crying is of little use, little birdy-bird. Come on, come over here... Ouch!" Wang Yuhang continued his fun in the provocation of the owl.But suddenly, a big rat came out of the ground. It was one foot long, and when it emerged, it leapt up and bit his ass. Its razor teeth pierced right through his armor and sunk deep into his plump bottom. When it pulled away, a chunk of Wang Yuhang's bum-flesh was torn away.Wang Yuhang held his buttocks and screamed, and as he did so, many other black rats emerged from the ground. They ran towards him like the tide of the sea."Oh, no! Does this wretch possess the ability to summon a legion of rats to its devilish will? I beseech your aid! Help!" Wang Yuhang summoned a spear and swung it around crazily. But their numbers were unfathomable, and after killing a dozen, he could still see countless more headed his way.Han Sen used his dongxuan aura to scan the rats. He was surprised to see that the rats were not actually creatures, and as a result, possessed no lifeforce. They must have been direct summons of the owl, an ability not unlike the silver beetle mother."I cannot believe this owl can summon its own little mobs. This is rather interesting." Han Sen summoned his Flaming Rex Spike and hurried over to the owl. As he went, he called out, "Little Uncle, hold on! I'm going to kill this bird.""Then I beg that you make haste. I shan't last very much longer, if something is not done about these arse-biters soon. Ouch!" Another rat bit Wang Yuhang. This time, it leapt up and ripped out a piece of his arm."I'll be right there." Han Sen's eyes shone with the light of murder.Pang!The Flaming Rex Spike was swung upwards, and with the little angel's cooperation, it was driven harshly against the owl's body. The owl was knocked a great distance away.The little angel flew forward at once and delivered another slash to the owl. Then, Han Sen used his rex spike to hit it again.The first-generation owl didn't stand a chance, and it was getting destroyed by the duo with no reprieve. Feathers fell and blood rained.The owl, thinking it best to escape, had its departure prevented by Han Sen. He grabbed onto it, pulling back the heavily-injured owl.Pat! Pat! Pat!Beneath the siege of attacks that were delivered onto it, the owl didn't have a single chance of fighting back. In minutes, the head of the owl was lopped off by a mighty swing of the little angel's greatsword."Super Creature Spirit Owl killed. Beast soul gained. The flesh of this creature is inedible, but you may harvest its Life Geno Essence. Consume its Life Geno Essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly."Han Sen was overjoyed to hear this, as it had been a while since he last received a beast soul. He curiously pondered what manner of beast soul it might be.And with the death of the owl, the carnivorous rats vanished too. Wang Yuhang looked at Han Sen with much surprise and said, "Bossman, your strength continues to grow greater and greater. It only took you a few minutes to lay utter waste to a super creature!""I was taking my time." Han Sen smiled at Wang Yuhang and proceeded to say, "You should go home; you should leave this place. As for myself, there is something else I must attend to.""I am coming with you. That legion of scum deserves death for what they did to me," Wang Yuhang said with anger. When his mind went back to his mistreatment, and the time he spent caged, he began to tremble with rage."Well, don't worry about that. The scum will all be dead before long, I assure you," Han Sen said."What?" Wang Yuhang asked with surprise. Then, he asked, "Do other super creatures inhabit the treacherous lands of the vicinity?""Yes, there are loads. If you hate those people that much, and you would like to put your life on the line just so you can watch them get brutally torn apart, then let's go." Han Sen smiled.Wang Yuhang's face locked up. He looked as if he was about to say something, but just as he was, a black flame erupted from the Empty Vine like a volcano."Um, Bossman? I have a charliehorse; so, I think I'll just wait for you down there somewhere... You be careful, okay?" After saying this, Wang Yuhang hastily made his departure from the island.Han Sen decided to take a look at the Spirit Owl beast soul he had acquired. It was another pet-type beast soul."This is interesting. If I raise this owl, I'll almost have an army of super creatures at my disposal." Han Sen was as delighted as he was curious. Still, he knew it would take a while before the pet could enter battle-mode.But Han Sen was getting the hang of killing super creatures now, and he imagined it wouldn't be too much of a struggle.The Death Knell drank blood, whereas the Spirit Owl ate meat. This meant he could raise them together, without any conflict between the two arising.Han Sen did not have the time to look at the Spirit Owl for long. He returned his gaze to the Empty Vine, and when he did, he heard many roars accompanying the clanging sounds of various weaponry. The fight seemed to be raging."I hope the Devil-Blood King is already there. If not, that'd be a pain." Han Sen, continuing to look at the Empty Vine as he ventured there, was suddenly approached by a few men. It was Manager Qu and a few others.They didn't seem to be doing all that well. They had already injected themselves with the shura liquid, and they seemed to be grievously injured."Han Sen!" When they saw Han Sen, their faces changed. They knew exactly who he was.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1483: Waiting for You to Defeat MeTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioOne Hundred Swords couldn’t correctly cast Ten Thousand Swords on Han Sen, and without further ado, he conceded and abandoned the battleground.Although Han Sen won, it wasn’t a scary and unsettling victory like Elysian Moon’s wins. When Han Sen reached the next round, all his opponents decided to fight until there was no choice for them but to concede.Han Sen’s sword skills were very suppressive. He couldn’t kill his opponents in one hit, so there was no need for any of them to truly be afraid.This did give Han Sen the chance to practice more and more with the technique, though. All his opponents were super creature or king spirits, and fighting against them challenged his proficiency with the sword skill.It did not matter what the abilities of his opponents were, as Han Sen could change his moveset on the fly to respond appropriately. While his strikes changed a lot, the base of the skill was still focused on his formation and judgment.Elysian Moon was scared watching him perform this way. Han Sen was using Ghost Sword. It wasn’t perfect, but somehow, Han Sen’s version of Ghost Sword was far better than her original one.It was more than just better. In fact, Elysian Moon thought to herself, “Why is Ghost Sword not that effective when I use it? If it was this good, I wouldn’t have to rely solely on my Elysian Umbrella.”After many more opponents were defeated by Han Sen, many creatures and spirits were willing to approve and respect his title of Sky Sword.When Han Sen entered the arena next, everyone was shocked. His opponent was none other than Six Paths Emperor.“This is a shame. If Han Sen was super class, he might have been able to fight Six Paths. As he is now, he does not stand a chance.”“They met far too soon. I wanted to see more of those sword skills. They were so amazing!”…Everyone believed Han Sen was going to lose. His sword skills were powerful, but they were still inhibited by the strength of his body. When a fight was down to power and speed alone, the versatility of his sword skills would not be of much aid.Elysian Moon felt great relief, seeing Han Sen square off against Six Paths. Han Sen was sure to lose, she thought, and that took one of her most feared opponents off the board.Elysian Moon was confident in her umbrella, but Han Sen was so strange to her. She thought it would be best if she could avoid him, at all costs.It would be great if Han Sen was able to beat Six Paths, however. She still considered Six Paths to be her greatest foe there.Han Sen gave a wry smile, seeing Six Paths as his opponent. He understood his foe, and also acknowledged there was a ninety percent chance of the spirit winning.Six Paths’s sword skills rivaled his own, but the spirit’s fitness was much higher than Han Sen’s. This fight was sure not to last very long.Six Paths looked at Han Sen and smiled. “I know what you’re thinking. I want to see you defeat her, as that would most certainly be an interesting watch.”When Six Paths said that, he immediately exited the arena.Everyone was shocked. No one expected Six Paths to be willing to concede in the way he had. And he had clearly been referring to Elysian Moon in his brief dialogue.“Six Paths quit for him? That is surprising.”“Is he really Six Paths’s opponent? He didn’t look up to scruff.”“You don’t know much. When you’re strong like Six Paths, finding a worthy opponent is quite difficult. It’s natural for him to treat the human nicely.”“I thought the Elysium woman was stronger. I didn’t expect Six Paths to respect Sky Sword that much. Six Paths sounded as if he was very confident Sky Sword would triumph.”“Six Paths gave up his opportunity for Sky Sword. If he doesn’t win, even after that, it will be very disappointing for them both.”…Elysian Moon felt a wash of relief. She didn’t like what Six Paths had said, but she was glad she could avoid battling Six Paths Emperor. The biggest obstacle to her obtaining the God geno core was now out the way. This was good for her.“I didn’t think bringing Han Sen here would yield such a benefit.” Elysian Moon looked at Han Sen with a complicated expression. Then she thought, “What kind of human is he, for even the likes of Six Paths to treat him with such respect?”The next battles were boring, all in the anticipation of Han Sen and Elysian Moon’s upcoming fight. The spirits against Han Sen all gave up, just eager to get things over with and watch the fight they were hyped for.They thought Han Sen’s chance to win was low, initially. But Six Paths Emperor believed Han Sen could make it, and this had them doubting their own expectations.Because the creatures and spirits that met Han Sen and Elysian Moon all gave up, it wasn’t long before the two were facing each other on the grounds of the arena.“I never thought the biggest obstacle between me and the God geno core would be you.” Elysian Moon sighed.Han Sen said coldly, “It’s too late to regret this. You should not have brought me here.”Elysian Moon shook her head. “Bringing you here was not my choice. You know it was Gu Qingcheng. She said you were better than Ghost Moon, and she was right. If it was Ghost Moon, I don’t think I’d be here right now. But even she could not foresee you would end up being my opponent.”“What is your relationship to Gu Qingcheng?” Han Sen asked, but he didn’t expect a reply.Elysian Moon didn’t want to answer this, either. She opened up her Elysian Umbrella and pointed it at Han Sen. “That which is absorbed by this umbrella does not survive. Not even spirits can respawn. You have helped me a lot, and I do not want to kill you. I am getting that God geno core, though. You should quit now while you have the chance.”“Didn’t you say I shouldn’t join a meaningless fight? This entire event would be pointless if I quit now,” Han Sen replied.Han Sen had watched the umbrella for a while. He figured that she must possess the powers of space. She could suck creatures and spirits inside and refine them once they were held in the umbrella.Han Sen had practiced space hyper geno arts before, so he was familiar with the idea. But he had never tried to fight something like that before. He didn’t know whether or not his prior experience would benefit him here.The easiest way to win would be to use his super king spirit mode, as the umbrella’s suction probably wouldn’t work when that was active. Unless it was absolutely necessary, though, Han Sen was not going to use his super king spirit mode in front of everyone.“If you really want to fight me, then don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Elysian Moon said, her tone growing chilly. Then, she began spinning her umbrella. The umbrella began to glow, and as it spun, the dimension it occupied began to swirl.Han Sen immediately felt a strong suction pulling his body towards the vortex.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 741: Ice LakeTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe subterranean bamboo forest was enormous, but it had no stone pillar or significant stalagmites to support it. Supporting this humongous cavern was the bamboo itself, as the countless bamboo shoots rose from the ground and supported the ceiling.Han Sen had traveled thirty miles through this subterranean kingdom, but he had yet to see an end. It looked mostly the same, as well; the only difference he noticeed was in the temperature. The deeper he went, the lower the temperature seemed to tick.The thickets of black bamboo all around him grew denser, and after another fifty miles, the bamboo stalks were as thick as the trunks of trees.Frost covered the ground and the temperature had dropped to what would be an insufferable level for most people. Han Sen proceeded, unfazed and unchilled, and it wasn't long before he ventured into a wholly ice-veiled area. The bamboo there was thicker than ever, and it would take three grown men, with their arms outstretched, to circle just one shoot."If there are Dark Silkworms in here, I wonder how big they are?" Han Sen used his dongxuan aura to investigate but could not see through the black bamboo to tell whether or not there were silkworms inside.Deeper in this wondrous bamboo forest, however, Han Sen managed to detect one particular lifeforce. This force was like a babbling brook of spring water, and he was curious what manner of creature would possess such an enticing lifeforce.Han Sen approached it with moderate alertness and strode through the bamboo forest with a little more care and caution. He came across an empty meadow amidst the bamboo shoots.The meadow was skirted by the thick bamboo, but not a single one of the shoots grew atop the field.Despite possessing Jadeskin, this frosty area and the icy lifeforce that swirled around it had Han Sen shivering with the cold. The energy he had followed was strange, indeed.As he drew closer to the sparse meadow, Han Sen's eyes remained fixed upon it in deep observation and contemplation. It was thickly iced and in the center was a chilly—but not totally frozen—lake. In the lake, a plant that looked like a narcissus rested. The flowers were white.Han Sen had seen his fair share of strange flora before, and although the narcissus was strange to see there, it didn't stand out or even unnerve him.If there was a super creature guarding the narcissus, Han Sen would be glad.But that wasn't so, as he couldn't espy the presence of any super creatures around the lake. What Han Sen did see, however, was a man sitting beside the still waters. He stared at the narcissus without moving, and this surprised Han Sen.Han Sen could tell that he was a human due to his attire; he was wearing a human battlesuit. Creatures and spirits wouldn't wear what this man was currently geared in."Why are there other people here?" Han Sen used dongxuan aura to observe the fellow and the results surprised him. He had quite the lifeforce, one that was far from weak.This place having an actual living person surprised Han Sen, as he believed himself to be the first person to ever set foot here. After all, the only entrance he knew of was the one that the twin-tail scorpion had made. But it wasn't as if he had reached the end of this place, and perhaps further ahead was another more accessible entrance."Friend, what is your name?" Han Sen carefully walked across the ice and tried greeting the man.Provided there was no conflict of interest, Han Sen was not willing to make another enemy. After all, meeting others of the same kind in a place such as the Black Desert was a delightful thing. And even a simple correspondence or dialogue with someone of your own kind was nice enough.The man did not respond to Han Sen, though, and it looked as if he was sleeping. Of course, Han Sen couldn't properly tell, as the man was facing away from him and toward the narcissus. His position was set to suggest he had been observing them, but with his back towards Han Sen, he couldn't quite be sure. Neither could he wholly deduce what the person looked like."Friend, I come without cause for alarm. I mean you no harm and have found myself wandering here of my own accord and curiosity. Would you like to have a chat? If not, I'll be happy to move along." Han Sen continued talking as he approached the man.Still, there was no response. He didn't turn around or give any reaction. All he did was continue gazing at the narcissus in the lake.Han Sen continued his approach, despite the lack of engagement from the other person. By now, it was starting to be a little unnerving, and Han Sen felt as if something wasn't quite right.Han Sen got closer but did not go near the man. He didn't approach him head on, and instead walked around him a bit, so he could get a look at him from the side.When he saw him more clearly, Han Sen was shocked—it wasn't a living man. The man's clothing was fine, but the body inside had been frozen solid. It was like an ice statue.The fact that only his flesh had been frozen was strange, indeed. His clothing didn't even have a speck of frost upon them. Also, he did not understand why the lifeforce inside him seemed to swirl and suggest that he was a living person.Han Sen's face quickly became grim. The man before him wore a battlesuit, but its model was something that hailed from the previous century. It seemed to be a relic from over a hundred years ago."How can this man be frozen here? Is he dead or alive?" Han Sen's heart had been given a shock, and as he inspected the person, he noticed something in his pocket.Judging from its shape, it appeared to be a notebook or wallet. Han Sen came a little closer and attempted to take it out of the pocket, as he was direly interested in a clue that would tell him who this person was.Suddenly, Han Sen's heart leapt inside his chest and the silver fox on his shoulder stood up in alarm. Its hair was all standing up, and it made grunts of caution towards the water of the lake.Han Sen retreated without falter and stared at the frosty lake.Splash!The water in the lake suddenly arose into a thousand airborne threads—with Han Sen as the target.Han Sen attempted to evade them, but the crystal threads were faster than Han Sen was. He summoned his Flaming Rex Spike and swung it towards the crystal threads that came towards him.Pang!The Flaming Rex Spike smacked against the threads like burning charcoal tossed into water. Many of the icy threads evaporated into steam, but there were too many, and they came from every direction. They quickly wrapped around Han Sen and became entangled like a spider web.Han Sen felt as if a frosty air was beginning to invade his body. There were too many threads, and no matter how much he swung his Flaming Rex Spike, the threads he smacked weren't enough. More and more threads wreathed their way around him, draining him of warmth.It wasn't long before the threads had wrapped him up completely, encasing him in a cocoon of sorts. His hands were tied up and he could no longer lash out with the Flaming Rex Spike.The silver fox wasn't doing very well, either. He kept blasting the threads with his silver lightning as much as he could. It did nothing to end their unceasing advance.

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 536: ShuraTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"What the hell is this?" Han Sen was shocked... literally and figuratively. He clamped down to withstand the electricity that surged into him, and then summoned the Ghost-Pawed Claws to slash wildly at the jellyfish.But the Ghost-Pawed Claws went straight through the gelatinous skin and became lodged inside the creature as well.Han Sen was taken aback - this jellyfish was like a living mound of viscous syrup. All slashes and punches were useless against it, as they would have no effect and his foe would maintain its grasp on him no matter what.Han Sen was holding back the cramps caused by the surging electricity and desperately wanted to return to the Crystal Palace as soon as he could. But the jellyfish continued to attack, attaching itself all over Han Sen. Already, half of Han Sen's body had been consumed by the jellyfish and the rest was sure to follow.This was the first time Han Sen had come across such a terrifying creature, and his heart was overcome with dread. His mind raced, trying to think of a way to escape his terrible predicament. Suddenly, in the corner of his eye, he caught sight of a shadow that was swimming towards him from the Crystal Palace.Han Sen took another look, and saw Zero swimming his way. In his surprize, he wanted to shout and tell Zero to stay back, but being in the water made this impossible.Zero was swimming swiftly towards Han Sen and came to his side. He reached out again with his hands, attempting to push the jellyfish away from him."No!" Han Sen screamed in his heart, but it was no use. Zero was now caught by the jellyfish, just as Han Sen had been.More electric currents surged into his body and his body continued to convulse with spasms. It felt as if he would become charcoal any second now.Han Sen withstood the pain and desperately tried to think of a way that he could save himself and Zero. But he then noticed Zero's eyes flashing with a strange purple light.Her black pupils were now beaming purple, and the color spread to consume her black hair, too. Little purple horns appeared from the top of her head. All of a sudden, she became the royal shura that Han Sen had once seen during their first encounter.Ching!Zero, who had taken on the appearance of a shura, used her hands to tear the jellyfish apart. The creature, which was like mud, seemed to have lost its power under Zero's counter-offensive. As though it had been struck by a goliath knife, the monster was split into two halves.Han Sen was shocked by what he saw. When Zero was in this form, it was quite difficult to believe how much power she possessed. Even the monstrous jellyfish could not withstand the power stemming from her small, delicate hands.Zero's eyes continued to shine with a purple light, and her hands trembled. In a moment, she cleared Han Sen's body from the vine-like tentacles that had imprisoned him. Then she quickly hauled him back to the Crystal Palace.Splash!They both hurriedly emerged from the water. Zero quickly got back on board and lay down on the floor; the color of her now-purple hair began to fade and return to black, as the horns that had appeared on her head shrank and disappeared. All of a sudden, she looked like a typical human female once again.Han Sen quickly went to check on her. He noticed that she had passed out but was free from any serious injuries. Once his survey was complete, he let out a long sigh of relief.Zero remained passed out for over two days. When she finally awoke, her body was weak and she could not muster the desire to eat for the next few days."Is she a human or a shura?" Han Sen pondered in his heart, and the doubts he had over her heritage heightened.But right now, he was mostly worried about her well-being. He did not know if Zero turning into a shura would damage her, because right now, she was in an extremely weak state. She looked like a patient who had undergone lengthy, intensive surgery; the complexion of her face was devoid of color.Luckily, however, she was not in a critical condition. Han Sen gave her a nutrient solution to drink, alongside fluids that were designed to repair weary bodies. The latter medicine came straight from the Alliance. Through the grace of good fortune, her condition steadily improved.After the incident with the jellyfish, Han Sen did not dare go hunting in the deep-sea by himself. He salvaged the jellyfish's corpse and cooked it so that he could understand where it had come from.It turned out that it was a sacred-blood class Red Demon Jellyfish, and it increased Han Sen's sacred geno point score by eight.Upon returning to the Alliance, Han Sen carefully investigated his puzzle a great deal, but he could not unearth anything that would give him any greater understanding of Zero's status.Humans are human, shuras are shura. Although they shared similar attributes in terms of appearance, they were two separate species. It was impossible for someone to be both a shura and a human.Han Sen even looked into the information alongside a biologist. The biologist proved to him that the genes separating shuras and humans were far too different to be compatible, or for even a hybrid to be birthed.Even if it was an artificial culture, it was impossible for a cross-breed between a human and a shura to emerge, too."So, how would you best define Zero and the peculiarities of her situation?" Han Sen thought about it deeply but could not come to any remote conclusion. Han Sen was also curious about the nine-life cat tattoo on Zero's back."Sen, can you come with me please?" Han Sen had been scouring various outlets of information when Ji Yanran knocked the door and entered the room."Of course - where are we going?" Han Sen was surprized when he looked at Ji Yanran. This was because Ji Yanran rarely came to Han Sen's room, and usually resorted to contacting him only through a communicator.If Ji Yanran was willing to come straight to his room, it had to be a matter of some importance. Therefore, Han Sen did not question her motive for coming and promptly agreed to go with her.Ji Yanran opened her mouth as though she wanted to say something, but she stopped."Are there certain issues we cannot discuss between us?" Han Sen blinked as he asked.Ji Yanran felt hopeless, and sighed. "Tomorrow, I am going to an exchange event. I was hoping that you could accompany me.""What exchange event?" Han Sen looked at Ji Yanran with some confusion, as he had wondered whether she had come to him over something that had to do with her family. He hadn't expected that she wanted him for an exchange event."How do I best explain this... it is a semi-private exchange event. The people who take part in this event are young, like me." Ji Yanran spoke slowly, detailing her explanation with great care."It's not some dating event, is it?" Han Sen blinked his eyes.Ji Yanran took offence, and said, "Use your mind! That has nothing to do with it! It really is just some exchange event. But you see, the people who are there will be "special". And so too will the goods on offer be. I hope you will be able to accompany me, as I am sure it will help you in the future.""Could you tell me what sort of exchange event it is?" Han Sen asked, now curious.Ji Yanran hesitated but then decided to tell him. "You must be aware that humankind has their surpassers, and that this is the true beginning of our evolution."Han Sen nodded and said, "I was taught about it when I went to school. A surpasser can exceed the limits of what any ordinary human can achieve, and their existence means the beginning of humankind's genetic evolution.""The exchange event will discuss our genetic evolution." Ji Yanran said.Han Sen looked at Ji Yanran, but was not entirely sure of what she meant. If the surpassers were the beginning of humankind's next step, then the people who were to join such an event should be surpassers only. Ji Yanran was simply an evolver, so what was she going to do there?Ji Yanran looked as if she knew what Han Sen was thinking. She started to explain further, "Theoretically, humans need to reach the level of a surpasser to evolve their genes by themselves. But there have been certain cases where those with impeccable talents have been able to evolve on their own. The exchange event aims to discuss this matter."

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 874: Thunder MountainTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen made plans to travel to Thunder Mountain, but before he left, someone came looking for him."Mister Han, we are from Angel Gene. We would like to request your aid in slaying a super creature. Provided you have the time, we are happy to discuss the price for such an appeal." Zhao Xuebin was one of Angel Gene's managers, and he smiled as he made the request."The Zhao family are indeed shameless. First, they want to kill me; now, they want my help." Han Sen could not help but laugh in his heart. His words told a different story, however, and he responded, "That depends on what super creature you're asking me to kill, and of course, the price as mentioned.""If you are willing to help us with this task, then rest assured, the price will bring a smile to your face." Zhao Xuebin spoke softly and paused. After a brief while, he continued on by saying, "We want you to help us kill the Thunderbull that resides on Thunder Mountain."Han Sen couldn't believe such a coincidence could transpire, as the Thunderbull was his target, too."Sure. It'll cost you one hundred high-class Angel Gene Fluids," Han Sen said, with a puffed-up chest."Oh, Mister Han! Don't you think that price is just a little bit unreasonable? You know high-class Angel Gene Fluids require royal shura blood for their formulation. Our relationship with the shura is bad enough, and so the procurement of this blood is difficult. One hundred vials of Angel Gene Fluid is too steep. Besides, we have our own team. We only require your assistance; we are not asking you to take on the super creature all by yourself." Zhao Xuebin blushed, undoubtedly feeling rather awkward over the proposition he had to decline."You said your offer would bring a smile to my face; one hundred vials of Angel Gene Fluid is what that would take. If you can't oblige my price, then go ask someone else," Han Sen said sternly.It was true that the number of vials of Angel Gene Fluid in circulation, and available for purchase, was low lately. Rarely could anyone afford to buy them, even if they could be found. Han Sen's request for one hundred of such vials was quite ludicrous, and it would eat out an entire month of Angel Gene's revenue."Mister Han, your price is far too high. As much as I would like to, I cannot strike you this deal right now, but I will return to the Alliance and consult my supervisor," Zhao Xuebin suggested."I am leaving the shelter one hour from now," Han Sen said.Zhao Xuebin nodded and said, "I'll be quick, so please wait!"Han Sen thought the outrageous price he had suggested would be enough to scare them off and have them quit their intrusion. But unfortunately for him, Zhao Xuebin came back with a grin. He said, "Our company accepts your price. I have the vials with me, but we'll require you to sign this contract."Han Sen was surprised, to say the least. He looked over the contract's contents and everything seemed to be in order. He looked at the crate of Angel Gene Fluid, and noticed it had been stamped with their proper, official seal. If what was included within was not what he had requested, or if the Angel Gene Fluid inside the vials was a cheap knock-off or a diluted variant of the liquid, he would be able to sue them."Okay." Han Sen signed the contract and accepted the hundred vials of Angel Gene Fluid.When Han Sen left, a middle-aged man approached Zhao Xuebin and said, "Manager Zhao, one hundred vials of high-class Angel Gene Fluid is far too expensive."Zhao Xuebin shook his head and replied, "It's not as expensive as you think. We are unable to kill the bull ourselves, unfortunately; so, we have no choice but to ask him. He is the only person who owns a super pet right now, after all.""But again, this is one hundred high-class vials of Angel Gene Fluid. Couldn't we use those ourselves to kill the Thunderbull?" Liu Gui pleaded.Zhao Xuebin laughed and said, "This Thunderbull can unleash AOE strikes. Even if we did manage to kill it, we'd incur far too many losses of personnel. We can lose the liquid, but we cannot lose our people. Asking Han Sen to do this, regardless of the price, is better for our future prosperity. We can always synthesize more of this liquid; it is only material."Lui Gui nodded and did not say anything further, as it wasn't his place to make such decisions, anyway."Go and get yourself ready; we will depart alongside Han Sen soon. The slaying of this Thunderbull will be good for us, and if the boy does happen to fail, then he'll have to return the vials of Angel Gene Fluid to us, anyway. It will be even better for us, if he ends up grievously wounded." The dark light of murder flickered from Zhao Xuebin's eyes.Han Sen sent the Angel Gene Fluid back to the Alliance, allowing Ji Yanran to hold onto it. There was no chance he'd be returning that crate.And in regards to the Thunderbull, he did not believe Angel Gene would make an honest deal. But if he could slay the creature, obtain the loot, and walk away with the fluid he had been offered, it was worth going with them.Anyway, Han Sen did not feel bad about doing bad things to the people of Angel Gene, if push came to shove.With Zero in tow, Han Sen went to rendezvous with the members of Angel Gene who were going to accompany him."Mister Han, we are off to hunt a super creature. Are you sure it is appropriate of you to bring along a beautiful little girl?" Zhao Xuebin mockingly suggested, upon laying eyes on Zero."It is only a super creature; she'll be fine." Han Sen said, as he stroked Zero's head.When Zhao Xuebin and Lui Gui heard what he said, they choked on their words of rebuttal. They believed Han Sen was far too arrogant for his own good, but they held their tongues.They brought eight people to accompany Han Sen on their journey to the mountain where they'd fight the bull.Zero followed Han Sen from behind as usual, and it didn't seem as if the events that transpired in the Dark Haunted Forest had affected her in the slightest. She just continued to follow him, with greater accuracy than his own shadow.It started to rain, and the road grew muddy and tough. But to the collective that scaled the lands past the safety of the shelter, it was nothing.Han Sen, riding Golden Growler, summoned Spirit Owl to fly above them and shield Zero from the rain.The area was stuffed with dark storm clouds, and thunder rolled unceasingly. It was so loud that it muffled the sound of all else. And behind the clouds, the distant lightshow of flickering lightning bolts played out rhythmically.The silver fox seemed very excited, and he jumped on top of Golden Growler's head. He looked off into the distance, peering at Thunder Mountain. His eyes surveyed the lands, as if it was looking for something in particular.Boom!A lightning bolt streaked across the skies like the forming of a spider web, illuminating the wet, darkened land.Han Sen used the light to view the black peak they were headed towards. It was higher than any other mountain in the area, and it was so tall it was as if it connected to the very sky itself.All of the lightning seemed to come from that mountain, as if it was some natural, rocky lightning rod."Mister Han, that is Thunder Mountain, home of the Thunderbull," Zhao Xuebin said, as he pointed towards the craggy peak.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 855: Opening a ChestTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe blood of super creatures not only stained the plaza; there was so much of it that a pool had formed, flooding the paved area. The blue bell was already in the midst of evolving, so Han Sen thought it was a shame to see so much blood go to waste.The airborne crane let out an ear-piercing screech at the precise moment the dragon swooped in to tear its head off. The golden chest fell to the ground, and was quickly taken away by a centipede-like worm.The crane was the first super creature fatality of the battle. The body decomposed as it fell back down to the plaza, and as it fell, a Life Geno Essence went with it.The dragon quickly consumed the Life Geno Essence and attacked the giant centipede.Han Sen watched the grand battle for a while. When the opportunity arose, he summoned Moment Queen and Little Angel and then sent them over to attack the silver ape.Dong!The silver ape used its thick arms to block Little Angel's greatsword. She had been buffed by the Steel-Knight King, but even so, all her strike could leave behind was a light scratch mark. Its body was incredibly tough.As this occurred, Moment Queen teleported behind the silver ape and punched its left ear.Katcha!The sound was as if a snail had just had its shell cracked, and the sound indicated she had broken his left ear. The ape shouted in pain and moved one of its hands to protect it.Han Sen, in the meantime, drilled his Flaming Rex Spike into the silver ape's right ear.Roar!The ape thundered in pain. It grabbed the Flaming Rex Spike and threw Han Sen away with tremendous force.After its ears were both injured, its face began to bleed. The silver color of its body seemed to wash away, and the power it once exuded began to fade.Little Angel attacked again, and the ape sought to use its arms to block the incoming strike. Unlike before, its entire arm was lopped off. Following the breaking of its ears, it seemed as if the ape's body had become weaker.When the Devil-Blood King saw Han Sen assault and damage his silver ape, he became infuriated. No longer caring if the golden chests ended up in the possession of others, he ran towards Han Sen with fuming rage.As he went, he issued a command for the rest of his super creatures to surround Han Sen. They circled him, and the dragon guarded from above like a lid. The Devil-Blood King flashed and melded in with the shadows. When he reappeared again, he was standing behind Han Sen.When he struck, the Devil-Blood King's attack hit nothing. Somehow, Han Sen had evaded his strike."Better learn a new trick, 'cause that one's getting old." Han Sen picked up his Flaming Rex Spike and swung it down on the Devil-Blood King.Han Sen had already deduced that the Devil-Blood King moved through shadows. Now, he could use his dongxuan aura to predict his destination.Even so, the Devil-Blood King did not believe Han Sen could beat him. Repeatedly, he disappeared into the shadows for spring attacks. After several more repetitions, he was taken aback to see Han Sen dodge them all.When he realized Han Sen truly could track his movements, his face looked dire.Roar!The silver ape screamed, just as Little Angel brought down her greatsword to hew its head from its body."Super Creature Silver-Blood Macaque killed. Beast soul gained. The flesh of this creature is edible, and you may harvest its Life Geno Essence. Consume its Life Geno Essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly."Han Sen heard the announcement and was pleased to hear that he had finally obtained another beast soul.The Devil-Blood King's reaction to this slaying wasn't quite the same, though. His blood boiled with anger. His determination to kill Han Sen doubled, but just as he was about to attack once more, a super creature barred his way. From the sides, other wild super creatures attacked and tried to maul him, in a bid to take his golden chests.Moment Shelter was in a diabolical mess, and amidst the chaos, the silver fox thought it was a good time to depart Han Sen's shoulders and chow down on the dead silver ape.While the Devil-Blood King was preoccupied, Han Sen took the opportunity to flee to an area that had fewer shadows. If his nemesis came after him again, things would be significantly easier. Although Han Sen could dodge the attacks, one mistake was all it would take for him to be destroyed. It was better to be safe than sorry.The Devil-Blood King's fury showed no sign of lessening, however. Shaking off the super creatures, he followed after Han Sen through the air, screaming.The dragon, hearing its master scream in the pursuit of his most despised human, accompanied the Devil-Blood King. It flew high above Han Sen, forming a shadow.The Devil-Blood King used this portable shadow to warp towards Han Sen.To this, Han Sen coldly smiled. He did not dodge; instead, he swung his fist. His fist was like a silver sun, one that illuminated the area and forbid the approach of any shadow.Pop!The Devil-Blood King could not make use of Han Sen's shadow to pounce upon his foe. Spilling blood, he exploded back through the dragon's shadow as if he had been banished from its premise.Moment Queen used her teleportation-like abilities to swoop behind the Devil-Blood King and smack his head. The Devil-Blood King's his head was driven through the stone platform beside him in a squishy mess. Grabbing the three gold chests he had possessed, she quickly took off.Despite his ruined, bloody, and disfigured head, the Devil-Blood King was not done yet. He called and went after Moment Queen with the rest of his super creatures, wanting those three chests back more than anything."Run!" Han Sen commanded Moment Queen to escape with the goodies she had managed to retrieve. Obtaining three was more than he expected, and securing them was his first priority.With Moment Queen's speed, escape shouldn't have been difficult.But much to Han Sen's surprise, Moment Queen was not able to escape the pursuit of the Devil-Blood King and his subordinates.Moment Queen's face was consumed by a look of disdain, cursing the creatures that chased her.So, Moment Queen opened the three chests in her possession. A gold light burst forth, expelling a wretched energy.Han Sen was shocked, and his face became gloomy. He knew something terrible was about to occur.The other super creatures had not been able to open the chests, due to how tightly they had been sealed. One creature had even swallowed theirs, all to no avail.When Han Sen watched the super creature do this, the beast was torn apart from the inside. When the chest slipped out of its intestines, it was fine and unchanged.For a chest that seemed to be impossible to open or eat, Moment Queen had popped her lid with relative ease.Han Sen was already suspicious regarding the Jade-Gold Tree's choice of rooting itself in Moment Shelter, and he still didn't believe she was totally unaware of what the tree's existence meant.Moment Queen had been performing exceptionally well in recent times, and she had obeyed Han Sen's every command. Her life was in his hands, too, so he never thought to question her loyalties.But now, something was amiss. Moment Queen must have known something about the tree, and she had decided to keep Han Sen in the dark. Opening a chest now, with apparent ease, was revealing.Han Sen stared at Moment Queen and the three open chests, wanting to know what was inside them.

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