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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1266: Aqua FruitTranslator:Nyoi-Bo StudioEditor:Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen now knew it was too late to stop what had been put into motion, so he quickly tried to think how he might best help the fish king.The light of its presence was rapidly approaching, and the water was in turmoil as it came."Do you need to step away?" Yaksha asked the empress.The empress said, "I will watch.""Are we killing it?" Yaksha thought they would go and kill the flying fish once it arrived."Not yet. We will let the fish and vine do battle first. When things look dire for either of them, we will swoop in and clean up the mess." The empress relayed to them the plan of action.Yaksha did not say anything, but he clearly seemed to be agitated by the presence of the human sitting comfortably beside the throne.The empress had wanted to hunt down the flying fish originally, so he thought the human must have done or said something to change her mind.Yaksha did not know who the man was, and although sirens blared in his head urging him to do something, he didn't do anything. He did not want to upset or invoke the ire of the empress at a time as crucial as this.The fish arrived at the lake and looked at the empress.The fish king eyed the audience warily, and he seemed upset with their presence there. It began to circle the lake, and not much more.The night was starting to fade by this point, and the sun was soon to raise its head above the horizon. When it did, the Night Cloak would be rendered useless. Han Sen hid in the forest and tried to mask his sense, instead.When his seven gene locks of the Dongxuan Sutra were open, Han Sen could simulate the energy of small plants. Han Sen had initially thought it to be a pointless boon, but in a time like this, he realized how handy it could be. Unless someone could see him with their naked eyes, Han Sen was just another shrub in the dense undergrowth of the forest floor.Han Sen was afraid that when the fighting began, the cave he had previously taken refuge in might collapse. Thus, he wasn't willing to hide there.Hiding in the forest was a far better option, and even if trees were toppled on top of him, they wouldn't hurt.The rising orb from the east began to bathe the land in the orange light of a new day. The waterfall was like a silver dragon, but then, curiously, it ran dry.And as the sun rose, the clouds in the sky began to disperse and fade away."Strange. Last time I was here, even during the daylight, the clouds could still be seen. And why has the waterfall now stopped?" Han Sen frowned, concerned with the curious turn of events.On the peak of the mountain, Han Sen saw a purple dragon-like vine wriggle.The vine was massive, and it was surrounded by the bones of creatures it had drained the life out of through its leeching.Han Sen noticed there were seven vines in total, each bearing an Aqua Fruit. The fruits looked like bells, and when the wind blew, the chiming of these bells could be heard. Each one was big, as well, not too unlike a grinding wheel.When Han Sen paid attention to each sounding bell, he noticed they each played a different note.Han Sen suddenly saw fairies begin to fly around the fruits. The fruits looked incredibly holy with the fairies that surrounded them like little angels.The flying fish could not resist the temptation, so it leapt into the sky, up towards the purple vine. The purple vine then swiftly moved. Like a lashing whip, it cast itself towards the flying fish king.The flying fish king seemed to have improved since it last tried to do battle with the vine. Its body shone brightly with the color of gold and its head was crowned with a glorious horn. In a flash, it leapt to the side and avoided the incoming attack.The flying fish managed to evade each lashing vine that tried to get it as it made its daring ascent.The empress and the human watched the fish king intently.Han Sen watched the fish king evade the vines with ease, and noticed it was now only ten meters away from grabbing one of its fruit.Suddenly, though, the fairies began to fly towards the fish like a swarm of angry bees.Han Sen was shocked. He initially believed the presence of the fairies to be some sort of an illusion. The fairies were real, and they were now all around the fish king.The fairies carried a ribbon, and they seemed intent on wrapping the ribbon around the fish to capture it.More and more ribbons appeared in the hands of the fairies to tie the fish king up. But the scales on the fish king became spiky next, proving just enough to tear through the ribbons and escape.The fairies were not dismayed by this, though, and they looked happy to take things up a notch. Their gracious appearance was cast aside, as each of them turned into a mini skeleton. Then, they all leaped towards the fish king.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1482: Sword Skills of a GodTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioSeeing Han Sen’s opponent was Xu Mi, Elysian Moon frowned and said to herself, “Xu Mi is far too powerful. If Han Sen is hit, I don’t think he’ll even have the time to concede. If I was him, I’d turn tail and run right this second.”In the arena, Xu Mi approached Han Sen. He hadn’t drawn his weapon, and the spirit just looked at the human and said, “A human once told me every man has a price for everything. How much are your sword skills worth? What would you accept as payment for teaching me your technique?”After Xu Mi said this, everyone was shocked.The son of two emperors who was really famous wanted to learn the fighting techniques of a human. It was almost too shocking to comprehend.“For one super geno core, I’ll teach you anything,” Han Sen said.“Okay, but I cannot bring a super geno core here. When we leave Geno Core Battleground, you can seek me out in Furnace Shelter. If you’d prefer, I can come find you in a place of your determining.” Xu Mi immediately agreed to this, and it seemed Han Sen’s sword techniques were deemed more valuable than a super geno core.The people in the audience were all in shock. Not everyone could obtain a super geno core so easily. Many creatures toiled and struggled across the years to get their one, sole super geno core.Now Xu Mi wanted to swap Han Sen’s sword skills for a super geno core, it made everyone want to know what Han Sen’s talents were and why they were worth such a geno core.“I’ll find you in Furnace Shelter, when I have the time,” Han Sen said randomly. Xu Mi’s agreement actually came as a surprise. But it made Han Sen feel as if the kids of emperors were typical spoiled rich kids, and unsure of the actual value of items such as a super geno core.“So, if this business is concluded, let’s fight!” Han Sen said, as he drew Taia.“Fight? If I was able to beat you, I wouldn’t have to learn your sword skills now, would I? I concede. Just remember; come and find me in Furnace Shelter,” Xu Mi said casually.If the audience had been surprised by Red Dragon’s concession, then they were completely floored as Xu Mi conceded and exited the arena.Elysian Moon’s face contorted. She had never imagined something like this could happen.“While we were separated, what did he get up to?” Elysian Moon thought she had come to know Han Sen, but again, she was now feeling like he was a stranger.Han Sen returned to his same seat. Elysian Moon didn’t say anything, and just looked at him instead. She never thought he’d actually be able to compete, and her expression was growing more serious.Even Xu Mi, the son of two emperors, conceded to him. She was feeling a lot of pressure now.The spirits and creatures around the bleachers all had their eyes on Han Sen and Elysian Moon now. They were all talking about them, despite the fact those two were silent.Han Sen had won twice without needing to fight. Everyone was getting an idea of how powerful he must have been, but Han Sen didn’t think this was of much help.To get a God geno core, Han Sen would inevitably have to go through Elysian Moon and Six Paths. If he was lucky, Elysian Moon and Six Paths would have to battle each other first, leaving Han Sen with only one to deal with.The fights would go on until there was a winner. The phantom doors continued to light up, beckoning fighters into the arena. Whoever found themselves going up against Six Paths or Elysian Moon surrendered and conceded immediately, with much fear for their life.Han Sen was not so lucky, though. Although all the combatants knew his name as Sky Sword, many of them still wished to witness his true strength.A super creature in the third round sniffed Han Sen and decided to concede, but on the fourth round, the king spirit he faced did not want to give up.“Sky Sword, huh? I want to see if you have what it takes to wear such a fancy, self-loving title. You really think you are the strongest swordsman in existence?” The spirit drew his own sword and lunged towards Han Sen.“I never said I am Sky Sword,” Han Sen said tiredly, pulling out his own sword to do battle with the spirit.Han Sen didn’t like the title Sky Sword, either. It sounded old-fashioned and stiff. He much preferred the title Dollar, because that at least suggested he was rich.The spirit swung his blade in a flurry that looked like a thousand simultaneous strikes. The entire arena was covered in those slashes, in a bid to not give Han Sen the space to dodge.The spirit was called One Hundred Swords, and his geno core was Ten Thousand Swords. He had been born with very powerful AoE skills.One Hundred Swords heard Han Sen had beaten Red Dragon and Xu Mi, so he knew his opponent’s sword skills had to be formidable. If this was a case of sword skill versus sword skill, there was a chance he’d be the weaker of the two.But he had the Ten Thousand Swords geno core, and with its spread, it did not allow Han Sen to use his sword skills. It forced him to fight his opponent with strength.Seeing all the swords coming at him, though, Han Sen was not afraid. With Taia primed, he was more than ready to fight back.Han Sen needed his sword skills to win, but that was only for Xu Mi. Xu Mi’s sword was too strong, so Han Sen had to beat the spirit with movements.One Hundred Swords had a gemstone geno core, but it was weaker than Xu Mi’s. As a result, Han Sen did not have to dodge.Dong!Han Sen’s Taia blocked every sword that came close. He didn’t flinch once, and he managed to approach One Hundred Swords amidst that barrage. With Han Sen’s strength, he wouldn’t be at a disadvantage against any gemstone-owning beings.The audience had only heard Han Sen’s skills were strong. They had yet to see him in action with their own two eyes.Now, seeing Han Sen fight One Hundred Swords the way he was, they were able to understand why Xu Mi was willing to pay the price of a super geno core to learn Han Sen’s techniques.Aside from the first attack, One Hundred Swords was unable to make another. All his skills were successfully canceled, and if he kept going, he was going to end up on Han Sen’s sword.Han Sen’s sword skills seemed almost able to predict the future, like the wielder was a god. At first, Han Sen’s attacks seemed to be missing anything critical. But after seeing One Hundred Swords’s strike, they noticed the moveset was nothing short of miraculous.Every one of Han Sen’s attacks was for the future, and this godly sword skill shocked everyone to see. After witnessing its capabilities, no one thought a super geno core was too expensive a price to pay.“It’s a f*cking bargain. If I had a super geno core and an affinity for the sword, I’d pay up to learn a sword skill as godly as this.”

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新腾讯五分彩开奖号码⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 302: Creatures at the DoorTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen was excited to hear the news. Where there was a nest, there was an egg. Maybe he even had a chance at a super beast soul, which was crucial to him at this stage.After learning what had happened, Han Sen became more cheerful. It was the Son of Heaven Gang that discovered this nest first. However, after Son of Heaven and his henchmen evolved and entered Second God's Sanctuary, their gang was not what it used to be. It had become a second-class gang at this point.Currently, the strongest three forces were the Steel Armor Gang, the Fist Gang, and the Disciples.The Steel Armor Gang was backed by the special squad and recruited a lot of military school students randomly assigned to the Steel Armor Shelter. Therefore, Steel Armor Gang remained the strongest in the shelter.The Disciples was something established by Yuan and Qing. With many good men on their team, they were only second to the Steel Armor Gang.Many of the leaders of the Fist Gang had also evolved and left. Little Finger was the only one who was managing the gang at this point. With some fresh blood, the gang was still considered top three in the shelter, but it was not as strong as before.Although the Son of Heaven Gang was the first to discover the nest, they did not gain any benefits after entering the nest. Instead, they suffered a great loss.According to the survivors, there were at least a thousand creatures in the nest, some of which were sacred-blood creatures.After getting the news, Yang Manli organized the Steel Armor Gang to march toward the nest, and on behalf of the special squad, Han Sen also brought Gambler and the other two special squad members.At this point, the special squad was basically constituted of new people, except for Han Sen and Gambler.When they reached the nest, the Disciples and the Fist Gang had also arrived. A bunch of people stopped at the center of the life Lotus, and none dared to enter first.Seeing Han Sen, Yuan, Qing and Little finger said hi."Brothers, we cannot stand here forever. How about we set some rules?" Yuan said with a smile."What kind of rules?" Little Finger replied. Since the Fist Gang was the weakest at the moment, he did not want any conflicts.Yuan thought about it and said, "How about we do a lucky draw to decide which group shall enter the nest first? It will be all about luck.""Agreed," said Little Finger.After some discussion, Yang Manli also agreed with Yuan. After all, the entrance to the nest was so narrow that even a large group like the Steel Armor Gang had to go in one by one. If they were attacked in the middle by the other gangs, it would be a lot of trouble."Since we all agree, let's do this," Han Sen shrugged and said.He had heard from the survivors that there were a lot of advanced creatures in the nest, so going in first might not be a good thing.No one had any different opinions. Yuan then suggested Han Sen make the lots, to which everyone else agreed. Since they all knew who Han Sen was, no one believed he would be playing tricks.To be fair, Han Sen who was responsible for making the lots had to draw after everyone else. In the end, the one lot left for Han Sen said he should go in the last, after all three other teams.This case, Han Sen had no one to blame but his own luck.According to the result of the draw, Little Finger was supposed to be the first to go. He became very excited and believed that as long as his team was careful, sooner or later they could tackle this nest.Yuan and Qing were quite disappointed, but they could do nothing but watch Little Finger leading his team down the nest.Originally, the other teams thought Little Finger would spend at least hours in the nest. However, their team emerged from the entrance with several people hurt and several people missing.The rest looked at the team in surprise, and Qing asked, "Little Finger, what happened?"Little Finger cursed, "The sons of bitch gang are horrible people. They attracted the attention of God knows how many creatures! A whole lot of mutant creatures and sacred-blood creatures are blocking the way. Since it was very narrow, we could only go one at a time, and no one could fight off so many advanced creatures alone, so we had to come back. What bad luck!""It is blocked? Let's go and have a look." Yuan did not believe the creatures were so strong that people could not enter.Yuan and Qing's team went back even faster than the Fist Gang. However, they were clearly in better shape. Everyone was back, and they were only slightly injured."Damn the sons of bitches! It is completely blocked. We can't even tell how many creatures are inside. And the path is so narrow…" muttered Qing after he came back.Seeing that Yuan and Qing also gave up on entering the nest, Yang Manli was slightly surprised. She picked several strong guys from the Steel Armor Gang to go down with her.The result turned out to be the same. Yang Manli also gave up on the nest. The advanced creatures made it impossible for everybody.If the nest had never been entered before, they could still choose to slowly kill off the creatures. However, at this point thousands of creatures were blocking the path, which meant the first person going down would walk into an ambush.Everybody looked to Han Sen. Han Sen had the least people, only three team members and himself."Let's go there and check it out," Han Sen smiled and said to Gambler.Gambler and the other teammates nodded and followed Han Sen down the nest.After going through the winding path, the special squad soon arrived at the wall of green gold which was already broken. Several Z-steel shields were put up to block the broken part of the wall. The thick fields were all deformed from attacks, which looked frightening.Through the gaps, they could still see lots of creatures jostling. Many claws had reached out from the gaps. Seeing the four people, all the creatures near the shields started to screech and knock on the shields which were about to be shattered.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1237: Fighting Saint FanTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioDry Bone King looked dismayed, but it was no surprise. He was talented with the heart bone, and he could break the hearts of his enemies in their chests, but it wouldn’t be long before they were back on their feet. The dismay came as no surprise, for they were all fighting unbeatable foes.Xie Qing King’s heart had sunk even lower, though. He could kill any king spirit there he desired, but they’d each be resurrected in no time.Little Angel’s greatsword continued to hack down the super creatures she went up against. But whenever she beheaded an opponent, the head would soon roll up and get stitched back on.No matter how powerful they were, fighting was a useless uphill struggle against enemies that couldn’t be destroyed.The only ones making genuine progress on the battlefield were Thorn Queen and Water Fairy. Thorn Queen was able to use vines to trap and subdue creatures. Even if they could be healed, beneath the nasty entrapment of thorny ropes, they were out of the game.Water Fairy had a similar move, but she used water bubbles to encase and suffocate enemies.Xie Qing King broke another foe’s head, but lo and behold, it respawned the next second.He turned around, picked up Snowball, who was idly spectating by the side, and threw it towards the arisen king spirit.The king spirit used his shield to block, but it was quickly broken by Xie Qing King, allowing Snowball to get in close.Snowball squealed and flashed with a white light, which momentarily blinded the king spirit. The spirit felt as if it had been a victim of a hundred flashbang grenades, and it felt as if his world was spinning amidst the blinding light.“Haha! Brains before brawn, you numpty!” Xie Qing King called to the ball Snowball had trapped the king spirit within, and then kicked it away like a corner kick.The ball hit a nearby wall with terrible force, and it bounced all the way back to Xie Qing King. With a smile, he was happy to comply and kick it back once more.Xie Qing King looked as if he was actually having fun, playing soccer by himself.“Brother Xie Qing, help!” Dry Bone King suddenly called from across the field.His bone heart was useless, and close-quarter combat was where Dry Bone King was least proficient. Even Baby Ghost could not do ought for him.Pang!The white ball was kicked away by Xie Qing King, one last time with frightening power. It drilled through a cliffside and became lodged deep inside.“Coming!” Xie Qing King grabbed Snowball and ran over to the monster that was harassing Dry Bone King.To make use of Snowball, he had to get in close. But that could be difficult if the opponent knew what to expect. So, Xie Qing King just charged towards it and punched the foe to knock it off-balance.The silver light broke the molten lava casing that protected the monster, and then, Xie Qing King shoved Snowball onto the fiery beast.Snowball flashed white again, trapping the monster inside another white ball.Xie Qing King immediately kicked the white ball away, as if to score a penalty kick.Saint Fan had become aware of what Xie Qing King was doing now, and when he saw him run towards another creature, he frowned.They had found a way to get around his healing and resurrection expertise.Seeing Xie Qing King continue going about this, Saint Fan disengaged Han Sen and went towards the tricksy and ill-dressed spirit. Swiftly, he managed to snatch Snowball away from Xie Qing King.Saint Fan Emperor knew the fluffy little creature could end up tipping the scales of the battle.“Good timing!” Xie Qing King flashed with a silver light, then took the opportunity to punch Saint Fan.Pang!Xie Qing King put all his strength into that punch, and he managed to rocket his fist through Saint Fan’s armor and body.Han Sen was delighted to see this, so he and Purple Emperor leaped onto the dazed emperor to deal more damage and kill him before he could recover.Han Sen’s talons shredded Saint Fan’s wounds into gnarly bits as Purple Emperor slashed the wound from another side.He looked as if he was going to be ripped apart, but Saint Fan smiled as if he couldn’t care less.All three of them suddenly had a bad feeling.Xie Qing King’s arm, Han Sen’s talons, and Purple Emperor’s sword suddenly became a part of Saint Fan’s renewed flesh. He had healed, with the three of them connected to him.“Oh, no!” Han Sen wished to pull his talons away, but he felt great pain in doing so, as if he was trying to tear his own arm off.Xie Qing King was the same, too. But fortunately, Purple Emperor was able to let go of his sword and fall back for a moment.“What is this sick sh*t?” Xie Qing King looked incredibly angry, and he repeatedly pummeled Saint Fan’s head.Saint Fan didn’t attempt to dodge, though, and he just let this occur. It was strange, because eventually, Xie Qing King’s fists penetrated his skull and battered Saint Fan’s brain.But the next second, it made sense, and it made Xie Qing King look even worse. The head of Saint Fan healed, trapping Xie Qing King’s hand inside his brain.Xie Qing King wished to pull his hand away, but he felt a headache come on. It prompted him to start sweating profusely.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 170: Knocking Out the ChosenTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"Yanran, go to the campus community site!" Qu Lili suddenly poked Ji Yanran with a finger and whispered."Stop it. We are in class." Ji Yanran was not in a good mood since she had not seen Han Sen for days."Have you heard that Yu Mingzhi and Tang Zhenliu have come to our school to do teaching demonstrations?" continued Qu Lili, excited."Yeah, but I am not interested in the idols," replied Ji Yanran, absent-minded."When Yu Mingzhi demonstrated black and white boxing, he picked our genius to spar with him and got his ass kicked three times in a row.""Genius? Which genius? Ouyang Xiaosan?" Ji Yanran asked after.looking blank for a moment."Nope, I am talking about the genius," Qu Lili said solemnly."Which genius?" Ji Yanran did not follow."Who can it be? The one who killed it at the warframe game. He is the only genius on campus." Qu Lili rolled her eyes at Ji."Han Sen?" Ji Yanran winced, and then quickly turned on her comlink and entered the live broadcast of Professor Yan’s class.The moment she entered the live session, she saw Yu Zhiming throwing a punch at Han Sen, who then stopped Yu’s fist with one hand."So confident! Our genius is so awesome. But Yu is too weak. If my Tang Zhenliu is against him, then it will be even better to watch," Qu Lili said excitedly. She was a fan of Tang’s, and that was why she was paying attention to this class in the first place. After a while, she added, "Why do I think the genius looks familiar? I must have seen him somewhere.""You have seen him during the Starry Cup," Ji Yanran blushed and said quickly."I think it is somewhere else…" Qu Lili was slightly puzzled, but soon threw the thought aside. "Here goes Yu Mingzhi again."Ji Yanran was secretly relieved. Fortunately, it was dark that night in front of the dorm building. Qu Lili did not see clearly Han Sen’s face and was scared away by Han Sen’s bluff.Watching Han Sen from her comlink set Ji Yanran’s teeth on edge. "Well, Han Sen, you are showing off in martial arts class now. Which girl are you trying to hook up with now?"Ji Yanran looked at the old professor who was lecturing in her class and sneaked out of the classroom when he was not paying attention."Sweetie, where are you going?" Qu Lili looked at her, surprised.Ji Yanran waved her hand and gestured Qu to be silent before she quickly left for Professor Yan’s classroom.She was going to find that bastard Han Sen, and forbid him to fool another girl.But when she came to Professor Yan's classroom, the corridor was so crowded with people that she could see nothing. Ji Yanran had to continue to watch her comlink and wait for Han Sen to come out."Han Sen has made a perfect demonstration of black and white boxing..." Professor Yan had been committed to teaching and made a great analysis of the performance of Han Sen.Yu Mingzhi did not believe he was simply weaker, and tried three times with white fist, each easily blocked by Han Sen with a single hand. Yu’s face was the color of pig liver in the end and Professor Yan had to declare an end to the black and white boxing demonstration.Yu Mingzhi's face was almost blue. He wanted to show his skills off at Blackhawk and had been humiliated big time. As the Chosen, it was such a disgrace to be beaten by a military school student, especially in such shameful manner.The worst part for Yu was that Han Sen was only following Professor Yan's instructions from the beginning to end, and showed no pride after winning. It was as if Yu Zhiming was a nobody, and beating him was not worth celebrating."Sen, I did not expect you are so good at black and white boxing too. When we go back..." Zhang Yang stopped when thinking of the mysterious afternoon in Room 304, and gave up the thought eventually.The rest of the class was somehow awkward. Yu Mingzhi was restless with his face dark. The students kept glancing at Han Sen. Although no one was whispering in class, the online community was bombarded."The genius beat the Chosen.""Three punches knocked a Chosen out.""Ha-ha, a genius from Blackhawk! Great at both warframe and black and white boxing.""I want to see a fight between Han Sen and Tang Zhenliu. Not sure who would be better.""Is that still worth asking? Of course it is Han Sen.""Not necessarily, Tang is much better than Yu Mingzhi. Tang has been the Chosen for years and will soon go to Second God’s Sanctuary.""Makes sense. Tang’s only two matches in the unevolved would be Dollar and Lin Feng.""Tang is great, but we have a genius here. I do think he could fight Tang.""I am afraid there is no chance for us to see that. Our genius did not want to go up, and Yu Mingzhi had to make him. Tang would not do such a thing.""It's a pity that we could not see them fight."Reading the comment in the campus community, Ji Yanran couldn’t help smiling when seeing others praise Han Sen, as if she was praised herself.After Professor Yan’s class, Ji Yanran saw many students hovering over Han Sen and decided not to join them.Ji Yanran checked the time and turned toward the cafeteria. She knew for sure that around this time, Han Sen would go to the cafeteria where there were their favorite juices.Ji Yiran did not go far before she was stopped Qu Lili who had run over. "Sweetie, did you go and check on our genius in the middle of our class?""Who said I went to see him?" Ji Yanran curled her lips and said with shame."Why else would you skip the class?" Qu Lili asked, puzzled."To eat!" Ji Yanran said and walked toward the cafeteria.Qu Lili followed her to the cafeteria. Ji Yanran deliberately sat in plain sight, and thought with venom, "If that bastard does not take the initiative to come over, I will not forgive him."Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 30: An Empty EggTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen climbed up every day to steal some egg juice and never met a sacred-blood creature returning to the nest. Han Sen thought the egg’s parents might have been hunted already. But to be safe, every time he finished drinking from the egg, he would return to where Lin Beifeng was instead of staying inside the nest.Lin Beifeng just assumed that Han Sen was going up to find a way. When they had waited for two or three days, Lin Beifeng looked down, and with the fog he wasn’t sure if the mammo beasts had left."Sen, how about we go down a bit and check if they have left?" Lin Beifeng couldn’t handle the heat during the day and coldness at night on the cliff anymore."Let’s wait for two more days to be safe. If they see us now and guard the place for another week, we will run out of food." Han Sen's geno points were higher, so he had heard the mammo beasts leaving the previous night. But he didn’t want to go now, as he hadn’t finished the egg.Lin Beifeng felt that made sense, so he held on.However, after two days, Lin Beifeng still saw Han Sen making his daily climb. The vines only covered a small part, and if Han Sen was just exploring the way, he should have done that already, so why did he keep climbing?"What is it?" Lin Beifeng wondered, yet he still did not believe there could be sacred-blood creatures."Sen, why is it that you climb every day?" Lin Beifeng could not help but ask."I told you, there are sacred-blood creatures, and I’m going up to eat," replied Han Sen."Would you take me with you?" Lin Beifeng did not believe Han Sen's words but was very curious."OK!" Hanson smiled, grabbed a vine and started climbing.Lin Beifeng followed him up, but he was so weak that he stopped halfway and asked, "Sen, I’ve gotta stop. Where are you going?""We are almost there. Wait here and I’ll pull you up." Han Sen climbed up like a gecko.In a short while, Lin Beifeng saw a vine thrown from above. Tying himself to the vine, he borrowed Han Sen’s strength and climbed.When he reached the stone, Lin Beifeng was stunned by the size of the egg. "My God, such a big egg. Is it sacred-blood?""Yes, this is a sacred-blood creature’s egg." Han Sen nodded."Gee, it really is a sacred-blood egg. Sen, you are amazing." Lin Beifeng was pleasantly surprised. He smashed the egg with a fist and wanted to drink.Stretching his tongue out and waiting, Lin Beifeng saw no egg juice flowing out and smashed a few times more, making a big hole in the eggshell."Where is the egg juice?" Lin Beifeng looked blankly inside the hollow eggshell."I drank it." Han Sen blinked."You drank it?" Lin Beifeng looked at Han Sen."A few days ago, I told you that and invited you to join me. I thought you didn’t want to come." Han Sen spread out his hands.Lin Beifeng regretted so much that he was ready to kill himself right then. "Sen, I had no way of knowing you were telling the truth. Who could have imagined a sacred-blood egg on the cliff? If I knew, I would have come, even if I had broken all my limbs.""Beifeng, don’t worry. I’ll inform you next time I find a sacred-blood egg." Han Sen smiled and patted him on the shoulder."Sen, next time such good things happen, you must remember to let me know. Money is not a problem, and I promise I will never say no to you again." Lin Beifeng was upset."I promise." Han Sen made such an effort to bring him up just to hear these words from him. People like Lin Beifeng made great customers.Lin Beifeng sighed for a while, smashed the eggshell and carried it with him. He wanted to see if he could boil some sacred geno points from it."Not in a hundred years," Han Sen chuckled to himself.When they got to the bottom of the cliff, the mammo beasts had left already, so the two went back to Steel Armor Shelter.When they were about to arrive, Hen Sen smiled and said to Lin Beifeng, "Beifeng, my reputation is not that great here, so I won’t go in with you. I’ll see you around."Lin Beifeng quickly said, "Sen, what do you take me for? We have been through death together, and I’ll kill whoever is disrespectful to you.""It’s fine. I have to go and want no trouble. Just enter alone." Han Sen would not believe someone as glib as him, so he waved goodbye and entered the shelter first.The stormbird egg added five more sacred geno points to Han Sen, which were fewer than he had expected, but it was a surprise in itself, so it was still great. Now Han Sen had 18 sacred geno points.It was a shame that he didn’t get a beast soul from it, but it was quite normal, since killing ten creatures wouldn’t even guarantee a beast soul. Han Sen just got lucky previously.Han Sen happily returned to his room, and was teleported out of God’s Sanctuary. Before he left the station, a slim figure blocked his way."Stationmaster! Such a coincidence." Han Sen groaned inwardly. He had totally forgot about his discord with Qin Xuan."Come with me," Qin Xuan said coldly, walking toward the combat room. She was upset that Han Sen had been able to hit her last time and wanted to kick his ass before she could let it go.

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Peng Qianshu⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 927: Arrival in the Second Spirit BaseTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioAfter opening his second gene lock, Han Sen noticed his super spirit mode was considerably more powerful. While this was advantageous for a number of obvious reasons, there was a certain drawback that weighed on his mind.This mostly stemmed from the fact that his fitness hadn't risen to coincide with the second gene unlock. With an even greater burst of strength, using super spirit mode could very well last even less time than it had before.So Han Sen continued practicing the Dongxuan Sutra, wanting to fill up his geno points. But from his current locale, his options were limited. He had to wait for the shelter to arrive at the edge of Thorn Forest before going out to hunt and obtain meat. All he could do for now was harvest spirit geno points to bolster his elemental powers and resistances.Han Sen fancied obtaining space and time geno points in particular. They were incredibly rare, though, and he had only managed to obtain one space point in his entire time in the spirit base. That one point came from The King of Truth.The King of Truth was a king class spirit. Out of all the squire, knight, aristocrat, and royal spirits he had fought, he had not managed to obtain a single space or time geno point."Can these two elements only be obtained from king spirits?" Han Sen entered the second spirit base, and drove his island to the nearest island he could see.He was unranked there, so he did not care who he opposed. Freely, he challenged the first he was able to.Han Sen was naturally better than king spirits, so it did not matter who he challenged. There was nothing for him to be afraid of."Are you The King?" The spirit, seeing Han Sen approach, stood where he was as a frightened grimace fell across his face."Yes, I am. You have heard of me, then?" Han Sen did not immediately begin a battle, and decided to talk to the spirit first."Of course. Everyone knows who you are. I admire you a great deal." The spirit, like before, did not want to fight. Graciously, he offered Han Sen a spirit gene.Unfortunately for Han Sen, it was a fire element gene. He had already maxed this statistic out, so there was no need for him to kill the spirit.When Han Sen declined the gene he was offered, the spirit looked very disappointed.But quickly, news of The King's arrival in the second spirit base made the rounds. Many spirits drove to meet him, offering up their spirit genes. Han Sen was able to just pick and choose those that he wanted.If humans learnt of Han Sen's fortune, they'd all be incredibly jealous.Traditionally, humans were only able to obtain spirit genes by signing contracts with spirits. If they did not sign contracts with spirits, gathering the genes would be impossible.Aside from trading with spirits, there really was no other way.Normal high-class spirits would not give out their genes to humans who had not signed a contract with them, and this was especially true of king-class spirits. No matter what they were offered or the service that was provided to them, they would never give a human a spirit geno point.What Han Sen was able to do, and the amount he was able to receive freely, was something beyond the realm of human fathoming.Soon after, Heavenly Empress learnt of The King's arrival in the second spirit base."That was quick. He has already opened his second gene lock?" The King of Truth frowned."The King is very talented, you cannot deny that. He has perfect genes, ones befitting an emperor," Flower Empress said."If anyone is able to beat him, there is only one person I can think of. He resides in the second spirit base, too," Heavenly Empress said."You mean Phoenix King?" The King of Day's eyes suddenly turned white as he looked at Heavenly Empress.Heavenly Empress said, "He is not an emperor, but he is the offspring of two king spirits. What's more, he has Phoenix Body. That makes him immune to physical attacks. If anyone will topple The King's winning streak, it will be him.""Phoenix King's personality is so strange, though. He is always alone, and he is tremendously difficult to talk to," Flower Empress commented."I know him well. Perhaps I can convince him to challenge The King." Heavenly Empress was confident in his abilities."That is great news! With Phoenix King around, The King is dead. God, I wish I knew where that conniving spirit's stone is. I'd crush it beneath my boots!" The King of Day said spitefully.He hated Han Sen. Han Sen had taken one of his king spirit genes and kissed the girl he had long had a crush on."Even if we knew where his stone was, we couldn't destroy it. Do you really think you have what it takes to find it, grab it, and smash it, all before this emperor?" Flower Empress said."He has offended all the king spirits in the Third God's Sanctuary. No emperor would be able to withstand the wrath that will be brought down on his shelter," The King of Day explained."Who would ever want to offend an emperor, just so they could get ahold of a king? And what's more, it seems likely The King himself will become an emperor one day. If you failed; congratulations! You would have two emperors for nemeses. Only idiots would subject themselves to such torment," Flower Empress rebutted."Why are you speaking in favor of that *sshole?" The King of Day now started to look angry.Flower Empress was hit with a sudden shock, and so she said, "I'm only telling you cold, hard truths. I'm not saying anything to protect him.""Stop arguing, you two. I will open my second gene lock and consult Phoenix King about these matters. What will you all do?" Heavenly Empress enquired."I'm going to watch him get killed," The King of Day said."Me, too," Flower Empress concurred.The King of Truth merely shook his head, saying, "I can't open my second gene lock, so I will not come.""Then let us return and practice! I will invite Phoenix King to come over." Heavenly Empress stood up. Then, she approached Flower Empress and said, "Let's go together, and it'll help if I can receive some flower liquid off you."

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 767: Holy RhinoTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioEven the black-flame phoenix and dark cloud refused to draw closer at this time. It was the same for Han Sen, who chose to only watch the gallons of blood stain the black sand."Roar!"The white rhino roared to the skies and its skin cracked like charred earth, as blood gushed out of its crevices.Han Sen was frozen. The rhino was as big as a mountain, and it was as if he was watching one crumble to the ground."Roar!"The white rhino's flesh peeled away, ceaselessly unraveling. Beyond the blinding lights, he could make out the shape of its disintegrating skeleton. More and more streams of blood began to appear, like the birth of mountain waterfalls. And all the while, the motionless rhino cried out in agony."If this was going to happen, why did it so greedily want to eat the fruit? It's like it chose to self-destruct." Han Sen sighed. He believed death was the only conclusion to the rhino's current suffering.Boom!The white rhino's skin was torn to shreds, and heaps of its soggy, frayed flesh dislodged themselves from its bone and fell to the ground. The holy light began to dim as a mound of mushy meat collapsed.The surrounding area of the desert had been stained red, and streams of blood began to form; the body's crater acting as a source. The white rhino was living out its final few breaths, exhausted faster by its strained cries for aid. Its bones were all exposed and naked, and it shivered in agony. Such pain was difficult to comprehend.Seeing the white rhino now unable to fight, Han Sen turned his gaze to the black-flame phoenix and cloud-creature to see if they'd make a move.They looked as desperate as ever, but still, they did not dare to fly down.Han Sen frowned, but as he did so, he heard a mix of noises. It sounded like an army was approaching.He turned around to take a look and jumped. Along the ground and even from the skies above, countless creatures were running his way.Han Sen could see insects, birds, and animals of all varieties coming towards him. They were everywhere. They were all coming for the now-fleshless rhino like a tsunami.Han Sen quickly summoned his little angel and prepared for a fight. It was to be a hot and sweaty battle, with the number of opponents headed his way.But the creatures ignored him. They all raced past him, with an insatiable lust for the white rhino.Han Sen had seen most of these creatures before, and they weren't particularly high-class creatures or anything. They were a mixture of ordinary, mutant, and sacred-blood class creatures.It looked as if they had been summoned by something. With disregard for everything else, they all bee-lined directly for the rhino.As Han Sen watched them rush there, he suddenly heard the frightening sound of a gargantuan bird ring out. He turned around to see a black hellfire rain from the sky to incinerate countless numbers of the newly-come creatures.The black-flame phoenix flapped its wings, unleashing concentrated storms of fire to halt the approach of the creature-army that had just arrived.Thunder also sounded from inside the dark clouds, and netted webs of green lightning formed to ensnare and char those below.A hooved chimerical creature emerged from the clouds, and its skin was green. It was a frightening thing, and it looked like a cross between a dragon and a unicorn; like a kirin.It was a massacre!Blood was everywhere, as a mountain of bones began to pile up with each roasted creature. With no regard for themselves, the approaching creatures seemed to happily throw their lives away for the chance to reach the rhino.The two scary super creatures above were halting all who dared approach. The black flames of cruelty, and the green lightning of savagery prevented the coming of everything. Not one of the creature-stampede got close to the rhino.Han Sen was in awe of what he was seeing. The creatures ignored the presence of the two super creatures above and just continued to march towards their doom.Countless lives were being wasted, all in a short amount of time. The super creatures had to have been even mightier than the average super creature, too, for killing so many other creatures in such a short amount of time was an exhaustive, difficult task. They were both standing side-by-side, a bulwark to the tide of creatures they sought to incinerate.Now Han Sen understood what the true meaning of massacre was. The battles between humans and creatures were so weak, in comparison. Between the thunder and rain, countless creatures still struggled and strove to claw their way across the scorched earth to get as close as they could.Han Sen, spectacle aside, thought the entire event to be a little strange. He wondered why, despite their prevention of others from eating the white rhino, did they not go and eat the rhino themselves.If it was because they thought the white rhino was not dead yet, they could have at least let the little creatures go first.But they didn't. And instead, they stopped every little creature from approaching the dying white rhino. Since they themselves didn't desire to eat the white rhino either, Han Sen was just confused."Roar!"The white rhino—that was only tattered skin on bones now—roared again. It was weak and strained, and lacked all the power it once had. It didn't strike fear into the heart as it once had, and instead made those who heard it want to cry.A tear left the white rhino's lifeless eyes. The blood-scourged eyes made the tear look so pure. It was like jewelry, glistening brightly.Han Sen watched the tear descend and drop into the pool of blood, which quickly extinguished its beauty in the nectar of pain and suffering. With fragile, trembling bones, the rhino did its best to stand back up.But as it struggled to rise, more of its flesh fell. Only the skeleton of what once was now remained. Yet somehow, a force compelled it to stand up, against the odds. The skeleton of the rhino, in a pool of blood, amidst the red and black sands of a charred landscape made for an incredible image.The holy light had left it completely by now, however. Only its seemingly lifeless skeleton remained. It shook in the wind and looked ready to collapse into a shapeless heap any second."Roar!"The white rhino of bones roared to the sky once more. It looked doubly sad, beneath the night sky and moonlight.A tiny little light appeared on the rhino's horns, like a star from the sky.Slowly, the light grew brighter and brighter on the horn. Soon after, it ignited the entire horn into flame. The horn was like a sconce of holy fire.This was not yet the end. The holy light spread to the remainder of the rhino's bones, and its entire skeleton was alight with that same holy fire."Roar!"The white rhino roared to the sky again. It was like it was declaring war, standing in defiance of a wretched fate. The holy fire was like a volcanic eruption, and it lit up the entire desert brightly.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1268: PineconeTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThere was a green pinecone in the fish king’s head. It was half-embedded, and it shone an ominous green like a third eye. The light pulsated, and when the pinecone lit up, it caused the fish king’s body to twitch.The fish did not look like it had been dealt a grievous blow, but it seemed to be incapacitated. The fish was submitting to the water, and it was sinking fast.“Is that what the fruit spat out? It knocked him unconscious,” Han Sen thought, as he swam towards the fish, clutching Taia.The fish king was unable to move, so Han Sen sought to remove the pinecone with his sword.Dong!Taia hit the pinecone but was unsuccessful in damaging it. Han Sen stabbed it a few more times, but it proved to be far sturdier than he imagined.“I’ll dig it out then!” Han Sen opened the nine gene locks of the Blood-Pulse Sutra, and it made Taia glow a spooky red.Then, Han Sen skirted the placement of the pinecone with Taia. He had to plunge the sword fairly deep, and he could hear the cracking of the fish king’s bones as he went.The fish king looked to be in pain following Han Sen’s treatment, but it did not do anything to stop him. It was, of course, much better for Han Sen if the fish king did not struggle.Han Sen pulled Taia back and saw the precise area of the head that had connected with the pinecone. In that spot, there were several white lines drawn across the green item and the creature; they looked like veins.Han Sen started cutting the lines, and he was able to slice them with ease. Apparently, they were far weaker than the pinecone itself.When they broke, the pinecone and the fish king shook. The glow of the pinecone became dimmer, too, and it looked to have been weakened.Han Sen continued to cut every vein he could find in a bid to free the pinecone from the fish king’s forehead.But the fish king’s skull was no laughing matter. It was rock hard, and doing so was rather difficult for Han Sen.When he was about halfway done, his peaceful work seemed likely to get disrupted. The serpent creatures had reared their ugly heads and were on their way.“That quick?” Han Sen knew the empress would soon arrive.Then, Han Sen hid behind the large body of the fish king and watched as the woman glided through the water on her throne.He noticed it was just her there, and that she had come alone.Han Sen thought he might stand a chance, if he battled her and her alone.Han Sen looked at the empress and then looked at the embedded pinecone and how far he had to go. He chose not to hesitate and activated his super king spirit mode, then he stabbed the fish king’s forehead.Taia plunged a deep, searing pain into the fish king’s head.The empress was coming from a different direction, so she couldn’t see Han Sen do this. Then, she commanded the serpents to begin consuming the fish king.Han Sen hurried with the deed, noticing their hungry maws open and come for the fish.Dong!Han Sen managed to dig the pinecone out from its head, but a lot of blood came out as well. The fish king woke up and immediately swung its body around in a spin, blasting both Han Sen and the serpents away.The empress was shocked by its sudden revitalization, as she knew full well the fruit had sprayed it.Han Sen had made sure to simulate the fish king’s energy, so the empress could not suspect there had been someone else there, and that they had freed the fish from its incapacitated state.The fish king, when it was awake, saw the serpents and the empress that wished it devoured. It doused them in a bright golden light.The golden light was like a laser, and Han Sen watched as it went towards the empress.The empress did not even blink as one of the snakes pushed the throne away, out of the line of fire.Pang!The serpent’s tail was then hit by the gold light, and it caused the entire lake to blow up in utter chaos.Han Sen had already exited super king spirit mode by this stage, and he was out of the lake, safe and sound up in the air.He landed in the forest and made his lifeforce replicate that of another plant.Horrible noises continued to emerge from the tumultuous lake, and the waters thrashed so wildly, it might as well have been raining for all those in its proximity.Han Sen hid inside the forest, allowing himself to get wet.By now, the human had climbed up halfway. Yaksha, however, was at the peak after a brief flight up. Yaksha’s body was exuding a black gas, and his wings weren’t that far off a devil’s.The fruit noticed Yaksha reaching for it, and it managed to pump out another cloud of gas. It hit Yaksha directly in his forehead.Yaksha was shocked, as he had not expected it to be able to spray twice. Fortunately, he had come prepared. As soon as his eyes caught sight of an aqua light, he dashed away from the fruit.But the light wasn’t keen to let Yaksha slip away, and it bent its course mid-air, turning around to strike Yaksha in the back of his head. Then, the conniving spirit began to plummet all the way down the cliff.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 874: Thunder MountainTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen made plans to travel to Thunder Mountain, but before he left, someone came looking for him."Mister Han, we are from Angel Gene. We would like to request your aid in slaying a super creature. Provided you have the time, we are happy to discuss the price for such an appeal." Zhao Xuebin was one of Angel Gene's managers, and he smiled as he made the request."The Zhao family are indeed shameless. First, they want to kill me; now, they want my help." Han Sen could not help but laugh in his heart. His words told a different story, however, and he responded, "That depends on what super creature you're asking me to kill, and of course, the price as mentioned.""If you are willing to help us with this task, then rest assured, the price will bring a smile to your face." Zhao Xuebin spoke softly and paused. After a brief while, he continued on by saying, "We want you to help us kill the Thunderbull that resides on Thunder Mountain."Han Sen couldn't believe such a coincidence could transpire, as the Thunderbull was his target, too."Sure. It'll cost you one hundred high-class Angel Gene Fluids," Han Sen said, with a puffed-up chest."Oh, Mister Han! Don't you think that price is just a little bit unreasonable? You know high-class Angel Gene Fluids require royal shura blood for their formulation. Our relationship with the shura is bad enough, and so the procurement of this blood is difficult. One hundred vials of Angel Gene Fluid is too steep. Besides, we have our own team. We only require your assistance; we are not asking you to take on the super creature all by yourself." Zhao Xuebin blushed, undoubtedly feeling rather awkward over the proposition he had to decline."You said your offer would bring a smile to my face; one hundred vials of Angel Gene Fluid is what that would take. If you can't oblige my price, then go ask someone else," Han Sen said sternly.It was true that the number of vials of Angel Gene Fluid in circulation, and available for purchase, was low lately. Rarely could anyone afford to buy them, even if they could be found. Han Sen's request for one hundred of such vials was quite ludicrous, and it would eat out an entire month of Angel Gene's revenue."Mister Han, your price is far too high. As much as I would like to, I cannot strike you this deal right now, but I will return to the Alliance and consult my supervisor," Zhao Xuebin suggested."I am leaving the shelter one hour from now," Han Sen said.Zhao Xuebin nodded and said, "I'll be quick, so please wait!"Han Sen thought the outrageous price he had suggested would be enough to scare them off and have them quit their intrusion. But unfortunately for him, Zhao Xuebin came back with a grin. He said, "Our company accepts your price. I have the vials with me, but we'll require you to sign this contract."Han Sen was surprised, to say the least. He looked over the contract's contents and everything seemed to be in order. He looked at the crate of Angel Gene Fluid, and noticed it had been stamped with their proper, official seal. If what was included within was not what he had requested, or if the Angel Gene Fluid inside the vials was a cheap knock-off or a diluted variant of the liquid, he would be able to sue them."Okay." Han Sen signed the contract and accepted the hundred vials of Angel Gene Fluid.When Han Sen left, a middle-aged man approached Zhao Xuebin and said, "Manager Zhao, one hundred vials of high-class Angel Gene Fluid is far too expensive."Zhao Xuebin shook his head and replied, "It's not as expensive as you think. We are unable to kill the bull ourselves, unfortunately; so, we have no choice but to ask him. He is the only person who owns a super pet right now, after all.""But again, this is one hundred high-class vials of Angel Gene Fluid. Couldn't we use those ourselves to kill the Thunderbull?" Liu Gui pleaded.Zhao Xuebin laughed and said, "This Thunderbull can unleash AOE strikes. Even if we did manage to kill it, we'd incur far too many losses of personnel. We can lose the liquid, but we cannot lose our people. Asking Han Sen to do this, regardless of the price, is better for our future prosperity. We can always synthesize more of this liquid; it is only material."Lui Gui nodded and did not say anything further, as it wasn't his place to make such decisions, anyway."Go and get yourself ready; we will depart alongside Han Sen soon. The slaying of this Thunderbull will be good for us, and if the boy does happen to fail, then he'll have to return the vials of Angel Gene Fluid to us, anyway. It will be even better for us, if he ends up grievously wounded." The dark light of murder flickered from Zhao Xuebin's eyes.Han Sen sent the Angel Gene Fluid back to the Alliance, allowing Ji Yanran to hold onto it. There was no chance he'd be returning that crate.And in regards to the Thunderbull, he did not believe Angel Gene would make an honest deal. But if he could slay the creature, obtain the loot, and walk away with the fluid he had been offered, it was worth going with them.Anyway, Han Sen did not feel bad about doing bad things to the people of Angel Gene, if push came to shove.With Zero in tow, Han Sen went to rendezvous with the members of Angel Gene who were going to accompany him."Mister Han, we are off to hunt a super creature. Are you sure it is appropriate of you to bring along a beautiful little girl?" Zhao Xuebin mockingly suggested, upon laying eyes on Zero."It is only a super creature; she'll be fine." Han Sen said, as he stroked Zero's head.When Zhao Xuebin and Lui Gui heard what he said, they choked on their words of rebuttal. They believed Han Sen was far too arrogant for his own good, but they held their tongues.They brought eight people to accompany Han Sen on their journey to the mountain where they'd fight the bull.Zero followed Han Sen from behind as usual, and it didn't seem as if the events that transpired in the Dark Haunted Forest had affected her in the slightest. She just continued to follow him, with greater accuracy than his own shadow.It started to rain, and the road grew muddy and tough. But to the collective that scaled the lands past the safety of the shelter, it was nothing.Han Sen, riding Golden Growler, summoned Spirit Owl to fly above them and shield Zero from the rain.The area was stuffed with dark storm clouds, and thunder rolled unceasingly. It was so loud that it muffled the sound of all else. And behind the clouds, the distant lightshow of flickering lightning bolts played out rhythmically.The silver fox seemed very excited, and he jumped on top of Golden Growler's head. He looked off into the distance, peering at Thunder Mountain. His eyes surveyed the lands, as if it was looking for something in particular.Boom!A lightning bolt streaked across the skies like the forming of a spider web, illuminating the wet, darkened land.Han Sen used the light to view the black peak they were headed towards. It was higher than any other mountain in the area, and it was so tall it was as if it connected to the very sky itself.All of the lightning seemed to come from that mountain, as if it was some natural, rocky lightning rod."Mister Han, that is Thunder Mountain, home of the Thunderbull," Zhao Xuebin said, as he pointed towards the craggy peak.

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1513: Crystal ArmorTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioBoth the human and the shura were wielding power equivalent to that of a super-class being. It was almost unbelievable.“It’s not weird to have a super-class residing someplace in the New Community, but why are there so many? The way shuras practice makes it difficult for them to become a fourth-ranked fighter. It is incredibly rare for one of them to reach the fourth rank, and it was believed that only five shuras had done so. Why would such elites end up fighting for the New Community?” Han Sen thought to himself. He thought something was wrong.“Yuanyuan, follow after them!” Yi Dongmu said coldly, as he leaped around in battle.“But…” Fang Yuanyuan watched as Yi Dongmu continued moving around, not doing direct battle with Shafei. If he hadn’t had spatial powers, he would have been heavily damaged by now. Fang Yuanyuan had confidence in Yi Dongmu, but she knew the circumstances were still dire.“Go!” Yi Dongmu said. His voice was stern.“Yuanyuan, let’s go. With my brother here, they’ll both be fine,” Han Yan comforted her.“There are cameras. We can watch what is occurring from there.” Zhao Mingze and the others all tried to convince Fang Yuanyuan to go inside.When she did, and they reached the bottom floor of the safe zone, Zhao Mingze booted up a machine. A direct video feed appeared.The hotel grounds were soaked in the constant flashing of swords. The hardy ground below was ruined with deep clefts, and the buildings surrounding the fight were being torn apart. Buildings that were a dozen floors high were being lopped in two, causing the earth to quake.“A demi-god’s power is too scary. Is she a demi-god, too?” Hong Lianshun asked.Everyone felt calmer now. The scary lady, though she looked very strong, was being suppressed by Han Sen.“It’s no wonder he’s called Senior Han. He drifted in the Barrens for ten years, and despite that, he came back just as strong.” The others all complimented him.Zhao Mingze watched the video feeds, but he looked strange. He was a demi-god, so he could see and notice some things that the others couldn’t.Han Sen’s powers were not just scary. Zhao Mingze had seen many gemstone creatures in the Fourth God’s Sanctuary, but compared to Han Sen, they all now seemed weak.“Had he already managed to reach super-status ten years ago? Dad was right. This man can practice like crazy!” Zhao Mingze thought to himself, as he stared at Han Sen battling.Yi Dongmu was not doing as well, by comparison. His body repeatedly flashed, as he put his space power and geno core on full-throttle. Even so, he was unable to damage Shafei. He had found himself injured, and it made Fang Yuanyuan worry a great deal.But still, Yi Dongmu did not think of retreating. His eyes gleamed with fire, and he managed to go even faster.“Annoying fly!” Shafei looked at him with disdain as she swung her sword. The shura practiced raw physical strength, and Yi Dongmu had the ability to teleport. There was no effective way for her to end her opponent quickly.But she did know that it cost a lot of energy for him to teleport around the way he was. Yi Dongmu had not reached super-class yet, and he wouldn’t last much longer, the way he was going.“You’ll be dead the moment you tire.” Shafei then looked over to Tina and Han Sen. She was shocked by what she saw.“How? Is Tina really being suppressed by Han Sen? Did he reach super class?” Shafei knew full-well how powerful Tina was.Although Tina didn’t have much experience, she had the scariest father in the galaxy. The chairman had helped Shafei become a fourth-ranked shura, so it was difficult to imagine how powerful Tina really was, given the fact she was the chairman’s daughter.Even Shafei didn’t dare say she could beat Tina in battle, but there she was, getting suppressed.“Powerful sword skills! It is no wonder why Naga failed. They cannot fight a human like that. This is scary.” Shafei was happy she had brought Tina along now.Shafei had believed she’d be able to take on Han Sen alone because she did not expect him to have reached super class. According to the plans she had made, she had already failed the mission, though. No matter the result, punishment would await.But with Tina there, things had a chance of turning out differently. Her powers weren’t stronger than Han Sen’s, but she carried an item that bestowed her the powers of a god. Although she was too weak to use it as efficiently as was possible, she knew it might be enough to at least kill Han Sen.“Miss! It is almost time. We have to kill him now,” Shafei shouted at Tina.Tina was annoyed, and she was confident in her own powers. Aside from her father, nothing and nobody else ought to have compared to her. She didn’t expect herself to get suppressed by Han Sen, despite giving it her all.Tina really was getting annoyed. It did not matter what skill she tried to use, her casting would always be interrupted. She had to cancel and move or otherwise risk a blow.That feeling of not being able to finish casting her skills really annoyed her.“Stupid human! You will pay for your rudeness.” Tina suddenly retreated, as her forehead shone and unleashed a bright white light. Suddenly, a white crystal armor began to envelop her entire body.The crystal armor made her look holy, but when Han Sen felt the energy coming from it… It was shockingly strong.Han Sen’s pupils grew smaller the moment his eyes saw the armor. It was familiar to him.The armor reminded Han Sen of the black crystal armor he possessed in his Sea of Soul. They were visually distinct, but the power inside Tina’s armor was unmistakably similar to the armor set Han Sen had.“Ignorant human! Prepare to be judged by God!” Tina screamed to Han Sen as a scary power exploded. She disappeared and re-appeared again, directly before Han Sen. Her greatsword was ready to come down on him.It was just a set of armor, but it increased her power and speed by an incredible amount. It was difficult to believe this was real.

Wu Wenmin2020-1-9 08:13:13

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1033: Taking the TreasureTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen climbed the pine tree, but still couldn’t see Bao’er.“Bao’er, where are you?” Han Sen shouted.“Here.” Bao’er’s head popped out from behind a metaphysical wall the tree brushed up against.Seeing just her head, looking at him from outside what appeared to be a stone wall, he was perplexed, to say the least. He reached over with his arm and tried to touch the same wall Bao’er’s head was sticking out from, and much to his surprise, it went right through. It was an illusion.The wall looked rock-solid, but that was only in appearance. There was nothing physical there, at all.“Daddy, come!” Bao’er said.Han Sen pulled his whole body through, and when he looked up, he noticed he was in a large cave. Looking back, he could see the pine tree he had climbed, and the rest of the environment. It was like a one-way mirror of sorts.The cave didn’t seem like anything special, though. So, what might have been hidden there was not immediately apparent. There were plenty of stalactites, but that was it, in terms of decoration.Bao’er sat upon a rock, gnawing on purple mushrooms.Han Sen saw there were many other such mushrooms near the rock she sat on, and he thought they looked delicious.But he knew the more colorful a mushroom was, the more poisonous it could be. Back in the world of the Alliance, he wouldn’t have dared to eat one.Seeing Bao’er happily munching away, though, he knew they couldn’t have all been bad. So, he decided to try one.He picked one up and sunk his teeth into its moist cap. Then, he ate it all. He immediately felt really cool, as a chill ran up and down his body.“Sacred-Geno Point +1.”That came as quite the surprise. He was more than happy, discovering the mushrooms there could provide him sacred-blood geno points.He and Bao’er then stayed there for a while, merrily chomping on as many mushrooms as they could. Over and over, the announcements popped for Han Sen.But after downing the fifth mushroom, the announcements stopped. He couldn’t receive any more sacred geno points off them.Bao’er continued to eat as many as she could, though. After a while, she sat back and burped. She was done, too.Han Sen decided to poke about the cave some more. It seemed rather deep, and there could be plenty of spelunking to do before he was done exploring it all.“Might I be able to enter the shelter from here?” Han Sen wondered to himself.If the entrance was as well-hidden as this cave was, he imagined he would never find a way in.He’d probably have to inspect every inch of the mountain to find another not-a-wall wall that may have existed, just like the one that had led him there. Such a task would take years.The idea of continuing to explore this cave, though, concerned Han Sen. It felt as if he could no longer make use of Dongxuan Aura.He tried using it and felt its radius shrink down to one meter. Then, nothing. He couldn’t use it at all anymore.That must have been why he could not sense the boons the mushrooms would have provided, and only decided to eat them upon seeing Bao’er enjoy them.“Bao’er, come on. We should go deeper,” Han Sen said, and so off they went.The cave was fairly straight, without any branching pathways. The duo walked for hours, and still, there was no end in sight.The only remarkable thing to occur on that long travel was stumbling across another variety of mushrooms.Bao’er was full, though, so she was not interested in eating them. Han Sen ate one, but found out they did nothing. There was no point increase.So, he summoned Meowth and Golden Growler and got them to eat the mushrooms. He had continued feeding them waterdrops for quite some time, but it had been a while since the drops had influenced their growth. No longer did the waterdrops make them stronger.After some more travel, Han Sen saw a light at the end of the tunnel. He was excited to see what might be ahead, but he doubted he’d find the entrance to Phoenix Shelter through that dingy cavern.When he exited the cave, he was back outside. Strangely, though, there were no more peaks to climb. He had emerged on the absolute mountaintop.When he looked down, the mountains looked like large lotus flowers. Every petal was one of the peaks. It was no wonder it had taken him a long time to reach the highest point.Upon this main peak, there was a big tree. It had to be at least a hundred meters tall, but it was dead, dried up like charcoal. It was, however, hollow.Also of note, the tree appeared to have been chopped in half. It must have been cut by some fearsome weapon.“I wonder what sort of weapon would be able to cut through this tree?” Han Sen asked himself, as he examined the tree.After noticing the tree was hollow, Han Sen decided to check it out. The space inside was about as wide as a basketball court.Looking inside, Han Sen noticed a golden feather inside the trunk. It was there in plain sight.The two-meter-long feather was shining gold, much like starlight. It was hot, too, even for Han Sen who was exceptionally talented when it came to dealing with fire.It felt like metal when Han Sen touched it. And he tried lifting the feather by its hard tip.Unfortunately, despite using all his strength, he could not move it. It was frighteningly heavy.

Yan Jiaqing2020-4-9 09:11:13

  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 762: Claiming the FairyTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen was shocked. Looking towards the little angel, he saw her holding the scallop shell in her hand. It was half open, and from the inside, the fairy was active. It unleashed a gust of frosty air.The temperature around them dropped in a snap. The mosquitos were clearly weak to the cold, and upon coming into contact with the frost, were stunned and frozen.In fear of the cold, the swarm of mosquitos now seemed hesitant to continue their pursuit.The fairy continued to blow out frosty air, repelling the mosquitos. And as she did so, she gave Han Sen a pitiable look.Han Sen never expected the fairy to possess such a human quality, to forgive past grievances and be willing to trade her own life for the safety of him and his companions.Han Sen took the scallop shell out of little angel's hands. The fairy was still quite afraid, and she only opened the shell a small amount, in order to expel the frosty air.Han Sen held the scallop shell and continued walking towards the bugs. The mosquitoes kept their distance, and their aversion to the cold was plain to see.Han Sen used Dongxuan Sutra to simulate the fairy's energy flow. Han Sen's body temperature dropped, and after doing so, the mosquitos avoided him completely.He couldn't exude the frosty air as a projectile, however. If he wanted to keep Zhou Yumei alive, he'd have to continue making use of the fairy's frosty power. They continued their journey, all the while keeping the mosquitos at bay and putting distance between themselves and the bloodthirsty insects.After reaching a spot that put them out of the mosquitoes' sight, the fairy ceased her exhalation of frosty air. She was already heavily injured, and the amount of power she had just used up had been taxing. Her condition looked more dire than ever now.The fairy clasped her hands together before her face, as if she was praying to Han Sen. The look in her eyes suggested she was begging Han Sen to let her go.But this did not align with Han Sen's own desire. It was difficult to get a second-generation super creature, and there was a Life Geno essence sitting right in front of him. Perhaps even a beast soul, too. Han Sen wasn't happy with the thought of just letting such a bounty go."Look at her; she looks so pitiable. Why don't you let her go? She did just save our lives, after all." After Zhou Yumei applied some medicine to her own wounds, she began to feel better almost immediately. Her itchiness began to subside, as well.After getting another clear look at the battered, rotten fairy, she felt a great deal of sympathy for her. Hoping Han Sen would let her go, she chipped in with her two cents."You need to understand something here; she saved you. She did not save us." Han Sen knew that without the fairy, he would have still made it out alive. Zhou Yumei would have been the only victim, had they not been able to escape by themselves."But she's begging for your mercy. Just let her go!" Zhou Yumei didn't dare be mean to Han Sen, but she felt compelled to at least support the fairy, after what she had done."Women are so short-sighted. Yes, you're right; this little thing does look pitiable. It does look nice. But that's what you see on the surface. In its heart, it may already be planning a wretched way to get back at me. Vengeance is in its nature. Now that she's in trouble, beaten and exhausted, she feigns this look of sorrow and begs for forgiveness all so she can be set free. For all we know, she'll return and come for me once more, after her wounds are healed." Han Sen did not heed Zhou Yumei's plight, and instead continued to stare at the fairy that was still inside the shell.At this point, the fairy's hair was starting to dry out. Her body was rotten and her wings were robbed of power. She continued to look at Han Sen in a way that begged for mercy."If I let you go, will you come back for vengeance?" Han Sen asked, looking at the fairy.The fairy behaved as if she understood what Han Sen said to her, and she shook her head like mad."Really?" Han Sen asked, with a deeper tone of voice this time.The fairy continued to shake her head, and it seemed as if she was being sincere."All right, then. Come on out. Let's forget about what happened in the past. But don't even think about doing it again. If you do, I won't forgive you," Han Sen said to the fairy.The fairy seemed to be fairly intelligent, and after he finished talking, she popped the lid of the shell open and flew out. She then landed on the palm of Han Sen's hand.Han Sen held the fairy there, and in his heart, he grinned. The smile of a devil adorned his lips, and he thought to himself, "Oh, Little Fairy. You are in my hands, and now I am going to kill you."Han Sen never thought the previously vengeful, maniacal fairy would be so easy to trick. She seemed to believe what he said without question. And now, she had allowed him to hold her. Little did she know, he was planning to bring a swift end to their truce.The fairy remained off-guard. Allowing herself to be held by Han Sen, she seemed oblivious to Han Sen's murderous gaze. Without a shadow of a doubt, she put full stock in Han Sen's pledge of not killing her. Her calm, relaxed posture in Han Sen's hand was a reflection of this.Her smooth white arms held onto Han Sen's fingers, and she rubbed her head against them. She looked so pitiable, and she pointed at her wounds, as if requesting that he heal her."You, Little Fairy. How dare you ask me to help you recover. You must be in la-la-land!" Han Sen, as he held the fairy in place, planned to use Sonic-Thunder Punch on it. With the sorry state her body was in, he didn't think she could withstand a punch like that again. Even if it couldn't kill her, he could rob her of half her life. Or half of whatever was left right now, at least.Han Sen then, unbeknownst to anyone else, secretly channeled the sonic and thunder elements. Soon, he'd cast Sonic-Thunder Punch and utterly annihilate the fairy once and for all.But seeing the defenseless fairy clench his fingers tight, giving him poor puppy-dog eyes, Han Sen found himself unable to do it."No. I can't allow myself to be tricked by the fairy's appearance. It's a wretched demon of vengeance, and I cannot allow her to live. Squeeze her. I have to squeeze her!" Han Sen then cruelly started to cast Sonic-Thunder Punch.But shortly after starting, he stopped."Little Angel!" Han Sen called out to his little angel.The little angel, greatsword in hand, came over to Han Sen emotionlessly. Han Sen looked at the fairy in his hand and looked at the little angel. Sighing, he sent the little angel away again.Han Sen was still unable to do it, for he was not a murderer. And his heart was soft and weak to those who needed aid. The fairy seemed so human, and she did her best to help out against the mosquitoes. Now that she was in Han Sen's hand, he found himself unable to kill something that was utterly defenseless."Are you going to listen to me in the future?" Han Sen held the fairy in his hand, and his gaze was as sharp as a blade.The fairy nodded. She held onto Han Sen's fingers and kissed them with her red lips. Then she looked at him again with pitiable eyes."If you say so, I will believe you once. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Do not disappoint me, or else, I won't let you go." Han Sen sighed, relaxed his hands and let the fairy sit down in his palms.The fairy flapped her butterfly wings and flew a few circles around Han Sen. She seemed overjoyed, but her current state of weakness was no secret. Before long, she fell back down into Han Sen's hand.Although Han Sen was willing to heal the fairy, he wasn't ready to one hundred percent believe in her. Secretly, he observed her every movement. If she was up to no good, Han Sen would not hesitate to get the little angel to kill her.

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