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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 759: Defenseless WomanTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen was taken aback at the sight of the black-flame phoenix soaring across the horizon. Its speed was incredible, and it disappeared from sight within the blink of an eye.A heat wave descended from the sky and almost cooked Han Sen's body hair.Fortunately, the phoenix did not seem to be interested in them. It simply flew on its own accord and disappeared. That being said, it seemed to be going in the direction Han Sen had selected for his own journey."Why don't we switch course and choose a different direction to go in? Ill fortune is the only thing that can come from a close-encounter with such a creature," Zhou Yumei suggested with worry.Before they caught sight of the bird, Zhou Yumei noticed her Little Orange was a little on edge.Han Sen shook his head, however. "We have to go this way."If he wanted to cross the Black Desert, he had to continue in the direction he was going. And the phoenix-like bird did not seem interested in them, anyway. It was most likely just passing by.After another two days of travel, it occurred to Han Sen that they had not again seen the bird, whereas Zhou Yumei forgot about the sighting entirely. After dark, Han Sen erected a tent so he could rest for the night and move on the morrow."How come you only ever erect one tent for yourself? Where do you expect me to sleep, huh?" Zhou Yumei's black eyes were opened wide."If you don't fancy sleeping outside in the rough, then come inside and sleep with me." Han Sen was already crawling into the tent as he spoke."You... what a gentleman," Zhou Yumei said sarcastically. She peered into the darkness of the desert all around them, then crawled inside after Han Sen.It was a simple tent, and it was not one you could stand up in. The silver fox and Little Orange were already inside and had gotten all snug. Lying down, Zhou Yumei could feel Han Sen's body warmth."I'm warning you. Don't get any funny ideas," Zhou Yumei told Han Sen, with the eyes of a mad woman."Do not worry; I lacked the gentle love of a mother when I was young." Han Sen did not even look at Zhou Yumei while he spoke. Instead, his eyes were fixed on a book he had just pulled out from his pack."What is that supposed to mean?" Zhou Yumei froze, unable to understand what Han Sen meant by that."Nothing. I'm just complimenting the fact that you are young and small," Han Sen casually said."You have good taste, but no matter how pretty I am, you can't..." Zhou Yumei was a little shy, and she spoke while looking down.But she only spoke half of her sentence when she glanced that her breasts, which were like two little hills upon her chest. Her face quickly flushed red and she said, "You are the one who is small!"Han Sen put down the book and took his shirt off. This shocked Zhou Yumei, and she quickly scrambled away in panic. She used her arms to shield and cover her body, asking with distress, "What do you want?!"Han Sen smiled and patted the muscles that composed his chest and said, "They may not be big, but they're bigger than yours."Zhou Yumei couldn't help but take a look. She was impressed by the sight, and they were indeed wide and thick. They weren't particularly outstanding, but they had delicate curves that made them attractive to look at.And Han Sen had a six-pack that was like jade, and the silky-smooth white skin that drove women crazy. Seeing this, Zhou Yumei almost started drooling. Furthermore, she began to develop the urge to touch them."Clean the saliva from your lips and go to sleep. You shouldn't disturb me during the night." Han Sen pushed Zhou Yumei's head away, as her body drew nearer to him. Then, he tucked himself into his sleeping bag.Zhou Yumei wanted to fight back, but she instead looked down once more and observed her own modest chest. She thought about Han Sen's thick and wide chest, where the muscles locked and curved around each other impeccably. She noticed she had indeed lost this round before it even began, and she had no ammunition to return fire on this particular subject.Zhou Yumei was a little upset after this, so she retreated into her own sleeping bag. Then she began to think about how dark life truly was. But then another image flashed in her mind, and it was the image of Han Sen's stunning upper-body, sexy clavicles and tantalizing abs. Zhou Yumei couldn't help but swallow the saliva that was building up inside her mouth. She tried to shake the image and tighten her eyelids, but the picture remained. She couldn't be free of Han Sen's amazing body.She turned around to take a peek at Han Sen. His eyes were closed and he appeared to be sleeping already. Seeing his face from the side, he wasn't super pretty, but his facial features were distinct and sharp. It made him look quite threatening and moody, but his skin was white and smooth. This element helped soften the image a bit, but overall, he looked like a manly man.Zhou Yumei continued thinking about his body as she eyed him. And then her mind ventured further in her visions of the man. She recalled how powerful he was, and how he so fearlessly challenged the spirit. He also took care of the fairy and scorpion. It looked like she was in love.But then her heart sunk at another image that popped up in her mind, and that was the ring that adorned his finger. She sighed and said to herself, "Why are the good ones always taken?""What did you say?" Han Sen frowned and turned to look at Zhou Yumei.Zhou Yumei's face became red again. She had gotten so excited, she never expected she'd end up speaking her thoughts aloud. With a face that refused to unredden itself, she tried to explain by saying, "N-n-nothing..."As Zhou Yumei panicked, Han Sen turned around completely. Now, his face was directly opposite hers. Another man's warmth was drawing near her.Zhou Yumei's heart was madly beating to the rhythm of a stampede, and she thought to herself, "What is he going to do? What am I going to do? He is engaged. I should reject his advances, right? But... no! I can't be like that. I can't get tricked by the demon of temptation. I must focus and channel my good thoughts... but he is such a good man. If I grab him, I might have the chance to..."Many different trains of thought and ideas now raced through her mind. Han Sen's body was still so close, and then, he covered her mouth with his hand. He climbed on top of her."I can't compete. How am I supposed to resist a man like this? I am just a weak and defenseless woman. There is no way I can resist his strength." Zhou Yumei managed to find herself an excuse, which quickly put her at ease. Seeing Han Sen's body above her, she closed her eyes and continued thinking, "There is no one else here. What is he holding my mouth for? Even if I scream, no one could possibly come to my aid. I might moan and groan in delight, but there's no reason for me to scream."Zhou Yumei's heart was still pumping wildly, but after a while, her expectations weren't coming to pass. She felt strange. And then, she peeked open her eyes a little. With one hand still covering her mouth, Han Sen had unzipped the tent and taken a peek outside.Zhou Yumei's face was now burning and her neck was getting hot. She wanted to dig a hole and hide.Han Sen looked outside and noticed a halo that sat upon the Black Desert in the distance. There were many glowing dandelions, painting the sands of the desert. It was an infinite meadow of them, one that he couldn't spy an end to. The heads of the dandelions danced with the caress of a breeze.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1442: Heart SwordTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioAfter hearing Six Paths speak, Han Sen thought it sounded like he was confident in his chances of reaching first place. But the placement test had actually put Six Paths in fifth place.Crystal Core had been in fourth place, and when Six Paths conducted his test, he could not pass it.“Where are you from?” Han Sen asked. The spirit sounded very confident and full of himself, so he must have had some modicum of proper talent.“I am an emperor that was created. I come from pure chaos; I have no parents nor background. There is no need to concern yourself with this. Just fight,” Six Paths said with a cold tone of voice.Han Sen smirked. “Do you think I was born yesterday? Born-emperors start with emperor geno cores; you sound like the son of an emperor.”Six Paths looked at Han Sen coldly and told him, “When I came from chaos, I had an emperor geno core. But I didn’t like it, and so I killed myself to receive another. Now, I am just like you; starting over with a bronze geno core.”“Really?” Han Sen’s eyes opened wide. He didn’t expect a spirit would ever give up an emperor geno core in exchange for a bronze geno core.“What would I gain by lying?” Six Paths glum seriousness suggested this really wasn’t a joke.“Why didn’t you like your previous geno core? Your body has the same element, and the second core can’t be all that different from the first. What’s the point?” Han Sen asked.“It is pointless to earn something grand when no effort of your own has gone into its retrieval. I’d prefer to earn things through my own hard work; the satisfaction gained that way is far more meaningful.” Six Paths peered down at Han Sen for a moment, before continuing. “I destroyed my geno core, but my emperor body is still here. I will scale down my power to combat you.”“Okay, let’s see what you got.” Han Sen used his hands like blades and began slashing towards him.Han Sen was employing Ghost Slash, which involved the powers of time and space.Six Paths pulled out his sword and struck Han Sen’s hand. The collision of powers made an explosion. Six Paths was not moved, but Han Sen staggered backwards through the air a few meters.“I know your power. I will scale down. Fight me!” Six Paths said.Han Sen frowned and thought to himself, “He really does have the body of an emperor. Ordinary super creatures could never possess such power!”Han Sen looked dim, but he wasn’t going to turn his nose up at the prospect of making battle with an emperor.Han Sen did not use his Real Blood geno core, and instead, he used his phoenix techniques to fly towards Six Paths. Six Paths scaled his level to match Han Sen, and his speed and power were brought down to a similar, more manageable amount.“Use your geno core!” Six Paths blocked Han Sen’s attacks three times in a row with just his hands, and his opponent still refused to use his geno core.“Feel free to use yours. I’ll use mine only when I need to,” Han Sen said.“Okay, then. So be it.” Six Paths pulled out an ancient sword.Han Sen felt a chill run down his spine when he saw it. It was wholly black, with no sheen or gloss. It didn’t reflect a single thing, and it looked almost sullen. The appearance of the sword made something clench in Han Sen’s gut, as if he was in danger.As Han Sen watched him hold the sword, he believed the spirit really was named Six Paths. His sword, the Six Paths Sword, became one with its wielder.“My Six Paths Sword has six different powers; I will make use of the first. It is called Heart Sword.” Six Paths pulled out his sword.Han Sen only knew there was an animal path, but he had never heard of the heart one.When Six Paths attacked, Han Sen felt a great power overwhelm him. He felt as if he wanted to get stabbed.It was like watching a horror movie. They could cause much distress due to how terrifying they were, but people insisted on watching them to ride out the thrills, anyway. Han Sen felt like a moth, drawn to a flickering flame that could incinerate him.Han Sen used his phoenix techniques to dodge, but he couldn’t shake the desire of wanting to get stabbed.Fortunately, Han Sen had an incredibly strong will. Most would find themselves thrown onto the sword by now already.Six Paths attacked swiftly, and over time, the attraction grew stronger. Han Sen was having to fight physically and mentally, the latter being the temptation.From Han Sen’s point of view, Six Paths was an alluring person. He felt as if he wanted to die by the spirit’s hands.Although Six Paths scaled his power down, Han Sen realized he was at a genuine, clear-cut disadvantage. This had never happened to him before.“This Heart Sword is evil!” Han Sen did his best to fight back against that suicidal attraction.Six Paths was able to see into Han Sen’s mind and read what was going on, and he said, “The path of the heart is one of faith. It makes people believe what you say, regardless of whether you’re right or wrong. Your faith becomes stronger than everything else, and that is why it is called Heart Sword.”Han Sen thought the man was extremely attractive, and he felt small and unworthy in his presence.Six Paths had gone on to tell Han Sen his secrets, but Han Sen was so selfish he hid everything. It made Han Sen feel like he was a much worse person, and Six Paths was someone he could greatly admire. His sword was extremely attractive.“This skill is so powerful! I cannot believe I underestimated a spirit in this sanctuary.” Han Sen thought he was invincible against those of the same level as him. Now, Six Paths had revealed to him that spirits of such might, at that level, still existed.

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新腾讯五分彩开奖号码⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 817: You Belong to MeTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen happily agreed. He would receive a gift without having to risk his life, .Seeing the fruit outside the Empty Spirit Witch, he then thought of something.When the Holy Rhino entered the Third God's Sanctuary, it shed all of its old flesh. Now that she was going to the Third God's Sanctuary, Han Sen wondered if that meant she'd also have to leave the fruit of her composition behind. If she did, it might be just as good as the flesh of that rhino.Han Sen then waited for the Empty Spirit Witch to be born, so he could take the fruit. Even if he couldn't eat it, it might prove beneficial to his new Spirit Owl.The vine with the fruit returned to the hill, and as it went, it released a refreshing fragrance. As time passed, Han Sen was able to observe the baby growing inside the core.It wasn't a shocking, violent scene as it had been with the Holy Rhino. The entire spectacle was mellow and serene. It remained there quietly, awaiting its own birth.Perhaps she had evolved slowly over the course of a thousand years, and it wasn't a sudden transformation as it had been with the rhino.Everything was natural, and Han Sen waited there for two days. On the morning of the third day, the core of the fruit cracked. Like an actual baby, the Empty Spirit Witch waddled out of the fruit.She was almost the same size as the fairy, but lacked wings. She was naked, and a purple marking adorned her forehead. Aside from that, there was nothing special about her person.The Empty Spirit Witch came closer and arrived before Han Sen. She was surrounded by spots of light, which floated upwards into the sky."Bring out the Holy Spirit," the Empty Spirit Witch said, standing two feet away from Han Sen.He was alert, but he still opened his hands to reveal the gourd to her. He stared at her intently; if she tried to steal it, he'd pull it back and fight.She landed on Han Sen's hand and cut her finger. A drop of transparent blood fell onto the gourd.The blood was clearer than water, and when it dripped onto the gourd, the gourd absorbed it in a second.After absorbing the blood, the dry and yellow gourd showed movement. The gourd began to tremble as if with life.It didn't seem as if there was a big change, but Han Sen could sense the movement of its lifeforce unlike ever before.Han Sen's heart was tremendously glad. He had believed she was going to do something ill-conceived, and right now, she was actually aiding him in his care of the gourd.Han Sen used to feel that the gourd lacked a certain something, and the energy flow grew a bit too slowly. But now, he had learnt that it was born damaged, which was why it was slow.Now, with the Empty Spirit Witch's blood, the lifeforce inside was like a freshly grown plant. It seemed to show a hunger it never had before, an unquenchable thirst for magic blood.The golden lines that decorated the gourd appeared in greater number. They had appeared before, but they had lacked the vibrancy and spark of life that were being visibly displayed right now. It indeed looked like something that had just been freshly picked from the vine.The Empty Spirit Witch looked at the gourd in a way that suggested she was waiting for something, but he did not know what.Han Sen acknowledged she was hiding something, and that there was an ulterior motive for helping him. There was a reason she initially wanted the gourd for herself, but it was something Han Sen had yet to discover.Boom!The air vibrated and an old wooden double-door appeared in the sky.Through the frame of the door, a scary presence emerged. And as if it had influenced the atmosphere itself, the sky changed color.The spores of light that floated around the Empty Spirit Witch now started floating up directly towards the door and then, from behind those doors, a human-shaped shadow approached. Han Sen was able to see it, despite the fog and blurriness that masked the entrance.Beneath the gravity of the tremendous force that came, Han Sen could not remain standing for long. He fell to the ground. This had already happened to him once before, so he knew there was no use trying to resist it.Even super creatures could not withstand the pressure that came from beyond those doors. And Han Sen was only just a human, and one that wasn't a celestial being, either."Put the Holy Spirit away." The Empty Spirit Witch's eyes looked strange as she spoke to him. Her lips did not move, but he heard her clearly in his ears.Although Han Sen did not know what she was planning, he immediately returned the gourd to his pack. When he raised his head, she was already flying towards the old wooden doors.Boom!The door opened and an elf-like lady appeared from the beyond. She exuded an elegance no human woman could, and yet the way she appeared seemed so natural and casual. Looking upon that woman once would imprint within your mind a sight that you could never forget. She was so natural that she blended in with the environment. No other woman looked like this.The woman stepped out from the door and looked at that Empty Spirit Witch, that was flying towards her spryly. She smiled and asked, "Will you follow me along the path of evolution?""Yes." The Empty Spirit Witch calmly replied, as she flew towards the woman.The woman smiled in response. She put out her hand and allowed the Empty Spirit Witch to land on it. But just as she turned around and was about re-enter the door, she looked down and stopped. She turned back around and looked at Han Sen.The Empty Spirit Witch saw her look at Han Sen, and it made her heart jump with a sudden worry.The woman observed Han Sen lying down on the ground, and she looked surprised. Then, she gazed directly at the red dot on Han Sen's forehead."Saint Fan was here before? This is interesting. If I encounter him, I will not be able to let him go." The woman seemed to be speaking to herself.Han Sen was still being pushed down to the ground, and he was unable to hear what she said. The Empty Spirit Witch did hear, however, and this seemed to bring her relief. She also turned to give Han Sen another look, one of much surprise.She thought the woman had noticed the gourd Han Sen possessed, but was surprised to see the woman was actually taking notice of the man himself.The Empty Spirit Witch would never have considered Han Sen, who was not even a celestial being, to be worthy of the woman's notice.Han Sen felt bad getting crushed into the earth, but soon after, the pressure was removed. The force felt lighter, and he was freed. Then, he stood up.He thought the woman had already taken the Empty Spirit Witch back through the door, but upon raising his head, he was surprised to still see her there, hovering in the sky. The beautiful eyes peered at him, and she smiled warmly."From now on, you belong to me." Amidst Han Sen's confusion, he had no idea why she continued to stare at him. He too thought she had discovered the presence of his gourd, but then the woman pointed a finger directly at him.Boom!A light cracked the air and struck Han Sen's forehead.Fiction net⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 874: Thunder MountainTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen made plans to travel to Thunder Mountain, but before he left, someone came looking for him."Mister Han, we are from Angel Gene. We would like to request your aid in slaying a super creature. Provided you have the time, we are happy to discuss the price for such an appeal." Zhao Xuebin was one of Angel Gene's managers, and he smiled as he made the request."The Zhao family are indeed shameless. First, they want to kill me; now, they want my help." Han Sen could not help but laugh in his heart. His words told a different story, however, and he responded, "That depends on what super creature you're asking me to kill, and of course, the price as mentioned.""If you are willing to help us with this task, then rest assured, the price will bring a smile to your face." Zhao Xuebin spoke softly and paused. After a brief while, he continued on by saying, "We want you to help us kill the Thunderbull that resides on Thunder Mountain."Han Sen couldn't believe such a coincidence could transpire, as the Thunderbull was his target, too."Sure. It'll cost you one hundred high-class Angel Gene Fluids," Han Sen said, with a puffed-up chest."Oh, Mister Han! Don't you think that price is just a little bit unreasonable? You know high-class Angel Gene Fluids require royal shura blood for their formulation. Our relationship with the shura is bad enough, and so the procurement of this blood is difficult. One hundred vials of Angel Gene Fluid is too steep. Besides, we have our own team. We only require your assistance; we are not asking you to take on the super creature all by yourself." Zhao Xuebin blushed, undoubtedly feeling rather awkward over the proposition he had to decline."You said your offer would bring a smile to my face; one hundred vials of Angel Gene Fluid is what that would take. If you can't oblige my price, then go ask someone else," Han Sen said sternly.It was true that the number of vials of Angel Gene Fluid in circulation, and available for purchase, was low lately. Rarely could anyone afford to buy them, even if they could be found. Han Sen's request for one hundred of such vials was quite ludicrous, and it would eat out an entire month of Angel Gene's revenue."Mister Han, your price is far too high. As much as I would like to, I cannot strike you this deal right now, but I will return to the Alliance and consult my supervisor," Zhao Xuebin suggested."I am leaving the shelter one hour from now," Han Sen said.Zhao Xuebin nodded and said, "I'll be quick, so please wait!"Han Sen thought the outrageous price he had suggested would be enough to scare them off and have them quit their intrusion. But unfortunately for him, Zhao Xuebin came back with a grin. He said, "Our company accepts your price. I have the vials with me, but we'll require you to sign this contract."Han Sen was surprised, to say the least. He looked over the contract's contents and everything seemed to be in order. He looked at the crate of Angel Gene Fluid, and noticed it had been stamped with their proper, official seal. If what was included within was not what he had requested, or if the Angel Gene Fluid inside the vials was a cheap knock-off or a diluted variant of the liquid, he would be able to sue them."Okay." Han Sen signed the contract and accepted the hundred vials of Angel Gene Fluid.When Han Sen left, a middle-aged man approached Zhao Xuebin and said, "Manager Zhao, one hundred vials of high-class Angel Gene Fluid is far too expensive."Zhao Xuebin shook his head and replied, "It's not as expensive as you think. We are unable to kill the bull ourselves, unfortunately; so, we have no choice but to ask him. He is the only person who owns a super pet right now, after all.""But again, this is one hundred high-class vials of Angel Gene Fluid. Couldn't we use those ourselves to kill the Thunderbull?" Liu Gui pleaded.Zhao Xuebin laughed and said, "This Thunderbull can unleash AOE strikes. Even if we did manage to kill it, we'd incur far too many losses of personnel. We can lose the liquid, but we cannot lose our people. Asking Han Sen to do this, regardless of the price, is better for our future prosperity. We can always synthesize more of this liquid; it is only material."Lui Gui nodded and did not say anything further, as it wasn't his place to make such decisions, anyway."Go and get yourself ready; we will depart alongside Han Sen soon. The slaying of this Thunderbull will be good for us, and if the boy does happen to fail, then he'll have to return the vials of Angel Gene Fluid to us, anyway. It will be even better for us, if he ends up grievously wounded." The dark light of murder flickered from Zhao Xuebin's eyes.Han Sen sent the Angel Gene Fluid back to the Alliance, allowing Ji Yanran to hold onto it. There was no chance he'd be returning that crate.And in regards to the Thunderbull, he did not believe Angel Gene would make an honest deal. But if he could slay the creature, obtain the loot, and walk away with the fluid he had been offered, it was worth going with them.Anyway, Han Sen did not feel bad about doing bad things to the people of Angel Gene, if push came to shove.With Zero in tow, Han Sen went to rendezvous with the members of Angel Gene who were going to accompany him."Mister Han, we are off to hunt a super creature. Are you sure it is appropriate of you to bring along a beautiful little girl?" Zhao Xuebin mockingly suggested, upon laying eyes on Zero."It is only a super creature; she'll be fine." Han Sen said, as he stroked Zero's head.When Zhao Xuebin and Lui Gui heard what he said, they choked on their words of rebuttal. They believed Han Sen was far too arrogant for his own good, but they held their tongues.They brought eight people to accompany Han Sen on their journey to the mountain where they'd fight the bull.Zero followed Han Sen from behind as usual, and it didn't seem as if the events that transpired in the Dark Haunted Forest had affected her in the slightest. She just continued to follow him, with greater accuracy than his own shadow.It started to rain, and the road grew muddy and tough. But to the collective that scaled the lands past the safety of the shelter, it was nothing.Han Sen, riding Golden Growler, summoned Spirit Owl to fly above them and shield Zero from the rain.The area was stuffed with dark storm clouds, and thunder rolled unceasingly. It was so loud that it muffled the sound of all else. And behind the clouds, the distant lightshow of flickering lightning bolts played out rhythmically.The silver fox seemed very excited, and he jumped on top of Golden Growler's head. He looked off into the distance, peering at Thunder Mountain. His eyes surveyed the lands, as if it was looking for something in particular.Boom!A lightning bolt streaked across the skies like the forming of a spider web, illuminating the wet, darkened land.Han Sen used the light to view the black peak they were headed towards. It was higher than any other mountain in the area, and it was so tall it was as if it connected to the very sky itself.All of the lightning seemed to come from that mountain, as if it was some natural, rocky lightning rod."Mister Han, that is Thunder Mountain, home of the Thunderbull," Zhao Xuebin said, as he pointed towards the craggy peak.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 303: SlaughterTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio"No wonder none of them went inside. This is God damn mission impossible!" Gambler shook his head after seeing what was behind the wall."Damn those sons of bitches." The two new members at the special squad Zheng Chi and Zhou Qingyu looked frightened as well."Han Sen, let's go back now. There is no way we can go farther. We have to wait for the creatures inside to come out, and by then we can kill them slowly. Afterwards, maybe we can find a chance to go in," said Gambler."All right. You guys go back, I can go inside alone," decided Han Sen.Zheng Chi and Zhou Qingyu widened their eyes and said, "Captain, that is too dangerous."Han Sen smiled and said, "Although it is dangerous now, there is a chance to break the egg. After the creatures rushed out, everybody would have a chance at the egg then. Just go back to the entrance, I will take a look inside, and if it doesn't work, I would retreat as well.""Han Sen, I should go with you. It is too dangerous," Gambler gritted his teeth and said."That's okay. I can do it alone. There are too many creatures inside, and I would be more efficient alone. I'll be back in a while after I break the egg." Han Sen then summoned the sacred-blood phantom ant armor and three-blade harpoon.Seeing that Han Sen was determined, Gambler did not say anything. However, he insisted on waiting for Han Sen at the wall, so that it would be safer for Han Sen to come back.Han Sen nodded and cut the Z-steel sticks supporting the shields. The shields were immediately pushed away by the fierce creatures.Han Sen waved his harpoon and beheaded a creature coming at him, its blood flowing like a stream.Han Sen kicked the dead creature in the head and its body blocked the creatures coming after him, making some space for Han Sen to squeeze himself inside."Will Captain be fine?" Zheng Chi swallowed and asked. There were so many creatures that even with the protection of sacred-blood armor, safety will not be guaranteed."Relax. He is a prudent fellow and would never do something that he is not certain of. Since he dared to go, he could definitely make it." Having spent a lot of time with Han Sen, Gambler knew Han Sen best. If Gambler did not want to evolve with his sacred Geno points maxed out, he would have gone to second God's Sanctuary a long time ago.In fact, Gambler did not believe too much in his own words. There were simply too many advanced creatures that he saw more than thirty mutant creatures and a sacred-blood black spirit at a glance. Gambler was not sure about the level of the creatures he did not recognize, so there might be more sacred-blood creatures.Seeing Han Sen besieged by sacred-blood creatures, Zhou Qingyu said with his voice shaking, "It is too risky. Captain did not even know what was going on inside. No one could tell how many sacred-blood creatures there were."As they spoke, Han Sen had already disappeared in the group of creatures. His team members could only tell their captain was still fighting from the roaring of the creatures."Don't just stand there. There are creatures coming out, fight them off…" Gambler exclaimed and slashed his weapon at a creature coming toward the path.The risky situation in others' eyes was like a walk on the beach for Han Sen. Wherever he went, blood would bloom like flowers. One creature after another fell under his three-blade harpoon. Nothing could touch him other than the splashing blood.Golden rock worm king was summoned by Han Sen, which was already as large as a tank. Opening its mouth, the worm swallowed all the creatures Han Sen killed.Although the golden rock worm king had not transformed yet, it's shell was so hard that even a mutant creature could not hurt it.Except for its bean-sized eyes, it did not have any Achilles' heel. It could only get hurt when a sacred-blood creature launched an attack directly at it.In the beginning, Gambler, Zheng Chi and Zhou Qingyu felt some pressure trying to stop the creatures from coming at the path, but gradually, they found that the creatures no more came their way.When they looked inside, they saw a person covered in blood slaying away in the group of creatures, with piles of bodies stacked next to his feet.The devil-like figure was imprinted in Zheng Chi and Zhou Qingyu's minds. They would never forget about what they saw.They were new members of the special squad and had never seen Han Sen in a combat. The only time they saw Han Sen showing his strength was with the boomerang.When they just joined the special squad, rumor had it that Han Sen became the head of the special squad because of nepotism. Many said he had some special relationship with Qin Xuan.Originally, they did not think too much of Han Sen, because since they came to the special squad, they had barely seen him. Yang Manli was the one who took care of all the matters in the special squad.Until this point, they came to realize how ridiculous the rumors were. If someone like Han Sen were a gigolo, they would both love to become gigolos as well.For the time they had entered God's Sanctuary, they had never seen anyone killing creatures like this. Han Sen was slaughtering the creatures as if they were chickens.The slaughter was so thrilling that even Zheng Chi and Zhou Qingyu wanted to join him and feel the heat of the blood on their skin.Suddenly, they saw the sacred-blood murky beast throwing itself at Han Sen from his back. The murky beast looked like a cross between a lion and a tiger, with two heads and three tails, covered in steel like feathers."Captain… Watch…" Before Zheng Chi and Zhou Qingyu could finish their words, they suddenly froze.Han Sen moved as fast as electricity. Grabbing a lion like head, Han Sen cut it off with the three-blade harpoon. Throwing it on the ground, he walked toward the sacred-blood murky beast with only one head left.The beast was scared away, but it was hardly able to maintain its balance with one head cut off.Fiction net  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 883: Third God's SanctuaryTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe gourd was trembling in Han Sen's hand. At its tip, a black hole-like distortion had manifested, warping the very dimension around it."Is something going to be born from the gourd now? Did the Evolution Pool really help it?" Han Sen was excited, looking at the gourd.While he was thinking, a black light burst forth from the gourd to sunder the atmosphere like a blade.A lesion was torn in the fabric of space, and a powerful force of suction came from it. Before he could react, Han Sen and the gourd were both sucked inside.Boom!Han Sen felt as if the world was spinning, or as if he had been tossed into a tumble dryer. He felt a crushing force descend upon him, and amidst his rolling, he felt as if he wanted to throw up but could not.He wanted to scream, but no voice came out. He felt his body being forced into the painful, compact shape of a ball.Time did not seem to exist in the place he had ended up, and the pain he suffered felt as if it had lasted an entire century, despite truly lasting only a few seconds.Pang!Han Sen was suddenly released from that agonizing pain, and he was dropped to the cold comfort of the ground. After the fall, he could not help but yell, "Ouch!" His body was in anguish, and when he moved, he could feel a number of broken bones about his body, in addition to his torn organs.A slight movement was all it took to make him feel as if a thousand knives were stabbing him all at once.It was fortunate Han Sen was as powerful as he was; any ordinary surpasser would have died at first contact with this place.Han Sen wanted to cast his Dongxuan Sutra, to simulate the holy light and heal himself, but he couldn't. The blood flow of his entire body was messed up, and he was unable to cast a single skill."Oh, no! Am I going to die like this?" Han Sen felt as if his organs were bleeding. His entire body had been battered and broken, and if he did not receive any remedial aid, he'd soon die.Being unable to cast a single skill, he could not heal himself. And with the pain that came with moving, he couldn't do anything but wait to die."Gourd! You got me killed!" Han Sen spoke to the gourd beside him, as his heart sank.But then, Han Sen realized that despite all the wounds he had incurred, and the lesions that had opened up across his body, he wasn't bleeding externally. All the wounds had scabbed.And as for the internal bleeding he could feel, nothing ill was coming of it. The blood that came from the organs did not swell up someplace, but instead managed to flow around his body even without the pumping of his heart or blood vessels."Blood-Pulse Sutra?" Han Sen was delighted at the sudden realization, and so he cast it. As he did, he prayed and hoped, "This must work."He easily cast the Blood-Pulse Sutra, and his messed-up interior did not seem to prohibit his usage of the skill.A strange power burst from his blood and went to every cell, fixing and restoring every part of his body.His organs, his bones, his torn flesh; every inch of his being was recovering.Han Sen noticed he did not need to focus on the Blood-Pulse Sutra, as the energy from his blood was recovering his organs by itself."No wonder it is a Blood Legion skill; it really is quite powerful." Han Sen was very happy. Although the recovery of the sutra was slow, and it wasn't as fast or efficient as the holy light, it was enough to save his life under the dire circumstances. It would take a while before he fully recovered, so he made the most of it and laid down as comfortably as he could.Han Sen now thought it was a good idea to look around, but unfortunately, he could not move his head. Therefore, his vision was limited.The air was pure where he was, and he had a feeling that he had never felt during his time in the Second God's Sanctuary. In comparison, the Second God's Sanctuary's air quality seemed poor and dirty."Am I in the Third God's Sanctuary?" As Han Sen thought this, he tried looking up.All he could see was the color green. When the sunlight flickered down through the foliage in his sight, the graceful light blinded him.Han Sen noticed he was beneath a tree that was around five meters tall, and its leaves were entirely circular. The leaves knitted together like a parasol, shielding him from the sunrays.But from the branches, Han Sen noticed many crosses hanging down.As Han Sen wondered who had hung so many crosses on the tree, he realized what they actually were. They were shortswords.Every shortsword looked identical, and they were about two-feet-long. Each blade was approximately the width of two fingers, and they were pitch-black in color. That was why Han Sen first mistook them for crosses. All-in-all, there had to be around thirty of them."Who was bored enough to hang this many swords from the tree?" Although Han Sen had this thought, he was actually extremely happy. It also meant someone had to be someplace in the vicinity.But then, Han Sen realized it might have been a spirit that did this. Spirits were, after all, renowned for doing weird things. If he was discovered by a spirit, he wagered no good would come of it.But Han Sen could not look around and examine more of the surroundings, due to his inability to move his head. All he could see was the tree and the black shortswords.Han Sen then noticed something was wrong. The shortswords didn't look as if they had been hung on purpose. The swords were connected with the branches, as if they were a sort of fruit."Geno seeds. This must be the Third God's Sanctuary." Han Sen realized he was beneath a geno tree. The black shortswords were geno weaponry. He didn't know if he ought to be glad or worried. In this place, spirits, creatures, and humans grew geno seeds and now, he was directly underneath the fruit of one. He wasn't sure what he was going to meet.If the geno tree's master was a beast, Han Sen would likely become its afternoon snack, since he couldn't move.Han Sen looked at his Sea of Soul, planning to don his Devil-Ant King armor for protection.But when he looked inside there, he froze.

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Aixinjue Luochen⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 290: Heresy MantraTranslator:Nyoi-Bo StudioEditor:Nyoi-Bo StudioBai Yishan paused and did not continue.Han Sen, on the other hand, was overjoyed. He thought there was no hope and did not expect to get a positive answer. He quickly asked Bai Yishan, "Professor, do you have any hyper geno art in mind?" Bai Yishan hesitated and then continued, "It's not exactly a hyper geno art. You know that hyper geno arts all came from ancient martial arts. More than 20 years ago, an incomplete version of 'Heresy Sutra' was unearthed. Since it was incomplete, most ancient martial arts recorded in the book are no longer suitable for practice. Only in ancient martial art called 'Heresy Mantra' was relatively complete. If you could practice this ancient martial art to a certain level, it would be easy for you to break gold with bare hands.""Is the Heresy Mantra in the S-class section of the Saint Hall?" Asked Han Sen excitedly.Bai Yishan shook his head and said, "Although many authoritative professors had done research about the Heresy Mantra and wanted to modify it into a hyper geno art, they had discovered its problems after many experiments.""So, is the Heresy Mantra not as powerful as they thought it would be?" asked Han Sen.Bai Yishan replied, "It's not that. After practicing Heresy Mantra, the volunteers did experience incredible enhancement in their physique. However, they also went through something weird.""Something weird?" Han Sen looked at Bai Yishan.Bai Yishan pondered and organized his words, "So, every volunteer who tried to practice Heresy Mantra would have too good an appetite."After hearing Bai Yishan's reply, Han Sen was dazed. He assumed it was some serious issue and did not expect it to be as simple as "too good an appetite."Bai Yishan knew what Han Sen was thinking from his look. He said seriously, "Maybe you cannot imagine what it's like to have too good an appetite. I'll put it this way, normal people would feel full, but those who practiced Heresy Mantra would lose the sense of fullness. No matter how much stuff was already in his stomach, he would still feel hungry.""Among the six volunteers who tried to practice Heresy Mantra, two were almost stuffed to death. When they stopped practicing Heresy Mantra, the sense of hunger slowly disappeared.""So, does the Heresy Mantra work well?" Han Sen asked."I don't know." Bai Yishan's reply made Han Sen pause again. Bai Yishan had said earlier that Heresy Mantra was very effective.Bai Yishan understood Han Sen's thoughts and explained, "After practicing Heresy Mantra, the six volunteers had witnessed great improvements in their speed and strength. However, because of the unbearable hunger, they all gave up practicing. Since none of them had reached the first phase of Heresy Mantra, the enhancement of their physique disappeared with their sense of hunger. I would say one would have to reach the first phase to tell how Heresy Mantra works.""So, nobody else practiced Heresy Mantra again?" Han Sen could not help asking."We had many volunteers who had practiced it, but none of them could get past the hunger. Nobody could persist to finish the first phase," said Bai Yishan."How many phases are there in Heresy Mantra?" Han Sen started to get interested in Heresy Mantra. Since there were no risks after giving up, he would like to try his luck.After all, this was the only thing that Bai Yishan could think of after hearing his needs. Han Sen had to see how it worked."There are four phases: keeping the vital energy, seeing through the mirage, longevity, and immortality. The volunteers never even reached the first phase of keeping the vital energy. That was why Heresy Mantra was never adapted into a hyper geno art.""Professor, would you mind if I try to practice Heresy Mantra? I could give you an S-Class license for it." Han Sen decided to give it a shot, for there was some hope.In order to kill super creatures, Han Sen would not say no to any possibility."No need for the license. Since Heresy Mantra has not yet been listed as a hyper geno art, it is not for sale. If you're really interested, I can apply for a volunteer opportunity on your behalf. You could practice Heresy Mantra, but need to provide certain data to the Saint Hall," said Bai Yishan."Thank you so much. I would love that." Han Sen then asked Bai Yishan more questions about hyper geno arts.Bai Yishan could not think of any hyper geno art that could meet Han Sen's demands.Even the advanced Atomic Fission would not necessarily allow one to tear the turtleneck apart with bare hands. And that was a hyper geno art that took one to two decades to get anywhere.Heresy Mantra was different. According to Bai Yishan, if the volunteers did not give up, they could reached the first phase in about three months.Han Sen then asked Bai Yishan about other hyper geno arts that could improve his fitness in general. When fighting super creatures, Han Sen not only needed to be strong but also need to be fast enough to dodge the super creatures attacks.After chatting with Bai Yishan for several hours, Han Sen finally hung up. Bai Yishan went to apply for Han Sen's volunteer quota, while Han Sen went to the office of academic affairs for some paperwork.He needed enough time to travel from Green Shelter to Steel Armor Shelter, so he must miss some activities on campus including archery competitions and a series of tests and examinations.Fortunately, Blackhawk had related regulations in this regard. After Han Sen provided enough proof, the school approved his application.Han Sen planned to leave Green Shelter when he got his hands on Heresy Mantra. He planned to practice it on the way, since it was not something dangerous to practice other than generating the sense of hunger. The worst-case scenario, he could just give up practicing, which would cause him no harm.

⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 671: Elephant-Rex StrikeTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioSix raven bolts launched consecutively into the frosty bear's face. The beast tried to look away, to avoid them piercing any of its eyes, but it was too late. The bear had drawn too near to the launch-point of the bolts, and it didn't have sufficient time to react. One of the bolts struck directly underneath the eye, which caused it to bleed. The frosty bear became incredibly angry. It threw itself back on its two hind legs and a frigid aura emanated from its body. Its paws came down, trying to strike Han Sen. Han Sen put the peacock crossbow away and evaded the frosty bear's lethal attack. He then jumped into the air, summoned Flaming Rex Spike, and took aim at his foe's head. Pang! Fire and blood spewed everywhere as Han Sen crowned the bear's head with an ugly scorch mark. Roar! Damage such as that was not enough to take the creature's life, but it did trigger its rage. Han Sen was at the center of its attention now. It quickly lunged forward with its paws in an attempt to grab Han Sen. Again, Han Sen dodged. He evaded the bear, but it was close. He scratched his arm and noticed the presence of a cut that was bleeding through his armor. Han Sen retreated, with frosty bear still gunning for him. Luckily, this was Han Sen. And he did not fear the fatal, chilly aura of the bear. If the roles were reversed, and Wang Yuhang was on the run, he'd be dead right now. "Big dumb bear, over here!" Wang Yuhang had already run a great distance away. After his swift recovery, he noticed Han Sen was in danger and so he did his best to provoke the bear. This simple touting always worked in the past, and its winning-streak did not end this day. Despite the hatred the bear felt for Han Sen, it was once again attracted by Wang Yuhang. It was as if Wang Yuhang had murdered its parents or something. Han Sen knew that if this were to continue, they'd be unable to win the fight. The Flaming Rex Spike was strong enough to wreck the bear's body, but Han Sen wasn't. His fitness was not high enough, which meant he was unable to deal the deadly damage he needed to bring an end to the bear. But Han Sen knew what to do. Without saying a word, he rushed after the frosty bear, and at the same time, he cast the Dongxuan Sutra to simulate the energy of the bone elephant. The overwhelming power of a super elephant now buffed Han Sen. His body almost imploded under the duress of handling such supreme power, as his muscles and bones struggled to maintain control. Wang Yuhang continued running forward. Li Xinglun continued firing arrows to aid how he could, but they were useless against the enraged beast. The frosty bear was closing in on Wang Yuhang. Han Sen was pushing his potential power to the max, and it was reaching a tipping point. The bones inside him rattled and screamed for reprieve. With the bear still focused on Wang Yuhang, Han Sen leapt into the air with both of his hands clutching the Flaming Rex Spike. He swung his weapon and all the terrifying power that accumulated inside him was unleashed. It was as if space time itself was dealt a blow by the attack, and the air thundered with frightening sound. Pang! The rex spike, blazing with fire, brought down a hideous, devastating blow against the bear's head. A deep, squelching thud accompanied its landing as the skull of its target sunk somewhat. The flames snapped in a dizzying crowd of embers as the fur of the bear's head turned to soot. After that hit, Han Sen immediately summoned his wings to fly up to the sky. Most of his energy had been drained following the strike. If the bear was not killed by that attack and immediately retaliated, Han Sen wouldn't have had the energy to dodge the foe. Han Sen observed the field of battle from above and noticed the bear had stopped moving. Blood seeped from the wounds of its caved-in skull as its body wobbled. "Roar!" the frosty bear blasted, which shocked Han Sen. Then the frosty bear ran off. Han Sen's heart was brought much joy. He knew that his Elephant-Rex Strike must have dealt an insane amount of damage to the bear; otherwise, it wouldn't have tried to run off. "After it! We cannot lose it!" Han Sen called out from the air as he took off in airborne pursuit. Han Sen's body felt weak, though. He couldn't attack the bear again for a short while. It was lucky that the flying beast soul did not draw from an individual's strength. If it did, he wouldn't have been able to keep up with the fleeing creature. Wang Yuhang and Li Xinglun obeyed the command and also went after it. They tried to cut-off and surround the escaping bear, but their attempts failed. They did not have super beast soul weapons, so they could not even deal damage to the bear's pelt. But the frosty bear's brain must have been heavily damaged, as its judgment and movement made little sense. It did not try to jump into the sea for a quicker escape; instead, it ran off towards the Icefield. It still had speed, but its movements were shaky. "Strike the wound on its head!" Li Xinglun fired an arrow at the wound created by Han Sen's Elephant-Rex Strike. This caused the wound to gush out more blood, and the beast to cry out in pain. Wang Yuhang wanted to rush ahead, but he only had a single ancient sword, and thus could not get close. The frosty bear was managing to pick up its pace, despite the pain it was enduring. The three of them were in tight pursuit, but they eventually lagged behind and felt themselves losing it. Fortunately, the damage dealt to the brain was severe, and it wasn't working well as a result. The bear did not change direction once, maintaining its course the entire time. As a result, the trio didn't lose its tracks. The frosty bear ran deeper and deeper into the Icefield. Eventually, its speed did slow down despite its desire to run. "Move! Move!" Li Xinglun rode a mount to catch up. He shouted at people on the Icefield, telling them to move out of the way and not intercept the fleeing bear, lest they get grievously injured. Most people did avoid the bear, but one group didn't. Instead, they ran towards it, wanting a piece of the action. "Pah! Why do we have to step aside? Whoever kills it, owns it; plain and simple. I don't see your name on the bear, so why can't we kill it, huh?" the man leading the group said. Li Xinglun looked at the people and realized it was Qi Xiuwen's men from the Blackgod Army. Although they belonged to the Goddess Shelter, the four armies were individual and Li Xinglun didn't have the authority to tell them to stand down. After the people rushed towards the bear, others who were nearby noticed the possibility of nabbing an easy kill, too. They also sought to join the fray. But everyone thought Li Xinglun was only hunting a sacred-blood creature—one that looked heavily damaged. The possibility of earning an easy beast soul was all too enticing. It was too late for Han Sen to stop them, however. He watched many people descend on the bear, to which the creature they were pursuing had a wretched reaction. It summoned its frosty aura and unleashed a hail of ice chips to pelt the fresh attackers, freezing the majority of them. The strongest of those who sought to join in were most likely of a fitness level of about one hundred. They had not even unlocked their gene locks, and as a result, they had no chance of withstanding such an attack. The bear then pummeled the ground, which lead to a cascade of blood. A few people were crushed, and none of their bodies were left complete. Severed limbs were strewn about, and organs were left exposed. One person was crushed into mince meat.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 135: Not a Wonderful MatchTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe game room was silent. In a room where more than ten thousand people were watching, none typed anything. Everyone was staring at their screen.It was not because the duel was so wonderful, but because it was not at all.A person's speed had been completely overwhelmed by the other person. Even one with high myopia without glasses could tell, there was no twists and turns in this game.Everyone had a blank look on their faces, with their eyes and mouths both wide open.Ji Yanran's lips were also O-shaped. Watching the holographic image of the game, she was so stunned that her pupils enlarged.In the office building, Liu Jianguo was also stupefied. He almost could not believe his eyes. And Zhao Lianhua did not even realized that his burning cigarette had fallen on his pants.Zhao Lianhua did not even feel that, and kept gazing at the two hands in the holographic image.Li Ze, Liu Ke and Wang Long were all stunned.A huge gap in strength was demonstrated by these two hands. Li Yufeng’s hand had a speed and flexibility that were amazing to begin with.But in front of the other hand, Li Yufeng's hand suddenly looked a bit clumsy. And this feeling was just incredible, because this was Li Yufeng, the best player on campus, who had a nickname "dreamy right hand."How could his hand look clumsy? It was hard for the viewers to believe their own judgment.But in contrast to the other hand, Li Yufeng's hand did look clumsy. It was originally not the case, but the strong contrast had made people feel this way."It was not because Li Yufeng’s hand was clumsy, but because the other hand was too fast and too flexible." At this time, people came to realize this fact and looked to the other hand.Slender but strong, this was an attractive hand. In addition to that, people could not tell anything else from the image. How they wanted to see the owner of the hand!But in Hand of God, all they could see was the hand and wrist. There was no way they could tell who he was.Total silence.Although the result was clear. Many refused to believe that Li Yufeng would be beaten like this.That was Li Yufeng!Li Yufeng concentrated on his hand and raised its speed to his limit, constantly hitting the spots."At least I will beat him by five points," Li Yufeng thought proudly.He knew Ji Yanran was certainly watching this game, and he was glad to show off his strength in front of her.Although Ji Yanran had not given any response to his pursuit, and was even deliberately keeping distance from him, he had never given up and believed that with his ability and conditions, he must have the opportunity to make her his.And this was a very good opportunity. He knew Ji Yanran was mad at that ID. If he could beat this person to make him change his ID and apologize to her, she would be at least grateful to him.And this was enough, Li Yufeng had enough time and patience. Many a little make a mickle. He believed that sooner or later he could make Ji Yanran fall in love with him.But now, first he needed to beat this despicable and shameless bastard to approach his goddess.Li Yufeng was hitting the spots with all he had, thinking that if he went faster and raise the difference to six or seven points, then the effect might be even better.But when Li Yufeng was reaching for a spot again, all spots suddenly disappeared."Is it a server failure? Why did all the spots disappear?" Li Yufeng hesitated. With his rich experience, he knew that the 100 spots were not up yet and there could be no other explanation to their disappearance than a technical failure.But when he looked up, he was suddenly stunned.In front of him, the holographic image said "GAME OVER" and his score was also fixed at 80.He turned his eyes and looked at his opponent’s score.One hundred points.Li Yufeng could not move. He could not believe that he had been beaten by twenty points.He could not believe this. Nor could anyone who knew Li Yufeng and his skills at this game.Everyone looked blankly at that score, and no one made a sound.What Han Sen said just now was interesting when they were thinking back."It is too easy to beat you, so no strings attached this time. Just leave my Yanran alone in the future."At that time, they all felt it was pure insolence. But now thinking back, it was just honesty."Another twenty," Li Ze snapped to attention and said with a wry smile.His remark reminded Liu Ke and Wang Long, making their shocking expression even more twisted. Their mouths were so wide open that they could fit a big duck egg.This number was so familiar, and what it represented was even more shocking."Yanran, your boyfriend is so fierce!" Qu Lili just recovered from surprise and said to Ji Yanran who was still staring at the score."Who is this person?" Ji Yanran had now forgotten about her anger and shame, and simply wanted to find out who he was.Twenty points! Whoever could beat Li Yufeng by twenty was absolutely top ten in the Alliance.If she could invite him into Hand of God Society, Ji Yanran could imagine how much their ranking could be improved.Now she just wanted to find out who this person was, but she just did not know.Now her heart felt like it was scratched by a cat. She wanted to go and look for him, but paused as she had no idea where to look."Ouch!"The cigarette burned through Zhao Lianhua’s pants, and brought him back from surprise. While he was stamping, a big hole was left on his pants."I must have this person in Hand of God Society," Liu Jianguo looked at the score and yelled excitedly.He knew what this score meant. It was a score that would make Blackhawk soar in Hand of God contest."Go get this person and make him join us," Liu Jianguo said to Zhao Lianhua.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 1268: PineconeTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThere was a green pinecone in the fish king’s head. It was half-embedded, and it shone an ominous green like a third eye. The light pulsated, and when the pinecone lit up, it caused the fish king’s body to twitch.The fish did not look like it had been dealt a grievous blow, but it seemed to be incapacitated. The fish was submitting to the water, and it was sinking fast.“Is that what the fruit spat out? It knocked him unconscious,” Han Sen thought, as he swam towards the fish, clutching Taia.The fish king was unable to move, so Han Sen sought to remove the pinecone with his sword.Dong!Taia hit the pinecone but was unsuccessful in damaging it. Han Sen stabbed it a few more times, but it proved to be far sturdier than he imagined.“I’ll dig it out then!” Han Sen opened the nine gene locks of the Blood-Pulse Sutra, and it made Taia glow a spooky red.Then, Han Sen skirted the placement of the pinecone with Taia. He had to plunge the sword fairly deep, and he could hear the cracking of the fish king’s bones as he went.The fish king looked to be in pain following Han Sen’s treatment, but it did not do anything to stop him. It was, of course, much better for Han Sen if the fish king did not struggle.Han Sen pulled Taia back and saw the precise area of the head that had connected with the pinecone. In that spot, there were several white lines drawn across the green item and the creature; they looked like veins.Han Sen started cutting the lines, and he was able to slice them with ease. Apparently, they were far weaker than the pinecone itself.When they broke, the pinecone and the fish king shook. The glow of the pinecone became dimmer, too, and it looked to have been weakened.Han Sen continued to cut every vein he could find in a bid to free the pinecone from the fish king’s forehead.But the fish king’s skull was no laughing matter. It was rock hard, and doing so was rather difficult for Han Sen.When he was about halfway done, his peaceful work seemed likely to get disrupted. The serpent creatures had reared their ugly heads and were on their way.“That quick?” Han Sen knew the empress would soon arrive.Then, Han Sen hid behind the large body of the fish king and watched as the woman glided through the water on her throne.He noticed it was just her there, and that she had come alone.Han Sen thought he might stand a chance, if he battled her and her alone.Han Sen looked at the empress and then looked at the embedded pinecone and how far he had to go. He chose not to hesitate and activated his super king spirit mode, then he stabbed the fish king’s forehead.Taia plunged a deep, searing pain into the fish king’s head.The empress was coming from a different direction, so she couldn’t see Han Sen do this. Then, she commanded the serpents to begin consuming the fish king.Han Sen hurried with the deed, noticing their hungry maws open and come for the fish.Dong!Han Sen managed to dig the pinecone out from its head, but a lot of blood came out as well. The fish king woke up and immediately swung its body around in a spin, blasting both Han Sen and the serpents away.The empress was shocked by its sudden revitalization, as she knew full well the fruit had sprayed it.Han Sen had made sure to simulate the fish king’s energy, so the empress could not suspect there had been someone else there, and that they had freed the fish from its incapacitated state.The fish king, when it was awake, saw the serpents and the empress that wished it devoured. It doused them in a bright golden light.The golden light was like a laser, and Han Sen watched as it went towards the empress.The empress did not even blink as one of the snakes pushed the throne away, out of the line of fire.Pang!The serpent’s tail was then hit by the gold light, and it caused the entire lake to blow up in utter chaos.Han Sen had already exited super king spirit mode by this stage, and he was out of the lake, safe and sound up in the air.He landed in the forest and made his lifeforce replicate that of another plant.Horrible noises continued to emerge from the tumultuous lake, and the waters thrashed so wildly, it might as well have been raining for all those in its proximity.Han Sen hid inside the forest, allowing himself to get wet.By now, the human had climbed up halfway. Yaksha, however, was at the peak after a brief flight up. Yaksha’s body was exuding a black gas, and his wings weren’t that far off a devil’s.The fruit noticed Yaksha reaching for it, and it managed to pump out another cloud of gas. It hit Yaksha directly in his forehead.Yaksha was shocked, as he had not expected it to be able to spray twice. Fortunately, he had come prepared. As soon as his eyes caught sight of an aqua light, he dashed away from the fruit.But the light wasn’t keen to let Yaksha slip away, and it bent its course mid-air, turning around to strike Yaksha in the back of his head. Then, the conniving spirit began to plummet all the way down the cliff.

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”⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 93: Better StaminaTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioBut half an hour later, Son of Heaven’s face became a bit stiff as Han Sen was still fiercely brandishing the katana at the same speed."Son of Heaven, didn’t you say that Dollar would be worn out in half an hour? I’m telling you my Dad was right. Men are better than women," Qing said proudly.Looking at Son of Heaven’s grim face, Yuan smiled and did not speak.Son of Heaven was really upset. According to common sense, Dollar would not last half an hour. With that kind of strikes, few in First God’s Sanctuary could."Ahem. It seems that Dollar has practiced some special hyper geno art that improves his stamina. Even so, he couldn’t possibly last an hour. In another half an hour, he would be worn down." Son of Heaven wanted to restore some authority of his."Son of Heaven, you are a guy. Why do you keep cheering for a woman? My Dad says that men are the best. I think Dollar must be better than that woman. You have no vision." Qing obviously did not agree with Son of Heaven's argument.Son of Heaven almost choked. Pretending to be calm, he said, "Qing, if you don’t believe me, keep on watching. In half an hour, you will know who is right. I’m just stating the fact here.""Is there any need to watch? Dollar will certainly have no problem. He killed a golden-horned Shura. Why will he lose to a woman?" Qing said with open worship in his eyes.Son of Heaven did not say anything, considering argument with such a kid unnecessary. In a while the kid will see what is good judgment.But another half an hour had passed, and Dollar’s spirit was still high. There was no sign of him burning out at all, which made Son of Heaven uncomfortable as if he had just swallowed a fly.Qing was very pleased and patted Son of Heaven on the shoulder, "Son of Heaven, what did I tell you? Men can’t be weaker than women. A man that can’t beat a woman is not a man. It’s been an hour and Dollar is still fierce. I believe that woman will be beat in a while. You need to learn from me so that you can have better judgment. Remember to take men’s side instead of women’s."Son of Heaven was seething with anger. He pretended not having heard Qing and kept silent."Right, Son of Heaven, why didn’t you enter the final. Who did you lose to? Dollar?" Qing wasn’t even aware of Son of Heaven’s emotions and kept asking him."How could I lose to that guy?" Son of Heaven immediately said coldly."Who did you lose to then?" Qing asked.Son of Heaven felt his own face was burning. He lost to the woman on the stage, but it wasn’t time to tell Qing that.Knowing that Son of Heaven had lost to Qin Xuang, Yuan almost laughed out loud. He pulled the sleeve of Qing and asked, "Are you here to talk or to watch the game?""It’s only fun to discuss the game while we watch," Qing retorted."Fun for you. Son of Heaven was about to be set on fire," Yuan glanced at Son of Heaven’s sullen face and thought.Displeased, Son of Heaven felt strange. "Dollar has been wielding the weapon so fiercely that it’s impossible for him to keep going for such a long time. Unless he has also practiced Atomic Fission."Other than Son of Heaven, Qin Xuan felt something was off as well. Attacking at such a high speed, Dollar had sustained way longer than she had expected, making her alarmed and surprised.In such a high-intensity duel, even she had begun to feel a little tired. Dollar, however, seemed to feel nothing and kept attacking with the katana swiftly, as if he could do this forever, giving birth to a trace of powerlessness in Qin Xuan’s mind."No, I cannot go on like this. He must have also practiced some hyper geno art that enhances his stamina. Maybe I will be the one who is worn out first…" Qin Xuan gritted her teeth and dodged another strike. She took back her dagger and two beast souls appeared in the air.One beast soul was the mutant golden lion that she had always used. She instantaneously shapeshifted into a magnificent golden lion.And the other beast soul was a ball of blue liquid, which poured into the lion and turned its golden body blue. The lion also grew larger and looked fiercer."That is sacred-blood water spirit! Qin Xuan actually got its beast soul!" Son of Heaven was shocked to see that. He knew very well how scary a sacred-blood water spirit was. It could coexist with another creature and make that creature exceptionally strong.Qin Xuan made the final attack to the water spirit when she was hunting it with Son of Heaven, who did not know she got the beast soul. It seemed that the beast soul had the same power as the creature it once belonged to.With the help of water spirit beast soul, the mutant golden lion had become stronger than normal sacred-blood creatures. Qin Xuan could then fully display the power of Atomic Fission.Son of Heaven was surprised. "Qin Xuan has become so strong. It seems that this year she could be among top 3 of the Chosen."Han Sen knew Qin Xuan really well. He glanced at her expression and knew something was off. Just before she summoned the water spirit beast soul, he summoned his wings and flew up high.Everyone was stunned, including Qin Xuan. Who could have thought Dollar who looked like he was going for mutual destruction had flown away the minute Qin Xuan shapeshifted.Qin Xuan who had shapeshifted did not know what to do. These two beast souls were fierce enough for sure. Even Dollar used a sacred-blood shapeshifting beast soul she could beat him.She chose the moment when Han Sen was making the most powerful strikes to shapeshift so that he wouldn’t disengage himself. She didn’t have sacred-blood wings, so she wanted to end the match as soon as possible.What she did not think of was that Dollar who was chasing her just flew away faster than rabbits.Qin Xuan suddenly felt very embarrassed. As fierce as she was right now, she could not fly and as a lion, she could no longer use weapons, so she couldn’t even throw things at Han Sen.

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⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 916: The Moving ShelterTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioHan Sen brought the dead man's body down into the shelter. Thinking the place was suitable, he also planted the Devil-Blood Tree and his Pine Tree inside there, as well.Han Sen did not have many waterdrops still, so he only used what was sufficient to keep them alive for the time being.For food, he only had some crab meat and dried fruit. If they wanted to increase their strength, they would have to go out and hunt.But the trees in close proximity to them did not bear fruit. And the presence of creatures was lacking.Upon greater inspection, and a fair amount of time pondering, Han Sen came to the conclusion that the shelter was moving. And he noticed that every day he woke up, he was in a different spot.Sometimes they were deeper inside the woods, other times they'd be near the outskirts. While the movements seemed random, he believed there had to be a reason or rhyme to how the shelter behaved—he just had to figure it out.When they first came to this place, the tree and its shelter were nearly on the outskirts of Thorn Forest. After spending the night there, they awoke to the realization they had been teleported someplace else.A few days later, days spent tinkering and investigating, Han Sen discovered it always moved around the hour of midnight. If they wanted to leave and go off on a hunt or explore Thorn Forest, they would just have to ensure they were back before then. Otherwise, they'd be stranded with no knowledge of where the shelter had gone off to.It was easy to find out if you were in the right place as the shelter moved beneath your feet, however. The area above the shelter was quite sparse in terms of plants, and the area was always devoid of creatures. It was easy to recognize.Han Sen kept up with his training and collected spirit genes from the spirit base whenever he could. In between those activities, he made scouting trips to the surface to observe where the shelter had moved and where they might go to in order to hunt.The reason no creatures came close to the shelter finally dawned on Han Sen; he attributed it to the giant bones that resided below the surface. He had seen creatures staying far away from such bones before, and so he attributed the lack of nearby creatures to the bones' presence there. While it meant they had to travel a bit to find creatures, it at least meant there wasn't any danger in and around the shelter.On this day, the shelter moved to the edge of Thorn Forest. When the sun rose, Han Sen ventured out with Qu Lanxi. Together, they slew a few ordinary iron bugs.Han Sen was also able to find a few wild geno plants, and he managed to collect a dozen waterdrops following their absorption.And as fruitful as their hunt had been, they did not dare go too far from home. They wanted to create a pantry of food, where they could store much and live in relative peace for a while.Every few days, almost like clockwork, the shelter moved to the edge of the forest where they could freely hunt without too much concern. This also meant they did not have to worry about dwindling supplies for the time they remained in the shelter. Settling into a nice routine, Han Sen had managed to earn a fair amount of basic geno points and ordinary geno points. Slowly but surely, his fitness level was rising.Han Sen tried to control the shelter's movements, or see what he could do to influence where it chose to go, but outside the spirit base, he could not last very long in his super king spirit mode. Despite trying many different ways, he was unable to move the shelter how he fancied.More than anything, however, Han Sen spent most of his time in the spirit base collecting spirit genes.Squire-class, knight-class, and royal-class spirits all offered up their spirit genes without quarrel, and thanks to this, Han Sen's spirit gene tally increased rapidly.Ever since he killed Thunderdevil King three times in a row, many royal spirits who saw him would gladly offer up their genes, too.Some spirits who were known associates of Thunderdevil King made sure to stay out of Han Sen's way, though. They wouldn't give him a single spirit gene.But for those few people, there was nothing he could do. His rank was far higher than them, after all. Unless others challenged him, he could only challenge the six spirits who had a higher rank than he did.Fortunately, most spirits were happy to give out their spirit genes for free. Han Sen's squire-class and knight-class geno points were already at one hundred. His royal-class tally was not far behind, either. What he needed now, though, was many king-class genes.And so now, Han Sen had to select which spirit genes to take. Unless there was a special element attributed to them, he would have to decline many approaching spirits.Han Sen noticed many more royal-class spirits challenging him these days, too. Although they were weak and easily defeated, they did try their best to fight him.In the distance, many islands lined up, facing Han Sen. It wasn't too obvious to see, but one of the islands had a few spirits on it together. All the other spirits seemed to avoid this collective of islands like the plague.On the island, there were two men and two women spirits. They were amongst the top ten king spirits.One of the female king spirits had cat ears to compliment her beautiful face, which seemed to perpetually smirk. Her body was voluptuous and stunning to behold.She must have been someone of some renown, and one that many other spirits would assuredly recognize. She held the second rank in the spirit base and was called Heavenly Empress.The names of the other three king spirits were The King of Truth; The King of Day; and Flower Empress."The King's power is too much. Those royal-class spirits don't stand a chance, and their efforts at collecting information for us are practically worthless. I would say he bases his power on strength, but that doesn't help much," The King of Truth said.The King of Day responded, "He was able to kill that juvenile Thunderdevil King with one hit; of course he's powerful!"Flower Empress laughed and said, "If he does indeed rely on raw, physical strength, then taking him down shouldn't prove too difficult. Why don't we allow Truth to have a go at him. He is sure to crush The King.""Yes, I believe Truth can beat that punk. Easy." After The King of Day said this, he continued by saying, "And we need to stop calling him The King!""But we are used to calling him that!" Flower Empress laughed.The King of Truth looked to Heavenly Empress and said, "And what about you? What do you think?"Heavenly Empress merely smiled and said, "You can try. The white light comes from his body; I suspect your Mirror of Truth can reflect that power. That being said, he is not as simple as he appears to be. There is more to him than meets the eye, so exercise caution.""I will try then. If I do not win, then at least I can witness the strength he possesses first-hand," The King of Truth said, with grace."Don't say that! You will win; your Mirror of Truth can restrain him! We'll celebrate and toast a glass in your honor, when you return," The King of Day said jovially."I will be off, then!" The King of Truth returned to his own island and drove towards Han Sen.

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  ⎛⎝⎠⎞Chapter 473: Dead EndTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioOval parasite crystals threw themselves at Ji Yanran and Han Sen like bouncing balls in increasing numbers, making the couple cringe."Run!" Without any hesitation, Han Sen took Ji Yanran's hand to run toward the exit of the treasure. Although parasite crystals could be crushed, there were so many of them that even Han Sen could not fend them all off since they would grow on human body as long as they touched the skin.The couple rushed out of the treasure and ran for their life in the tunnel that was slightly taller than a person. Countless parasite crystals followed them like ocean waves and filled their sight. The pink crystals were incredibly fast as well."Dammit. Where do these parasite crystals come from? How come we did not see them when we entered the place?" Han Sen was slightly upset. They were right inside the core area of the Crystallizer royalty ruin, running recklessly. If they died here, they would not even know what killed them.However, looking at the endless parasite crystals following them, Han Sen knew they would die definitely if they did not run, so he did not dare to stop.Luckily, the snow-toothed wolf mounts was running ahead of them as their scout, which was more or less a comfort to Han Sen.Boom!The snow-toothed wolf which was running in front was suddenly cut in half by a beam of light. It fell heavily on the floor and then disappeared."Rubik's cube!" Han Sen saw the 12 x 12 Rubik's cube in the next intersection and became pale."This way." Ji Yanran ran into a side path first and Han Sen followed her.However, neither the parasite crystals nor the Rubik's cube was retreating. Both of them followed the couple.Ji Yanran and Han Sen ran around several corners and suddenly found themselves in a dead end. There was no way to go."Whatever." Han Sen knew it was time to fight for his life. He drew his laser gun and shot at the incoming parasite crystals like crazy. Ji Yanran did exactly the same, shooting at the parasite crystals with her laser gun nonstop. However, the guns were not that useful. After breaking several parasite crystals, more started to go at them. There was simply no end to the crystals.Very soon, a large number of parasite crystals had come close to them and tried to attach to their bodies.Han Sen gritted his teeth and threw a grenade before he covered Ji Yanran to hide in the corner. The grenade exploded in the tunnel, smashing lots of parasite crystals.However, Han Sen was only using a in ordinary grenade. The crystal wall and floor quickly expanded under the impact like foam, filling up the entire tunnel and almost drowning Han Sen and Ji Yanran."Are you okay?" Han Sen tried to move his body, but he was trapped in crystals that were still expanding because of the explosion, which made it hard for him to even turn around.The couple were trapped in a narrow space, so they had to stand hugging each other. There was no additional space at all."I'm fine." Ji Yanran answered in a soft voice, her cheek on Han Sen's chest and her body pressed to his body.Although Han Sen enjoyed making out with Ji Yanran, it was obviously more important to run for their lives. The entire tunnel was filled up by the expanding crystals, so there was no way to go out from the way they came from. The only possible exit would be the space behind the dead end, if there were any. As long as they could break this crystal wall, they would still have hope.However, Han Sen no longer had any beast soul weapon he could use. He had to run Jadeskin and turn his hands into Jade, throwing punches at the crystal wall behind Ji Yanran's back.Bang!Under Han Sen's fist, the wall only had a hairline crack."I have a sacred-blood dagger from Second God's Sanctuary. Let me try." Ji Yanran said and summoned her dagger, stabbing at the wall behind her backward.However, Ji Yanran could hardly move her arm, so it was hard for her to put much force into the move. In addition, she had just become an evolver before long, so she did not have great fitness. After stabbing with her dagger a few times, she was only able to leave several shallow white marks on the crystal wall."I'll do it." Han Sen stopped Ji Yanran and punched at the crystal wall again.Han Sen had achieved initial success in Yin Yang Blast. Using the technique of yin force, it was not hard for him to make a powerful punch in a short distance. With slight vibration, Han Sen's fist punched at the crystal wall with loud bangs. After dozens of punches, the crystal finally cracked. Pieces of crystals started to fall from the crystal wall.Han Sen followed up by punching hundreds of times, expanding the cracks. Eventually, the crystal wall was pierced by his fist."I know that God will not let me die here." Han Sen was overjoyed. The crystal wall was only less than an inch thick.He accelerated in punching the wall and quickly expanded the opening to the size that one person could cross through."Turn around slowly and crawl into the hole." Han Sen glanced into the hole and saw a hall. There did not seem to be much stuff inside.In addition, if there was anything inside, it must have been alerted by the loud noises he was making.Ji Yanran turned around slowly. However, looking at the hole, her eyes suddenly became red. She cried, "Han Sen…"She sounded like she was crying. Tears filled up her eyes and she grabbed Han Sen's hands.The crystal next to the hole was colored red by blood, which was astonishing to look at. And the back of Han Sen's hands was completely broken.Breaking the crystal wall with bare hands was something difficult for him even though he had practiced Jadeskin. In the end, her bones were almost broken. However, Han Sen gritted his teeth and pulled through without making a sound, which was why Ji Yanran only noticed his wound until this point.Holding Han Sen's hand, Ji Yanran could not make a complete sentence. Her tears fell like rain."No worries. It's a small injury. My bones are good. Let's go out first." Han Sen smiled and urged Ji Yanran to crawl into the whole. Han Sen followed her inside and was astonished by what he saw.The hall was the size of a factory workshop. It was empty inside, but on the ceiling of the hall, red crystals were floating like red stars, blinking with red light.Han Sen recognized this type of crystal immediately, which was the simulating crystal.Boom!When the couple just stood up, all the simulating crystal started to flash red lights at them, as if there was a press conference in the hall. Shortly, red crystal humans that looked exactly like Han Sen or Ji Yanran fell from the ceiling and ran toward them.

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